Claudia Buck, April Fool

I picked this up from the comments a day or two back.

Will California’s new cigarette tax make more smokers quit?

Claudia Buck

1 April 2017

Plunk down a pack of cigarettes at the cash register and be prepared to pay up, way up. As of April 1, Californians are forking over an extra $2 per pack.

Some smokers this past week said they were stocking up on cartons, ahead of Saturday’s price hike. Others said it’s jolting them into finally snuffing out cigarettes for good.

“Absolutely, I’m quitting. I refuse to pay it,” said Citrus Heights resident Heather Jarrett, a smoker for 21 years, who said the new tax will mean an extra $120 a month to cover her and her husband’s nicotine habit. “It’s not a small amount.”

One of her fellow Sacramento County co-workers, Caitlin Holloway, said she’s on her last carton of cigarettes, vowing to snuff out her habit completely due to the cost. “I cannot do the extra $2 a pack. It’s too much of a financial burden as a single parent. … It’s a really good motivation to quit.”

And that’s what it’s all about. It’s all about making smokers stop smoking.  It’s all about making other people do what you want them to do.

And the author, Claudia Buck, certainly seemed to think the latest 2 dollar price hike was doing the trick, judging by all the Heather Jarretts and Caitlin Holloways who were testifying to its effectiveness. Just wind the price of tobacco up and up and up, and sooner or later you’ll break their will, just as effectively as you can do it with thumbscrews or electric shocks.

There was not a hint of doubt in Claudia Buck’s piece whether it might be quite the right thing to do. I doubt if Claudia ever wonders about stuff like that. She knows what she wants, and she thinks she knows how to get it: apply relentless pressure to people, to force them to do what you want. And once you’ve forced them to do it, then force them to do everything else that you want them to do too. It’s just a matter of the triumph of your will over theirs.

It’s how Political Correctness works: it’s large scale bullying and browbeating. Do what we tell you to do, or we’ll make life hell for you.

But I couldn’t help but think that for all the Heather Jarretts and Caitlin Holloways in California, there are also plenty of Jane Hampsons and Maggie Stainers and Jenny Sigueiras who are never going to surrender to little bastards like Claudia Buck and her antismoking chums. They’re going to carry on smoking, even if they only ever get to smoke one cigarette a month. They’ll smoke that one cigarette like it was saying a prayer, or flying a flag, or firing a shot.

If nothing else, Smokervoter lives near Sacramento. And I don’t think he’s ever going to surrender. Instead, I suspect that he’s more interested in doing something like this:

Get ready for Calexit! Now Nigel Farage and the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ set their sights on splitting California in two.

Nigel Farage and Leave backer Arron Banks just returned from a trip to California.

They helped raise $1million for a ‘Calexit’, which would split California in two.

They appear to be pitting the eastern, more rural side of California against the western ‘coastal elite’ liberals in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The eastern part of California would more likely vote Republican, giving the party two more senators and electoral college votes for a 2020 election.

I suspect he’s interested because a few years ago he was writing about a similar idea, which was (I think) to split California into two separate states, but with the “liberal” north separated from the conservative south. You get rid of California’s Claudia Bucks by consigning them to their own separate state. You restrict the poison there. You let them bully and browbeat and regulate themselves to death. Because Claudia Buck’s California will be a failed state.

I don’t know why Nigel Farage is involved in this. But Nigel seems to have become something a global statesman these days, fêted in the court of Donald Trump.  He’s got his own spot on Fox News.

It’s like I wonder why Michael Savage lives in San Francisco. Why does he live in the dark heart of insanity? Recently he got physically attacked. But maybe it’s because he wants to be in the front line of this war. Maybe he wants to be able to sit in a bar or restaurant and listen to his liberal enemies talking to each other in the tables around him. People like Claudia Buck, bragging over their lattes about they’ve managed to ratchet up the price of cigarettes by $2 a pack, tee hee. Maybe he just has to sit quietly at an adjoining table, with a coffee, listening to the poisonous scum at the next table for a few minutes until his rage reaches boiling point and he’s got to the right temperature for his radio show later on that day. Maybe that’s how he does it? Maybe that’s why Alex Jones lives in Austin, Texas, which seems to be another liberal cesspool? They want to be in the front line where the action is. Although neither of them are smokers.

I wouldn’t want to ever meet Claudia Buck. I wouldn’t even want to be sitting at an adjoining table to her. I wouldn’t want to even be in the same town. I just want to destroy people like her. I just want to destroy Tobacco Control. After all, they want to destroy me. And they may well succeed. Because this is a war, a global war. It’s a war between the planners and controllers and regulators and all the people who don’t want to be planned and controlled and regulated. And it’s slowly building up to be hotter and hotter. And smokers are right in the front line of this war, whoever they are, and wherever they live.

I think it’s the biggest war going. It’s the only war that’s being fought absolutely everywhere. There may be hardly many shots being fired, but it’s a war all the same. And if real war breaks out anywhere, it’ll only be wherever the war is currently being fought the hardest. Is it entirely accidental that there’s renewed sabre-rattling over Gibraltar, or North Korea, or wherever, when we have a world in which everyone is already at war with everyone else, at war with their former friends, at war with the guy next door. For smoking bans are ways in which one bunch of people declare war on another bunch of people. A smoking ban is a declaration of war. And since there are smoking bans everywhere, more or less, we already have a state of general civil war all over the world. And in this war, you’re either on one side or the other. You may want to stay neutral, but you won’t be able to. Most smokers may want to stay neutral. After all, who wants to fight wars? But in the end they’re going to have to take one side or the other. And as soon as you light a cigarette, you’ve said whose side you’re on.

And Claudia Buck is on the other side.

Unless, of course, she wrote that piece with a cigarette between her lips as she typed, and Heather Jarrett and Caitlin Holloway and April Fool cackling with laughter beside her.

Only I don’t think she did.


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13 Responses to Claudia Buck, April Fool

  1. I have but one thing to say to Mz.Claudia Buck (rhymes with………duck, luck, suck and …)- can you, Mz. Buck, say “R O A D Triiiippppp!!” ?

    It is an unquestionable, incontrovertible, Article Of Faith of The First Puritan Church Of The Divinely SelfRigtheous Bansterians , that rises in tobacco duty/SIN Taxes do NOT-never have and never will- lead to increased smuggling or other ‘illict’ forms of tobacco procurement.
    A question for those in California, is buying mail order out of state not a viable option? Do the aliens (yes I watched MIB) who staff your UPS strictly control all suspiciously cigarettey sized packages?
    she wrote that piece with a cigarette between her lips as she typed
    I have a vision of her sucking on a celery stalk, a bitter organic Fair Trade one …and don’t you just know she’ll be wearing a pink bobble hat?

  2. Roobeedoo2 says:

    The WHO classifies video gaming as a ‘mental disorder’…

    I shall have to show that to my kids… I did warn them ;)

  3. Smoking Lamp says:

    The controllers are dead set on imposing their will at all costs. Disrupting society, destroying businesses (like pubs and casinos), economic disruption, democratic process, and choice all pale in the face of their rampant narcissism. It really is materialism out of control. Tobacco control’s lies and manipulation must be exposed (actually it goes far beyond smoking and tobacco to include alcohol and sugar). I agree tobacco control must be challenged and destroyed.

  4. Rhys says:

    In case there was ever any doubt…one of them twitted last night about how public health should be proud of being an enemy of the people. Hope I can link it correctly:

    • Joe L. says:

      Wow! How brazenly stated! The truth that we have all known is finally made public. “Public Health” is proud to be the “Enemy of the People.” Fuck them even more. Public Health should be defunded and disbanded immediately!!

    • smokingscot says:

      And boy oh boy did our Mavis Duncanson open up a virtual lava flow on that idiotic statement.

      Nice to see that NZ strictly enforces that business of zero age discrimination. Mavis being a perfect example.

    • Rhys! :) Thank you for a link that inspired me to use Retweeting in a way I haven’t before! :> Heehee… I don’t think the TC folks will be very happy about my observations. LOL!


  5. Rhys says:

    I’ve got to stop following these people. Another from the public health conference, explaining that choice and agency don’t exist, at least not for ‘certain groups’ –

  6. garyk30 says:

    The term ‘public health’ is without meaning and is without definition.

    At least in a medical sense, there is no strict policy that is necessary for the health of all( the public).

    If happiness is part of being healthy, making people unhappy by restricting choices is unhealthy.

    But then, these people are not concerned with the happiness of anyone but themselves.

  7. Heya Frank! :) Nice one! Were you singing this song as you wrote today? :>


  8. One reason the two-dollar-increase passed is because non-smokers, correctly or incorrectly, believe that by increasing the tax on smokers they will bear a greater share of the tax burden and non-smokers less, i.e. “tax the other guy more and pass on the savings to me.” It’s human nature. It’s similar to hiring bans. If a company refuses to hire smokers it increases the odds of a non-smokers getting hired by reducing competition. Again, it’s human nature. As far as taxes go, however, they should be used to pay the government’s bills, not to encourage or discourage the behavior of citizens or, perhaps, corporations.

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