Over There

I woke up feeling optimistic this morning. And about half an hour after waking up I was actually even feeling happy.

It’s not usually like that. I usually wake up feeling the leaden weight of the smoking ban pressing down on me. For Britain has felt like it’s been under Nazi occupation since 1 July 2007.

And Britain could have very easily been occupied back in 1940. If the Nazis had enough boats and barges, they could have chased the retreating British army across the Channel, and overrun Britain in a matter of days. Because there wasn’t much left of the British army in 1940, and it had left most of its weapons behind in France. Hitler could easily have been taking tea with Oswald Mosley and the newly-restored King Edward VIII in Buckingham Palace in August 1940, before driving through the streets of London being greeted by rapturous crowds waving swastika flags. For there would have been plenty of eager collaborators in Britain. Hitler would probably have appointed many of them into positions of power, with Herman Goering or somebody as the overall controller. And British life probably wouldn’t have changed very much. But there would have been a strong emphasis on Health and Fitness. Smoking bans would have gradually been introduced, as they were being in Germany itself. Because Hitler would have wanted British soldiers – the Arthurian Legion? – to fight in his projected upcoming invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, and he wouldn’t have wanted “unmanly” smokers in it.

And this is what may as well have happened on 1 July 2007. Because Britain has effectively been under the total control of the EU continental power for the past decade or more. And we’ve been run by a political class of collaborators or quislings (Blair, Brown, Cameron) who take their orders from Brussels rather than the British people. And much like in WW2, the EU continental power extends across the whole of Europe, and deep into eastern Europe, and even the Ukraine – just like Nazi Germany in about 1942.

The only difference between the new Nazis in Brussels and the old Nazis in Berlin is that the new Nazis didn’t arrive with armies and tanks and bombers, but instead advanced their cause with binding treaties and rules and regulations. It’s a soft Nazism, and we should be thankful for that. The new Nazis don’t wear jackboots and uniforms; they wear well-cut suits.

But the new soft Nazi EU empire has now probably reached its high tide, much like the old Nazis, at the gates of Moscow. For the British have resisted/revolted (Brexit), and the Americans under President Trump are about to step in to decisively support Britain just like Roosevelt in 1942. And, just like in 1942, there will be an Anglo-American-Russian alliance forged in a new Tehran conference where, in place of Roosevelt and Stalin and Churchill, there will be Trump, Putin, and Farage plotting the demise of the EU. And it probably won’t be held in Tehran this time.

After that, the EU empire will be in headlong retreat. Taking their lead from Brexit and Trump, one European country after another will revolt against the Brussels yoke. The EU will contract rapidly. And finally, when it has been completely defeated, the victors will set up a new European order, consisting of sovereign nation states held together in a loose community of shared interests, sealed with a new treaty.

And that’s why I was feeling optimistic this morning. Liberation was on its way! The Yanks were coming! I was even humming the tune.

It’ll be a few years yet before Britain is fully liberated. It’ll be a few years before the Nazi smoking ban is finally lifted. But it will be lifted sooner rather than later.

Or is that over-optimistic? Yesterday I was listening to Alex Jones on Infowars.com (as I have been for months), and instead of saying that the election was going to be stolen, he was now saying that Trump was going to be assassinated, or the result otherwise annulled.

But I don’t think that’s going to happen. Clinton and Obama are showing every sign of accepting the result of the presidential election. The American people have spoken, just like the British people spoke with Brexit. Obama and Trump met and talked for an hour and a half yesterday in what was said to be a very productive meeting. Trump has already invited Theresa May to meet him as soon as possible. I suspect that talks with Putin have already started. Trump is set to hit the ground sprinting in January.

Events will then start to move very rapidly. There’s going to be a huge economic boom as first America and then Europe are deregulated, and begin to recover their vitality. The political talk in Europe will be about the shape of post-EU Europe. The entire world will be in ferment.

And today is Remembrance Day. I’ve kept a photo of my Spitfire pilot uncle on my mantel for years. He was fighting for freedom when he died.

And so also, I think, was Leonard Cohen.


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23 Responses to Over There

  1. Lecroix says:

    Reblogged this on Contra la ley "antitabaco" and commented:
    Magnífico, magnífico, magnífico. Y no os perdáis el video de la famosísima canción de guerra, de la I Guerra Mundial para ser concretos.

    Sí, vienen los Yanks, de nuevo, a ayudar a Inglaterra y a Europa entera.

  2. petesquiz says:

    “the victors will set up a new European order, consisting of sovereign nation states held together in a loose community of shared interests, sealed with a new treaty.”

    I’m hopeful that the so-called Single Market is salvaged from the ruins of the EU, which, as far as I can see, is the only good part of our European ‘adventure’. If all goes well in 2017 there will be sufficient French and German voters expressing their desire to get out of the EU that it will, eventually, revert back to something like the old Common Market.

  3. Harleyrider1978 says:

    The single market is based on the euro it’s got to go and normal trade reestablished based upon national currencies not UN currency!

  4. nisakiman says:

    One of the most interesting aspects of the recent political upheaval for me is the fact that Nigel Farage has been unofficially appointed as the go-between of US / UK relations. This puts him in a potentially more powerful position than the foreign secretary. And he has the ear of Trump, having been an early confidante, so who knows what he will be suggesting to the soon-to-be POTUS. He is, after all, ‘one of us’. And unrepentantly so.

    Yes, interesting times indeed!

  5. Roobeedoo2 says:

    I sincerely hope President-elect Trump sees the sense of rolling back the smoking bans in the US. You know what they say about America sneezing and the rest of the world catching the bug…

    Anyone fancy a Song?

    How about a larf?

    Brexit came first, though. ‘K?

  6. Barry Homan says:

    And what, in all this hub-bub, will California do?

    • garyk30 says:

      Leftists in Calif will act like spoiled brats and throw a whinny fit.
      They have already started.

    • smokervoter says:

      The piece of shit Tom Steyer who paid to collect the signatures for Prop 56 is yet another phony Californian from the east coast who moved out here to “find himself” and helped to ruin this once ‘live and let live’ style state and turn it into a Liberal Fascist hell hole similar to the Puritan Belt convent he left behind.

      To wit:
      Steyer, of course, is far from stupid. Intensely analytical and feverishly focused, he is an overachiever both by disposition and by upbringing, spending most of his life wired into America’s most elite institutions. He came from a well-off family in New York City, the youngest of three sons, his father a corporate litigator at Sullivan & Cromwell, the white-shoe law firm that has represented Goldman Sachs for decades. (The firm also represented Exxon, and among colleagues the elder Steyer was known as “Mr. Oil.”) Growing up on the Upper East Side, the Steyers had a housekeeper and a nanny, and they summered in Nantucket, but Tom’s mother, a progressive and principled woman whose tough-love mothering included washing his mouth out with soap when he swore, was a socially minded educator who at one point taught felons to read in a Brooklyn detention center. “I once asked my mother, ‘Who are we? Who is our family?” recalls Steyer. “‘Well,’ she said, ‘we’ve never been rich or powerful, but we’ve always been well-educated and we’ve participated in our community.”

      In the early 70s we used to joke about issuing temporary travel visas at the Arizona and Nevada and Oregon borders to visitors so that we could get the tourist income but keep the state to ourselves in the long run.

      • smokervoter says:

        And speaking of Arizona, I’ve already arranged to buy all my tobacco from there (from an Indian reservation – and cheaper than what I’ve been paying here all along and perfectly legal) through an old friend who lives out there in a house I built for him in the 80s and who comes back out to California five or six times a year because he still loves it here.

        Eat shit Tom Steyer and Stanton Glantz and all the rest of your ilk. You’ll never defeat this happy smoker born and raised here.

  7. smokingscot says:

    Yo Frank, don’t underestimate the folks in Iran.

    They offered to host the reunification talks between the two sides of Cyprus.


    If the new axis emerges, Iran’ll be happy to clear any number of perfect locations in Isfahan – and guarantee no protesters!


  8. Yvonne says:

    Whilst I don’t think that Trump will be a messiah I have hope because we know so much more about Trump than both Clintons and more particularly Obama. He has been in the spotlight for decades. In some ways he is the the same Trump he has always been. Where many don’t like his demeanour they can’t deny his effectiveness and savvy. Perhaps that is what is worrying them and causing all the tears: they realise that it has taken years for them to build their ideal world of PCness and thought control, Trump will come along and demolish the building and construct something bigger and better.
    I may be wrong, but although he doesn’t drink or smoke, I think that he is probably a very good host that will want his guests to be comfortable. He has also has roots on construction sites, much more of an understanding of blue collar workers than the ObamaClintons, so I imagine that he has sat amongst workers enjoying their relaxing fag break.
    There are several Trump bios on YouTube that are worth watching.

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