The Rising Alternative Online Media

In a few days time, I hope to be launching an experimental new blog, which will simply be a collection of video conversations between smokers. I don’t intend to write anything in the new blog. It’ll just be smokers speaking for themselves. I’ll continue with my current blog exactly as before.

Some of the videos will just be conversations between friends. Others will be interviews. Maybe some of them will be something else altogether. Maybe a few people will make their own videos, and offer them to the new blog for inclusion in it.

The video below is a Skype interview of John Buck in Lancashire, England by Emily W in Boston, Massachusetts. They’re both smokers, and they’re both smoking. It was broadcast last night on the Smoking Section by Cambridge Citizens for Smokers’ Rights. It’s very interesting, because John Buck was a relief manager for English pubs at the time the smoking ban was introduced, and he has a lot to say about that time, and all the lies they were told.

I think it’s a great interview because Emily has a whole bunch of good questions to ask, and John Buck has a whole bunch of interesting answers to those questions.

In some ways it’s an interview which prompts even more questions to be asked. Like, how did the UK hospitality industry get so comprehensively duped by Tobacco Control? How on earth did they manage it? The same question could of course also be asked of more or less the entire UK political class: How were they all duped too? And why do they still remain victims of what is an enormous confidence trick?

I think that one answer to this question is that Tobacco Control is in complete control of the mainstream media, and is able to frame the public debate in whatever way it likes. And this usually entails excluding smokers from any discussion of smoking, or only using “tame” smokers who will, for example, readily agree that smoking is bad for them. In this manner they have managed to create a false public consensus in which everyone is agreed, including most smokers, that smoking bans are a Good Thing, and we need more of them.

It seems to me that the only way round this controlled mainstream media and its fabricated consensus is to record videos of ordinary smokers speaking about their experiences of smoking bans in their lives, and posting them on the internet on YouTube or Vimeo or wherever. Because this is something the mainstream media will never do. And, in time, more and more people will begin to hear their voices. And it will begin to undermine the false mainstream consensus.

There is already a considerable war being fought, mostly in the USA, between the US “alternative” internet media and the US mainstream media. The US mainstream media has been accustomed to be able to frame the debate about US politics in any way they liked, but in last year’s presidential election they lost control of the message that was being fed to US voters to alternative online media outlets like Breitbart, Daily Caller, WND, and Infowars, among others. More and more people in the USA are taking their cue from the alternative media, which is throwing up its own set of alternative celebrities, like Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Paul Joseph Watson, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, and more.

The US MSM has begun to realise that it has a big fight on its hands, and has begun to pay much more attention to the alternative media than it ever did before. So Megyn Kelly, who worked for Fox News until this year, when she moved to NBC News, launched her new show with an interview of Vladimir Putin, and has followed up with an interview of Alex Jones. She went to Russia to interview Putin, and to Austin, Texas to interview Jones. That Alex Jones was interviewed right after Vladimir Putin goes to show how important a figure he has become.

I should know, because these days I tune in most days to YouTube’s live feed of Infowars, that usually kicks off at about 5 pm UK time. And if I’m not watching that, I’m very often listening to Michael Savage (who is banned from entering Britain, thanks most likely to then Home Secretary Theresa May). And of course I never watch anything on the UK’s BBC, not even on BBC iplayer, because I would have to pay £150+ for the licence to be able to do that. Alex Jones and Michael Savage are both completely free. They’re also much more interesting, much in the way that pirate radio stations in the UK were much more interesting back in the 1960s than the anaemic BBC Light Programme.

And another feature of the alternative new online media is that its increasingly international (although almost always in the English language). This will be true of the new blog, on which I hope to have people from all over the world, defiantly drinking and smoking and talking. And maybe even eating cheeseburgers as well.

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18 Responses to The Rising Alternative Online Media

  1. Lecroix says:

    Not always in English, Frank ;)

  2. Vlad says:

    I don’t think there’s anything funny about the ‘plain packaging’ in the UK or the de-facto ‘plain packaging’ in the rest of Europe. Even if it is ignored at a conscious level, the constant repetition of the anti smoking message (via both picture and text) has to do damage at a subconscious level.

    Perhaps that explains why smokers show so little opposition to the abuse from TC…they’ve internalized the message that ‘smoking is bad, these measures are for your own good’. So they may grump a little when having to get off the chair and get out of the pub to smoke, but just because of the temporary inconvenience, not because they grasp the bigger picture.

    • Bucko says:

      Smokers have internalised the message and a lot do believe that smoking is an inherantly bad thing because of what TC does. The fact that smokers are starting to see the latest anti smoking measures as funny is a good thing though. They’re starting to wake up to what is happening and stopping believing the rhetoric. It’s happening with non smokers too; I’ve not met one non smoker who thinks plain packaging is anything less than absurd

  3. Hi, Frank, I’m embarrassed because I can not solve the connection problem via Skipe. And my work and national political life also draw my attention. But we’re together, brother. I think I should also open a blog in Portuguese. Time, time, time … Big hug and

  4. Dirk says:

    Frank, are you aware of this disgusting piece of shit about you in THE GUARDIAN?

    • Frank Davis says:

      No, I wasn’t aware. There’s no date on it either. And in the left margin it says: this article is 5 years old. And also in the URL.

      • Smoking Lamp says:

        It is from 01 June 2012. They turned dissent into an attack. They also claim that they would never threaten smokers but ignore the daily attacks and calls for violence found in comments on antismoking articles. The article also extols the virtues of without out any discussion of its role of suppressing dissent.

        • Joe L. says:

          This is a prime example of how Tobacco Control has been able to use the mainstream media as a tool to “control the narrative” by creating a false (and in this case, not uncommonly, a completely inverse) reality.

          As the MSM continues to lose their omnipotence due to the rise of alternative media, the purveyors of lies and fear, Tobacco Control and their ilk, are finding their propaganda reaching fewer and fewer people.

          If people are exposed to less and less repetitive propaganda, the brainwashing will begin to wear off, and people will become increasingly ambivalent toward smoking once again.

          Therefore, I believe we are entering an opportune time to expose these people to scenes of people smoking, drinking, talking, laughing, eating cheeseburgers, and just generally enjoying themselves, i.e., normalcy.

  5. nisakiman says:

    Another great interview from Emily. It’s good to see people standing up and being counted like this. That’s why I think your idea of a separate video blog is a good one. It’s all working in the direction of re-normalising something which should never have been subject to ‘de-normalisation’ in the first place.

    The link that Dirk provides brought a wry smile to my face, with all the article’s references to the ‘terrible threats’ that the anti-smokers have been suffering. Were they not aware of the video game shooting smokers? And I’m sure they are all very aware of the hatred they’ve stirred up with their inflammatory propaganda. I’m also sure they read comments as much as everyone else. And we’ve all seen (and still see on a daily basis) plenty of comments like the ones collected in the ‘wall of hate’.

    Hypocrisy, much?

    • smokingscot says:

      Seems Dirk’s article’s pretty well a verbatim of a press release issued by Tobacco Tactics. It was published on 1 June 2012.

      Well that’s because TT was launched on 30 May 2012. Says so way down at the bottom of their page.

      However I note that the Guardian article was co-authored by TWO reporters!!

      Naturally what with me being a curious sort of chap, I clicked on the link to each of them. Both are stringers with a specialisation in the NHS and their articles are few and far between. I’d also point out that – for the most part – they simply regurgitate what they’re given by the NHS.

      My take on this is Bath University gives the heads up to a couple of bottom feeders. Then makes sure it’s published, possibly without any pressure on the editor. A bit of a page gets filled and our two erstwhile dung beetles get their £100 to split between themselves.

  6. roobeedoo2 says:

    Looks like ‘Plain Packaging’ Jane Ellison might have lost her seat… Fingers crossed ;)

  7. waltc says:

    As of 10PM here, Corbyn seems way ahead and news crawls are saying “future of Brexit in danger. ” Unless rabbits come out of hats between now and later, condolences.

  8. Vlad says:

    So May got Cameron-ed. :)). Nick Clegg, Alex Salmond lose their seats. Conservatives get what they deserve for being Conservatives in name only. This calls for a big cigar.

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