All We Want Is To Be Happy

H/T Audrey Silk for this report on the eviction of a smoker.

In the video above, the evicted smoker, 66-year old Ann Marie Sibic, is saying:

“I just can’t take anymore from this building. That they’re hurting good people. All we want is to be happy and live out our lives the way we want to live them out.”

Isn’t that true of all of us? That all we want is to be happy and to live out our lives the way we want to live them out.

But Tobacco Control doesn’t want smokers to live out their lives the way they want to live them. It just keeps pushing them and pushing them and pushing them. And in this case they’ve pushed someone out of their home. They’ve made someone homeless.

And making someone homeless puts their life in far greater jeopardy than inhaling any amount of tobacco smoke ever will.

Looking on the bright side, it was at least a bright sunny spring day in Michigan when this video was shot. It could just as easily have been cold and wet and windy, and Ann Marie Sibic could have died of exposure later that day.

Also looking on the bright side, her plight at least got her on a local TV station news report. And from there, via the internet, the news has reached all the way to Herefordshire here in England. It’s gone round the world. And with this blog post of mine, it’ll maybe get a little bit further round the world.

Also on the bright side, the TV report was sympathetic. Ann Marie Sibic wasn’t being portrayed as a filthy, stinking, dirty smoker getting her just deserts.

It’s been raising the question, in some people’s minds, whether Ben Carson, the new HUD Secretary in the internet-savvy Trump administration, is going to uphold the HUD smoking ban that was first reported on my blog some 14 months ago, and subsequently introduced by the Obama administration. Although, given that the Trump administration, as I was writing yesterday, seems to currently be paralysed by the delaying, stalling, and obstructing tactics of its entrenched opposition, it seems doubtful whether Carson could lift the HUD smoking ban, even if he wanted to. Audrey Silk has tweeted Ben Carson. I wonder if she got a reply. I tweeted Donald Trump a month or two ago, and still haven’t heard back from him. I’m not sure he uses Twitter as anything other than a one-way instant communication medium.

But on the dark side, as President Rodrigo Duterte vowed on Wednesday to implement a total public smoking in the Philippine islands,

In promising to implement the no-smoking law “in the coming months,” Mr. Duterte joked that those who wanted to light up could only do so in the open sea.

“At least 5 kilometers from the coastal shores. You go there,” he said in jest.

(That ‘jest’ is probably the same ‘jest’ that was made that HUD residents wouldn’t be evicted for smoking) it must be asked how much further smokers have to be pushed and pushed and pushed before some of them snap, and go postal.

I think it’ll happen one day. I think one day somebody’s going to see a report like the one above, get a gun, and head down to the Marquette Housing Commission that runs Pine Ridge Apartments, and blow them all away.

And then, in a tit-for-tat reaction, antismokers will start shooting smokers standing outside on street corners, first in Michigan, and then in other cities across the USA, and then all over the world, including the Philippine islands, in what will be a global civil conflagration that will leave millions of people dead.

For the global war on smokers is probably the single most divisive piece of social engineering ever undertaken in the entire course of human history, and launched upon about 1.5 billion smokers in the world. And Tobacco Control is always pushing and pushing and pushing these smokers further and further beyond the margins of society. There are a great many wars that have started for far lesser reasons.


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21 Responses to All We Want Is To Be Happy

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Someone evicted for smoking ? An out of control dictator banning smoking in his country and getting away with it ? Are cigarettes no longer sold in the Phillipines ? Time to snatch up our guns and take direct action i think !

  2. All you, Frank, want to be is happy? Surely, as old as you are, you know that the key to happiness ….

    …is ‘Hamlet’. The mild cigar?

  3. Rhys says:

    Is there anything we can do about this? It’s happening in America, and worse, it’s going to be the disabled and the old – the people who can’t get out to smoke. It’s happened a few times in Vancouver, also to the disabled and the old to cheers of ‘they deserved it, they broke the rules’, in buildings with no smoking policies. Health Canada’s next big push is to outlaw smoking in all houses save detached homes, and you know almost everywhere else is going to follow suit, because that’s what the world does these days.

    It took them a long time to whip up enough hatred towards us to make this okay with people, but apparently – now it is.

    I do not know what I can do, at least not what would be effective. Maybe there isn’t anything. Sitting and waiting to die, and watching other people die meanwhile is scary, and so frustrating.

    • Timothy Goodacre says:

      Ignoring their bans blatently is a very good start. There is nothing they can do with a mass defiance.

      • waltc says:

        But there’s a lot they can do to an elderly crippled woman who obviously has no “mass” in her building backing her.

  4. C.F. Apollyon says:

    Scenario 1: We would like you to speak.
    Scenario 2: We would like you to stop speaking.
    Explain to me the difference. Because I see no difference. “They”…want. And whatever it is that “they want”…you have it.

    ^Brothers Gonna Work it Out – Willie Hutch^

    At some point, those on a crusade, or…”Crusade A”… to eradicate something are going to have to adopt and adapt to other crusades that fellow crusaders have an interest in…”Crusade B”.
    A Crusade = Crusade A
    B Crusade = Crusade B
    Fight “A” Crusade…”B”e “A” Crusader.
    Crusad”A”…even. (Using the parlance(s) and textual jocund liberties with vernacular of the times) ;-)

    Maybe this was what they were talking about in The Bible with respect to “Dying by The Sword.” Not that I think that anything in The Bible is as simple as it is sometimes made out. Because The Bible and other ancient texts are about as close to holograms and/or holographic imaging as I personally can possibly get with my limited thinking. Overlays of logic, knowledge and wisdom that appear to be static in nature, but are really anything but static. Even a static something is in motion.
    Temporary…States…Of Matter.

    ^Public Enemy – Brothers Gonna Work It Out^

    Makes me think of like…a transparent version of the E6B Calculator/Computer, that we pilots use. A static device used to interpolate a dynamic flight.

    I picture God/The gods overlaying a similar device of their own design over a particular life or lives, and watching the changes over time. That all probability becomes an absolute at some point…irrespective of outcome. That there are no degrees of separation with respect to active participation of any kind whatsoever. “Investigating” a topic of any kind, make you an active participant. That gentle nudges are preferred to heavy hands. That The Universe is actually a gentle place. Not always, and not that it always has been or always is or always will be…but I get the feeling that “gentleness” is the goal.
    EX A: Q: How “gentle” would you consider it to be, if God/a god/a coalition of gods plopped themselves next to you on park bench and started issuing edicts for you to live your life by?
    A: ???W¿¿¿T???F¿¿¿
    EX B: Q: How “gentle” would you consider it to be, if God/a god/a coalition of gods plopped themselves next to you on park bench and started chatting about the most ridiculously mundane bullshit, that you would have NEVER considered “God/the gods” chatting about? Let alone, chatting to YOU about it/them?
    A: ???W¿¿¿T???F¿¿¿

    Yeah…that’s the best that I could come up with for an answer on both accounts. ;-)

    I’ve been made privy to quite a few crazy-assed theories over the last few years in this “spiritual awakening” realm that I’ve stumbled into. Lotta people with a lot of theories as to “the way things are.” Makes me sad to think about it. Everyone trying to “figure things out.” For me…”out”…is the keyword there.
    Trying to “figure life out.”
    Trying to “figure God out.”
    No one likes to be “out.”

    I admit that I am wishy-washy when it comes to the topic of smoking, because I rely strictly on courtesy. Sometimes I can handle the smoke, and sometimes not. If courtesy is required, and none given, I leave. It’s that simple. I have no problem with people smoking. But to fight facts with facts is akin to pissing in the wind under the auspices of staying dry.
    But I got no answers.
    I wish I did…but I don’t.
    The best I can offer…is that there is always a better way.

    Controlling control with more control makes me think of the coils of a snake surrounding it’s prey.
    Maybe even a snake eating it’s own tail.
    This is just me, but I see it as a subtlety…or gentle nudge…of The Universe showing it’s contempt for life.
    Situationally of course.
    Situationally off course.
    Gravity is a two way street in each lane. ;-)

    ^The Chemical Brothers – Brother’s Gonna Work It Out^

    Seek no ledge…and you will never fall.
    Time and times over time.

    ^Massive Attack feat. Mos Def – I Against I^

  5. slugbop007 says:

    How can Health Canada ban smoking in every house in the country and get away with it? Take them to court.


    • Joe L. says:

      Rhys stated, “Health Canada’s next big push is to outlaw smoking in all houses save detached homes” I believe they’re ‘only’ pushing for a ban in all apartments, condos, etc., i.e., all shared dwelling spaces.

      However, as we’ve seen time and again, this is almost certainly still a thinner portion of a wider wedge. A total ban on smoking in private housing will seem less totalitarian after they pass this through. TC has publicly made their ‘endgame’ clear: prohibition of tobacco. They continue to pass incrementally stricter bans and get away with them because of the incremental nature. Too drastic and abrupt a change, and they might actually see strong resistance.

      • jaxthefirst says:

        How would they propose to enforce this if an individual had purchased their apartment, rather than just renting it? Or doesn’t anyone buy apartments in Canada?

        • Rhys says:

          I know in condos in Vancouver, anyway, sometimes they pass a new rule that forbids smoking, and in the couple of cases I’ve seen when it’s gone to court, the owner of the flat has lost. They wouldn’t accept a grandfather clause for current tenants. Smoking seems to be exempt from normal rules of civil procedure when it comes to court cases, as we see in the video above.

          I live in a co-op, and it’s a nice place. We’ve never had non-smoking hysteria here, which is kind of amazing, but if suddenly there’s a law, I don’t know what happens. Technically, we jointly all own the building, instead of each owning an individual flat.

          Vancouver has had a smoking ban since 2000, the rest of the province and I think the rest of Canada since 2008, and I’d wager to say that most apartments are non-smoking now – even the ones that people buy.
          If it came down to enforcement, I’d expect the normal Stasi technique of neighbours having to snitch or face penalties themselves.

  6. waltc says:

    I think I came to Frank’s attention x years ago (and he to mine) when I posted this at Siegel’s and he quoted it here, but it’s worth repeating and occasionally useful to repeat to legislators, bldg mgrs and media:

    Quote: Hans Frank, Nazi governor of occupied Poland, April 1940:
    ” It is unacceptable that representatives of the Reich should be obliged to meet Jews when they enter or leave the house and are, in this way, liable to infection from epidemics.”
    [Result: the Warsaw Ghetto].

    Quote: Joseph Goebbles, Reich Minister of Propaganda, August 1941:
    ” The Jews have always been carriers of infectious disease.They should either be concentrated in a ghetto and left to themselves or liquidated, for otherwise they will infect the population.”

    [Source: “Statements of Hitler and senior Nazis concerning Jews”

    • RdM says: gives an error,’s server DNS address could not be found.

      There’s a suggestion in Details, in Chrome at least, to do a search on
      ess uwe ac uk genocide statements

      Which brings up a few bits & pieces, &etc.

      I’m looking for a source on a statement/quote I remember reading, along the lines of

      “No Jew should fear this law, because it’s only designed to protect the Aryan population.”

      No doubt paraphrased through faulty memory, but I’m sure of the first phrase.
      I don’t think it was Hitler, maybe Heydrich or Himmler.

      Perhaps it was “the German people” or some-such in the second phrase.

      “No smoker should fear this law” (because…)

      I’d love to find that Nazi reference.

      To reference.

      Meanwhile, sure, there are many other such that need collating to be useful in the war.
      Or rediscovered. I must stop raving on… (!) ;=})

  7. Smoking Lamp says:

    Tobacco control’s persecution of smokers is rapidly approaching its desired end state: total prohibition of smoking and the eradication of smokers by any means necessary.

    Outdoor smoking bans at beaches, at outdoor patios, in parks and entire university campuses, and in entire cities is becoming the norm in many places (throughout the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). The EU is now seeking the same throughout Europe and ASH is seeking the same throughout the UK and Ireland. In the Philippines the regime is seeking a nationwide ban.

    All claiming second hand smoke is a significant health risk. Of course second hand smoke isn’t a health risk and no credible study has ever demonstrated it as such. Most studies show otherwise. Only tobacco control propaganda and manipulated studies reach that conclusion and many of those have been discredited many times. Plain packaging is now coming to Ireland even though it doesn’t even meet the tobacco controllers’ own stated objectives. Madness and hysteria reigns.

    Even when new bans are rejected the antismoker hoards return again and again to force their agenda to impose smoking bans. They are now returning to Lafayette, Louisiana to try and impose a ban that was rejected just the year before last. The tobacco controllers never take no for an answer. They use relentless propaganda, false studies, and fear mongering to intimidate politicians to impose bans. They divide society and persecute smokers to sate their lust for power. They suppress dissent and the media censors opposition to their movement. Once they impose smoking bans they then expand their sights to seek restrictions on alcohol, sugar, and foods they see as objectionable all in the name of health.

    Tobacco control must be confronted and destroyed.

  8. Lepercolonist says:

    …. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… except for smokers like Anne Marie Sibic.

  9. Lisboeta says:

    D’you think we could start kicking up a fuss about, off the top of my head, extreme sports? Not that I have any beef with extreme sports. But it just might give the Controllers something else to whinge about and take the spotlight off us for a while. In fact, if we do it right, we might even get the backing of the extreme sports people. Then we can find another group of people to make a fuss about. Rinse and repeat. Straight from the Controllers’ playbook!

    • RdM says:

      “flogging will continue until morale improves” (search on that)

      But who can get a fuss together, these days?

      There must be professional rent-a-protest outfits around, others seem to do it.
      Look at all the recent protests, some seem organised or directed beyond … what?

      Exchanging words over a tobacco purchase some years ago, anniversary of Tienanmen Square, with my friendly Chinese shopkeeper, who also smoked, he asked;
      “How many smokers in New Zealand?” I guessed at that time, 750,000, maybe less now.

      “If 10% of those protested on the streets, what do you think (could, would, might) happen?” It gave me things to think about… beyond what effect it might have.

      How does one get organised? And I thought of large format printers for slogans.
      Music (of high quality!) for the street march! {“Never give it up”} and others. Speeches.

      Obviously it takes organising…

      And I think a very well or even quite well organised street protest, directly on the extortionate tobacco taxes and the

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