A Spirit Of Revolution

First Brexit. Then Trump. A spirit of revolution is sweeping the world. The Ancien Regime is being toppled everywhere. A particularly fine example of the old order:

SMOKERS who light up near hospitals will face fines of up to £1,000 from next year, the Sunday Herald can reveal.

The Scottish Government has published proposals for implementing legislation that makes it an offence to smoke in areas directly outside a hospital building.

In a letter to health board chiefs, it states the no-smoking zone perimeter should extend to a distance of 15 metres from the building.

Anyone who flouts the ban within the zone will be subject to the same penalties as if caught smoking in a public place – a £50 fixed fine. But, if this is not paid the case will be taken to court, with a possible fine of up to £1,000.

I must confess that when I first read this, I thought it said that “the no-smoking zone perimeter should extend to a distance of 15 miles from the building.” And after realising that it was metres rather than miles, it struck me that that 15 metres was just as absurd as 15 miles. And why 15? Why not 12? Or 12.76? Metres, miles, or lightyears?

I read somewhere, shortly before last Christmas, that these hospital smoking bans were not prompted by people in the local hospital management, but by central government. i.e. the Department of Health, or perhaps even the Abhorrent Toad herself. In fact, the promptings may have come from the EU in Brussels, or even the WHO. Whichever way, there’s every sign that these hospital bans are another example of top down control, perhaps exerted by a single demented faceless antismoking bureaucrat in an anonymous office – a sort of modern Adolf Eichmann. These people need to be hunted down and exposed. It’s debatable whether they should be hanged, although they obviously deserve it.

And it’s precisely these sort of faceless bureaucrats who are going to be swept away in the coming revolution, as the EU Ancien Regime is toppled in the wave that has begun to sweep over Europe. It started with Brexit, and has now been vastly amplified by the American Trumpian Revolution. The ordinary “little” people are revolting against the overbearing and arrogant elites.

In the Express I found a useful map of anti-EU parties in Europe:


All these anti-EU parties and movements are going to be powerfully energised. The map doesn’t include the Bulgarian insurrection that I noticed a few days ago:

Bulgaria to QUIT EU? Mass unrest ahead of crucial election could see nation shift to PUTIN

BULGARIANS are growing increasingly angry at the EU, with demands growing the nation should quit the crumbling bloc – just 10 years after joining.

Disappointed Bulgarians are now looking towards Russia to protect their interests as they claim Brussels’ bureaucrats fail to act on their concerns.

and now they may actually do so:

Bulgarian Socialist ally Rumen Radev, a Russia-friendly newcomer to politics, won Sunday’s presidential election by a wide margin, exit polls showed, prompting centre-right Prime Minister Boiko Borisov to pledge to resign.

At least one thing I know that many Bulgarians are angry about is the smoking ban which I reported 3 years ago. I estimate that there are about 150 million angry smokers in Europe.

But I am beginning to suspect that the next domino to fall may well be France. The French, after all, have a powerful revolutionary tradition, and will not wish to miss the wave of revolution sweeping the world. I think that the chances of Marine Le Pen being elected as French President have greatly increased. She certainly seems to think so:

France’s far-right leader has told the BBC that Donald Trump’s victory in the US has boosted her own chances of being elected president next year.

Marine Le Pen, who leads the French National Front (FN), said Mr Trump had “made possible what had previously been presented as impossible”.

She is widely expected to reach the second round of the election in May.

As one country after another peels away from the EU, the EU will grow weaker and weaker. Its writ will cease to run throughout Europe. Reform will be forced upon it, vastly reducing its powers. Top-down control will weaken. And top-down-imposed smoking bans will start to be revoked.

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22 Responses to A Spirit Of Revolution

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Good points. Yes us smokers are certainly getting very angry at being constantly bullied.

  2. Clicky says:

  3. Clicky says:

  4. Ana says:

    Russia has a smoking ban too, so in this respect, how is it better than the EU? Oh, and 2 years ago, Moscow hosted that horrible Chan and her COP FCTC.

    • Frank Davis says:

      India was hosting the horrible Chan and her COP last week. I’m not sure that means the Indian government is 100% behind her. Nor that the Russian government was either. I think Bulgarians may feel themselves to be closer to Russia than the EU (given its geographical location).

      • nisakiman says:

        Don’t forget that the Bulgarians are also Eastern Orthodox and use the Cyrillic alphabet, like the Russians. I don’t know, never having been to either country apart from briefly (both), but I would imagine they are quite close culturally, too.

  5. Rose says:

    I read somewhere, shortly before last Christmas, that these hospital smoking bans were not prompted by people in the local hospital management, but by central government

    You read it here, Frank.


    “The controversial “zero tolerance” plans are part of a new Bill, which will make all hospitals smoke-free by the end of 2006. In London, the deadline will be a year earlier, health officials announced last week.”

    “Patients caught smoking inside or outside hospitals face being discharged under new government legislation, which will abolish hospital smoking rooms and encourage a total ban in all grounds.”


  6. Clicky says:

  7. smokingscot says:

    I think it’s much more widespread than the MSM make out. I certainly believe “the Arab Spring” is driven by essentially the same frustrations many of us feel. And they were stuck with a system of “democracy” that does not involve free and fair elections.

    So finally they reverted to treating the establishment in exactly the same way they themselves had been treated. Only problem is the political vacuum allowed Daesh to fill the space.

    Egypt’s nowhere near finished; they’re keeping the lid on it by loans; first from the Gulf states, now from the IMF. Syria’s been blown into the stone age and the psychopath who’s the boss is likely to remain with the same dynastic tendencies. It ain’t close to done.

    Personally I abhor what’s going on in the Yemen – and that may be put down by force, using arms supplied by our lot (UK and US via Saudi). But that’s not done, not even close, nor little old Bahrain.

    Nor Turkey, nor Kurdistan. And there are ancient rifts that are opening again. Some say exploited, I say they’ve only ever been “united” on paper (frequently on maps drawn up by the British and French).

    Where there is a reasonable facsimile of democracy, people can hold out until the next election bowls along. I know I was sick fed up with Blair, especially when he was obviously hanging on until he got a decent job offer. Now he’s loathed and reviled by all bar those with the IQ of roadkill.

    We’re watching exactly the same phenomenon in South Korea where cronyism has resulted in mass demonstrations – and still the corrupt, shallow, inept twit will not budge.

    Otherwise I feel you’ve got the EU bang to rights. We’re by no means the only country that wants out of it. The next election to keep in mind will be held on 4 Dec., that’s the Austrian Presidential jobbie.

    Oh and completely off topic. You may be interested to know that Mr. T has decided on Stephen Bannon (of Breitbart News fame) to join his team.


    Bloomberg’s lot do not like him, not one bit.



  8. Lepercolonist says:

    There are areas in the hospital where doctors and nurses sneak a cigarette. They are treated like children. If my surgeon wants a cigarette before an operation then please accommodate him.

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