Do Not Resuscitate

A passage in a comment by Rhys last night came as a bit of a jolt.

I hope Britain is better than Canada, because here paramedics won’t come into your house if you smoke.

I hope so too. But I won’t be too surprised if the UK ambulance service is now under strict instruction not to enter any building in which smokers live. Or any car in which there’s anyone smoking.

I can well imagine some grimy paramedic reporting their experience to the TV cameras: “Well, we got to the car in the middle of the blazing motorway pile-up, and we were about to jemmy open the door, when we noticed that the driver had a cigarette in his mouth. So I had to call off the lads, and pull them back the required 20 metres. We could only watch helplessly as the flames consumed him. It was horrible to watch. Horrible.”

If paramedics can’t enter smokers’ homes, it is a death sentence on smokers. Same if firemen can’t.  Smokers may as well have “Do Not Resuscitate” signs written on them in capital letters.

And this was, I saw at once, how the coming smoker holocaust was going to be conducted. There weren’t going to be gas chambers for smokers. The Nazi experience has shown Tobacco Control that people respond with shock and horror to large scale mass murder committed in one particular place in a very short period of time. So instead they’re going for a long term, slow motion holocaust in which smokers are gradually eliminated, one by one, here, there, and everywhere. It’ll be a holocaust that won’t even be noticed.

After all, we only ever notice motorway pile-ups or air crashes or earthquakes because they result in the simultaneous deaths of large numbers of people in one particular location. Many more people die every day than in all these separate disasters put together. But we don’t notice because it’s happening to lots of separate individual people, in lots of different places, and for lots of different reasons.

The Tobacco Control holocaust – which is actually already well under way – is being conducted simply by increasing the likelihood that smokers die prematurely. And they do that through isolation, exclusion, refusal of medical treatment, jobs, housing, etc, etc. By simply making life more difficult for smokers, in innumerable different ways, they are fractionally increasing the mortality rates of smokers, and ensuring that their numbers dwindle proportionately more rapidly than other more favoured social groups.

And, because they have taught everyone that “Smokers Die Younger”, the sudden death of any smoker is not seen as at all remarkable. They were killing themselves anyway, the poor saps. Nobody notices that the smokers are actually being killed off by Tobacco Control, rather than killing themselves. But it’s probably almost impossible to prove it.

It’s a slow motion holocaust that is conducted over several decades. Tobacco Control is very patient. All it wants to do is to gradually whittle down the numbers of smokers, while never drawing attention to its own responsibility for their deaths, since all the blame for that is being loaded onto the smokers themselves.

One might say that in Nazi Germany there was a similar long term, slow motion holocaust under way long before there were any death camps or gas chambers, or any plans for any. Life was simply made very difficult for Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other disapproved social groups. And probably a lot of them died prematurely as a result of it, as they lost their homes, their jobs, their friends, without a single Nazi actually ever raising a finger against them. What we now call the Holocaust was what happened only in the last few years of the Nazi era. And it probably only happened because the Nazis could, after 1941 or 1942, see that they were losing WW2, and felt that they needed to hurry things up, because this was their last chance. And if WW2 hadn’t broken out, there probably would never have been any death camps or gas chambers, because the gradual attrition of Jews through hands-off, non-violent means would have resulted in 6 million Jews dying “prematurely” over a longer period over a far wider area – something that nobody would probably have noticed.

The difference today from the Nazi era lies not the eugenic thinking underlying the antismoking campaign, but in the far larger numbers of people involved. If in eastern Europe there were only 6 million Jews, then it today’s circumstance there are about 1.5 billion smokers worldwide. So the smoker holocaust will be at least 250 times greater than the Jewish holocaust.

And another difference is that this time there will be nowhere to run. Jews in Nazi Germany were able to flee to adjoining countries, and many of them did. But since Tobacco Control is engaging in global mass murder, smokers will have nowhere to run.

And they’re quite likely to be accompanied by drinkers, fat people, climate change denialists, and any number of other disapproved social groups, all in the noble goal of reducing the Earth’s human population to a “sustainable” level.



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22 Responses to Do Not Resuscitate

  1. ” Jews in Nazi Germany were able to flee to adjoining countries, and many of them did.”

    As long as they didn’t try fleeing to the UK ( granted this septic Isle isn’t exactly ‘adjoining’ ) . The UK’s record of taking in Jews during the Nazi persecution was appalling and shameful…and strangely, or uncannily, enough the ‘arguments’ against taking in refugees have remained the same….and in the 1930s there wasn’t even an NHS to be overloaded.
    “B-b-b-ut what about the Kinder Transports?!?” I hear the armchair xenophobes stutter. Ever stopped to wonder why there were 10,000 unaccompanied Jewish children needing refugee? It was because we wouldn’t take their parents in with them! And as soon as England declared war on Nazi Germany, those male ‘Kinder’ of an age were rounded up and ‘interned’ as Enemy Combatants. ..I kid you not.

    One can only hope Brit smokers fleeing elsewhere to escape the post Brexit “Endlösung” will experience more common humanity in adjoining countries than the Jews did here.

  2. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Imagine what will happen in the UK when they go for the obese !

  3. Rose says:

    Well, they’ve already got the deaths from their social denormalisation campaign covered.
    Plus a few Chanticides and Zyban victims, not to mention the mentally ill who gain great comfort from smoking and so they are banning it in mental homes.

    H/T Grandad.

    Smoking and Suicide: A Meta-Analysis

    “Many studies have reported a positive association between smoking and suicide, but the results are inconsistent. This meta-analysis was carried out to estimate the association between smoking and suicidal ideation, suicide plan, suicide attempt, and suicide death”

    “We identified a total of 8062 references and included 63 studies with 8,063,634 participants. Compared to nonsmokers, the current smokers were at higher risk of suicidal ideation”

    “There is sufficient evidence based on the current epidemiological studies that smoking is significantly associated with an increased risk of suicidal behaviors. Therefore, smoking can be considered as a contributing factor for suicide, although this association does not necessarily imply causation.”

    It’s clearly our duty to live as long and as happily as possible, just to spite them.

    • Bemused says:

      So is smoking negatively associated with suicide or do people susceptible to suicide self medicate by smoking?

      • Rose says:

        It’s been thought for a very long time that the reason that schizophrenics chainsmoke is because they are self medicating. It’s one of the things I already knew before I started researching. I heard it on BBC radio years ago and was particularly interested as I was having a cigarette and a cup of coffee at the time.

        Nicotinic Receptors, Dopaminergic and Serotonergic Neurotransmission and Schizophrenia:- Schizophrenia is a common and complex disorder with a range of symptoms including auditory hallucinations, delusions and flattened affect. A substantial component of schizophrenic symptomatolgy appears to arise from deficiencies in an ability to automatically filter or “gate” irrelevant thoughts and sensory stimuli from intruding into conscious awareness. In schizophrenic patients, there is a higher than normal prevalence of tobacco smoking (90%). Several studies have since demonstrated that nicotine, administered either through smoking or gum, transiently normalizes some of the symptoms of schizophrenia, including several sensory gating deficits. Conversely, worsening of symptoms occurs following smoking cessation.”

        Nicotinic receptors and schizophrenia.

        Post-mortem binding studies have revealed a disturbance of nicotinic receptor expression, affecting the alpha(7) and alpha(4)beta(2) subunits, in various cerebral areas. Genetic linkage studies have also shown that the alpha(7) subunit is involved in schizophrenia. This review assesses the involvement of the nicotinic system in schizophrenia and suggests ways in which this system may participate in the pathophysiology of this disease.

        Nicotine’s Effects Are Receptor Specific
        ScienceDaily (Mar. 4, 2008) —
        “Following chronic nicotine exposure, nicotine receptors increase in number, an upregulation that contributes to nicotine’s addictive properties.

        While a current belief is that this process is independent of the type of nicotine receptor, researchers have now uncovered this is not the case: the transient and prolonged changes in the nicotine levels of smokers each affect a specific receptor subtype.

        The predominant subtype of nicotine receptor in the brain is known as A4B2; these receptors upregulate as nicotine levels gradually rise in the bloo.Generally, they start increasing about 2-3 hours following exposure and peak after about 20 hours.”
        http: //

        • Joe L. says:

          Rose, there was also a recent study that suggested nicotine actually reverses the physical characteristics of schizophrenia in the brain. I linked to it in a comment here a few months ago. I don’t have the time to look it up right now, but if you search Frank’s blog, you should find it.

        • Rose says:

          This one, Joe?

          Schizophrenia Research 2017: Nicotine May Normalize Brain Activity, Explaining Why Schizophrenics Are Often Heavy Smokers

          From my reading Schizophrenia is a risk factor for suicide.

        • Joe L. says:

          That’s it! :)

        • Joe L. says:

          From my reading Schizophrenia is a risk factor for suicide.

          Surely it is. Schizophrenics behave differently, and they’ve been conditioned to believe their behavior is abnormal, thus they have been isolated, much like smokers have become (see Frank’s post from yesterday). Denormalization and isolation are deadly.

  4. Rhys says:

    Frank, to be clear I doubt if it was ‘ordered not to enter smokers’ homes’ so much as ‘don’t really have to enter smokers’ homes, they can hobble to the door’. It was pretty scary, though.

  5. waltc says:

    I note the study correlates suicide rates among current smokers. Since I doubt that correlation would have applied in the past (though I also doubt it would have been looked for in the past back when smoking was still normal) it would occur to me that the denormalization and isolation–loss of friends, social outlets, family ties, maybe even jobs and apartments –would be the actual cause and that smoking would simply be a confounding factor or a red herring.

    As for “anti-smoking kills,” add to it people who ought to, but don’t, go to the hospital because of the bans. I actually knew an elderly woman who clearly had pneumonia but despite everyone’s urging wouldn’t go to the hospital because of the smoke ban and died during the night.

    • nisakiman says:

      Just collateral damage, Walt. The important thing is the millions of lives being saved by those selfless heroes in TC with their tireless work in the denormalisation programme. What higher purpose could there be than saving people from themselves? A few casualties along the way is a small price to pay for the greater good of all.

      As for schizophrenic smokers, they’re damaged goods anyway, so depriving them of their means of self medication doesn’t matter. The main thing is to stop them from smoking so as to provide the sensation of smug sanctimony for the do-gooders.

      • Rose says:

        Family raises concern over new smoking ban for patients at Northampton mental health hospital
        19 November 2016

        A concerned woman, who tends to her brother in a Northampton mental health hospital, is appealing for the institution to revise their policy on a smoking ban for patients. Simone Downey says she believes “it will affect the patient’s quality of life and remove one of the few choices they are able to make.”

        “It seems really draconian. The Priory Group haven’t done this and don’t intend to. For many people, St Andrew’s is their home. They already have few choices and are denied a voice. People who are already vulnerable and disenfranchised are being forced to accept changes they do not want.”

        Interesting comments, including

        “as a staff member at st andrews i and many others fully support your view regarding smoking, these patients have every single thing about there stay here controlled from what and when the eat to when they can go out in the grounds to how many cigarettes they can smoke ,many have nothing in there lives and no goals to aim for and something as simple as having a cigarette while walking around the grounds with staff and chatting away is the high light of there day ,st andrews preaches about choice for its patients but in fact they dont get given a choice there told what they can and can not do .the management who come up with these stupid ideas dont realise the stress that will come with this ,the patients will get agitated and violent over this and staff will get assaulted,this ban also is enforced so staff are not aloud to smoke in the grounds ,so staff will also get agitated this will im sure be passed on to the patients .thank you once again st Andrews management for making our patients lives just that little bit more difficult and and putting staff at more risk from assault.”

        • Walt, Nisaki, Rose… all true. And the deaths from just the depression and social isolation among older smokers whose lives were disrupted by the bans. Darlene Brennan, founder of Maine Smokers Rights, was one of those victims as she moved from being a very socially-oriented person in her nights at the pub several times a week to simply staying home and alone. She kept fighting, but Maine was one of the earlier and nastier States in its ban actions in the US, and it finally just seemed to get to be too much for her.


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