Blaming The Russians

There’a been a slew of reports blaming everything on the Russians recently. For example:

Russia and Islamist terrorist groups are increasingly targeting the EU with propaganda – the warning in a resolution approved by MEPs, which aims to combat anti-Europe campaigns.

It says Moscow spreads propaganda through media and other means – seeking to incite fear and divide.

“What this report is trying to do [is] pointing a finger to at least one direction or let’s say one-and-a-half directions, to Russia and to ISIS,” said Eugen Freund, an Austrian centre-left MEP.

“And to explain how various Russian entities, Russia TVs, Sputnik and so on are trying to influence the audience in Europe. They are trying to split Europe and the United States, they are trying to belittle what the United States, what the European Union is doing.”

So if you’re anti-EU, it can only be because the Russians have got at you somehow. Breitbart:

The parliament of the European Union (EU) has voted to clamp down on “anti-EU propaganda”, which MEPs claim is part of a concerted “disinformation” campaign by the Kremlin.

MEPs supported the resolution to “counter Russian propaganda”, the report on which it was based claiming that Moscow funds Eurosceptic and populist parties in the EU with the aim of disintegrating the bloc.

A unit which “finds and debunks” “Russian propaganda” online would be expanded and given a cash boost if the 304 MEPs who voted for the resolution have their way.

The European Parliament’s press release on the resolution, which was designed to “respond to information warfare from Russia”, asserts that Moscow is funding “anti-EU forces such as extreme right parties and populist forces”.

So UKIP, Front National, AfD, 5Star are all funded by Moscow, eh? Who would have guessed? But, wait, it gets worse:

The desperate flailing of a mainstream-media struggling through the five stages of grief continues as no lesser unbiased foundation of the fourth estate than The Washington Post pushes ahead with its “fake news, blame the Russians” narrative for why their candidate failed so miserably.

Citing “two teams of independent researchers” (who surely have a substantial libel litigation provision) who found “Russia’s increasingly sophisticated propaganda machinery… echoed and amplified right-wing sites across the Internet as they portrayed

Clinton as a criminal,” the Jeff Bezos-owned website names Drudge, Zero Hedge, and The Ron Paul Institute and countless other outlets among the “useful idiots” that true American patriots should be wary of.

I must say I actually do think that the Russians have been trying to send strong messages to the Western world. Putin has been warning of war, and has been angry that the Western MSM won’t report his warnings. So if the Russian warnings have reached the West, it’s quite likely via the internet, and Matt Drudge and ZeroHedge and all the other websites I read. I get 100% of my news from the web these days.

Ten years ago, when I had a TV, it wasn’t like that. Back then I got half  my news from TV and newspaper, and the rest from the web. Now I don’t have a TV, and don’t read newspapers (except online). For I lost faith in the MSM when they completely failed to cover or examine or discuss the biggest event in my life in recent years: the 2007 UK smoking ban which, as ASH’s Deborah Arnott accurately predicted, “exiled smokers to the outdoors.” The smoking ban was a non-story in the MSM before it happened, and has been a non-story ever since. It may as well have never happened. But it knocked me personally sideways far more than anything else that has ever happened. It changed me in lots of ways. I stopped voting Lib Dem for one, after I found out that 95% of Lib Dem MPs had voted for the ban. And I stopped watching the TV channels that weren’t reporting or discussing it (i.e. all of them): the only place that there is any discussion of smoking bans is online. Amazingly, the Russians had nothing to do with this either!

And what swung me decisively against the EU was learning that the EU parliament had voted for a European smoking ban in 2009. I didn’t think that a political organisation with 500 million citizens in it could survive demonising and excluding its 150 million smokers. And the Russians didn’t have anything to do with that either.

I think the simple fact of the matter is that people like me have been turning away from the MSM. It’s not just smoking bans. It’s also global warming propaganda. And Political Correctness. And their pro-EU agenda. And any number of other things that I’m thoroughly sick of.

And if Donald Trump looked to me like a very attractive candidate for the US presidency, it was precisely because he was sick of global warming propaganda, and Political Correctness, and the MSM. His only major flaw was that he didn’t smoke and drink like Nigel Farage. But the two of them seem to have become big buddies in recent months.

I think that since Brexit and the Trump victory, the political class and the MSM have finally begun to realise that they’ve lost touch with many of their former viewers and readers, and have accordingly lost the ability to form and shape their opinions. And now they’re blaming the Russians for it! But they have nobody to blame but themselves. They weren’t listening to their viewers and readers, and now their viewers and readers aren’t listening to them.

P.S. Here’s WaPo’s Russian hit list  of propaganda sites.

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19 Responses to Blaming The Russians

  1. Darryl says:

    How long before the MSM accuse Vladimir Putin of murdering the Dead Sea?

  2. Roobeedoo2 says:

    The UK just needs to give notice of leaving the EU, to leave the EU, according to this article. We don’t need to trigger Article 50 at all:

  3. Walt Cody says:

    Lol. A Russian Wolfhound are their homework, OTOH, if Russia did have anything to do with the Wikileaks leaks, a) the US press failed –purposely–to get the goods, b) the goods were good and c) they didn’t seem to affect the vote anyway and d) the Russians certainly didn’t hack the voting machines. OTOOH, I don’t think Russia is benign, but do think its newly-found strength is a product of the West’s weakness and calamatous miscalculations. I also think the West’s elites are in seriously deluded denial about ….almost everything

    • Frank Davis says:

      I don’t think Russia is benign,

      I suspect you think it’s still the Soviet Union.

      • Walt Cody says:

        Nope. But I think Putin wants to re-establish a kind of empire that rivals or bests whatever the west has to show. I think he’s kgb smart and can play a great metaphorical chess game on the map of the world, likely outsmarting the west, but he’s a guy who kills journalists and likely poisoned the one-time president of Ukraine . Not benign. He’s courting Iran much more cannily than we did (and at no cost) and helping Assad by massacring Aleppo and the US backed troops that are fighting ISIS –all in search of Russian hegemony in the middle east. Not to say we in the west have been better hegemons but better we than a Russia-Iran-Syrian triumverate. He’s building a potentially nuclear base near the border of Poland, doing it now because Obama thought he could charm Putin by NOT putting a base in Poland a few years ago. Is it offensive or defensive? Maybe only his hairdresser knows. Either way, this is now, from both sides, a dangerous game of cat-and-mousery. I hope he and a Trump administration can somehow cool it down

        • Frank Davis says:

          he’s a guy who kills journalists and likely poisoned the one-time president of Ukraine .

          What real evidence of that is there? Is it any different from the rumour that Hillary Clinton had one-time lover Vince Foster murdered? There’s supposed to be a trail of dead bodies behind the Clintons. Do I believe it? Not really. Although it might be true, for all I know.

          As for Syria, I’m right with Trump on that: ISIS/ISIL?Daesh are the enemy.

      • Some French bloke says:

        Hey, you should at least acknowledge that, with all its faults and crimes, the Soviet Union remained impervious to the Western anti-tobacco hysteria to the bitter end!

        • Frank Davis says:

          Very good point! Perhaps even worth exploring further. Why didn’t the Soviet Union succumb to antismoking hysteria? And why is Russia succumbing now? e.g. WHO Moscow bash a year or two back.

  4. smokingscot says:

    Most revealing interview with J C Junker – our President.

    Noteworthy that he states:

    “I must have a dialogue with many people, even those whose company I do not appreciate much. We, the European Union, have links with regimes that are odious. And nobody asks us about it. Everybody’s worried about Turkey but nobody’s talking about Saudi Arabia. We have relations with all dictatorships because we need to organize, to co-organize the world.”

    So you have it from the very top man: the EU feels part of its brief is to organise the world!

    Oh and just in case you planned on making another long odds bet on the French Presidential election, I’m afraid you’ll be chucking your money away. Mr. Junker is quite adamant that:

    “The hypothesis that Madame Le Pen would be future President of French Republic, she won’t be.”

    We’re unlikely to see the same tactics being used with Ms. Le Pen as used on Dominique Strauss-Kahn (a honeypot trap). After all that chap does have a fundamental knowledge of finance and therefore was a real threat to intellectual midgets within the EU. Nor are they likely to unearth a bunch of rape survivors, as they did with Mr. T

    But we do know they’ll go all out to slag-off, humiliate and generally rubbish Ms. Le Pen. Maybe use the same fear tactics they used in the lead up to Brexit. Or use the MSM publish disparaging articles they themselves (American Establishment) produce and want published, frequently in media outlets like Bloomberg – as they did with Mr. Trump.

  5. Trump may not be a smoker, but as Obama has shown us, being a smoker doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not an Antismoker. Years from now people will look back in wonder at the phenomenon of “the self-hating smokers.”

    Trump appealed to smoker-voters because he was NOT HILLARY. Hillary started off with banning smoking in the White House, but when she moved into government itself and pushed the creation and passage of the SCHIP tax (Any not familiar with it, see Phil Button’s blog at: ) she sealed her fate. Her antismoking activities, all by themselves, may very well have made the final difference in getting Trump rather than Clinton into the White House.

    – MJM

    • Roobeedoo2 says:

      MJM, did tobacco money play a big part in funding the construction of the White House? I have a theory that the White House itself (or the spirit imbued in its symbolism) didn’t want her back. I mean, her husband, the Prez, inappropriate use of a cigar is like, ‘Bitch. This is your first warning’.

      If it’s good enough for Tobacco Control, why not for founding fathers and slaves?

      • Rose says:

        There are tobacco leaves in the Capitol Building, Roobee.

        Small Senate Rotunda

        “In rebuilding the wing’s interior after the fire, Latrobe moved the staircase to the east and in its place erected a circular arcade holding 16 columns, which, in turn, support a dome. Desiring columns that were more slender than the Ionic order but not so elaborate as the Corinthian, Latrobe designed a capital with the leaves and flowers of the native American tobacco plant; they were modeled by Francisco Iardella in 1816.”

        Letter to Thomas Jefferson with sketch of tobacco leaf capital, November 5, 1816 Ink on paper Thomas Jefferson Papers Manuscript Division Library of Congress

        • Frank Davis says:

          I believe (perhaps wrongly) that America’s wealth was built on tobacco. That’s what Winston Smith of New York state told me a few years ago. No wonder they should have built it into their architecture. It always seems to me that the antismokers are profoundly anti-American. I can understand non-Americans being anti-American. But I can’t understand Americans being anti-American. Which is what antsmokers like Hillary Clinton seem to be. They don’t just hate tobacco: they hate America.

          I can’t think offhand what the British equivalent of this would be. Hating tea? (Ah, but Rose does hate tea!) Maybe the French equivalent would be hating wine.

        • Roobeedoo2 says:

          Perhaps whisky, Frank, it’s called Scotch after all, although that is a bit regional ;)

          Possibly our language, English. I think of our words like all manner of sea creatures, living in a ocean that is both broad and deep. Political correctness an attempt to confine people to staying in the shallows, for their safety…

        • Roobeedoo2 says:

          A means to circulate the air? :D Frank and Leggy have both written extensively about circulation of air by means of chimneys.

          Thanks Rose!

    • Roberto says:

      Yet, Bill Clinton was fond of cigars. In fact, he used a cigar in his foreplay with Monica Lewinski, all this in the smoke free White House.

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