The Genocidal Programme of Tobacco Control

For the past few days and weeks I’ve been chewing over the idea that Tobacco Control is genuinely evil. And I mean really, really evil.

Tobacco Control always presents itself as working to “improve public health.” That is to say that it purports to pursue a public good, and so its aims are truly noble. But in fact, as I was pointing out a couple of days ago, the smoking bans that it advocates act far more to harm smokers than to help them. The smokers carry on smoking, but they now do so in cold, dark, wet, slippery, and dangerous places. They are put in harm’s way.

Someone recently told me, for example, that in some places in London, which had smoking bans inside and for several yards outside, he had concluded that the only place anyone could smoke a cigarette was in the middle of the road. What more dangerous place is there than the middle of a road?

Is it entirely accidental that these marginalised smokers are having their lives endangered? When ASH’s Deborah Arnott accurately predicted that “smokers will be exiled to the outdoors,”  might she not have added “where they will be frozen, boiled, mugged, raped, and run over”? Isn’t exile to the outdoors a death sentence? Or isn’t it just as much a death sentence as, say, the practice of smoking? That’s to say, isn’t there just as much a greatly increased risk of mortality from being made to stand outside – and perhaps in the middle of the road – as there is from smoking? In fact, isn’t there a far greater risk?

And if Deborah Arnott could accurately predict that smokers would be exiled to the outdoors, could she not also have just as easily foreseen the dangers they faced outside. If one predicts that a ship will sink, may one not also equally predict, in the same breath, that some of its passengers and crew will most likely drown. The one catastrophe follows from the other catastrophe.

Perhaps she was herself incapable of drawing this obvious conclusion. But that does not mean that others in Tobacco Control did not fail to draw the obvious conclusion: the smoking bans that exiled smokers to the outdoors would kill some of them. Death would come in many ways, and from many different directions.

And if some people in Tobacco Control knew that smoking bans would kill some smokers, but did not point out this fact, nor raise any alarm, were they not complicit in their deaths?

And if they were complicit in their deaths, might it not also be that they actually wanted them to die? That is, smoking bans had, as part of their hidden purpose, the extermination of smokers. They would be killed off, not organisedly and efficiently in gas chambers or by firing squads, but in multiple different and undetectable ways. Of exposure. Of a cold contracted while standing outside. Of bronchitis or pneumonia. Of a broken leg. Of from a fall from a window. Of being run down and left for dead by a passing truck.

If there are health risks attendant on smoking cigarettes, Tobacco Control has acted to vastly increase those risks, by forcing smokers to smoke in dangerous conditions, like the middle of a road, or on a weak balcony, or hanging out of a window, or standing on a dark fire escape or roof.

And if this charge is brought against Tobacco Control, is it any different from the charge that Tobacco Control brings against the tobacco companies that it calls “merchants of death”, who they say are knowingly killing their own customers? If tobacco companies can be called “merchants of death”, then so can Tobacco Control.

Nor is it only by exile to the outdoors that Tobacco Control has set out to exterminate smokers. There are other means. The smoking cessation drug Chantix or Varenicline is widely believed to cause depression and even suicide among some of the smokers who take it. What better way to rid the world of smokers than to get them to kill themselves?

And what about the antismoking messages now plastered all over every cigarette pack, shouting “Smoking Kills”? Aren’t they suggesting to smokers that their habit will kill them, and thereby, through the power of suggestion, making it more likely that they actually will die.

…the placebo effect has a shadow side. The same mind-body power that can heal you can also harm you. When patients in double-blinded clinical trials are warned about the side effects they may experience if they’re given the real drug, approximately 25% experience sometimes severe side effects, even when they’re only taking sugar pills.

Those treated with nothing more than placebos often report fatigue, vomiting, muscle weakness, colds, ringing in the ears, taste disturbances, memory disturbances, and other symptoms that shouldn’t result from a sugar pill.

Interestingly, these nocebo complaints aren’t random; they tend to arise in response to the side effect warnings on the actual drug or treatment. The mere suggestion that a patient may experience negative symptoms in response to a medication (or a sugar pill) may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. (H/T Zaphod)

The high echelons of Tobacco Control will likely never admit that their eugenic aim  (note that this link to no longer works) has always been to exterminate smokers. That’s how eugenic programmes work: by killing off the undesirables. But their foot-soldiers on the ground, and in the comments sections of numerous forums, have no such compunction:

“Please die from diseases from cigarettes sooner rather than later”

says one.

“Smokers should be shot and killed on sight!”

says another.

Is it very likely that that the generals commanding Tobacco Control have attitudes and outlooks very much different from their foot-soldiers? And if they do have a different attitude, why do they never express any regret or dismay at what those foot-soldiers have been so loudly and ubiquitously saying?

Tobacco Control is not driven by love of health, but instead by murderous hatred of tobacco and the people who smoke it. One might also add that it tells innumerable lies about tobacco in the process – for example The Black Lung Lie. And also that it robs smokers with the punitive taxes it always demands to be increased upon them. It’s hatred, lies, and robbery.

Is it possible that this hatred is part of a wider upsurge? A former left activist provides 10 reasons why she was no longer a leftist. The Number 1 reason:

1) Hate.

…If you took all the words typed into the forum every day and arranged them according to what part of speech they were, you’d quickly notice that nouns expressing the emotions of anger, aggression, and disgust, and verbs speaking of destruction, punishing, and wreaking vengeance, outnumbered any other class of words.

One topic thread was entitled “What do you view as disgusting about modern America?” The thread was begun in 2002. Almost eight thousand posts later, the thread was still going strong in June, 2014.

Those posting messages in this left-wing forumpublicly announced that they did what they did every day, from voting to attending a rally to planning a life, because they wanted to destroy something, and because they hated someone, rather than because they wanted to build something, or because they loved someone. You went to an anti-war rally because you hated Bush, not because you loved peace…

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25 Responses to The Genocidal Programme of Tobacco Control

  1. Vlad says:

    Regarding ‘health risks attendant on smoking cigarettes’:
    You forgot to mention that due to TC’s pressure to lower tar&nicotine levels, Big Tobacco has replaced around 66% of the tobacco used in a manufactured cigarette with recon sheet and other junk. It suits them perfectly because this concoction is cheaper and lower in nicotine than natural tobacco leaf.

  2. Radical Rodent says:

    Wasn’t there a case a few years ago of one hospital patient being locked out by a safe-closing fire door and suffering the consequences? If my memory serves me right, wasn’t the official response along the lines of: “Serves them right – bloody smoker!”

    If nothing else, it does demonstrate that there is nothing human about the tobacco control zealots.

  3. Smoking Lamp says:

    I amgree tobacco control is grounded in hate of smokers and a desire it destroy. Of course this destruction is aimed at gaining power from the spoils.

    • Smoking Lamp says:

      Should have been agree… I also should add exile is designed to punish… Tobacco coutrol is evil to the core.

  4. With apologies to Jack London: “After God had finished the rattlesnake, the toad, the vampire, He had some awful substance left with which He made the Tobacco Control Lobbyist and the Public Health Nazi”.
    and almost as bad are their ‘bellwethers’ -those ‘journalists’ who unquestioningly write fake news stories about ‘one puff of a cigarette KILLS hundreds of kittens’ and let me not forget the Dhampirs…the bastard ‘breeds , or ‘politicians’ as they like to be known.
    All this evil the Lord God created after having created the Tree Of Life (tobacco) and having himself partaken thereof, even unto the top leaves, He, Ha-shem, didth realise that ‘this shit is too good to let Mankind have it without enough evil to keep the cosmic balance’. And lo it did come to pass and Ha-schem saw that it was GooOOd.
    For truly it doth sayeth in scripture, the each day doth haveth it’s alloted measure of both good and evil.

  5. smokingscot says:

    O/T (Sorry ’bout this but it does irk).

    Sweden has decided to reintroduce compulsory military service

    So their youngsters don’t want to fill the vacancies voluntarily, presumably because those with some intelligence and ambition would prefer – at around about age 18 to 24 – to get qualifications to improve their job prospects.

    Now at the very least they absolutely have to go get checked out for suitability to defend the State from a perceived threat “from the Russians”.

    Methinks they may be less than impressed with said “candidates” bowling up with yellow fingers, a good (fake) hack and a pack of fags stuck prominently in their shirt pocket. Oh and an admission that they’re on a couple of packs a day and does their naffi (or equivalent) stock their favourite brand.

    Does seem that Swedish social media’s alight and scathing. It’s very effing wrong on every level.

    Rant done.

  6. Joe L. says:

    The smoking cessation drug Chantix or Varenicline is widely believed to cause depression and even suicide among some of the smokers who take it.

    Don’t forget there have also been reports of homicidal rages linked to Chantix, with some users violently attacking their loved ones. Therefore, I would add to this that Chantix is also a far more dangerous risk to the lives of non-smokers than secondhand smoke could ever be.

  7. RdM says:

    (note that this link to no longer works)*/ still has working links.

    I didn’t explore all of 2016 to see when it went offline (an unpaid bill?) but Jan 10 works.
    (as does Nov 28 2015, which is where I went after Jan 2016 timed out at first)
    I was able to (re) get the PDF and view Appendix 2.

  8. Smoking Lamp says:

    Very nice article on why to abandon smoking ban out today: “Five Reasons To End Government Smoking Bans” at

    They accept comments too…

  9. natepickering says:

    “Tobacco Control always presents itself as working to ‘improve public health.'”

    Not really so much anymore. They’re increasingly unsubtle about the fact that their mission is to destroy non-medicinal nicotine use by any means necessary. Which is an entirely different thing than wanting to improve public health, as any reasonable estimate of tobacco control’s body count will attest.

  10. waltc says:

    I think one of the original purposes of the “exile to the outdoors”, was to turn smokers into a spectacle, a Bad Example on view to all, a living symbol of the undesirable, not fit to eat with The Decent People. (See kids? That’s what happens if you smoke. Out with the trash.) And to make smokers keenly feel that rejection, to split them from their friends, and get their friends to feel the split was natural and justified. Which, to a great extent, it did.

    As for the dangers of the outdoors, the likes of Arnott don’t live in dangerous neighborhoods and, like the ubermenschen at HUD, don’t reckon what it might be like to have to “just step outdoors” in a violent neighborhood. But yes, too, if smokers die (even from hospital and nursing home bans) it’s fit punishment for their crime of smoking and their smoke’s killing others. After all, they had a choice; if they weren’t hopeless addicts, they’d have quit and lived. No tears required.

    Finally, the governments have pointed neon fingers at smokers as an acceptable outlet for generalized hate. I recall in the early 90s listening to late night radio on a road trip and hearing a caller with fractured grammar bust his spleen at 3AM about how Saddam Hussein should be castrated, crucified and left to die slowly, and thinking, This guy never heard of Saddam till a week ago Tuesday and couldn’t find Iraq on a map if the fate of his own balls depended on it, but he’d been told who to pour his inchoate wrath on ….et voila.

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  12. when I was a smoker I often said I didn’t know that when we were told that smoking was bad for you it was because you would be forced to suffer wind, rain, cold and other detrimental weather conditions.
    when I started vaping I was glad and grateful of the reprieve for this torment but now e-cigs are being treated in the same way as smoking and I am forced back out to the smoking area not only to suffer as before but also to be objected to the cigarette smoke that I was trying to get away from when I started vaping.

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  15. slugbop007 says:

    In Quebec we now have the Nine Meter Rule. The entrance to The Goethe Institute in Montreal is on a street corner. They have put up several anti-smoking plaques demanding that this nine meter rule/regulation/decree be obeyed. Nine meters away on all four sides of the street would put the legal zone to smoke somewhere in the middle of the intersection, thereby obstructing vehicular traffic and putting the smoker’s life at risk. The nine meter rule has also been recently posted once more in the building that I live in, nailed to the wall and protected by a plastic frame. The paper versions from several months ago were all torn down by some of my fellow residents. I would like to squirt this plaque with a water pistol filled with ink, or put a swastika sticker on it but am aware that there is a surveillance camera lurking somewhere in the lobby watching our every move. Recently I purchased some stick ons and am now composing antii anti slogans and posting them in bus shelters and lamp posts around the city. They get scraped off, I replace them. Pharmaceutical companies in Quebec are soliciting guinea pigs to assist them in testing new drugs. The key word used is ‘Fier’, which means proud. My stick on continues with the words d’être un Nico Nazi. In English, Proud to be a Nico Nazi.

    I read somewhere that Sir Isaac Newton smoked a pipe, as did J.S. Bach, Immanuel Kant, Einstein, Hubble, Mozart, Beethoven and who knows who else. My idea is to search for the names and images of all the great composers, thinkers, scientists, astronomers, artists, writers, statesmen, women (George Sand?) etc who were smokers and make up our own posters. On these posters one half would be statements about their accomplishments, etc. The other part would have hateful, derogatory statements from the anti-tobacco crowd: filthy, dirty, smelly, self-loathing, child murderers etc.  We should demand that all of these eminent people be banned from existence. Go ahead, ban them all. Go the whole hog. Dare these people, incite them, on radio and TV, in the newspapers to go all the way with their deranged, fascistic, totalitarian program.

    The new Trudeau Government of Canada is considering plain packaging. KPMG has written a study that shows that it didn’t work in Australia.


  16. slugbop007 says:

    I forgot George Orwell and Churchill, among others. John Wayne. Hitler quit smoking, took up vegetarianism and became a mass murderer. So, not all smokers are bad, evil and not every non-smoker is good, virtuous. Debra Arnott is a loathsome cunt. Tie her up and put her in the middle of the street. 


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