Absolute and Unlimited Violence

I’ve been looking for an antismoking video which shows a smoker being punched repeatedly by an invisible assailant. I’ve seen it several times. It’s probably somewhere in the comments of this blog. But I haven’t found it yet. (But Clicky now has)

What I did find was the 10:10 No Pressure video which is the equivalent from the Global Warming/Climate Change zealots. In it, in the opening section, a classroom of children is encouraged – “No pressure!” – by their teacher to adopt environmentally friendly measures of one sort or other. Several of the children declare that they will do so. But several others indicate that they have no intention of doing anything. At the end of the class, the teacher presses a button on her desk, and the recalcitrant children are blown to pieces in their seats, splattering all the others with blood and gore.

The video caused a storm of protest, and was hurriedly withdrawn. But why was it made in the first place? And what was so thoroughly nasty about it?

The second question is perhaps easiest to answer, and it is that “No Pressure” is a lie, and in fact the children are under maximum pressure to conform to the environmentalist restrictions being asked of them: they are being told to conform or die. The message is: “Do as we demand, or we will kill you.”

And the answer to the first question, of why this video was ever made, must be that the people who made it were people of absolute and unlimited violence, who wished to inform the world: “Do as we demand, or we will kill you.” And to them it seemed perfectly natural to get their way by using absolute and unlimited violence. And so they spent months making their exquisitely-produced video, and were probably very surprised when it was met with such horror.

And for a great many people it must seem only natural to set out to get their way using unlimited violence if necessary. Bank robbers do it all the time. So do rapists. So do murderers. So does anyone who is prepared to use force to make people do as they wish.

Which brings me back to the other video: the smoker being punched by an invisible assailant. This was a video made by antismokers who wanted to punch smokers in their faces, and who saw nothing wrong in doing such a thing. Just like No Pressure, it was made by people of absolute and unlimited violence. Furthermore, the smoker who is being punched is not even being offered a choice. He’s not being told “Stop smoking or you’ll be repeatedly punched in the face.” He’s just being repeatedly punched in the face.

But aren’t smokers already being punched in the face, again and again, by invisible assailants? Aren’t they already being subjected to absolute and unlimited violence?

For the use of the force of law against anyone is ultimately the use of violence, or the threat of violence, against them. If you don’t do as we demand, we will rob you, beat you, imprison you, or kill you. And maybe we will even do all those things to you.

So when Britain’s smokers were “exiled to the outdoors” on 1 July 2007, they were driven out of their pubs by force, each one of them individually being repeatedly punched in the face by an invisible assailant. And so, given that there were some 13 million smokers in Britain at that time, every single one of them was punched in the face on the morning of 1 July 2007.

And that’s why I always remember that day, and will never forget it. I was punched in the face that day. And I’ve never been the same since. 10 years later, I’m still rubbing my black eye and my sore chin.

And what an act of unlimited violence it was, to have punched not one man in the face, but punched 13 million of them in the face, all at the same time!

No wonder Britain’s smokers have been reeling ever since. No wonder, 10 years later, I’m still reeling from that colossal blow – and wake up thinking about it every day.

But that Tobacco Control, the BMA, the RCP, and two thirds of the MPs in the House of Parliament, and any number of bureaucrats in the British government, were prepared to perform such a monumental act of violence against so many people really only goes to show that they were all people of absolute and unlimited violence. They were people just like the producers of the No Pressure video, and the punched smoker video.

I often think that all I need to know about anyone these days is whether or not they support smoking bans. For if they do, it means that they support the use of absolute and unlimited violence to achieve their goals. They have shown us what kind of people they are. They have demonstrated both their casual brutality, and their perfect contempt for other people.

The current leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, comes over as a soft-spoken man who probably wouldn’t hurt a fly. But as an MP he voted for the UK smoking ban, and therefore he is actually a man of absolute and unlimited violence. The Prime Minister at the time, Tony Blair, is clearly also a man of absolute and unlimited violence (we actually knew this already, when he took Britain into the Iraq war, which was another act of absolute and unlimited violence). One might say that all the 400 or so MPs who voted for the UK smoking ban in February 2006 were people of absolute and unlimited violence. Most of them were Labour and Lib Dem MPs, but there were quite a few Conservative MPs as well. The propensity to violence is not restricted to the political left.

And we might go on to say that Sir Charles George, then head of the BMA and BHF, who called for a public smoking ban in November 2004, was also a man of absolute and unlimited violence. But he was a surgeon who was regularly chopping up people, and perhaps such violence comes easily to such men.

And if none of these people ever expressed any interest in the 13 million smokers that they’d punched in the face on 1 July 2007, well, does any mugger ever care anything about those they have left for dead in a pool of blood on a street?

And if they’ve all acted, ever since that day, as if nothing had happened at all, then don’t murderers and rapists do exactly the same, as they leave the scene of their crime? You commit a crime, and then pretend it never happened.

And since these monstrous acts of violence are being inflicted on smokers in almost every country in the world, might we not say with certainty that the world is being governed by men (and women) of absolute and unlimited violence?

But was it not ever thus?

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24 Responses to Absolute and Unlimited Violence

  1. Dirk says:

    Polio was eliminated in the United States by 1979 after widespread vaccination efforts. Smallpox is eliminated worldwide, it’s considered eradicated. It is quite possible that cancer will be eradicated. There is reason for optimism in view of the progress of scientific research. What will happen when the Tobacco Control fools are faced with medicine that prevents any cancer? When smoking is no longer considered dangerous?
    They would go on nagging about the bad smell of cigarette smoke !
    Remember for how many centuries doctors “knew” that malaria is caused by “bad air”. That was the established medical opinion until some smart guy discovered mosquitoes are the cause.

    • Tony says:

      I rather suspect that organisations like CRUK will move heaven and earth to prevent that. They have a death like grip on cancer research.

      • Joe L. says:

        And their pals in the pharmaceutical industry make a killing (pun not intended, but appropriate) off of cancer “treatment” drugs.

    • Klaus K blog says:

      Of course cancer will not be eradicated. It is a business! Did you really believe that the pharmaceutical mob would through their best selling product in the bin? Why should they do that?

  2. Bandit 1 says:

    I could say this about any of your daily posts, but thank you for this post, Frank. You put so eloquently, and powerfully, exactly how I feel.

    I hate these people, because they are evil. And the worst of it all is that they don’t even see that. The hypocrisy, the mindlessness, the sheer contempt, the slithering newspeak, is the insult to go with the injury.

    They REALLY need to crawl back under a rock and stop provoking, or they will find out what violence is.

  3. Another aspect of the violence done to smokers, and one I’ve never figured out how to track down (although it just occurred to me that I should simply try Quora later today!) is how many people have spent how many collective years (centuries?) in jail in the US so far for smoking in the last 30 years or so.

    First of all of course there must be some airplane passengers, particularly with California’s “Three Strikes And You’re Out!” law. But far more common would be prisoners at any prisons with any forms of bans who lose their parole “good time” due to violations. That’s where a guy has a ten year sentence, but if he’s “good” they let him out in 7. BUT… if they catch him smoking that might well count as a violation that would cost him a month or a year or three.

    Plus of course there must be dozens/hundreds of prisoners there due to black market and smuggling violations due to the way the Antis have hiked taxes.

    – MJM

  4. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    Extremely well phrased and inspired yet again Frank, with the very worrying consistent theme of the rob, tax, ban absolutely violent approach of kleptocrat dictators.
    Michael J McFadden also notes the many imprisoned, for tobacco ‘crime’, a problem of government’s own making (the Australian import duties and taxes on ONE TEU – 20′ shipping container – of tobacco are about $16.9M or $850/kg, with more increases planned). Comfortable retirement guaranteed on successful smuggling just one container, of millions imported annually. There’s no prospect in reality of intercepting all cargo containing tobacco. The zealots have banned tobacco in prisons too, abusing their bullying power over inmates who are literally caged, for their own good to ‘help’ them of course. There’s no prospect of those bans succeeding either, except in further corrupting jailers and creating more deserved disrespect for authority. The Orwellian newspeak and absolute violence is most alarming.

    These insane bullies must be stopped – how’s recruiting for the anti anti tobacco zealots army of righteousness and free choice going?

  5. Vlad says:

    Why look at anti-smoking ads? Let those sick fucks that created them and the brainwashed sheep look at that filth. We should enjoy the weekend :)

  6. Tony says:

    This is pretty horrible in what used to be a civilised country

    “In the year between Dec 2015-2016, there were 141,125 fines issued in 46 local authorities…
    These fines are for £75 or £80 pounds, meaning a total income of over £10 million.”

    Wardens are paid on commission.

    In Denbighshire, private wardens issued 496 fines for the offence of ‘failing to exhibit a no-smoking sign or smoking in a smoke-free public place’, while Woking wardens also issued 147 fines for ‘smoke-free’ offences. This would mean wardens going around local businesses or public buildings, fining those which failed to exhibit a no-smoking sign. Such punishments appear to be little more than an excuse for money-making.

    Overall, however, the vast majority of fines are still issued for cigarette butts. These are over 90% of fines in most authorities (Wirral issued over 10,719 fines for cigarette butts, for example). The reason for this large volume of fines is that this is the easiest offence to catch: wardens tend to hang out at bus-stops, or somewhere without cigarette bins, waiting for people to put their cigarettes out on the ground. These fines are issued even when the person dropped the butt down the grill (thinking this the most responsible thing to do) or when the ground-down end of the roll-up was so small as to be impossible to identify. One man was fined when the warden claimed that he had dropped a Rizla, even though the man was unaware of this and the warden could not identify the item dropped.

    Apparently will be discussed on BBC 1 Panorama 15th May 21:00. The BBC will probably applaud.

    • Tony says:

      Sorry, should have been 20:30 BBC 1.

    • nisakiman says:

      Fuck, I’m glad I don’t live in UK. That article by Josie Appleton is frightening.

      Where will it end?

      • At least the Brits have some hope of fighting this sort of thing on the UK level. Fighting the giant amorphous blob of the EU when injustices exist is practically impossible. ::sigh:: I *USED TO* believe strongly in huge benevolent government. I no longer trust that such a thing is likely to ever exist in the long term. Smaller units, while increasing the risk of wars, seem to be far more likely to retain some degree of freedom. A worldwide EU would seem almost certainly doomed to devolve into an Orwellian nightmare.


        • Jay says:

          “I *USED TO* believe strongly in huge benevolent government. ”

          Me too, MJM. I used to believe that the British government was bumbling, perhaps, but had our interests at heart. Now I believe that it’s in thrall to various vested interests and will raise revenue by foul means – and don’t get on the wrong side of HMG!

  7. Smoking Lamp says:

    Frank, This reinforces your essay from yesterday. Coercion and violence are tools of oppression used to enforce a lock on power although you could argue that they are actually tools used in the absence of power. That is violence is used when politics fail. In that sense violence is used to create the illusion of power and influence. That’s why totalitarians suppress discussion and dissent. Their monopoly on thought is weak by itself and needs violence to sustain it. The goal then is to expose the inherent weakness in the tobacco control movement. That is expose their lies, propaganda and violence. Evil can’t stand the light of day.

  8. That NHS-funded ad was criticised massively at the time and they said they’d withdrawn it, but then it appeared on YouTube. They’re horrible people, and morally bankrupt.

    Rankin, who created the video, is also a weapons grade hypocrite.


  9. Clicky says:

  10. Pingback: Too Far | Frank Davis

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