Too Far

This image seems to be regarded as having gone a bit too far:

I wonder why?

Any number of left wing celebs have registered their disgust at it. CNN, who employ her, have distanced themselves from Kathy Griffin, who is holding up the bloody, severed head of Donald Trump. She herself has apologised too. “I went too far.”

I suppose that one obvious association it makes is with the murderous butchers of ISIS. Kathy Griffin is an ISIS murderer. CNN is ISIS. Anyone who applauds this image is a member or supporter of ISIS.

But any number of people have been calling for the murder of Donald Trump. Kathy Griffin isn’t the first. She’s one of many. She was just a bit more graphic than the others.

And it wasn’t as if it was just her. She’s just the actress playing a role in a movie which has been carefully choreographed, beautifully shot, edited, produced, and broadcast. There were probably hundreds of people involved in creating it, including whoever made the head, and whoever painted on the blood.  Lots of people all nodded it through.

It’s exactly like the 10:10 No Pressure video which had global warming sceptic schoolkids being bloodily blown to bits. That was also met with horror and disgust, and rapidly withdrawn.

Perhaps it’s the sight of blood? Perhaps it wasn’t so much the murder of Donald Trump that was objectionable, but the bloody murder of him. If Kathy Griffin had been holding up a nice clean head of Trump, that would have been okay.

Another association is with the crucified Christ. That’s another iconic, bloody image. And they realised that they’d shot themselves in the foot by making Trump into a crucified Christ, with whom people might sympathise.

How far do they have to go with their war on smokers before they go too far? Smokers have been exiled to the outdoors, their tobacco taxed to the hilt, their tobacco packets covered in obscene images and insults. Smokers are being fired from their jobs, refused medical treatment. No political party will speak up for them. They are not allowed to appear on TV. They are subjected to open contempt and hatred.

Perhaps it’ll only be when the bloody head of some dead smoker appears in the media that there will be any revulsion felt for what is being done to them?

Closely related is Jumping The Shark:

Jumping the Shark is the moment when an established long-running series changes in a significant manner in an attempt to stay fresh. Ironically, that moment makes the viewers realize that the show’s finally run out of ideas. It’s reached its peak, it’ll never be the same again, and from now on it’s all downhill.

There seems to be some threshold where continuing in some direction fails to win any more dividends, and becomes counter-productive. And those who are doing it can’t see that they’ve gone too far until they actually have gone too far, and are met with dismay and condemnation they hadn’t expected. And they all fall over themselves as they retreat and apologise for what they have done, although none of them really understands where they went wrong. Everybody else was doing the same thing. Why pick on us?

The video and the apology:

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36 Responses to Too Far

  1. smofunking says:

    Am I the only one who finds the intact head scarier than the detached one?

    • prog says:

      Trump is cause for some concern but his enemies are scarier. Why do you think he ever managed to become POTOS? Certainly not with the help of a rotten to the core establishment that Trump supporters sensibly rejected.

    • C.F. Apollyon says:

      Careful. The head-shrinkers will say that your comment is repressed feelings to see the latter as opposed to the former. ;-)

      • prog says:

        Indeed they might but, as usual, they’d be wrong ;-). The point being is that they simply do not understand how sane people tick. In fact, sanity (as we define it) now seems to be regarded as mental illness in the eyes of the NWO progressives. If, for example, anyone had spouted some of the current and recent TC crap 40 years ago, they would have been advised to get their heads examined. Just one instance of how the world has become a mad place to inhabit. As a 62 yo WASP, I think I’m fairly immune to the disease itself but, sadly, not to the consequences of the behaviour of the infected. Particularly, those with the power and influence to cause global chaos, which they have already largely achieved.

        • prog says:

          And no sane person would remotely consider that the ‘comedian’ featured above is anything other than deranged.

          It’s like the dreadful mass murder last week in Manchester – the dead are barely cold, many survivors have had their lives ruined (as indeed, many families) and already there’s a w***kfest in anticipation of a concert by millionaire, self serving, second rate, virtual signalling twats. Vigorously promoted by a pathetic excuse for a MSM.

          It’s beyond obscene.

        • nisakiman says:

          As a 62 yo WASP, I think I’m fairly immune to the disease itself but, sadly, not to the consequences of the behaviour of the infected. Particularly, those with the power and influence to cause global chaos, which they have already largely achieved.

          And therein lies the rub. The lunatics have taken over the asylum, and there’s very little we can do about it. In fact they haven’t just taken over the asylum, they’ve re-written the rule book to suit themselves; to our detriment. And I don’t mean just us as smokers, I mean the whole sane world. We get the odd crumb of comfort, like Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord, but I’m not sure how far he will be able to take that anyway. He’s under sustained attack from all sides, both nationally and internationally, and all the supporters of the NWO will try to thwart him at every turn.

        • prog says:

          ‘Virtue signalling’ etc

      • prog says:

        My anger has grown even more recently. Fuelled, perhaps, by regular visits to Very right wing, often beyond the pale, with language not for the faint hearted. But generally some very clever/astute/ascerbic writers and commentators. And plenty of news (inc some fake news) that is routinely ignored by MSM (for obvious reasons).

  2. Timothy Goodacre says:

    They have already gone too far with smokers.

  3. “I suppose that one obvious association it makes is with the murderous butchers of ISIS. Kathy Griffin is an ISIS murderer. CNN is ISIS. Anyone who applauds this image is a member or supporter of ISIS.”

    ISIS? Oh… yeah… they’re the ones who persecute and whip and execute smokers, right?

    – MJM

  4. magnetic01 says:

    Wait for it:

    Kathy Griffin has hired high-powered attorney Lisa Bloom and will hold a press conference Friday to address the firestorm surrounding the viral image of herself holding the bloody, decapitated head of President Donald Trump and the “bullying” she claims she has endured at the hands of the Trump family as a result.

    Leftist lunacy.

  5. prog says:

    OT, but relevant to DT’s withdrawal from the climate change shite.

    UN Agenda 21 and mass genocide.

    • Joe L. says:

      Reduce atmospheric CO2 –> Create smaller crop yields –> Depopulate.

      2030 Agenda/Agenda 21 in action.

  6. prog says:

    This guy has his finger on the pulse

  7. Smoking Lamp says:

    Well, we all know tobacco control has gone to far, but perhaps the tide is beginning to turn?

    Two positive developments reported today. First, in Japan it appears the move to impose restaurant smoking bans has stalled. It’s reported here: “Health ministry caves to LDP, shelves restaurant smoking ban vow” Of course the comments at the site are nearly all antismoker.

    Another indicator that tobacco control may be starting to stall is in Israel where smoking rates are starting to rise for the first time in a decade. See “Health Ministry: 2.7% rise in the number of smokers last year”,7340,L-4970402,00.html The rate of smokers in Israel rose by 2.7% in 2016 from last year. The short story is “New report points to increase in number of smokers aged 21 and over to 22.5% of the total population in Israel in 2016; rate of hookah smokers among highschoolers stands at 39% in the Jewish sector and 42% in the Arab sector.” In addition, “The report also shows that 31.1% of all men in Israel smoke, while 15.8% of all women in Israel smoke. The smoking rate among men in Israel is higher than the average in the European Union (25.6%), while the rate of smoking women in Israel is slightly lower.”

    Of course the tobacco control lobby is livid calling for new smoking restrictions. I guess they missed the fact that they recently increased antismoking efforts but the rates rose despite the imposition of smoking bans and relentless propaganda.

  8. Clicky says:

  9. Roobeedoo2 says:

    Just reading an oldish article about radioactive cities and thought it worth sharing here:

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