The Spirit Of Revolt

With first Brexit, and now Trump, I have the sense that a spirit of revolt is spreading across the West. I’m looking forward to seeing a bushfire of similar revolts spreading across Europe. Revolts against authority, revolts against top-down control, revolts against social engineering, revolts against the entrenched political elites. These things are catching: when people see other people doing something, they’re inclined to think that they could do it too. It gives them ideas.

Certainly Marine Le Pen in France seems to have taken courage from the revolt of the rosbifs in England against the EU. And the odds of her winning the French presidency next year have been shortening. After my audacious bet on Trump, I’m wondering whether to place an even more audacious bet on her (although 7/4 odds from Paddy Power aren’t very good).

I don’t know very much about her, to be honest – except that she smokes. She seems to be regarded as being politically extreme – but then so was Trump, and so is UKIP. When Nigel Farage was in Europe, he was building alliances with Italy’s 5 Star, but refused to do so with the Front National. I think maybe it was because her father, who’s been kicked out of the party, was antisemitic (or regarded as antisemitic), and the bad odour lingers.

And who better to be the leaders of the revolt than smokers? For by the very act of smoking, smokers are in revolt against all the authorities that are trying to cajole and bully and bludgeon them into stopping smoking. Lighting a cigarette is a small act of defiance.

And I think that smoking is part of smokers’ identity. It’s part of who they are. It’s part of who they are in the same way that being American or English or French is part of people’s identity. The revolt that is gathering strength is a revolt of unique personal identity against drab politically-correct uniformity. It’s uniformitarian globalist unionists against unique nativist separatists. And it’s only going to intensify.

However, the Brexit vote has yet to be translated into actual secession from the EU by Britain. And what Trump’s presidency will actually be like has yet to emerge. Why is Trump meeting with Mitt Romney? Why is John Bolton being talked about?  Worse still, what’s Tony Blair doing?

Tony Blair has dismissed as ‘beyond speculation’ claims he is being lined up as an advisor to Donald Trump after he was spotted having lunch with the president elect’s influential son-in-law.

Mr Blair dined with Jared Kushner, who is married to Mr Trump’s daughter Ivanka, at fashionable hotel restaurant in New York. The Telegraph can disclose that Mr Blair and Mr Kushner, who is now being viewed as the ‘kingmaker’ of the incoming White House team, have known each other for “several years”.

Although Blair seems to be saying some fairly sensible things:

Donald Trump’s election win is the beginning of a new “reality” that politicians in the West must come to terms with, Tony Blair has said.

The former prime minister said Mr Trump’s triumph in the US presidential election was an “earthquake” and his rhetoric on immigration had shifted the political scene…

“If people think that their communities and their societies are being changed without them being part of the debate about it, without them being engaged, then they will feel angry and fearful,” he said.

Well, certainly us smokers are angry and fearful – and we have very good reason to be, given the attempts being made to change us without us being part of the debate. The only thing I’d add is that I don’t see why there should be social engineering attempts to change communities and societies, or any debate about how to do it. The job of politicians should be to represent their constituents, not to change them or change society. But then Blair is very much one of the top-down-controlling political class of recent decades, who see it as their job to remake the world.

With all sorts of mainstream politicians now circling around Trump, and trying to win places in his administration, the political class may well be trying to subvert his administration from within. And maybe they’ll succeed. If a Trump administration is full of the same old faces, it’s quite likely to turn into the same old administration all over again, just with Trump kept locked in the Oval Office while they run things they way they always did.

But one very good thing that Trump has already succeeded in doing, it seems to me, is to have brought the Russians in from the cold, and brought the new “Cold War” of recent years to an end before he’s even taken office. There’s already a palpable thaw in process.

All I can do is to carry on revolting in every way I can possibly think of. And that includes rejecting the EU, rejecting global warming, and carrying on smoking. And in that manner carry on being me, rather than whatever these bastards want me to be.

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57 Responses to The Spirit Of Revolt

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Yes we must be completely defiant now in the pursuit of our pleasure. We must stand up to ASH et al and indeed any so called affronted individuals. NO MORE BANS AND THE REPEAL OF THOSE ALREADY IN PLACE !

  2. slugbop007 says:

    WHO in India: Smoggy, smelly New Delhi  COP7 Delegates Smoked Nearly Half A Million Fags

    The WHO is more than stupid, they are absurd.


    • Lecroix says:

      Frank’s blog does not allow many replies to the replies, so I guess this exchange will make no sense to the reader :) It’s not that Clicky, your Library Assitant, isn’t my cup of tea. It’s just that I find it hard to understand what he wants to say. I also freely admit, I’m limited, because of my literalism. And also, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea either…

  3. Rose says:

    Very well put, Frank, my thoughts entirely, but you express them much better than I ever could.

  4. Jay says:

    I have a feeling that, no matter how much they’d like to lock Trump in the office while they get on with business as usual, they won’t get away with it. Trump won’t have become so successful in business without developing an instinct for being played and the ability to outmanoeuvre.

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  6. I don’t get Clicky either. Preferred having comments I can follow instead of a thousand videos (which I don’t bother to watch)! But thanks for the post Frank – very nice!

    • Roobeedoo2 says:

      According to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, mice were the most intelligent creatures on Earth (mouse), followed by dolphins (Click), then man… *…/rolls eyes…*

    • legiron says:

      She seduced Click away from Dr. Dume. He was a bloody useless assistant anyway ;)

    • Barry Homan says:

      I agree, furlong. At this rate, I may end up stop reading this blog all together. Just look at today. This is becoming CLICKY PLACE, and no longer Frank Davis’ blog.

      • Roobeedoo2 says:

        Then fuck off, Baz. That’s entirely your prerogative… just like that flappy hand bansturbators had the choice to walk away from smokers’ smoke before they persuaded politicians to chuck us out onto the fucking street. Are you one them, like, ‘cos Jesus fucking Christ with a muhammed-shaped dildo; that makes you a wanker cunt of the worst order… *shakes head sadly…*

        Frank, do you want me and Clicky go? Your gaff, your rules. We’ll abide.

      • nisakiman says:

        I have to agree with you, Barry and Furlong. The comments on Frank’s blog has turned into 90% irrelevant rubbish which I can’t scroll through fast enough. The odd relevant video link is fine, but when out of 30 comments 25 are just crap I don’t want to look at, it rather cheapens the whole experience.

        Sorry RBD, but you do have your own blog where you can post all this stuff, and I’m sure there are some that will enjoy it. But please don’t try to take over Frank’s blog and inflict it on those of us who prefer more serious comments. Levity is fine, but you are using a scatter-bomb approach, and it just overwhelms the whole thing.

        You’re quite welcome to tell me to fuck off like a ‘flappy hand bansturbator’ too, that is your perogative. And yes, I do realise I can just stop visiting Frank’s blog if I don’t like how the comments are now.

        But it would be rather a shame if one commenter drives away a bunch of loyal readers.

        • Louis says:

          There’s another aspect to this Nisakiman. Not everyone has unlimited bandwidth.

          I have 2.5 gig on my contract and lots of folks are pay as you go on their mobiles.

          Each of these gratuitous dumps by our Click’s as well as the stuff Harley bungs up for our amusement are very data heavy.

          Yes folks have a the option of avoiding the comments and saving bandwidth, though that’s one heck of a shame because quite frequently the comments open a new and revealing thread.

        • RdM says:

          And agreed again.

          This bombarding, essentially spamming, egotistical pathetic attention seeking splattering of bandwidth consuming posts by roobedoo & alter ego clicky is just too much.

          Often, I just get black squares instead of whatever pathetic youtube links I don’t want.

          He/she/it has it’s own blog – I checked it out, not one I would want to visit again.

          I’m astonished that Frank would be so mild in response;-
          I wouldn’t want you to go. You’re a valued contributor. Just maybe not post quite so much. Or be a bit more selective about what you post. Something along those lines. Do you see?
          But Roobeedoo2 says:
          Wilco, Frank. Appreciate it.

          And goes right on spamming, spattering, spraying video links. Does it see? I think not.

          No more than Tobacco Control does.

          Obviously not capable of a conversation, beyond abuse and threats, psychopathy.

          Patting snout is right,,, and wrong. Get it out of here!

          My opinion.

        • Frank Davis says:

          And goes right on spamming, spattering, spraying video links.

          I haven’t noticed any since she said “Wilco” in response to my gentle admonition.

          I’m astonished that Frank would be so mild in response;-

          Roobeedoo has been commenting here for many years. As long as anyone else. She was one of the ISIS survey volunteers. She emails me quite regularly. She even sent me a book some years ago. Quite often she posts comments that draw my attention to something I hadn’t noticed. She’s a valued contributor.

          It’s only in recent weeks or months (during which time we’ve all been driven half mad by EU referendums and US presidential elections) that she has acquired her Clicky alter ego, and thus doubled or tripled or quadrupled her presence, and become as noisy as Harley sometimes can be. It barely annoys me at all, but then I have a fast broadband connection. I get far more images on a single page of most news sites than either of them post here.

          The people who really annoy me are the antismoking Dickie Doubledays, or those commenters who regularly insult other commenters, or who will cheerfully accuse them either of first degree murder or of “hammering nails into the body of Christ”. There is no way that I’m going to treat Roobee the way I will treat these people.

      • Barry Homan says:

        Steady. Just simply stating what everyone else can see, that’s it.

    • The Secretary General at Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEVE) Marios Tsiakkis had previously told CyBC reporters that the chamber “stood to lose hundreds of millions” if it moved to ban smoking in the casino.

      Tsiakkis also said that a separate smoking room with games would be built in a bid to keep non-smokers happy while modern technological advances meant that special filters can be installed to keep the air clean.

  7. Ana says:

    Make the comments section great again!
    A recent post by Simon Clark raised my curiosity about heat not burn products, particularly IQOS Marlboro – any opinions? Funny thing, they’re priced as regular cigarettes, but they contain just 201mg tobacco, vs about 550mg for a regular cigarette.

  8. Smoking Lamp says:

    Now the antis are worried that legalized marijuana will become a gateway to tobacco smoking. More insanity for Northern California. See “Will Legal Marijuana Lead To More People Smoking Tobacco?” Even more insane than the class “Reefer Madness” hysteria. Tobacco control must be destroyed.

  9. Lepercolonist says:

    The French are always stereotyped as cigarette smokers in American entertainment. Let’s pray that Marie Le Pen brings back the good old days.

  10. Marvin says:

    Absolutely agree with other commentators about the spamming of this blog with stupid irrelevant videos. It takes forever to load the page with all that crap on it. Does anyone ever watch them?

    Maybe I should use a text only browser, or better still, “Clicky” can Foxtrot Oscar.

    • RdM says:

      Agreed again, it’s spamming, and attention-seeking pathetic spamming at that.
      And, it totally slows down page loading for a bunch of irrelevant egotistical crap.
      Not that linking of pics or videos per se should be banned. (Just ban Clicky & Rube’s!)

      Or make it clear in no uncertain terms that their video “contributions” are unwelcome.

      Because if their only comments are videos or abuse, who needs them, really?
      I mean, what actual intellectual content is there in there to reply to or converse with?

      Fed up with this for weeks & months, really. Yes, really! ;=})

      OK, returning to …

      • RdM says:

        OK, apologies Frank, (& Roobeedoo).

        Perhaps it’s that I habitually keep too many tabs open in my browser, or don’t have enough random access memory, &or that I have a relatively slow internet connection (as others may have, as noted) – but the bombardment of videos, however lightheartedly intended (& I apologise again for my comments above, if mistaken or offending) – obviously do impact on others as well, as noted in others comments, in bandwidth

        But “Then fuck off, Baz.” seems to me just plain abusive. And defensive.

        And the constant bombarding with random stream of consciousness video links, in place of actual considered conversation, or propositions, or expositions, just seems shallow.

        I’m sorry. I have only been an occasional contributor myself, and have been absent some months… this is not actually the way I would have wanted or intended to come back in;- and so I’ll apologise again. (Perhaps a surfeit of pleasant drinks, etc.)

        I owe M McFadden a reply, and have stuff to contribute re NZ’s TC shenanigans too.

        It’s been a tough few months. Hopefully I can come back with some useful materiel.

    • RdM says:

      OK Frank, thanks;- I get all that, and (if necessary) apologise again for my rudeness.
      (I couldn’t reply to your – very fast – reply as it was, no option to, and made another.)

      Accepting that you have become friends, as it were, still, others have raised concerns that these video links overload pages;- not all of us have fast broadband connections.

      And really, it seems flippant. OK if you have a fast link maybe, but what does it add?

      No actual comment, just a video link. Often, just a blank square, stalled page loads.

      At this end. What’s the point? Somebody making a video ‘comment’ point; so what?

      No doubt they think they’re being very clever, but… it’s not even one.

      I think it hardly contributes towards (the) discussion, if there was one.

      It just obliterates it. There’s no gravitas.

      And you have plenty of others complaining; – not just me.

      So – I hope you can get your friend to tone it down, make real comments.

      Or not video ‘comments’. Which really do seem self-aggrandising, bombastic.

      Best wishes,


      • Frank Davis says:

        No need to apologise, Ross. I didn’t think you were being rude. It can get much more heated than this on these comment threads, particularly when Dickie Doubleday manages to post something.

        And should people only “contribute to the discussion”? I don’t see myself as some lecturer talking to a classroom, and then asking them to discuss what I’ve just said. I see this blog as much more like a pub where I am the bartender, and periodically I talk a bit, and everyone maybe listens, and then carries on talking about whatever they were talking about off topic (OT) before I interrupted them.

        I am also, just like a bartender, the person who leads drunken and abusive people to the door, and throws them out. But it’s not something I ever enjoy doing.

        • nisakiman says:

          I don’t think anybody objects to commenters going off topic, because as you say, this blog is like a pub where people come to chat and share information and opinions, and just as in the pub (as it used to be, when one could actually socialise over a beer and a ciggy), conversations can go off at tangents. That’s part of the pleasure. But when one member of the group seems to be determined to dominate the conversation with uninteresting and childish irrelevances, that’s when I finish my beer and leave. There’s no pleasure to be had from being swamped with garbage.

          This is in no way personal, because like you, Frank, I think RBD posts some good comments and interesting links. She just seems to have got into a very strange place at the moment, and I wish she would revert to her rather more intelligent approach to posting comments.

          Also, as Louis points out above, there is the bandwidth aspect. In fact, at the moment I’m one of those affected by this issue, as I’ve just moved and as yet don’t have an internet connection. Hence, I’m using my ‘phone as a ‘Mobile Hotspot’ for the laptop, and I have limited bandwidth available to me, so I try to avoid wasting it. And multiple video and GIF embeds in the comments gobbles it up.

        • RdM says:

          Thanks, Frank.

          This is the first time I’ve dared to look back at this since posting those angered (and, I must admit, slightly drunken) comments, some 12 weeks ago… I shouldn’t post when drinking, no, I shouldn’t post when I’m really drunk, despite perfect spelling, I’d thought!

          Easy to get the tone wrong, get carried away emotionally, &etc. Angry thoughtlessly, etc.

          Alcoholic remorse difficult to distinguish from social embarrassment remorse the morning after… but I did feel apologetic, & still do; – it’s just that, like others, (although I’m of the sort who has lots of browser tabs open, right now 105 in Chrome, and I have screenshots of over 1000 tabs in Firefox about to be closed, so resources low!) – I found my browser exhibiting black screen placeholders, and even crashing on reloading page.

          So I was annoyed… but my anger, I accept, was also possibly misplaced. Other issues.
          I see & have seen since that RBD has in fact posted intelligent & interesting comments.

          It’s just that at the time it all seemed too much. So, my first comment since… I’ll be back!
          There are a few posts & comments since that I’d love to contribute toward; so until then,

          Regards;- Ross

          (but I still do apologise… I’ll try to be much more calm and moderate in future! ;=})) )









  11. Supergran says:

    OK folks, everyone who needed a little moan have had one, lets leave it at that eh? Methinks we are all mates together here – have the odd little squabble and then be mates again. Whatever Clicky’s doing, is HER decision, just like our smoking is OURS yeah? And aren’t we all about “individual choice” in our lives? Aint gorra Scooby Doo about most of the vids, but hey ho, each to his/her own innit?? And like a matriarch, I feel defensive about any of our mates so Carry On Regardless our Frankie xx

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