Bandeirantes Beach

I’m a model builder. I build models of all sorts of things. And over the last 20 or so years I’ve slowly built a model – a computer simulation model – of the solar system, with all the planets going round in their orbits. It has Newton’s Laws of Motion and Gravitation built into it, and also, when necessary, Hooke’s Law of elasticity.

This model, and other similar models that I have built, serve to shape the way I think about not just the motion of the planets, but everything else as well, including human life. For we humans can no more contravene the laws of motion and gravitation than any rock in orbit around the Sun.

And so, when I recently constructed a model of the Earth’s atmosphere as set of bubbles of air rolling across the surface of the Earth, and bouncing off each other, I couldn’t help but think that the motion of human life upon the surface of the Earth was essentially no different. We are all either “getting along together” and going in roughly the same direction, or we are colliding with each other, and bouncing off in all directions, sometimes at high speed.

And I see things like smoking bans, which “exile people to the outdoors”,  as forces which act to expel them from society, and set them rolling across the surface of the Earth. But, because I see them as being in motion on the surface of a sphere, I also see them as bound to circle back to the place where they started, just like rocks thrown upwards sooner or later come back down. And so it seems to me that, if smoking bans are seen as powerful explosive efforts to expel smokers from society, the smokers are sooner or later bound to come back, even if they must roll all the way round the Earth (or all the way round the Sun) before they return.

And so it seems to me to be inevitable that, in the fullness of time, the efforts of the antismokers in Tobacco Control will be completely undone, and Tobacco Control will be utterly destroyed, and its antismokers scattered across the surface of the Earth just like they once scattered the smokers.

For there is a certain equity built into the universe, such that there is always an equal and opposite reaction to any action, and both energy and momentum are always conserved, in a continually unfolding process.

The antismokers in Tobacco Control seem not to see the world as a process, but as something fixed. They believe that, if they could just once manage to ban smoking everywhere in the world, they could thereby change the whole world forever. But the world, and everything upon it and around it, is always in motion. It cannot be fixed forever in one place.

Either that, or they are model builders who think that they can stop the world, make a few changes to it, and then restart the model. But the world is not the same as a some computer simulation model that can be stopped and restarted and re-run. The world never stops. Not once, not even for a fraction of a second.

The antismokers remind me of myself, at the age of 14, building dams on beaches to hold back the rising tide. It worked for a while. I could keep the spot where I stood seawater-free for quite a long time. But the dam had to be continually extended and raised. Eventually, it became a circular dam all around me, and I was working frenetically to keep it repaired. The end always came very suddenly, and usually from behind me, as a wall of water surged over the dam, reducing it in seconds to a sodden low mound of sand.

It will be much the same for the antismokers. Already, they are having to redouble their efforts, to keep out not just smoke, but completely unexpected vapour from new vaping devices. They are having to work harder and harder to keep their bans in place. They’ll manage for a while, just like I managed on Bandeirantes beach near Rio de Janeiro. And the end, when it comes, will most likely be very sudden, as they realise that all their efforts have come to nought.

Anywhere, here’s a little video I made of my simulation model last night. I spent a long time improving the islands in the Sumatran archipelago, and enlarging Hawaii and Samoa and the Galapagos islands, and adding new lakes in Siberia and Mongolia, as well as editing and correcting the coastline of China. You can do this sort of thing with a computer model. But you can’t do it with the real world.


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10 Responses to Bandeirantes Beach

  1. Lisboeta says:

    I’d like to think you will be proved right. On the other hand, there are now cohorts of “banners” all bolstering and encouraging each other. Not to mention SJWs decrying anything and everything. They are, each and every moaner, bent on sucking all the joy out of life!

    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      Johnny Carson met a man once who the experts. Told would live a long life after he gave up sex booze smoking fine foods and donated all his wages to a liberal cause!

      Poor student was only 21 when he jumped from the dorm window

  2. prog says:

    OT, but some stunning pics with descriptions

    ‘Not since some of the flying shots in Catch-22, have I seen such a revealing image of the tight confines of one of America’s medium bombers. Here one of my favourite aircraft of the era, a Martin B-26 Marauder, closes in tight to the photographer, while members of the crew get a real close look – and I mean real close! Given the quality of the lenses back in the 1940s, this was probably a lot closer than it looks. The mid-upper gunner cranes his neck between the pilots (who look like twin brothers), while the bombardier in the nose blister hauls nonchalantly on a fag. It’s a surprisingly intimate photo of men at work in a flying world where we almost always see only the aircraft. This Marauder is specifically a Martin B-26B-20-MA Marauder 41-31765 Fightin’ Cock [Squadron Code ER-X] of the 450th Bomb Squadron of the 322nd Bomb Group of the 9th Air Force. Fightin’ Cock was written-off after crash-landing on August 12, 1944 at RAF Great Dunmow. It had received flak damage while over France and had its electrical system, generators and hydraulic systems shot out. The crew nursed Fightin’ Cock back to the base in Essex County, UK and got the gear cranked down after the pilot ordered the unessential crew to bail out. While trying to land, the plane skidded off the runway and into the control tower, killing both pilots. It is not known whether these two men— 2nd Lt. John R. Walker and 2nd Lt. Bruce Taylor—are the men we see in this photograph’


  3. C.F. Apollyon says:

    Dunno if you read comments in your old posts…but here’s a coupla great vids about Lake Oroville California and it’s current…erm…situation/status.

    ^Oroville Spillway Failure Flyover and Explanation 10 Feb 2017^


    Watching the vid, it got me to thinking about “the age old dam” issue of the impossibility of stopping water that wants to go where it wants to go. Then I thought about Thoth’s comments about evil traveling in straight lines.

    What about dams that aren’t straight. If electricity is THAT important to us, and construction methods and techniques are as such that we have figured out how to use more fractal thinking when it might be better than more traditional types of geometry…why not…erm…”wavy walls?” (Thanks to Roob…who coined that term “Wavy Wall(s)”

    It seems that “wavy walls” would be more likely to “adapt” to the natural resonance of a certain area.

    I dunno. /me shrugs

    • C.F. Apollyon says:

      BTW, I also watched your video below.

      It seems to show why maybe that “asteroid/comet/meteor” impacts aren’t maybe what we think they are? These “life ending/global killers” as they are sometimes called. Not trying to imply that such impacts don’t happen or are impossible. But that they are extremely rare if they happen at all where life exists, or even in proximity to where life exists/may be affected.

      So yeah…The Big Swirl.


      • Frank Davis says:

        The way I see it is that we’re living at the bottom of a pond. The pond is full of air rather than water, but it’s almost as effective at slowing and dissolving (‘ablating’ is the correct term) incoming bodies as water is. It’s really only the larger bodies (>20 or 30 m) that ever make it to the bottom of the pond. But for our atmospheric pond, there might well be a steady rain of destructive meteors. Instead, they mostly arrive as dust at the bottom of the atmosphere.

        • C.F. Apollyon says:

          Hmmm. I think I have some ideas swirling around with some shapes that might help explain what I am seeing. That said, and thinking about it now, I’m trying to explain the hows and why’s of…erm, what I see as paticles/matter that travel much faster than light, have mass, and yet can transverse the entirety of our planet…straight through it, in almost no time at all. There are three particles to this process. Actually, only two. But one particle…splits into two, and a third particle directs the precision of their motion/direction.

          The two particles are the same particle, but they operate in the same space at different times at the same time when they are detectable to us.

          1 particle = Neutrinos
          1 particle = Tachyons
          Tachyon + Neutrino = Gravite (sorta)

          Only the Neutrino, splits, when and if it does. Because it does not always split. It depends on the pathway and its reason for transversing that pathway. So if you think a little more about mass in a less, erm…”mass = mass type of thinking”…it’ll help with the Neutron’s role in Neutrino interaction. So yeah…size vs mass, and how it is possible for something to be massive AND have massive amounts of mass, and yet, no mass at all.

          Think spin and spins like a marble in a sink, bouncing around until it finds it’s center…or…a more centered center…and then…WHOOSH! Gone. I call them “squirrely neutrinos” because of their erratic paths and pathways, but you have to keep in mind the Tachyon at “the other end”…that may or may not be acting as erratically as it’s neutrino counterpart…and perhaps even moreso. Maybe thinking less in a “containment” type of mode, and more of a directing or direction type of force between these two particles, that are sometimes three, but most of the time just two particles working in tandem when detectable under “normal” circumstances. It helps me understand the presence of Tachyons during high-energy reactions, and the “unspent” materials in nuclear detonations.

          One of these days, I’ll figure out how to make some vids that can better reveal my stupid. ;-)


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