Crazy World


The political and business elite, who attend the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, are beginning to admit their push for globalisation and open borders contributed to the worldwide populist backlash and the rejection of the mass integration project.

Harvard professor and former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund Kenneth Rogoff told Bloomberg that following WEF 2016 he “started to grow concerned” then-candidate Donald J. Trump would become the next president of the U.S. because his fellow frequent attendees of the gathering in the Swiss town of Davos were certain that Mr. Trump would not win.

“A joke I’ve told 1,000 people in the months since leaving Davos is that the conventional wisdom of Davos is always wrong,” said the former IMF chief who is scheduled to attend Davos again this year along with some 3,000 other members of the political, business, media, and academic elite.

No surprise there then. These people haven’t a clue.

I suppose “the mass integration project” was their bright idea of bringing millions of Muslims into Europe. They treat people like cattle, who can be trucked from one pen to another, and then they’re shocked and surprised when the people reject both them and their mad schemes in favour of “populists” who are, well, you’d never guess it,… popular.

And on “the mass integration project“:

Everyone in Italy and the rest of Europe will “soon be Muslim” because of the country’s “stupidity”, a prominent Italian archbishop has said.

Monsignor Carlo Liberati, Archbishop Emeritus of Pompeii, said that Islam will soon become Europe’s main religion thanks to the huge number of Muslim migrants alongside the increasing secularism of native Europeans.

Quite so. Unless, of course, the migrants are returned to their countries of origin. Which is what I expect to eventually happen, most likely after a bloody civil war when the populists take over.

Unless, of course, the populists are not allowed to take power.

Is there a coup underway, while America is in the transition period, and before Trump swears in as the 45th president of the United States?

How real is the clash between the rogue Manhattan billionaire and the intelligence gang behind the throne? Who will win the struggle for power over foreign policy? These are serious times and require serious considerations.

The U.S. sent an entire armored brigade to the Russian border, and Vladimir Putin is preparing as if for war. Missile defense systems are raised; tall claims and serious charges have been leveled; diplomatic relations have chilled to a permafrost. Several Russian diplomats have turned up dead recently, including one murdered in front of cameras during a dramatic assassination in Turkey. Russia has bucked U.S. order in the Middle East, and carved out a potential peace deal in Syria without their consultation.

Things are reaching a flashpoint, and the system is concerned about controlling President-elect Trump given his rumored friendliness with Putin and plans to drop sanctions.

What if Obama starts a war with Russia, declares a state of emergency, and says that Trump can’t be allowed to become president, because he was a Manchurian candidate in thrall of the Kremlin, with whom we’re now at war?

This is what Infowars and Michael Savage are wondering. I don’t believe it myself. I think Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th POTUS next Friday. But what do I know? Crazier things could happen in this crazy world.


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23 Responses to Crazy World

  1. “the mass integration project”

    Apparently a majority of Germans still think Germany will ‘manage’ having the numbers of refugees/migrants. That according to the first major poll after Berlin. However a majority think that enough isn’t being done to protect Herr and Frau Meyer from terrorists, also a majority want there to be a ‘harder hand’ dealing with ‘Endangerers’ (ie those posing a threat) but Merkel would still win if the General Election was held tomorrow.

  2. I’m surprised that ever-present Tobacco Control police didn’t frogmarch him [Alan Davies] out of the studio for immediate re-education. (from Frank’s response to an O/T comment by Jax on the previous thread)

    Maybe the ANTZ aren’t all that powerful and ubiquitous after all! That, or the stern look on the smoking froggy’s face on Montgomery’s right dissuaded them from frogmarching him out of the nifty graphics for the ‘Liberators’ on-line game:

    (left to right: Gerd von Rundstedt, De Gaulle, ‘Monty’, Giovanni Messe, Georgy Zhukov)

  3. Bemused says:

    Crazy world

  4. Clicky says:

  5. smokingscot says:

    Been fascinating to read about Davos this year. The weather is going to be bone grinding cold, with daytime highs of -8 until Wednesday and night lows down to -19. It becomes slightly less cold on Friday.

    It’s at 1,560 m altitude and is miles away from any large towns. Ecologically it’s an insult to the environment, especially as so many use helicopters and bullet proofed road vehicles.

    Ms. Merkel has chosen to give it a miss this year, partly because she’s not that keen to be seen hobnobbing with the 0.1% mega rich.

    “This scramble to attend what has traditionally been perceived as the hangout for those who have benefited the most from “peak globalization” was in some ways surprising: coming after a year in which “populism” emerged as a dominant global force, while sending establishment politics, legacy policies and even globalization reeling, the message – in terms of lessons learned from 2016 – sent to the masses from the world’s 0.1% was hardly enlightened.

    However, while most Davos participants remain tone deaf, one person has gotten the message loud and clear.

    According to Reuters, German Chancellor Angela Merkel – who faces a crucial election this year as she runs for her 4th term as German chancellor amid sagging approval ratings – is steering clear of the World Economic Forum in Davos…”


    But that doesn’t faze our Tess; she’s out to make Britain Great Again, so she’s perfectly comfortable using the 0.1% to invest, but she won’t join in the jovial parts so, hopefully, denying people like Bono the chance of another photo opportunity!

    And the stoical Xi Jinping has raised the profile of this year’s event on account of his one day visit – again by helicopter and bullet proof limo. Oh and he’ll drop into the UN as well as the WHO, where he’ll chat away amicably with fellow country-person (she’s HK Chinese) Maggie Chan. After 11 years at the helm of the World health Organisation Maggie has to bog-off this June, so big brownie points for meeting Xi in person. Maybe he’ll line her up for another lucrative position, both salary and kickbacks (though maybe she’ll want to keep mum about the stuff big pharma throw at her, Xi’s been on an anti-corruption binge for a couple of years and is only too pleased to have corrupt officials sentenced to death).

  6. waltc says:

    Trump isn’t going to Davos or sending any emissaries either…Yes, he’ll be inaugurated, despite calls by arch-enemy Rosie O’Donnell to call out the National Guard to prevent it (really), or Madonna’s tatooing her twat in protest,p (really), or musicians canceling release of their albums in protest, or shell-shocked Liberals signing pledges not to watch it on television. …

    As for the Manchurian Candidate aspect, the decried dossier sure tries to make that case, claiming, among other lurid things, that Trump has been in a two-way collaboration with Putin for a full six years, which may assume Putin knew six years ago that Trump would become president, and/or implies that Trumps foray into Birtherism was a Russian-inspired plot. If anyone’s curious (as I became) to read the dossier, here’s the link, tho I slightly hesitate to even seem to promote it by giving it wings. OTOH, we likely ought to know what’s circulating in the Upper Eschelons, what the IC may or may not have leaked, and what his opponents may try to exploit, and demand a Full Investigation of.

  7. Frank Davis says:

    13 Jan 2017

    Russia has declared a state of emergency over the increasingly hostile U.S. military build-up in Poland, calling the presence a “threat to national security.”

    The Kremlin have expressed concern that the 2,700 troops arriving on their border as part of operation Atlantic Resolve is secretly intended to incite a nuclear war between Russia and the West.

    • nisakiman says:

      I may be looking at this simplistically, but it seems to me as if Obama’s administration is doing everything it can to antagonise Russia deliberately, so as to give the incoming Trump administration a diplomatic nightmare to deal with. I can’t remember ever having seen such open antipathy displayed towards an incoming president. And we are seeing the same antipathy from the Bremainers towards Brexit. They would rather sabotage the UK economy and see Britain crash, even though they themselves would suffer, than admit that UK can actually be successful outside the EU.

      Talk about throwing your toys out the pram. The Left has truly lost the plot.

      • Frank Davis says:

        I entirely agree. But they also have such a vast sense of entitlement, both in the UK and in the US. Hillary Clinton seems to have thought that the presidency was hers by right. Bill once said: “It’s her turn.” That summed up the attitude perfectly. It’s not fair that Trump won, so he’s not really the president. Here in the UK, the Remainers seem to think that they belong by right in the EU, and that it’s not fair that Britain voted to leave, because we belong in the EU, like we’re owned by the EU or something.

        As I see it, Obama is engineering the Russian crisis purely in order to make life hard for Trump. It’s pure spite. It’s really rather shocking that someone would do this kind of thing. But I guess that while Obama remains POTUS for the next 5 days, he’s going to do absolutely everything he can to rain on Trump’s parade.

        The sense of entitlement is ubiquitous. It’s the same with antismokers. Antismokers feel entitled to smoke-free pubs. And what they want is the only thing that matters. It’s their right.

        • In the EU there’s no chance at all.
          I shall spare you the mammoth list of all the laws various EU member states have changed/introduced without so much as a murmur from Brussels. And even when Brussels does grizzle and threaten fines and eternal damnation…most other EU states (unlike here) have learnt to do that gallic shrug thang.
          Friend came back somewhere on the continent the other day, a smoker, and he was telling me about his *shock* of walking into a shop and being able to see the range of cigarettes on offer. Amazing how quickly we forget the time before the panzer steel blast doors of shame. He, like many others, assumed the ‘doors’ were something ordained by the EU….cruelly forced onto a tolerant, freedom loving, Great British Public by our cruel foreign overlords what do keep us h’all in servitude.
          Frank , and this is meant in all seriousness, I will wager you that 5 years from today (so after BREXIT…probably…maybe..perhaps) the situation for smokers in a *snork* sovereign UK will be worse, by your own admission, than it is now on all counts. I wager you a carton of 2 hundred shiny cigarettes of your choice (even Sobraine Black Russian-assuming they are obtainable). I would wager in £s but I don’t yet know what the Great British Rabbit Pelt will be worth after the pound fails.

        • Frank Davis says:

          I will wager you that 5 years from today (so after BREXIT…probably…maybe..perhaps) the situation for smokers in a *snork* sovereign UK will be worse

          I won’t be at all surprised if it is. I never saw Brexit as a way of lifting the smoking ban – just as a necessary first step towards doing so. I don’t see Trump as being likely to do much for US smokers either. But I’m sure he won’t be as bad as Hillary would have been.

          We’ve had 10 years of a smoking ban in the UK, pretty near. I won’t be surprised if we get 10 more years. But I remain convinced that eventually it’ll be lifted. Whether I live to see that day is another question.

          The late Captain Ranty said, back in 2007, that if the ban lasted just a year, we’d have lost. But I didn’t agree with him. I’ve always seen this as a very long war.

        • just as a necessary first step towards doing so-FD
          That’s where you and i probably part company, aside from my feeling that if UK smokers would have been prepared to ‘lose the battle to win the war’ and had voted ‘Remain’ en mass, then come the Revolution, sorry I mean the next General Election, then UKIP might have gotten least enough to repeal some of the more draconian measures. But other than that I see the whole Brexit thang as an irrelevance, a distraction, and of no real consequence in this war.
          Maybe you’re right and in 10, 15, 20 years time the war will be won for the want of a few million ‘remain’ votes but in love & politics , anything further than 5 years out is crystal ball stuff…and telephone number amounts of money.
          Next time a form asks me, I will not write ‘White British’. I’ll put down ‘Smoker-by the grace of God’

      • The Left has truly lost the plot

        if only there *were* a plot to lose :(
        If only someone in the Brexit camp actually KNEW what they wanted, what they were working towards and , more importantly, who was going to pay for the realisation of their dream. There seems to be a great deal of …silence. Instead of selling ‘us’ the dream all we get is ‘Brexit means brexit’.
        A decade ago I gave up drinking. At the time my alcoholism was costing me £15 a day, everyday of the week, 365. So giving up should have meant I had £5.5K a year more to ‘play with’ , right? Do I need to tell you how that went for me? Back in the late 70s there was an advertising campaign by the Anti-Smokers which went something like this : “the money you spend a year on cigarettes would pay for a foreign holiday”, smokers wanting to give were encouraged to save the daily amount they spent on cigs…to help motivate them. Do you know anyone ever who gave up and really managed to save their fag monies?
        The Brexiteurs seem to believe that leaving the EU will mean we have *insert mythical amount* of £ more to play with. Right…

        Will the UK be successful after Brexit? Sure. But lets bear in mind that Germany has only just now finished paying for DDR-exit. 25 years or so after the event.

        Mind you I am neither Pro nor anti-Brexit, it’s inconsequential because I am a smoker, I already know what is going to happen. You know when you swap hands cos carrying those natural unbleached cotton bags of shopping are hurting as you walk back from Waitrose , how you reach a point where it’s a choice between continuing PAIN in one arm or INSTANT PAIN in the other? As a smoker that’s Brexit for me.

        • DP says:

          Dear The Blocked Dwarf

          “If only someone in the Brexit camp actually KNEW what they wanted,”

          I do – I want out of the EU.

          ” …what they were working towards …”

          Still working towards exiting the EU. We’re not out yet.

          “and , more importantly, who was going to pay for the realisation of their dream. “

          Why, we will of course, as everyone pays for the realisation of their dreams. The price of staying in the EU would be much, much higher and all for a nightmare.

          I wish for a free society: in a free society there is no central direction, ordering people what to do, to be successful, to be happy or whatever. Society and the economy is the sum of what everyone does for him or herself. It is a result, not an objective, and there is no failure, as there must be for every Five Year Plan. There are no smoking bans either. I am a regular smoker – up to 6 a year – only because of the smoking ban.


        • Frank Davis says:

          If we can make our own laws again, it will be worth it just for that. Brexit wasn’t about *insert mythical amount* of £.

        • If we can make our own laws again, it will be worth it just for that.
          You mean like our own laws to bring in the Smoking Ban, Plain Packs, ban smoking in cars? I don’t recall Juncker threatening us with huge fines if we didn’t enact the smoking ban..
          Or our own law which is almost certain to come in the day after we Brexit that you may only bring back 1x50g from the continent? Or the ban on owning tobacco seeds on the pain of imprisonment?
          Oh goody. Like i said, I don’t give a whatis whether we brexit or not, I’m a smoker first not a Brit. I’m a smoker first not a Tory, not a Kipper, not a corbinite.

        • Frank Davis says:

          At least as a self-governing country we can change our own laws. In the EU there’s no chance at all.

        • Why, we will of course, as everyone pays for the realisation of their dreams.
          Indeed, i suspect, not being party to the learned discussions around the cabinet table, that the main reason why there is so little progress on Brexit is that May & Co are desperately trying to think up a way to ‘sell’ all the not-a-tax-increase tax increases/ costs to the Great British public. Brexit, however it works out (and i think it will) will cost a fortune. Would staying in be more expensive? Probably about the same to be honest, at a guess. The DDR used to cost West Germany a huge fortune a year. As with everything else in this life, “yous pays yer money and yer makes yer choice”. as Grandpa Dwarf was wont to say.

  8. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Just get a rope

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