Where Does The Rage Go?

…was the question Nick Clegg asked.

“The long-term worry about populism is where does the rage go when people see the populist they invested so much hope in, is not delivering?” he said.

“Better jobs, income, security – The worry is it just goes to even more extreme populists, who come up with even more implausible solutions.

Remember Nick Clegg? He was the Lib Dem leader when I stopped voting for them. Or maybe it was the Scottish guy who voted for the smoking ban, and then got caught smoking on a train. I can’t remember, to be honest. I don’t even know who the current Lib Dem leader is. Nor do I really want to know.

Because I stopped voting Lib Dem when practically every single Lib Dem in parliament voted for the smoking ban. Once they all did that, they seemed to me to have ceased to be either “liberal” or “democratic.” And I ceased to have any interest in any of them. This is the first time in about 5 years that I’ve heard Clegg talk .

The “rage”, for me at least, was rage at the smoking ban. And it still is. And the sort of populist that I want to see is the one who’ll repeal the smoking ban. Someone who smokes and drinks and laughs. Someone like Nigel Farage:


I don’t want “better jobs, income, and security.” I just want our pubs back.

But Nick Clegg can’t see that. And, what’s more, he never will see that.

Moving onto the European Union, he continued: “Of course, I very, very much hope that Marine Le Pen won’t win because I don’t believe pulling apart the eurozone or European Union is remotely the answer for the many ardent supporters who believe Marine Le Pen is going a new panacea for them.”

Ms Le Pen has extended her lead as the country’s most popular single candidate to five points, according to an ifop survey released on Thursday.

I’m sure that the attraction of Marine Le Pen for many French people is that she’s a smoker. Perhaps she likes a Pernod or two as well. She’s a French Nigel Farage, in that respect at least. And she’ll give them back their smoky little brasseries.


Nick Clegg is worried that the EU will disintegrate. And so is Martin Schulz.

THE EU could “fall apart” once Britain leaves the EU, former Brussels chief Martin Schulz has admitted.

They all seem to suddenly be worried about the future of the EU, given the upsurge of “populism.”

Who are all these “populists”? Isn’t it odd that most of these “populists” seem to be smokers? Geert Wilders is another one:


There are some 150 million smokers in the EU, most of them suffering from smoking bans of one kind or other. And they’re all enraged, and looking to fellow smokers to represent them, and they’re finding them in the likes of Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, and Geert Wilders. And their rage will only end when they get back their pubs and brasseries and cantinas.

But Nick Clegg will never see this. Nor will Martin Schulz. They are completely incapable. They’re blind. And so are all the rest of the great and the good, as they gaze in bewilderment at the rising tide of an incomprehensible “populism.”

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37 Responses to Where Does The Rage Go?

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Entirely right Frank. I think the Liberals and Labour have completely fucked themselves now. Smokers should vote for fellow smokers.

  2. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Right on Frank but there’s quite a few of our own smokers who can’t see past their own political left beliefs to see why these populists are in power and getting in power.

    When your number one freedom is outlawed and criminalized I can’t understand anyone backing his or her oppressors.

    People don’t seem to remember it took the left decades to get their hooks into every angle of politics and professions besides government to pull off the smoking bans to begin with!

    Now the populist gets power how do they repeal the bans?

    Do they just quietly get rid of the ones in place still pushing it?

    Or do they just come right out and say it’s all garbage science you can’t trust a thing these government depts of health state about anything?

    Perhaps after a period of time all the above just becomes what happened and they repeal all the nannystate laws and taxes one nite while nobody’s looking and it’s over!

    But what follows the left still running that mouth about all they’re junk science still using the last few remaining stolen tax dollars they have left to do it.

    Or do they finally get the jest of what’s happened and just shut up and crawl back under the furniture like they did after prohibition failed to lurk until another day.

    In their silence do they shutter all the junk science nonnprofits and create new ones with fantastic sounding names and achievements to start anew until once again in 80 or so years they strike another unsuspecting generation of mind numb tards.

    • Rose says:

      Or do they finally get the jest of what’s happened and just shut up and crawl back under the furniture like they did after prohibition failed to lurk until another day

      That would be my bet, Harley.

  3. populism is where does the rage go when people see the populist they invested so much hope in, is not delivering?” he said.

    Mr Clegg should look to America if he wants to see where the rage goes. Last night on the German TV the Newscasters were trying hard not to celebrate about the Appeal Court ruling that Trumps Travel Ban was unconstitutional.
    “A major set for Trump” etc
    Except it isn’t. What Euro-Liberals and I suspect Mr Clegg fail to see is that Trump has, very cleverly, ensured his next election victory…or at least made it more likely. Firstly he has committed the cardinal sin for politicians and done what he said he would do, a fact which will do his support no harm…be he successful or not . The fact he kept his word is what counts. Same with the Wall.
    Where does the rage go? It will, in this case, not be directed towards Donny Darko but towards the ‘System’, the judiciary, the Democrats in pink bobble hats. The Red Neck half of the Population has just had it confirmed that they , and only they, are serious about protecting the homeland. The next time, and there will be a ‘next time’ ,someone from the Religion Of Peace blows up something in the US, Trump’s poll ratings will go through the roof. He won’t even have to say ‘I did my best but…’ or ‘I told you so’- although he probably will, no one has ever accused him of being subtle.
    I begin to think that under that silly hair cut he is really rather clever. A classic ‘win win’ move .

    • “A major set for Trump” etc I meant ‘set back’ of course.

    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      Hey BD if you read the section of USC 18 the EO is based upon the president has total authority over immigration in any capacity by his own determinations even the courts have no authority in this matter it’s all executive branch territory

      • In which case my sneaking suspicion that Trump worded the first EO so it would fail seems more and more likely. POTUS has access to the best Constitutional advisers and lawyers, yet the EO apparently had more holes than a Swiss cheese? Yeah, right….
        If what you say about USC18 is true then it might have been Trump’s plan from the start that it end up infront of the Supreme Court.

        • Harleyrider1978 says:

          Either way the left better hope no attacks happen on American soil anytime soon or their judges will be held accountable!

        • Precisely Harley! The morning after the Outrage even the most junior reporter will be able to crucify Hilary and her ilk. “Mrs Clinton, do you now regret joining the anti protests against the President’s Travel Ban?”
          It won’t even matter if the perpetrator of the next outrage is not an immigrant nor even a muslim.
          Anyone on the street in a pink bobble hat will get spat on.
          Well played, Donald, well played!

  4. Oi you says:

    Rage? I see more rage from the lefties at the rest of us, because we dared to vote against them and their potty policies. We just won’t do as we’re told….!


    • smokingscot says:

      Agreed. And ain’t it amusing.

      Because they know there’s a great deal more to come.

      And the number of people who realise they can make a difference is growing.

      The hissyfits that “blow up” (read frequently orchestrated, some even paid to squeal) about President Trump are truly predictable – and boring.

  5. petesquiz says:

    It’s probably just as well you don’t know who the current LibDem leader is, because he’s ten times worse than Nick Clegg! If you can find a clip of Tim Farron (for it is he!) pontificating on why Brexit is such a bad thing, you’ll see what a moderate Nick Clegg is by comparison.

  6. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Speaking of trump looks like he is delivering at least in the short or long term here


    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      Looks like mother jones banned me lol

      • Smoking Lamp says:

        The progressive true believers can’t process dissent these days. Like the communist cadres of days gone by they simply reject all that does not fit their dogmatic canon. Of course the editors allow outright abusive comments as long as they attack smokers…

  7. Thomas Hobbes says:

    A bit of nostalgic cheer for saturday if you’re on the old book of face. Featuring Bowie casually smoking while belting out under pressure.

  8. Rose says:

    Secret smoker Nick Clegg confesses on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs

    The Deputy Prime Minister confessed that a stash of cigarettes would make life bearable for him on a desert island.
    That was his luxury request on Radio Four’s Desert Island Discs show today – but don’t tell his children, they don’t know he has a quiet puff.”

    How Nick Clegg voted on smoking bans.

    Key votes about smoking bans:

    On 14 Feb 2006: Nick Clegg was absent for a vote on Health Bill — New Clause 5 — Smoke-free premises: exemptions — as amended

    On 13 Oct 2010: Nick Clegg was absent for a vote on Public Houses and Private Members’ Clubs (Smoking) Bill

    On 22 Jun 2011: Nick Clegg was absent for a vote on Ban on Smoking in Private Vehicles

    On 10 Feb 2014: Nick Clegg was absent for a vote on Children and Families Bill — Offence of Smoking in a Private Vehicle When A Person Under 18 is Present

    On 11 Feb 2015: Nick Clegg was absent for a vote on Offence of Failing to Prevent Smoking In an Enclosed Vehicle in the Presence of Someone Under 18

    Mar 12, 2015
    In the tobacco plain packaging vote 367 were in favour of the legislation compared to 113 noes.

    “Notable absences from the vote included the secretary of state for health, Jeremy Hunt and the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg.”
    http: //www.betterretailing.com/tobacco-plain-packaging-vote-analysis/

    So neither use nor ornament then.

  9. smokingscot says:

    @ Frank

    The chappie who’s name you forgot was Charles Kennedy. And died in 2015 of complications linked to his alcoholism – almost certainly exacerbated by the pressure being placed on him by a small cabal of SNP fanatics.

    Seems it was very nasty indeed. Made worse perhaps by the fact he lived in a tiddly little community.


    Re Tara Palmer.

    She was a royal mess. More importantly she was a very heavy cocaine user – actually she’d try pretty much anything.

    What very little I do know about coke users is it’s quite easy to blow things out of proportion. Unfortunately that seems to also apply to people who used it in the past and quit.


    In her case I believe the thrust of your recent post is accurate.

  10. waltc says:

    Unfortunately, Harley’s first post is right. Not only are most Blue State smokers more wedded to Blue than they are to “Smokers Rights,” but, at least around here, very few are even enraged at their exile. Either they’ve bought the idea that it’s justified, or passively shrug that it’s “just how things are.”

    Nor am I sure that the populist pols will–or can–do anything about it. There’s a rumor afoot that Trump is taking counsel from James Enstrom and Steve Milloy (tho more than half the rumors around here are false) which could be a good sign, but remember, too, that the federal government can only control federal policy and federal turf while states and cities can do their own thing. I suppose the first test here will come over the federal ban in public housing (tho, again, states and cities would be still free to ban) and even there the upshot is far from a sure thing since Carson, the newly-appointed head of housing seems torn between a belief in secondhand smoke and in social engineering and a stated belief in Smaller Government. Time will tell.

    But where does the rage go if –after all that– we’re left with the status quo?

    • Frank Davis says:

      The James Enstrom and Steve Milloy rumour seems to have started here. I hope it’s true, of course. But it may not be.

      There are other rumours. Jo Nova:

      Myron Ebell, who led Mr Trump’s transition team at the agency, said that he expects the new President to sack at least half of the staff there.

      He also hopes that the organisation will have its budget cut significantly, he said.

      Trump will save the state based EPA roles, but chop the federal monster which has 15,000 employees

      H/T Harley, Mother Jones:

      The man Donald Trump has chosen to direct health policy for the federal government has close ties to the tobacco industry he will be charged with regulating. Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), who was confirmed as health and human services secretary by a 52-47 vote in the Senate early Friday morning, has repeatedly voted against bills that could harm big tobacco.

      No smoke without fire?

      But where does the rage go if –after all that– we’re left with the status quo?

      In my case, it will just keep burning.

    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      It’s coming apart at the seams!

    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      Frank need to read this one

    • Frank Davis says:

      Comparing the crumbling political bloc to the final days of the Roman Empire, beset by decadence and lack of direction, Mr. Wilders said: “The days of the old Roman Empire, which the European Union is, are over. They know it and they have been fighting for the last few years to extend it a bit, but this process is irreversible.”

    • smokingscot says:

      Yet another one. Same source.

      Junker isn’t going to stand for a 2nd term! And he opines the EU may not survive Brexit.

      And he’s rather miffed the Brits have used their renowned diplomatic skills to divide the opposition!


      Poland and Hungary are mentioned as favouring a sensible, mature Brexit. To that we may be able to add the Netherlands, depending on their election results.

      And Ms. May’s strategy is paying dividends in Cyprus, with all sorts of missions winging their way over there, a policy of pushing British tourists in vast numbers to Cyprus and Greece and being oh, so, terribly helpful with the “reunification” talks.

      Of course that’s not difficult, seeing as the usual places favoured by Brits, namely Egypt and Turkey, don’t much appeal to the tender masses.

      So it seems we’ve got three for sure who will defy the elite.

      However all this mud slinging that’s going in France is an exercise in masochism. Same story as we saw with DSK five years ago. Then they ended up with Hollande – and that proved to be a royal balls-up.

      Now it’s Fillon. Okay the guy’s a damned fool when it comes to whom he employs, but he was the shoo-in. By slagging him off he warns:


      and if that happens, then we can add France to our list of countries that favour a very friendly divorce; pretty amenable to what Ms. May desires to present on her wish-list!

      • Frank Davis says:

        And there’s always Greece….

        GET OUT! Germany now urges Greece to leave EU over mounting debts

        GERMANY has ramped-up pressure on Greece to leave the European Union (EU) as the debt-ridden country attempts to claw itself back from the depths of financial ruin.

        • Nein, Germany hasn’t ramped up pressure on the Greeks to Grexit-although the amount that Greece has cost Germany and the appalling way the Greek media/public has acted towards Merkel , Germany would be justified in pressuring for a Grexit.
          That article is a quote from the German version of the bloke-what-followed-the German ‘Nick Clegg’-and-leads-what -little-remains-of-German LibDems. Pay it as much heed as you would pay any utterance of the UK bloke-what-followed-Nick-Clegg-and-leads-the-UK-Libdems.
          You can also bet Wolfman Showerballs was just stating financial facts -and was probably taken out of context.

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  12. I always tell people that one of the main functions of my Stiletto “Lies Behind The Smoking Bans” booklet is to get them angry… because it’s that anger that will give them the energy to fight.

    – MJM

  13. smokingscot says:

    By the way I’ve been trying to get a handle on what happens to the Euro if the EU fails.

    It is not a topic that’s easy to get information on, but it seems that everyone in the Eurozone will end up with local currency.

    So far so good. But what about the bond holders?

    They get nailed is what happens!


    Diddums, my heart bleeds!

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