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Regardless of exactly how it’s done technically, the effect of going to the Smoky Drinky Bar webpage is to bring a few smokers together inside a room where they can see and talk to each other, while smoking and drinking. The smokers can be anywhere in the world.

And to me, as a smoker who’s been “exiled to the outdoors” for the past 10 years, offered a way for smokers to come in from the cold, and get together to smoke and drink and chat like they used to do before Tobacco Control exiled them to the outdoors.

And so for the past few days I’ve been meeting a few of my regular readers and commenters face to face, and talking to them, sometimes for hours.

And so last night I met Legiron for the first time in about 10 years of reading his underdogsbiteupwards blog, and talked with him and Roobeedoo and Cade Apollyon about writing and blogging for an hour or so.

A bit earlier in the evening I’d been talking to Gary, TwentyRothmans, Apollyon, and Brigitte about A&E (ER) and later aircraft and air crashes. In the short clip below, I forgot to say anything:

And sometime later today Dick Puddlecote plans to show up in the bar, while sat on some boat of Forest’s on the Thames.

At the moment the impression I get is that people look in to the bar to see whether anyone’s in, and depart if nobody’s there. I’ve been thinking that it’s probably better if people visit the bar, and stay a while even if nobody’s there. After all, there are other things you can do on a computer, even if you’re sitting alone in a bar.

I was also reminded that, back when we could actually meet up with friends for a drink and a smoke and a chat in a real bar, we usually would arrange beforehand by phone or email. Like “See you at the Dog & Duck, 7:30 pm-ish.” People could do that too with the Smoky Drinky Bar.

I’m also wondering if you can have semi-private conversations inside the Smoky Drinky Bar, rather than talking to everybody in it. I think that might be possible simply by muting all the people who you can’t or don’t want to talk to. For example, last night Apollyon and Roobeedoo (who’re old chums, it seems) could have had a semi-private conversation with each other by muting me and Legiron, leaving Legiron and me to talk to each other. After all, in real pubs, there used to be separate semi-private tables, rather than one big table everyone sat around. But it might seem a bit rude to mute other people, unless they’re Japanese tourists who’ve just wandered in.

Or some people might show up at regular times. Perhaps those are what “regulars” really are.

Whichever way, there are lots of possibilities. The Smoky Drinky Bar may be a sociable space, but it’s also a very useful space. Back when I was a software engineer, people used to meet up in bars to talk business, and discuss coding problems. Some people even made bars into offices, with their laptops on the table, and mobile phones beside them.

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23 Responses to Smoky Drinky World

  1. Vlad says:

    John Hamilton, a retired Army Major who was evacuated from Dunkirk, still enjoys a drink and smokes a pipe. But the great-grandad – who turns 100 in April next year – is in remarkable shape thanks to his personal PT routine.
    All this is despite him smoking an ounce of tobacco a week and drinking a glass of red or white every night – or two on weekends.

    I think ‘despite’ is the wrong word there…should’ve been ‘because’…

    • RdM says:

      an ounce of tobacco a week – an ounce is about 28.3495 grams
      Let’s consider a 30g pack of RYO. How many days does that last you?

      I find, if at home, if not formally employed, smoking at will, I can get through ~10g a day.
      Trying to moderate, stretch it out to 4 days, 7.5g per day.
      (Saving the gently rested butts, snipping the charred ends, re-rolling, another half day?)

      If at work and only smoking at lunch, maybe tea breaks if they exist, less, & not missed.

      What’s your typical daily RYO (or factory made) consumption?

      • nisakiman says:

        I average about 10g per day, sometimes more, sometimes less, it depends what I’m doing. I don’t use filters, and I never re-use tobacco from smoked cigs, but I smoke ’em pretty short – until they burn my fingers, quite often. I smoke considerably less these days than I once did. Not for any particular reason, it’s just the way it is. Back in the ’70s when I was driving trucks interstate in Aus, I smoked mostly Camel plain, and because I was awake so many hours every day, I was getting through five packs a day. But they were affordable then. Christ knows what a smoking habit like that would cost in Aus these days – I shudder to think!

        • RdM says:

          Yeah, 10g (or cigarettes, when they were 1g, now more like 0.8g or less) per day seems about right… and Dr. Ken Denson was pilloried for suggesting that was OK in 1999.

          Ten a day OK, smokers told

          I use slim filters with slim RYO cigs, as much of a handle as anything else.
          Saves burning the fingers, and I can see how close it’s getting to the end.
          If I rest it with some left, at the price, I’ve no shame in clipping the char off & re-using.

          Some time in the 80’s when I was working at a restaurant (dishwashing, but I’ve done all sorts of jobs, museum, film library, photocopier repair, electronics technician) when there was a brief fashion in low nicotine cigarettes, like decaf coffee, I noticed plates & ashtrays coming back with hi-tech Japanese charcoal filter low nicotine cigarettes barely puffed, maybe 90% left, just lit up for a puff or two & put down, as though to minimise ‘harm’…

          I wasn’t in to saving cigarettes in those days… they were so cheap that one could afford to puff & discard, and maybe lowering the tax would be a health measure in that regard.

          Hey, I’ve shaved off the beard! See you online again sometime soon! ;=}) ~ R.

      • Vlad says:

        Let’s not forget the guy is 99…in another article it said he’s been smoking a pipe since he was 18. I think I average about 150g pipe tobacco/month at 3 pipes/day. Thing is sometimes I smoke more, sometimes less, now and again add some cigars.

        • RdM says:

          Ah, pipe tobacco… there is so little available here now, just Erinmore & a few Borkum Riff varieties, apart from a few places with old stock, and around $90NZD per 50g. (!)
          (about 58.54 Euro)

  2. buckothemoose says:

    “After all, there are other things you can do on a computer, even if you’re sitting alone in a bar.”

    Probably best to turn the webcam off though, eh? ;-)

  3. C.F. Apollyon says:

    Holy shit!!! I didn’t think about the fact that the mic on my headset was right by my mouth. (fucking lol)

    I’ll be mindful of my mute button when I spit from now on.

  4. Joe L. says:

    I’m not sure if it’s feasible to have semi-private conversations in the same room with (I haven’t spent much time there, and all of it so far has been on a mobile phone). While you may be able to mute the audio coming from specific people, you would also need a way to allow your own audio to only be heard by specific people.

    If there is no feature to send your audio to specific people only (I doubt there is), it would require each subgroup of “patrons” to manually mute the audio of everyone in the other group(s), but then there would be no easy way to rejoin a full group conversation unless there was a way to notify everyone to unmute everyone else.

    With, it would probably be easier to break off into a separate room to have a separate conversation, then re-join Smoky Drinky when finished. The only problem with this solution is that people who join Smoky Drinky would not be aware that other people may be online but are chatting in a different room.

    If we attempt to create our own version of this platform, Frank, we could fix this by making it more like a physical tavern, and add the concept of separate “tables,” such that when you “walk into the bar,” you can see who’s “sitting” at which “tables,” and you can “sit down” at the “table” of your choosing. This way, anyone who joins can see everyone that is online, and people can move between “tables” at will, just like in a real bar.

    • Emily says:

      That would be sooo cool, if you could sort of move around to different tables. I was just testing it out at Smoky Drinky with Gary and my mom, and you are right, when he muted me I could still hear him. Luckily he didn’t say anything too bad about me ;)

      It was one thing I also noticed on Sunday when I was in there all day, that it would be nice to naturally have side conversations with people, especially when there are more people in the bar. When you think about your natural behavior in a bar, you usually end up talking to just one or two other people in a little group, you don’t have conversations with huge groups of people most of the time.

    • Emily says:

      With, it would probably be easier to break off into a separate room to have a separate conversation, then re-join Smoky Drinky when finished. The only problem with this solution is that people who join Smoky Drinky would not be aware that other people may be online but are chatting in a different room.

      I had another thought about this. With, if people were members of different rooms, they can get notifications to see who enters each room on their desktop computers and phones, and I can also see how many people are in each room on my iPhone app (though not who exactly is in each room) and I can’t find a way to see this on my desktop computer:

      • Barry Homan says:

        My own thoughts? Don’t complicate matters too soon. We’re still getting to know each other and get the feel of things.

  5. garyk30 says:

    If folks would like to have a private chat, you are welcome to use this site for that.


  6. waltc says:

    I’m barred from the bar on a (literally) technical KO,but here’s a change of subject. More bad role models for Youth, this time in the UK

  7. I’m only set up for microphone service via SKYPE at the moment, and I really, really, REALLY hate talking on the phone unless absolutely necessary, especially with multiple people. I’m just not an audio person: I like to read or to be sitting with someone and seeing their facial expressions and body language as they speak. Otherwise everything just seems to go literally in one ear and out the other and I retain absolutely nothing. Headphones help keep a LITTLE bit from leaking out, but not much. LOL!

    But I’m with y’all in spirit for the moment and may join in with you videologically eventually forthwith!


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