On The Banks Of The Volga

H/T MJM for this shocking video that I hadn’t seen before:

It really demonstrates just how murderous Tobacco Control really is. I keep the Wall Of Hate (also the work of MJM) in my right hand margin. But the Wall Of Hate is just the spewings of hatred of smokers and smoking by antismoking footsoldiers, gleaned from comments under various news articles. This video, however, is an expensive production. It’s a 25-second piece of murderous artwork. It would have had to have been put together as carefully as a high quality TV ad. It’s got some high quality special effects (assuming that they didn’t actually kill off a two or three dozen smokers while shooting it). In short, there’s a lot of care and attention and money that has gone into making it. So this isn’t coming from a few footsoldiers: it’s coming from the top. It’s coming from high up in the TC command chain.

And yet it’s a spectacular example of TC shooting itself in its own foot. Because it demonstrates what TC would like to see happen to smokers. It would like to see them dropped from a great height, in exactly the same way that their like-minded compatriots in the Islamic State throw homosexuals off  high buildings.

It reminded me of another example of a spectacular own goal, this time by climate change alarmists, the 10:10 No Pressure video. The following isn’t the original, which was rapidly withdrawn more or less as soon as it appeared. But in some ways it’s even better, because it’s a news report that shows the murderous video in the background while it’s being discussed in the foreground.

Which brings me back to Emily W’s mentioning, during my conversation with her, how smokers had been suffering defeats in the war that’s being waged on them. She was quite right: smokers have been suffering one defeat after another. Living the life of a smoker seems to be one of being in perpetual retreat. They’re always trudging backwards away from their last defeat, dispirited and forlorn.

But I was thinking this morning that the defeats inflicted upon smokers have been dwindling in strength. Here in the UK, the public smoking ban was far and away the most spectacular of the defeats inflicted on smokers. It was blitzkrieg. Smokers were routed.

But since then, the attacks mounted by the enemy haven’t quite had quite the same power and depth and penetration as that first blitzkrieg campaign of theirs. What have they managed to further gain? Not much, really. They’ve forced cigarettes to be hidden behind shutters. And they’ve forced tobacco products into “plain packaging”. They’ve got partial vehicle smoking bans. They’ve introduced smoking bans in prisons and psychiatric units and hospital grounds. Here and there they’ve even managed to get an outdoor ban or two.

Smokers have continued to be defeated. But none of the new defeats have been quite as severe as the first and most catastrophic defeat.

Why’s that? I think that it’s maybe that Tobacco Control expected a quick victory over smokers, and their surrender en masse. I think they thought that they’d have won the war on smoking by now, and that hardly anybody in Britain would still be smoking now.

But the defeated smokers just retreated – and carried on smoking. They had been defeated, but they didn’t surrender like they were expected to. The Quit Smoking hotlines that had been set up to receive all the surrendering smokers weren’t swamped with calls.

And so Tobacco Control has had to improvise new lines of attack. They’ve had to mount all these various new campaigns – plain packaging, car smoking bans, prison smoking bans, and so on. But they’re all much, much weaker campaigns than the first blitzkrieg assault.

If there’s a direct military analogy for this, it might best be found in Hitler’s war on Russia. That also began, on 22 June 1941, with a blitzkrieg war. And it completely shattered the Russian army more or less everywhere. The Russian army was in headlong retreat, millions of men trudging slowly on foot eastwards, pursued by the mechanised German army. It was a headlong retreat that only slowed and stopped at the gates of Moscow, when first the rains of the approaching winter made the roads into impassable mud, and the first snows froze the oil in the German panzers (and many German soldiers as well). Russia was saved by General Winter, as it had been saved many times before. Hitler had expected to win a quick victory. So much so that he hadn’t even bothered to provided the German army with winter clothing,. Nevertheless, when the snows thawed and the roads hardened in the spring of 1942, the German army renewed its offensive, with equally devastating effect as before. But this time its attack was directed primarily towards the south, along about half of the front line. And it wasn’t as strong an attack as in 1941 before. And it fairly rapidly ran out of momentum in the face of stiffening Russian resistance. The Germans never reached Baku, whose oil they wanted. Instead they got bogged down in Stalingrad, on the banks of the Volga.

And that’s about where we are now in the current Nazi war on smoking. The antismoking war machine is still very, very powerful. It can still easily defeat smokers wherever it encounters them. And smokers are still retreating. But they’re retreating a bit more slowly than they did in the past.

Furthermore, much like in WW2, smokers have been deploying a surprising new weapon – the e-cigarette (perhaps akin to the T-34 Russian tank?) – that has caught the Nazis in Tobacco Control completely by surprise. They don’t know how to deal with it, much like the Germans with the T-34 tank. They lost the initiative.

In fact, there are signs that Tobacco Control may be in deepening disarray. They expected a quick victory, but they didn’t get the wholesale surrender of smokers that they wanted. And so they’ve had to improvise new campaigns. and the new campaigns are much weaker. In fact, they’re arguably almost completely ineffective. Who really cares if tobacco products are kept concealed behind shutters? Who really cares if they come in plain packaging? And in picking on prisoners and psychiatric patients and hospital patients, aren’t they picking on the very weakest of their enemies, and thereby demonstrating their own dwindling strength? And isn’t the video I showed at the top an example of an atrocity of the sort that only ever discredits its practitioner? TC has begun to score some own goals against itself.

If the Nazi war on smoking continues to follow in the footsteps of the Nazi war on Russia, Tobacco Control is on the brink of its own defeat at Stalingrad. What might such a defeat look like? Well, a really big defeat for TC would be if some country that had enacted comprehensive smoking bans simply tore them all up, and returned to the status quo ante. And as TC gets weaker, and loses funding (Donald Trump is threatening to slash US contributions to the UN by 50%), I think it’s quite likely that some country or other will do exactly that. It’ll probably be some country – maybe in eastern Europe – where there are lots of smokers, and where smoking bans have only recently been enacted. And when that happens, the dam will have broken, and other countries will start to follow suit.

Of course, it may be that the war will not follow in the footsteps quite that way. It may be that TC is planning a huge new blitzkrieg. But there seems to be little sign of one on the horizon. TC has lost a lot of its early momentum. It has also lost its former clarity of purpose. And it’s also facing slowly mounting resistance, all over the world. The whole face of the war is beginning to change. And some antismokers may even be beginning to wonder whether they might actually be losing the war.

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36 Responses to On The Banks Of The Volga

  1. That video is so appalling I am forced to wonder if it was infact originally NOT an Anti-smoker ad but a sketch from some Russian (whose sense of humour, I’m told, is not for the uninitiated) comedy show…along the lines of ‘the ONLY way Smoking can be said to be injurious to health’.

  2. Harleyrider1978 says:

    I believe there was a deck that really collapsed because everyone was smoking on it!

  3. As we all know the Nazi state, under its anti-smoking Fuhrer, prosecuted the most zealous anti-tobacco campaign in modern history. By the war’s end, however, Hitler had committed suicide, his health minister would soon be hanged at Nuremberg, and cigarettes would serve as the primary form of currency in post-war Germany.

  4. petesquiz says:

    O/T : I came across this today, a scientific paper on how the lungs are responsible, in a far greater way than previously thought, in the production of blood cells. Now, if they can discover such a fundamental process that had been missed before, what else don’t they know about how the lungs function?

    Here’s the link : http://www.sciencealert.com/an-unexpected-new-lung-function-has-been-discovered-and-it-could-disrupt-decades-of-scientific-thought

    • Joe L. says:

      Now, if they can discover such a fundamental process that had been missed before, what else don’t they know about how the lungs function?

      This is a perfect example of how contemporary science is supposed to work. Nothing is ever proven. We are continually trying to understand things better, and this means questioning existing theories, even those that have been established for decades. Science is never ‘settled.’

    • smokingscot says:

      @ PQ

      Another one popped up today. Very large study conducted by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore found that 66 percent of the 32 cancer types they studied resulted from copying errors, 29 percent were caused by lifestyle and environmental factors, and the remaining 5 percent were inherited.


      So all that horse twaffle put out by CRUK about “together we can beat cancer” or “let’s beat cancer sooner” is just utter fabrications, very deliberately designed to deceive. For the vast majority of people cancer’s caused because their own DNA fucked up.

      This article (giving a little more meat on the bones) goes on about what they found out about lung cancer:

      “Lung cancer, the investigators note, presents a different picture: 65% of all mutations are due to environmental factors, mostly smoking, and 35% of mutations are due to DNA copying errors. Inherited factors are not known to play a role in lung cancers.”

      (I’m sure you’ll note they more or less admit they haven’t a clue how many of the 65% are actually caused by smoking, just “mostly smoking”).


      And that seems corroborate a study I read of in Korea where they found that about 1% of the population will get lung cancer no matter how healthy their lifestyle. And smokers have a 40% greater likelihood of contracting lung cancer. In short all of 1.4% of people who smoke may develop lung cancer.

      And that study – government funded some years back – does acknowledge that many Koreans were exposed to some fairly toxic weaponry during their North/South conflict in the early ’50’s.

      And 1.4% is a risk I’ve always been prepared to take. In truth it’s so trivial it makes my riding a scooter many times more life threatening. Indeed I feel I’m far more likely to develop lung cancer when sitting at a set of traffic lights surrounded by diesel vans, buses, SUVs, luxury limo’s and 4X4’s all belching out huge quantities of PM 2.5.

      • waltc says:

        I’m skeptical about that study, noting that Michael Bloomberg is a major donor to Johns Hopkins. I won’t go so far as others to say there’s zero connection between cancer and “lifestyle” (if I could ban a word from the language, that would be it) but it sure isn’t even close to that high. I’m

        • Bloomberg donated 1 billion dollars to john Hopkins and that’s where all the JUNK SCIENCE to support bloombergs nanny state policies comes from like last years anti-gun violence study Owebama used after the sandyhook shooting took place…….


          Goals of the Department

          Develop approaches for applying the findings of epidemiologic research in the formulation of public policy and to participate in formulating and evaluating the effects of such policy

          Center for Gun Policy and Research


          The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research is engaged in original scholarly research, policy analysis, and agenda-setting public discourse. Our goal is to bring public health expertise and perspectives to the complex policy issues related to gun violence prevention.

          An important part of the Center’s mission is to serve as an objective and informative resource for the news media, thereby providing the public with accurate information about gun injuries, prevention strategies, and policies.

          Current Events


  5. Rose says:

    After the enormous blow of the smoking ban, Anti-tobacco expected the smokers to cave in, presumably because it’s what they would have done facing the same circumstances, which is an interesting insight into the mind of the enemy.

    I was listening to Andrew Neil’s stirring monologue this morning.

    ‘Churchillian!’ Viewers hail Andrew Neil’s INCREDIBLE monologue on Westminster attack

    And at a the end I thought, and yet this same British public were supposed to cower away from a wisp of smoke?

    • Frank Davis says:

      I don’t think I’m allowed to watch that. It’s probably on the BBC, and I don’t have a TV licence, and so if I did there’d be someone knocking at my door 10 minutes later demanding £155.

      • Rose says:

        Good point.

        Andrew Neil
        “Keith Palmer had been a copper for 15 years, a husband, a dad, brother, uncle, public servant. Before joining the police, he’d been in the army, defending our nation,”
        “Yesterday he was murdered defending our democracy, defending the very heart of our democracy from a barbarian at the gate.

        “Just doing his duty, reminding us of something we badly needed reminding, that the most important people in this country are not the rich, the powerful, the famous but those who run to confront the enemies of our civilisation while the rest of us are running away. First responders like PC Palmer.

        “Brutally stabbed to death by a jumped-up jihadi, not fit to breathe the same air as the man he killed.
        “Now I know there are still some ‘Jihadi Johnnies’ out there who think they will eventually triumph because their love of death is greater than our love of life.

        Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with?”

        “This is the country that stood up alone to the might of the Luftwaffe, air force of the greatest evil mankind has ever known.
        “If you think we’re going to be cowed by some pathetic, Poundland terrorist in an estate car with a knife, then you’re as delusional as you are malevolent.”

        “Yes, you have the power to hurt us. Sometimes the hurt is more than we can bear – but you cannot defeat us.

        “Because for every brainwashed, brain dead Islamist you send to do us harm, we have thousands upon thousands of Keith Palmers. You find them in every walk of life and in every part of the land, they come in all shapes, all sizes, all colours, all faiths.
        They are the British people and against them you will never prevail.”

        • Roobeedoo2 says:

          But like you say, Rose, a wisp of tobacco smoke is meant to send them scurrying. And some do scurry. What a sad fucking state of affairs.

        • Rose says:

          I suspect that the only ones scurrying, are the ones who are paid to do so.

        • prog says:

          Unfortunately, usual useless virtual signalling/platitudes, that the Islamists will scoff at and exploit.

          Does anyone seriously think that the Blitz spirit lives on? Most of those who suffered the Blitz are dead or old and the majority of modern inhabitants of London have little or no traditional British roots.

          And the response – little more than candlelit vigils, faux grief by the people who are largely responsible for the mess and the offensive attempt to place blame for Islamic violence at the feet of the Right, with the need to silence those who are immune to brainwashing.

      • smokingscot says:

        Stream it on your phone or tablet. Film On’s perfect.


        It’ll give you BBC News by default, however the left hand list gives you large numbers of UK tv and a host of other goodies. And NO the authorities cannot pick up a darned thing on tablet or mobile phone.

  6. ♫Comrade Olga, put your Mohorkas out
    Down with yer Sobranieeeee
    Comrade Olga, put your сигаретаskis out
    Comrade Olga don’t be volga around me♫
    -to be sung to the tune of ‘Comrade Olga, get your Trotskys off’ by Mike Harding (I think)

  7. beobrigitte says:

    Of course, it may be that the war will not follow in the footsteps quite that way. It may be that TC is planning a huge new blitzkrieg. But there seems to be little sign of one on the horizon. TC has lost a lot of its early momentum. It has also lost its former clarity of purpose.
    Is it a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth? I often get the impression that TC’s right hand does not know what it’s left one is doing. The result of that is contradicting nonsense published which is presented to (?intellectually limited but greedy) politicians caving in to TC demands.

    And it’s also facing slowly mounting resistance, all over the world. The whole face of the war is beginning to change. And some antismokers may even be beginning to wonder whether they might actually be losing the war.
    Perhaps it was the passive-smoke-danger nonsense that was used to dictate the draconian smoking ban followed by even more ridiculous bans (e.g. smoking bans OUTSIDE/Vaping bans) which is beginning to wake up people. Passive vape deaths??? REALLY? The obsessed TC crowd just cannot stop!!!
    Surely TC are aware that they have lost momentum and therefore will have to churn out even more ridiculous nonsense! Looking forward to it. The more the better – the quicker TC dies.

  8. wobbler2012 says:

    It’s all bullshit anyway Frank because if they did eliminate smoking they’d all be out of work, and they know that. They are just leeching scumbags getting away with what they can. Considering how flimsy any evidence of harm from SHS is they are really taking the piss with that one which to me is the biggest scam of all.

    As for that climate change video that really put me off Richard Curtis who did the legendary Blackadder, what a complete wanker.

  9. John Watson says:

    well what can you say to that? They don’t care about health, who forces people out onto structures that are unsafe aside from tobacco control, who else makes videos encouraging theft and assault by Schoolchildren? Who else responded to 9/11 with adverts showing two vertical burning cigarettes insulting both the victims and the brave Emergency Service workers in that tragedy? Who else but Tobacco Control?

  10. Smoking Lamp says:

    Tobacco control may be running out of steam but they still have pockets of forward movement. These pockets of forward movement include imposing outdoor bans. The controllers and their minions will likely get even more nasty as their crusade unravels. The like all good collaborators they will forget their actions and deny their evil.

    The evil perpetuated in the name of tobacco controls oppression and the hysteria of their movement must be exposed; after all the second hand smoke threat is a scam that keeps on ticking even after being exposed. Now the weakness of their other health claims (about primary smoking) are also falling apart as the random nature of cancer is being brought to light. Tobacco control myst be destroyed.

    • Rhys says:

      Or worse. Canada is already making noises about banning smoking and vapes in multi-dwelling units, and I believe some states in Australia are already actively doing that.

      It’ll be interesting how it plays out legally, as we do have some legacy protections around private property. Then again, smoke is sentient, evil, and magical, so those might get suspended. After all, we know that smoke in an 8th floor flat will seek out the children in a second floor flat.

      I thought those kinds of statements (and let’s not forget third-hand smoke!) would wake people up, but no. They hate us all the more for it. We’re murderers.

      Then again, were that *truly* the case, why would tobacco still be legal?

  11. Vlad says:

    I didn’t look at the anti-smoking video – it’s enough that I see the new packaging on cigarettes to leave me no doubt how sick in the head TC is.

  12. Joe L. says:

    At first I couldn’t believe the Tobacco Control elites actually approved that video. You’d think they would want to suppress the idea of smoking-ban related deaths, but instead they brazenly make light of it, while attempting to place the blame and guilt on smokers themselves, who wouldn’t be congregating on a balcony in the first place if it weren’t for indoor smoking bans.

    But then I realized it’s par for the course with these sick fuckers; they’ve already convinced the public that pretty much all health problems are caused by smoking, thus turning nonsmokers into virulent Anti’s and forcing unwarranted guilt on smokers (not to mention reducing healthcare coverage and raising premiums). I hope there is a hell, because these assholes deserve to burn.

    • Rose says:

      Antismoking science seems to work in reverse, so naturally an ancient herbal medicine would cause disease and injury.
      I’ve learnt a lot of things I didn’t know from antitobacco science, you just hold it up to a mirror and read it backwards.

      For example
      Smoking makes your teeth fall out – tobacco has been used as a toothpaste for hundreds of years and still is in India though they’ve tried to ban it.

      Smokers don’t heal well – tobacco was used to heal wounds in the ancient world and there’s modern science that proves it.
      It’s as if they were trying to obliterate all tobacco’s previously known properties.
      Just read what they are saying next time and look for the opposite,

      Tobacco used as toothpaste

      Tobacco and Wound Healing

      • Joe L. says:

        Great examples, Rose. Antismoking ‘science’ is actually antiscience.

        What makes me most angry is that they pretend to be scientific by manipulating and misinterpreting studies and statistics and the majority of the public with no scientific background/experience believes it wholeheartedly. At the heart, it is nothing more than dogma; it is simply a religion.

        • Rose says:

          There was another one the other day, it makes a huge difference when you know what’s in the smoke.

          Smoking makes you age prematurely – Age reversal drug could be on market in three years

          “In early experiments, the drug nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) had a dramatic rejuvenating effect on ageing mice. Researchers hope to begin testing the drug on clinical trial patients in the next six months.
          Lead scientist Professor David Sinclair, from the University of South Wales in Australia and Harvard Medical School in the US, said: “The cells of the old mice were indistinguishable from the young mice, after just one week of treatment.

          “This is the closest we are to a safe and effective anti-ageing drug that’s perhaps only three to five years away from being on the market if the trials go well.”
          NMN works by boosting levels of NAD+, which helps repair DNA.
          Accumulated DNA damage is a major driver of natural ageing and a primary cause of cancer.
          The reduce level of NAD+ in the body with age means DNA is not repaired as efficiently.
          Recent work highlighting the anti-ageing properties of NAD+ has led to numerous supplements being sold online – though there is little evidence small doses can ward off ageing.
          Another potential benefit of the drug is being explored by NASA, who hope it could help send astronauts to Mars.


          Niacinamide (nicotinamide)

          “The term niacin as adopted by the American Institute of Nutrition, is a generic form including both nicotinic acid and its amide, nicotinamide (or niacinamide)”

          It seems that I haven’t been smoking enough, perhaps I might start taking a supplement as well, it’s a lot cheaper.

  13. waltc says:

    Unfortunately, their ammo is hardly spent. Aside from the minor foolishness of banning flavors and defacing packs, the big tanks are rolling with outdoor bans and with invading the last redoubt–apartment building bans. And all with the cackling approval of our governments.

    Unfortunately, too, I agree with prog above. The response to terror has been pitifully reduced to saccharine hashtags –remember #Save Our Girls?– and the crap I see on fb, greeting card sentiments like (almost verbatim) “No, you can’t scare us; we’ll continue drinking our tea.” As though continuing stoically to drink one’s tea while the truck plows through the window is a sensible response. Pause for a moment to note: they are not trying to scare you, THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU.

    • so far ben carson nor trump have tried to stop the hud smoking bans

    • margo says:

      Me too, walt, I’m getting rather tired of this ‘London defiantly carries on – we are not afraid’ nonsense. I was born during WW2, and I once asked my mother about the Blitz Spirit. She said it didn’t exist and everyone she knew was simply scared of the bombs, depressed at not being able to buy stuff in the shops and generally sick to death of it all. Now we’re having a new Blitz Spirit, and it’s just as much a media invention as the old one was. John Snow on Channel 4 News the other night was absolutely sick-making – he even wheeled out Jo Cox and her husband again.

  14. waltc says:

    Here’s another take on that Johns Hopkins study thru a link Audrey posted. So now we understand that these are the same guys who did the original study that said cancer was random and mostly bad luck. As this article affirms, in response to that notion, the lifestyle police gave birth to large cows, and as Audrey proposes, this follow-up study (done under the aegis of the not quite disinterested Johns Hopkins) might well have been a sop to these powerful critics and a plea by the researchers not to be Enstromized. (Hmm, well I guess I just coined a term. To be Enstromized, for a scientist, is akin to being Borked.) Anyway, here’s the link.


  15. “As though continuing stoically to drink one’s tea while the truck plows through the window is a sensible response. Pause for a moment to note: they are not trying to scare you, THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU.”-Waltc

    That has to be my ‘comment of the day’ *applause*
    However I do think you are slightly wrong Waltc. “The object of terrorism is to terrorise” -the sainted Michael Collins (reputedly I think). Whether the targets are killed or how many are killed is actually secondary to the terrorists goal, it is suffice to terrorise.
    And saying ‘we are not frightened’ rings hollow when the first response to terrorism is to limit personal freedoms and curtail civil liberties. We should never forget that the most ‘police state’ of nations, for example Nazi Germany, still had/have ‘terrorists’

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