I’m far from convinced that Harley is dead. There’s not enough evidence. The only evidence I’ve got is two Facebook comments by Iro Cyzane. The first one:

Dearest Daniel, Harleyrider, you fought hard for what you believed in. Thanks for everything you did for all of us.

RIP my friend.

Yes, I am afraid Harley passed away in his home in Kentucky on April 11th at 58 years old.

He will be remembered as our no. 1 warrior.

To respect his desire to remain anonymous throughout all these years, I can’t give out his real name or any other details, but if you have questions that I can answer that won’t give his identity away, ask away.

The second one:

Iro CyZane In case you’re wondering how I know. I got most worried when I discovered that he hadn’t posted anywhere since Apr. 11 th which was in his own profile the very same day he passed away under Daniel Hammond. He had given me his phone no. sometime in the past but unfortunately because of the anonymous account he gave it to me under, Messanger had deleted it. So I started searching under the obituaries in Kentucky. I found one that matched his name, his age, and the date he last posted. I verified with Marlene who he had told me in the past has visited Kentucky if she knew the name of his home town and it was the exact hometown in the obituary. There can’t be so many coïncidences : same name, same small town in Kentucky, same age, two sons which he had talked to me about before, relatives in Tennessee. I would love more than anyone else to say that it’s not him, but unfortunately everything matches, including the announcement of his death in one veteran group here in facebook.

Iro Cyzane is an impeccable source. She’s one of the volunteers who helped do the ISIS survey, providing the Canadian numbers. I’d trust her with my life.

But that doesn’t mean that she’s right about Harley. She found the obituary of someone in Kentucky that might have been Harley, who’d died the same day, 11 April, as the last time he posted on his Facebook page.

I don’t really understand why she started searching obituaries when someone hasn’t posted on Facebook for 10 days. Harley has been posting on my blog for years. He’s my top commenter. In recent months, he’s posted fewer comments. But if I started searching obituaries whenever any regular commenter stopped posting for a couple of weeks, I’d be reading obituaries all day. But for Iro, I’d still think Harley was still alive and well (Not that he ever seemed to be very well).

Also, if Harley had died, wouldn’t his family have posted something on Facebook about it? He seemed to spend most of his time online. Wouldn’t they have noticed him doing that?

And what about Magnetic, aka Vincent-Riccardo Di Pierri? A month or two back the alarm went up when his Rampant Antismoking website vanished, and he stopped commenting. Had he died? I said that he might have gone on holiday somewhere. And I read today that his website is now back up again.

I didn’t have any of these doubts when either Dr Ian Dunbar or Lysistrata died.  Ian Dunbar was about 75, and in and out of nursing homes. Lysistrata had terminal cancer. Their deaths were expected. There were several independent confirmations of their deaths.

But in the case of Harley, I’ve not been expecting his death. I knew he was serially unwell, usually with some variant of flu. And that he was regularly seeing medics in the VA. But lots of people get flu, and visit doctors. And there’s just one single source for the report of his death.

Most likely Iro is right. But I’m not convinced. I won’t be very surprised if he’s back soon commenting here again. Maybe Magnetic will be back soon too.

But it does raise the question of what to do when some valued commenter disappears. All I had for Harley was an email address. And that proved to be invalid.

If something were to happen to me, I’d expect my brother to post a comment here to tell people. He knows about this blog, and reads it quite regularly. But I think I’m now going to ask him to keep people here informed if I get sick or drop dead.

And it also goes back to something I wrote yesterday:

…all the disputes in the world are between people who are quite sure about one thing, and people who are quite sure of something else.

I’m not one of the world’s believers. I don’t believe everything I’m told. It takes a lot of evidence to convince me of anything. And even then, I’m never completely certain. That’s just how I am.

It’s going to take more evidence to convince me that Harley’s dead. If he hasn’t posted any comments anywhere in 6 months or a year, I may start to begin to believe it.

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47 Responses to Harley

  1. dear frank, i would love to be proven wrong, i liked harley and what he had to say.
    i just hope i am wrong. i have lost too many people close or at least i thought they were,already. yours sincrely raymond b.

  2. RdM says:

    Sure. I posted a wee while back (and even emailed him) about Miles Mathis’s art updates & conspiracy theories page (full of posts about faked deaths!) being down;- it’s back up.

    I don’t “do” death very well, I’ve learned so far about myself, or I’m less moved than I might have ‘expected’ myself to be, but a few days ago an upstairs neighbour who has caused me 6 months of interrupted sleeps and even attempted afternoon naps, with his stay-awake all-night drug-fueled tramping around over my bedroom ceiling, or his equally so guests, whom after over 30 diplomatic visits even in the early am or next day, had started to understand and quieten down, and educate his guests, and whom I’d even started to develop some fondness for despite all that – discovering shared similar interests in music and hifi, electronics, even art, despite his being almost half my age, and attempting and I felt starting succeeding, taking the diplomatic route…

    Was found dead on his couch – the same few days ago – by an erstwhile girlfriend.

    I didn’t think he was suicidal, despite being an ex-psychiatric patient, and I’d started to become friends with him despite the enormity of the disruptions and diplomatic efforts, and had still hopes that he would actually begin to moderate his sleeping hours (‘sleep hygiene’) but – he’s gone.

    I’m saddened. I thought I might have helped him, increased his appreciation of life; the last time I saw him I was offering him a CD player and tuner, because he only had mp3’s (albeit transcribed from some good library CDs) off his phone, or dreadful TV continuous hits music channel, and I thought the availability of radio or real CD playback might enhance his experience of life…

    Interrupted by his girlfriend coming home, I said we’d catch up on it later.

    But no. Maybe it was a drug overdose. No-one seems to know yet.
    Ambulance, police, all neighbour interviews & statements… this is what happens.

    So. A real death has real consequences.

  3. Ann W says:

    Frank, to answer your question “I don’t really understand why she started searching obituaries when someone hasn’t posted on Facebook for 10 days.” There is a back story as to why Iro did that and it goes back almost 10 years ago when she first joined “mychoice.ca” There was this, shall I say, a character named Dr. Watson who posted interesting and sometimes assuming comments. Iro became friends with him and his girlfriend who was also a member and invited them to visit several times but they always declined at the last minute. Then they disappeared and months later it was discovered that he had died and his girlfriend was actually his alter ego.

  4. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    I too admired Harley’s dry wit and informative anti ANTZ comments. Let’s hope he remains above ground and out of cuffs. We need more motivated freedom fighters.

  5. irocyr says:

    Frank, I respect that you need more sources to what I discovered and I hope one day they come to surface, but his relatives/friends didn’t even write a comment in his obituary in his memory let alone in Facebook, plus Harleyrider went under so many alliases, they probably don’t know about. The relatives whose profiles I found were not friends with him under those alliases. Actually he didn’t even have a facebook profile under his real name. I did find a profile under his mother’s and step father’s name, but can’t find much on his death because I am not friends with them so I can’t read everything on their wall. I was tempted (and still mulling over it) to write to his mother and offer my condelences and get 100% confirmation although I personally have absolutely no doubt that he passed away, but I feel a) that I would be intruding in his and their private life, b) that he may not have wanted them to know of all his activities. There is a reason he remained anonymous to mostly everyone. He had told me/us that it is because the antis were after him and hacked his computer more than once. Is that the real reason ? I can’t possibly know and I find it unethical to start steering the pot in his personal life just to get the confirmation you are seeking. I am convinced, I don’t need to go any further. I would have liked to know his cause of death but that too no longer really matters.

    Why did I start looking for obituaries? Harleyrider besides having had a heart attack, oh I don’t know maybe a year ago, had bad health. Please note that anything I am telling you here he has said publicly in my facebook group, so I am not giving out any secret information. He had lymes disease, he was often pain and spent many sleepless nights in the past, he caught every virus and germ that was in the air, he was under strong medication for a while. He trusted too many doctors with what they were giving him too often. Plus, Harleyrider, apart from when he took his heart attack last year, never missed a day of posting in my group and in various newspaper forums. 10 days of absence definitely meant something was wrong. I didn’t know what. There was no way for me to know if he was sick again unless I had found the phone no. he had given me, which as I said was deleted by facebook/messanger. He had given me that phone no. in case he took sick again and I was worried about him and had no other way to reach him. He would have wanted me to do so. So, not actually expecting to find his obituary,, lo and behold it’s exactly what I found. I made sure that as many details as I could possibly verify were verified before announcing it. I don’t take what I post in facebook or elsewhere lightly. Another confirmation that it is him is a picture he posted in facebook of his step father, his mother and Willy Nelson with the name of his step father being mentionned. Well that name appeared in his obituary as a survived relative. How much more proof do we need?

    • Frank Davis says:

      Well that name appeared in his obituary as a survived relative. How much more proof do we need?

      You can read the obituary. But I can’t.

      • irocyr says:

        You’re going to have to just trust me Frank. There is just no way that I will purposely reveal his real identity. I would rather my credibility be questionned than betray his trust. We all have our principles, and keeping confidential anything that anyone whatseover confided in me is one of my strongest principles. Other people who know him may want to reveal it and who am I to stop them, but it won’t come from me.

  6. irocyr says:

    Just as a by the way note, again to respect the precision of what I know, according to him the heart attack he took last year was caused by a pill he had started taking that didn’t agree with his system.

    • Rose says:

      I remember that, Iro, he said that here too. there will be a record of it somewhere. Do you have a date to narrow the search?

      • irocyr says:

        I would have to do extensive searching in my group Rose. If I come up with the conversation I will let you know.

      • irocyr says:

        Sorry Rose, Facebook won’t let me search under his alias that far back. But it was about a year to a year and a half ago.

        • irocyr says:

          Yeah, except that the day he posted about it to my group, he was totally confused.and incoherent I could hardly figure out what had went on. I guess he was just waking up and recovering his senses. If I can retrieve it somehow I will. The problem is he used so many different aliases when posting it makes it even harder to find and F/B doesn’t have the best search engine !

        • irocyr says:

          Ok here it is. It was under yet another alias. What I make of it is that he had a heart attack (because of biaxin as he later explained in another post) and the morphine got him really hostile.

          It’s a sad souvenir, but let’s keep it here for further reference as I am sure that’s what he would have wanted :

          Jack Listerio
          June 5, 2015
          Iro I don’t event remember what happened but that I was out flat at the hospital 2 smoking nurses jumped upon my providing life giving CPRwas transportded to Galallatin tn wheren a moslem doctor did a stint that likely lsaved my life/ The problem was that thye were feeding me the drug morphine which makes me means as hell. Then Ihad been taking the bacterial drug clendymyiacin which 1 was told INCREASES THE LEGNTH OT TIME BEETWEEN BREATHING THE HEart rates…………..

          aNY WAY iM STILL FUCKED UP WITH NOW BLOOD CLOTS IN THE RIGHT ARMS as the Nazis wouldn’t stop feedoning the m8ng altering dope. I t go so bad I was fighting the naxis even fist to fist and losing everythine as they just hogtie me harder and then infuse more. For 4-5 days I lay they prisoners before mom fially got them to believe it was the morphinine causing the intenses hate I had towards them. AS I didnt never hurt anyone which was string to help me. I hadn’t slepted since that nitw on the 26 may. tomite was the first sleep ive had also. Any way the muslim who did the work on my right wouldnt chech out my left side after all the torcher he just left. Then a white guy doc shows up and says I need to go to trinity hpospital as nobody at gallatin was going to help and the problem was now they had even tossed out ETHICS. The ire ethics is when you have a uncorforming paitient it doesn’t say FORCE THEM to do your will or even use it as torture yet that’s just what they used it for.
          My hands were bound behind my back in a bed Mu head tied down with a gag. My feet and hands as similarly tied;

  7. I had also sent Harley an email several days ago with an email address that he kept very private after noticing some quietness and had gotten no response, so Iro was totally alone in her concern.


    From Frank’s blog on Hitler Youth two years ago:

    harleyrider1978 says:
    June 8, 2015 at 3:27 am
    anybody know a goodway to get sternum and cracked ribs to quit hurting

    waltc says:
    June 8, 2015 at 5:23 am
    Ah so that’s what landed you in trouble. Codeine. Tramadol. Or if you don’t want drugs, try Ice packs first or if that doesn’t work, moist heat, and with either enough whiskey that you no longer give a damn. Get well soon.

    harleyrider1978 says:
    June 8, 2015 at 7:16 am
    Thanks Waltc

    margo says:
    June 8, 2015 at 8:19 am
    Yes, I’ve also been wondering what happened to you, Harley. Very painful. Painkillers and time will fix it. I hope you’re better soon.

    beobrigitte says:
    June 8, 2015 at 8:08 pm
    Harley – best stay away from drugs. I came off a rail years ago and cracked a couple of ribs.
    My recipe:
    During the day a bit of tightness helps. Used my mother’s elastic bandages (she was a world cup winner in getting deep vain thrombosis – she was a never smoker, btw) during the days and woke up a lot in the night. I quickly discovered that a swig of Glendiddich did aid my sleeping.
    Brace yourself for a not comfortable time for the next 12 – 16 weeks. It’ll pass. HONESTLY!
    Get well soon!
    PS: In case you got this injury in a fight – I do hope that the opponent looks (and feel) far worse!)

    harleyrider1978 says:
    June 9, 2015 at 11:39 am
    It was from CPR 2 TIMES after taking that damned BIAXIN on the 4th day………………I got my lawyer call yesterday…………..

    beobrigitte says:
    June 9, 2015 at 9:40 pm
    Harley, the sternum bit will be ok quickly, the cracked ribs will take quite a few weeks. Hope you are gradually recovering; take it easy, avoid STRESS for a good while!

    I didn’t know about the AMI risk then and he didn’t say anything either.
    Your medic has a few questions to answer!!!! Hope your lawyer asks them.

    harleyrider1978 says:
    June 8, 2015 at 7:15 am
    Frank I was 4 days on this anti-biotic when I had an AMI……………. Im fixing to sue the shit out of them.

    Antibiotic clarithromycin and heart attack risk
    By Tim Sandle Sep 1, 2014 in Health .
    Copenhagen – The commonly prescribed antibiotic drug clarithromycin has been linked to a heightened cardiac events risk, according to the British Medical Journal’s newly-published study

    So, while sometimes mistakes are made in things like this, I don’t think this is one of those times.

    – Michael

    • Rose says:

      Very well caught, MJM, I just couldn’t remember that name.

      I found a further discussion on the 23rd, he was having trouble getting treatment with the VA.

      Never thought I’d be looking for Harley in the back pages of Frank’s blog.
      Makes you want to weep.

      • Rose says:


        “My doc had me on low dose pain management for the lyme arthritis and arthalgias Ive suffered for years,besides multiple diagnoses of fibromyalgia. All service connected yet VA services told me what I repeated above. Oh you can get some pain management but only if you can provide cat scans and other such info to prove need for the treatment. Mine has always been on the cellular level with spirochetal infection and has been diagnosed by over 37 doctors in the last 20 years.

        I put up with the pain until last year when it finally got so unbearable I needed just a small amount to be able just to sleep from the pain.

        What happened next was a dose of Biaxin anti biotic said to be good for treatment of chronic lyme disease,all it did was cause a blood clot near my heart and a hell in the hospital and since.

        CPR and crushed bones and muscle left me in deep pain for 3-4 months and then finally I found it was over I put the 4 loritabs I took each day up and 14 hours later only to discover I was hooked. I immediately began cold turkey to beat the innocently acquired addiction tot he test. 4 days no sleep and pain from withdrawels but I got it back down to one lousy pill a day again at nite.

        Then when I go back for a refill I get told all the above…………..

        Or a referall to a pain clinic that will not take anyone unless you have insurance. You see obamacare fixed it so veterans cant get the obamacare insurance on low income since we had the VA……..All we can do is hope we can afford a private insurance plan to have something else.

        VA wont even pay for an ER visit if they deem it non essential like 3 stitches in my hand 2 years ago. No shit.

        Rant over,just so we are all on the same page medical practioners it would seem are as much a victim as the rest of us,only we speak out and they DARE NOT.”

  8. irocyr says:

    Daniel Hammond
    April 2 at 1:11pm
    2 more days of taking this triple dose flagyl.
    Makes you feel sick all over like the flu

  9. Vlad says:

    Notwithstanding all these medical (mal)treatments and hard life he appears to have had, his death will surely be recorded as smoking related.

  10. Emily Wieja says:

    I don’t really know what to think but it’s all very strange. It makes me feel very sad in a way about relationships forged via the internet- that someone you know online can disappear so suddenly and not having any details about what happened. Very sad in so many ways, even if he isn’t dead, that we can have such tenuous connections to people who add meaning to our lives.

    • irocyr says:

      The worst thing about it is that 3 years in a row he invited me to visit him and his wife when touring the USA and 3 years in a row I didn’t go through Kentucky so I never met him in person. I figured I would get around to visit one day without doing the extra mileage. At that point I didn’t know exactly where in Kentucky he lived and I just figured that Kentucky was really out of my way. I now find out from his obituary that two years ago I was only about an hour away from his town. I really should have asked the name of his town back then but…. oh well. To me it’s like losing a close friend although I didn’t exchange too much with him in private, hardly actually. But he was there posting in my group every day since as long as I remember and some days he made me laugh, other days he got me frustrated with his long winded and often off topic posts, and on other days he educated me, but I will alway miss his spunk, his optimism and even his extremism. I have been in tears on and off since I discovered his death two days ago to a point that I feel like taking a very long break from my group in Facebook. I don’t need to be heartbroken every time we lose one of ours and I have lived through the pain of seeing many pass away. I find my reaction irrational, but what can I say, I love people and get attached to them whether virtually or in person.

      • Emily Wieja says:

        I’m so sorry. I don’t think your reaction is irrational at all. We have the opportunity now to connect to so many people via the internet, but I think emotionally it can be quite difficult to process it all. I also tend to get quite attached to people I have a connection with online, and it frightens me that it can all be so fragile and fleeting. But that is life itself, I guess.

  11. beobrigitte says:

    I didn’t have any of these doubts when either Dr Ian Dunbar or Lysistrata died. Ian Dunbar was about 75, and in and out of nursing homes. Lysistrata had terminal cancer. Their deaths were expected. There were several independent confirmations of their deaths.
    Yes, they were both ill and there were indeed confirmations by relatives when the inevitable happened. And there was time to prepare.

    Ian Dunbar was about 75, and in and out of nursing homes.
    Prof. Ropohl was 77 – and the last time he and his wife came to our meeting, they both were fit as a fiddle (No nursing home in their lives). Now they both are gone. I really did not expect that to happen. I was looking forward to meet them again – and ask them if they collected enough healthporn cigarette packets to play that game of cards Prof. Ropohl came up with.

    But in the case of Harley, I’ve not been expecting his death. I knew he was serially unwell, usually with some variant of flu. And that he was regularly seeing medics in the VA. But lots of people get flu, and visit doctors. And there’s just one single source for the report of his death.
    Indeed, there is just one single source.
    But there is something else that speaks very loudly: Harley’s silence.
    Surely by now he would have let us all know. He always did.
    Even when he had a cardiac arrest almost 2 years ago, he was back online after a week or so, fighting the way he knew best (please refer to Michael McFadden’s comment above).
    Harley has never been offline for 2 weeks for as long as I can remember.

    A sudden death takes time to accept (tell me all about it!).
    Perhaps Harley’s relatives need time to come to terms with it and do what needs to be done. From what he commented at times I figured he had a complex family situation and he sure wasn’t healthy (I do remember Harley mentioning having been exposed to chemicals I hope never to encounter).

    Perhaps it is my experiences over the years (too many funerals of dear relatives, friends’ children, colleagues, one colleagues child and TWO old persons) that made me accept Iro’s post.

  12. irocyr says:

    Here Frank, this picture was publicly posted so I have no problem sharing it. Now go ahead and do your own research from scratch. You have a name to start with. Let me know when you’re convinced. I respect sceptics, but at this point I am taking this as a personal insult to my integrity. I guess you don’t know me as well as many people do.


    • Frank Davis says:

      at this point I am taking this as a personal insult to my integrity

      You shouldn’t do that, because I’m not questioning your integrity.

      I think the problem here is that some people want to conceal their identities. And Harley was one of those people. There are quite a few people who do this. And some of them probably have good reasons for doing it. But it means that they’re untraceable. They can turn sideways and disappear. And this is what they want to be able to do. They don’t want anyone to know who they are, so nobody ever finds out.

      I’ll write something about it tomorrow on my blog. I’m too sleepy right now.

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  14. Clicky says:

  15. magnetic01 says:

    Hey, did someone mention me? Just checked my pulse. Yep, I’m still about :)

    Little commenting these days due to time constraints.

    • irocyr says:

      Magnetic, so happy to see you posting again :-)

    • Hey! Good to see you Mag! :) I had several folks asking me about you over the last couple of months and tried to get in touch. Heh, I just finished off an email exchange with one of your compatriots whose about to fly off to the eastern edge of Brisbane Bay or somesuch. I told me he better be careful not to fall off or we’d be having the same sorta debate about him!

    • Frank Davis says:

      Hurray! We may have lost Harley. But at least we have Magnetic back from the dead!!

      • magnetic01 says:

        But at least we have Magnetic back from the dead!!

        And for my next trick, lardies and gennelmen, I will saw Frank Davis in half :)
        And, as a grand finale, I will pull a hare hair from my armpit.

        Who conjured this “dead” hypothesis and did it involve hard liquor? Why, just recently I left a few comments on Snowden’s blog.

        • Rose says:

          You did indeed and in your own inimitable style.
          We haven’t spoken in a long while, but I still know when it’s you posting.

        • Frank Davis says:

          I think it started with Audrey Silk, when your website went offline. Although she didn’t actually say you were dead. I said that you were probably on holiday. But nobody ever pays any attention to me.

  16. waltc says:

    Ah, Frank, tho I’d like you to be wrong, I think you’re in denial. Harley’d had a serious heart attack, the stress of constant pain, and a bad immune system in addition to what I gather was a hard life. And yes, people do die suddenly as did a good friend of mine–boom! middle of the night. I offer you (free) this excerpt from my last novel on the very topic:

    “” The one thing that Ross couldn’t ever understand was how people couldn’t ever understand about life. They imbued the mere fact of three-dimensional existence with delusions of permanence. Your COUCH doesn’t simply disappear overnight so how could your uncle? It didn’t compute. That a life was a lightbulb that could simply go pop was a concept not easily encompassed by the mind,”

    Iro, you might well write to his wife or mother w/o giving anything away to them about either his aliases or his preoccupations. Just saying that he had many online friends who miss him. People really appreciate things like that.

  17. Rose says:

    By the way, Frank, is that mobile phone number you gave me when my computer broke still good?
    It’s stuck to the fridge in case of emergency,

    • Frank Davis says:

      I’m afraid it’s defunct. Orange discontinued it last year when I’d not used it for several months, even though my Pay As You Go was in credit. I think that’s theft. So I have no mobile phone number right now.

      I’ll send you my BT number, if you like.

      • Rose says:

        Please do , I’ll delete the e-mail as I always do and stick the number on the fridge again.
        Only to be used in emergencies.

  18. Just saw an article in the NYT about how to prepare your online presence so that in the event of your death your email, Facebook page, &c. will reflect that event in a way that is helpful to others and consistent with your wishes. It might be something to consider.

    • Good advice Stephen! I did that to some extent in my “In Memoriam” page at the end of TobakkoNacht. Heh… it’ll “help” the Antis try to figure out WHICH of my many life pleasures did me in eventually!

    • Emily Wieja says:

      I must say, the events of this week and now this discussion have put me in an elegiac mood (mainly I just like the word elegiac and wanted to use it somewhere.)

      • RdM says:

        I feel similarly, I think, also with my neighbours death upstairs.
        It’s a beautiful word, like elegy (and evensong). I knew this, but,
        I have a cheap (free) Wordweb basic dictionary in my taskbar, so just to check:

        Adjective: elegiac

        1. Resembling or characteristic of or appropriate to an elegy
        “an elegiac poem on a friend’s death”
        2. Expressing sorrow often for something past
        “an elegiac lament for youthful ideals”

        Noun: elegy

        1. A mournful poem; a lament for the dead

        (ex wordweb.info – though there are plenty of other dictionaries)

        Then, I realised I’d often spelled it as “elegaic” – and that you’d written “elegiac”.

        And when, curious, I went online for “elegaic definition”, I was surprised to see counter-spellings, like ‘elegiac’. Even Wikipedia & Dictionary.com have ‘elegiac’. Hmm…
        Others don’t. I thought I’d quite liked “elegaic” – and other examples exist online.

        Trivia – maybe both spellings are in common use, or one (mine) mistaken!?
        Maybe the way it sounded out, or looked… or maybe they’re all just typos?

        But it has ‘elegiac’ all through its text. So maybe the title is a typo.

        It’s happened before, not so much with spelling, but with pronunciation; with a word I’d read in a book, maybe even as a 10yr old or later, as a prolific reader, not knowing how it was pronounced, that I made up a pronunciation to keep reading with.

        And found out many years later that I’d got it wrong;- it was this way, not that!

        • I was doing some editing for someone recently and in the middle of a sequence about a joyous wedding they’d used the word “curtesy.”

          I still have a fairly good sense of spelling, despite the depredations of the Internet, and I looked at that and thought, “Hmm… that’s not right. Is it maybe just an alternate spelling?” Heh, nope. Here’s the definition, courtesy of Google: “curtesy is a law that states a man gains the rights to his wife’s land after she dies as long as they had children together.”

          Not exactly the sort of word you want to insert into a joyful wedding celebration, eh?


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