Smirking Causes Lung Cancer

This story is a couple of months old:


A Spanish man is suing health officials after discovering a photo of himself having spinal surgery being used as a cigarette health warning.

The picture of the 54-year-old from Galicia shows him hooked up to breathing apparatus with the warning, ‘smoking can cause embolisms and disability’.

He thinks the picture, which is being used on cigarette packets, was taken while he was knocked out and undergoing surgery at Satiago de Compostela hospital in April three years ago…

…the picture was taken of him in his hospital bed while receiving treatment for long-term back problems, and had nothing to do with smoking.

The Spaniard was getting a titanium plate inserted into his spine.

Health officials have launched an investigation into how the picture of the non-smoker’s has ended up on cigarette and snuff packets across the region without his consent.

This is another example of deceit by Tobacco Control. A photo of someone undergoing spinal surgery is being used to warn smokers against the consequences of smoking. It’s not clear whether the man was even a smoker.

The implicit suggestion being made is that this man is suffering the consequences of smoking. But he isn’t. It’s another lie, like the Black Lung Lie that smokers’ lungs are black inside.

Tobacco Control tells lies.

Recently in the UK the new “plain” packaging of tobacco has started to be rolled out. I’ve started collecting them. I’m planning to scan a few into my computer, and publish them on my blog.

One thing I’ve noticed is that none of the photos have any accompanying explanatory text, saying what is being shown. They’re just pictures. They could be pictures of anything, or anyone. You have to supply your own meaning to them. There are accompanying admonitions or assertions that “Smoking Kills” or “Smoking Causes xxx” which may or may not be related to the photos.

The first one I got was of a rather handsome young man lying in bed, his eyes shut. Is he dead, or is he sleeping? Is he naked, or is he clothed? Is it a hospital bed, or his own bed at home? There’s no way of knowing. There is no explanation provided. But given that he’s got a fairly nice pink complexion, he probably isn’t dead at all. Dead people don’t have nice rosy cheeks.

Another one has got what looks like a close-up photo of a hole in a piece of skin. Close examination reveals that the hole is at the base of someone’s throat. How did he get to have a hole like that? Did someone fire a bullet through his neck? Did he burn the hole with a cigarette? Was he a smoker at all? Again, no explanation is provided. And so any explanation can only be provided by one’s own imagination. You have to provide your own narrative, connect the dots. And because the picture is appearing on a tobacco packet, you have to include tobacco into that narrative.

Another one has a chap with what looks like a newspaper spread over his face. Is he asleep too? Or is he just very short-sighted?

This is deceitful. Information is being withheld. After all, an explanation could have been provided. There’s was plenty of space on the packet for a quite detailed explanation, but it was not provided. It’s what’s not being said, what we’re not being told, that emerges as the missing element, the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

What if newspapers were just filled with photos, without any accompanying explanatory text? Or accompanied by admonitions that “Smoking Kills”? Why not have a photo of a Boeing 747 landing at some airport, with “Smoking Kills” in capital letters underneath, and leave it to the reader to make the associations, join up the dots. Is the plane about to crash and burn? Was the plane crash caused by someone smoking in the jet, or someone smoking near the runway? Were the engines smoking? Were the tyres smoking?

Or a picture of a rose bush growing in a plant pot, with “Smoking Kills” the caption under it. Or a sunset on a beach, with “Smoking Kills” under it.

Or slight variants. A block of ice, and “Smoking Chills.” A singer at a microphone, and “Smoking Calls.” Add your own meaning to any confection of words and pictures. Then add more words and pictures until it becomes meaningless, and for all you know, it could be that “Smirking Causes Lung Cancer.” And whyever not?

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35 Responses to Smirking Causes Lung Cancer

  1. virtualbarman says:

    They’ve started rolling out ‘plain packing’ here in Cyprus so I bought my wife a lovely rose-pink case off the Interwebz that she can just drop the packet into.

    She loves it!

  2. prog says:

    Tobacco companies forced to display such fraudulent images (deliberately designed to discourage/frighten their customers) should take legal action, let alone the guy with the back back.

  3. A German magazine has published a nice album for collecting these pictures:

  4. Vlad says:

    Let’s look at the bright side: with tobacco products hidden behind shutters, the only time one sees the disgusting bile of anti-smoking Nazis is when buying the product. After that I believe it’s every self-respecting smoker’s duty to transfer the content of the pack/pouch into an appropriate container. No better way of giving the finger to tobacco control. They can keep their uglifyed world, I live in my beautiful one.

    • Vlad, i think your linky is kaputt.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Let’s look at the bright side: with tobacco products hidden behind shutters, the only time one sees the disgusting bile of anti-smoking Nazis is when buying the product.
      Yeah. It’s aimed at us smokers.
      I still do remember Prof. Rohpohl’s idea for a brilliant card game:
      Collect the various “scaremongering” pictures by cutting them out of discarded cigarette packets until you have a full deck of cards. Assign each of the individual scaremongering pictures a value (be it a number or a function, i.e. the picture of the guy sueing the Spanish health authorities being the joker) and play any card game you like.
      The deck is getting increasingly easier to replace for no cost at all!

  5. C.F. Apollyon says:

    This is off-topic…but it’s regarding you bubbles, which I have thought about quite a bit.

    Try adding triangles to the mix. :-)

  6. beobrigitte says:

    A Spanish man is suing after discovering a photo of himself having spinal surgery being used as a cigarette health warning.
    Make my day today even better!
    Hope the anti-smoking industry has to cough up a lot of cash!!!

  7. Smoking Lamp says:

    Deceit and propaganda are the foundation of tobacco control campaigns.

    • beobrigitte says:

      A Spanish man is suing after discovering a photo of himself having spinal surgery being used as a cigarette health warning.
      And they are getting careless – or argue a lot amongst themselves!

  8. beobrigitte says:

    Smirking Causes Lung Cancer
    Oh…. cr*p!!! I can’t help smirking today……..

  9. smokingscot says:


    First time ever I listened to the full speech by an incoming politician, because he nailed it in his opening sentence “and people of the world: thank you”.

    That was awesome, just a tiny measure of his astonishing ability to communicate. And he knows perfectly well that he has huge levels support way off the shores of the US. And he knows he’ll need the lot of us over the next four years.

    Many people in the media have pointed out the speech was addressed at the people who got him into office. I do not think he’ll forget that; he does not intend to be a one term president.

    Now had Jack McConnell in 2006 and Blair in 2007 done more to appease the people who got them into power, rather than deceitful parasites who never voted for the Labour Party in their life, well who knows, perhaps we’d never have been subjected to Slippery Sam, nor The Fishwife, nor that referendum.

    One of the shortest acceptance speeches in recent history – and delivered beautifully; it was effing cold (7 degrees C), wet and thoroughly unpleasant in Washington and he – by keeping it short and to the point – showed respect for his audience. Meritorious.

    Two sentences stuck, sort of “you’ve GOT to be jiving me”.

    “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.”

    “We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity.”

    Taken at face value they’re remarkably idealistic, and honesty is not a word known or understood by tobacco control.

    I await his tweets because this guy’s going to name and shame everyone who stands in his way.

    • beobrigitte says:

      I hope he starts with tobacco control&friends…

    • beobrigitte says:

      “and people of the world: thank you”
      And the people of the world know it takes ONE gutsy person – we hope it is Trump!!!

    • Manfred says:

      “At the center of this movement is a crucial conviction: that a nation exists to serve its citizens.”

      President DJT understands that the real nature of leadership is service. That and the exhortation, “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice” were clinchers for me. A clear speech of intent and a heads up to all the elite globalist spongers intent on regulating our lives, either out of existence or into slavery.

    • I listened to the first few lines of his speech, until he started sniffing (didn’t anyone tell him there are drugs one can take to prevent that during , perhaps, the most important speech of his life so far?).
      I can see where he was going, why he decided not use a typical polished speech writer’s speech. He wanted, in his own words (i assume) to embody the change, the outsider from outside the Washington bubble, the ‘honest joe’. To my mind it didn’t work, it felt like he was the newly elected mayor of Shitkickerville in the great county of Upper Nosebleed reading from a crumpled note out of his pocket, written in haste in the bar last night.
      But I’m not American so perhaps it was exactly what was needed. I just found it cringeworthy to be honest (and bear in mind if I were an American I would definitely not have voted for Hilary).
      Does the incoming POTUS have to be sworn in in Washington DC? If not then Trump really missed a trick. If i were him i would have been sworn in infront of Lincoln’s birth place or Plymouth Rock or on the corner where Rosa Parks got that fateful bus or on the grassy knoll or anywhere that wasn’t DC.
      All well and good bad mouthing the Washington ‘elite’ but maybe not then go and attend Inaugural balls, Donny?

      • Manfred says:

        “…until he started sniffing”

        Chilly, dank winters day in DC. Understandable and if I might say, faintly endearing.
        The speech was Donald. I understand he was the author with the odd contribution and comment from his near circle. It wasn’t great oratory, it wasn’t memorably poetic and it wasn’t obviously Statesmanlike.
        But it was Donald. It was businesslike and it was abundantly clear.
        And it will become clearer daily.

        The street ‘protests’, the garbage burning by delinquent brats, the faux outrage from Mollywood, the recalcitrant DNC politicians who declined to attend the inauguration, the windbag of the NY City mayor – they’re ensuring their irrelevance, much as they ensured their electoral defeat. History passes them by as they obsess around their own victim dramas. Pure bathos.

  10. Tom says:

    Natural medicine doctor explains how truth is trumped by lies and why global agendists, international corporations, the fake-MSM, the political ruling classes, fake-charities, fake-academics, etc. basically worship and fund the lies and demonize the truths, in order to maintain their status quo grip on money and power over the world.

    The vast International Anti-Smoking Industry’s huge funding is due to this reality, that only lies receive large grants of money to propagate while those trying to say the simple truths will be demonized as a warning to others and bankrupted if necessary, to make sure the common classes only support the mainstream lies, never the truth.

    I would personally also dare say, that if Jesus Himself were here and saw what was going on, he would most definitely NOT be an anti-smoker, just based on the premise of this argument alone.

    A short 15 minute video gives pause to think about this train of thought, something the wild eyed frenzied anti-smoker sheep will never come to realize their whole dismal lives long as they live out supporting The Big SHS Fraud, because it suits their intolerant temperment and insures them they are also status-quo, and thus “safe” on the side most propagandized, their “truth”, which is borne of a lie.

  11. Manfred says:

    ‘I would personally also dare say, that if Jesus Himself were here and saw what was going on, he would most definitely NOT be an anti-smoker, just based on the premise of this argument alone.’

    ‘Let those without sin cast the first stone’

    • Tom says:

      There is nothing in my opinion self righteous, arrogant or conceited.

      I feel within the context of truth versus lies, that the International Anti-Tobacco Industry comes down on the side of lies.

      And if that offends someone hearing it, then perhaps there is a guilt mechanism at work which is not my problem.

  12. Pingback: Lesley Anna Lawless: Smirking Causes Lung Cancer … via @wordpressdotcom – Cancer Network

  13. Lepercolonist says:

    A quote from former U.S. president Calvin Coolidge which anti smokers should take notice:

    “Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business.”

    Keep Cool with Cal

  14. Fedrik Eich says:

    Finally, has anyone used the automatic acceptance offered by predatory journals to publish ‘research’ showing that smoking is harmless?

    No, but some have used predatory journals to make many unscientific claims about health issues, so a research finding that tobacco is safe for humans cannot be far behind.

    – from href=””>bmj blog
    They are starting to worry and so they should , one day we will work out out many people the tobacco control industry has killed.

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