Who’s That Girl?

Yesterday Harley (in Kentucky) wrote:

Just for the record within minutes of fox news calling Pennsylvania for trump one foxnews gal on the panel went right for the democrat jugular and said IT ALL STARTED IN CALIFORNIA WITH THE SMOKING BANS and it quickly went to NYC and then she said the nannystate is DEAD.

She went further into how restricted freedom is in NYC today compared to just 10-13 years ago.

She went on that if trumps folks were to go out and do much theyd likely be breaking a nyc REGULATION or Law…………

He later added:

I don’t know her name but she had brown hair and about 30

Later Tom (in California) replied:

OMG – that someone actually said that, on live TV, coast to coast, in the US – I am flabbergasted. I wish they would say it again and again and in prime time for everyone to hear, not just once and in the late hours. But the announcer got that one right – it DID start with the CA and specifically, SF anti-smoking dictators – but with the 300% increase in tobacco plus sales tax in CA along with vaping becoming taxable, same as tobacco, the anti-smoking regime in SF will not die but be better funded for next time they expand outward. I think CA will still be repressed when it comes to tobacco and vaping while only marijuana will see more permission and encouragement being promoted. But I am shocked, someone on live TV, coast to coast, actually came out FOR ONCE and said THE TRUTH of the matter, the honest to God, un-adultered, actual truth.

fox_news_girlI visited the Fox News website yesterday, hoping that there might be archive footage of her saying it, but I couldn’t find it. But there was a brown-haired girl on the panel in some of the footage. Who’s that girl on the right? Is she the one who said it?

It’s kinda crazy really, to go hunting for someone who said something on TV. But hardly anybody ever says these kinds of things on TV. You never hear anybody on TV here in Britain saying anything about smoking bans. It’s a non-subject for discussion. And in fact, it’s always been a non-subject for discussion. It became a non-subject for discussion the day after the 1 July 2007 smoking ban, and has stayed one ever since. Because it was declared a “great success” on day one, and that was that. And in fact, it was even a non-subject for discussion before the smoking ban. Because I kept waiting for the Big Debate that they used to have 10 years ago about one topic or other, and there never was one about the smoking ban. The debate was over before it even started. Just like the debate was over on Global Warming before it started. That’s how Political Correctness works: they always close down the debate, because that’s how they get the “consensus” opinion they want (Dick Puddlecote is reporting how they’re doing it right now in Delhi).

But the result of the non-discussion of this non-subject is that nobody gets to learn just how angry many smokers are about smoking bans and the accompanying obscenely punitive taxation of tobacco. Non-smokers don’t learn. Politicians don’t learn. Doctors don’t learn. Nobody learns.

And the resentment that many smokers (and most likely all smokers) feel is going to be expressed one way or other. And in my case I know that, after I learned that the European parliament had voted for a European smoking ban complete with show trials for prominent offenders, I switched from being pro-EU to anti-EU overnight. In fact, because there are some 150 million smokers in the EU, I thought that the entire EU project was doomed: how the heck can you hold together a cohesive European society while you’re demonising 30% of the people in it? It can’t be done! And this was one of the principal reasons why this Englishman voted on June 23 this year to leave the EU. It wasn’t the only reason, but it was a big part of it.

And it was also why I placed a bet on Donald Trump to win the US Presidency. Because I felt sure that there were enough Americans who were sufficiently sick of smoking bans (and similar intrusive regulations) to revolt against the political class that had been unloading it all onto them. And I felt sure because quite a few of them post comments on my blog (e.g. Harley, Tom, Smokervoter, Walt, and many more). I don’t have to live in America to know that American smokers hate smoking bans as much as I do.

And the other thing that I know about smoking bans is that the anger and resentment against them doesn’t go away. Smokers don’t “get used to” smoking bans. Quite the opposite, their anger and resentment only gets deeper as time goes by. One day of enduring a smoking ban, exiled outdoors next to some warm, cosy bar may be a small discomfort. But 10 years of enduring that small discomfort adds up to one very great discomfort, just like a penny a day for 10 years adds up to £36.52.

And that’s what’s happening all over the world, everywhere. I don’t need to be a Russian to know what Russian smokers feel about smoking bans. I don’t need to be an Indian to know what Indian smokers feel about smoking bans. The response will be the same everywhere. And the inevitable result will be explosions of popular resentment like Brexit or the shock election of Donald Trump. It’s why the EU is inevitably going to be torn apart by popular resentment towards the European political class.

We’ll probably never find out who that brown-haired girl on Fox News was. I imagine that Fox News won’t be inviting her back any time soon. She clearly has the Wrong Opinions. Didn’t she know that the smoking debate is totally over? Is she stupid or something?

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44 Responses to Who’s That Girl?

  1. Dmitri says:

    Dear Frank, we all needed a cheer up – and we got it. With me it was the same as with you, I went to bed in the same mood, and then my wife woke me up with a “have a good day, we won” (and, far as I know, Russia did not do a thing to contribute, there was a strict Kremlin order to keep away, etc). Like you, I’ve predicted it in print, but refused to believe it. And, like you, I keep on writing now about how the anti-tobacco liars feel jittery now. We win!

  2. audreysilk says:

    As much as I wish this was true I don’t think it is (though I’ll leave a very slim possibility that I somehow miraculously missed it). I was watching Fox News Channel from 8 pm until the station called Pennsylvania for Trump near 3 am and beyond. I heard no such comment.

  3. Roobeedoo2 says:

    Left a response for Margot on your previous post, Frank. I hope you don’t mind if I leave it here as well, just in case anybody is interested in why smokers are the Voice of Reason:


    • margo says:

      Found it, Roobeedoo – many thanks. Looks interesting. Doesn’t quite explain why for 73 years I was always ‘on the losing side’ in an election (I always thought mine was the voice of reason, of course) and now suddenly I’m with the ‘winners’, but never mind, it may explain other things.
      Happy birthday, dear Harley!
      Maybe we can’t find your brown-haired girl because she went too far in her comments and has been totally deleted from everywhere??? (Or did you doze off and dream her up?)

  4. Andi says:

    Leslie Marshall I think.

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  6. garyk30 says:

    More good news.

    3 out of 4 proposed cig tax increases did NOT pass.

    Calif did; but, the one in Colorado and the two in Missouri did NOT.

  7. Lecroix says:

    Reblogged this on Contra la ley "antitabaco" and commented:
    Se empieza a decir la verdad. El “estado niñera”, la pérdida de libertades, todo empezó con las prohibiciones al tabaco en California. Todo empezó ahí. Ahí comenzó nuestro declive como cultura…

  8. garyk30 says:

    They must be so proud of themselves:
    “Anti-Trump protesters have set fire to the American flag in Washington, DC.”

  9. Harleyrider1978 says:

    That’s not her. It was on at about 145 am central time or 245 am eastern she could be a Fox News contributer they keep on call and she said it!

  10. Harleyrider1978 says:

    I called to get a transcript fox said they no longer offer those services

  11. Frank Davis says:

    From MJM:


    (This is a Quora blog where I just added the item below):

    Election 2016: The Role of the Antismokers

    Californian Antismokers focused virtually all their electoral attentions and efforts on grabbing an extra $2/pack tax on smokers and a 70% basic tax on vapers. The money (likely about $50 million in various forms) they poured into it paid off for them: the new taxes will pull in well over $1,000 million PER YEAR, a fair amount of which will (of course) pour right back into those antismoking pockets so they can dummy up more pseudoscientific research on vaping and second/third/fourthhand smoking while lobbying for further tax increases. (Using tax increases to push for more tax increases is quite a nice game, eh?)

    Partly because of this concentration on getting out the “liberal” antismoking vote in California we saw the numbers there for Hillary jump to over 61%, more than any other state in the entire country if the current figures at Presidential Election Results: Donald J. Trump Wins hold true.

    BUT… because of that focus, the efforts those same folks would largely have been making elsewhere in the country on the more general Clinton/Trump fight were weakened. And, at the same time, smokers around the country are still angry over the Clinton-designed/Obama-signed SCHIP tax on smokers (a 200%+ increase on regular smokers, plus a 2300%+ increase on the small and financially poor minority of Roll Your Own smokers => actually the largest percentage increase on a tax in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!) Those smokers likely came out in droves against Clinton and the further restrictions/taxes she would bring. Smokers aren’t as large a demographic as women, but they are larger than blacks or hispanics, and they are angry and they are frustrated and they are resentful. While a detailed analysis has not been made I believe that they likely tipped the balance in several close states.

    If smokers had not been subjected to extortionate levels of taxation and if they had not been thrown out of their workplaces, restaurants, bars, and even their homes in some cases, they would likely have split roughly 50/50 on the Presidency. However the extremes of the antismoking movement of the last 25 years likely resulted in that split being more like 60/40 …. close to what we saw for female voters in the opposite direction.

    Without that extra push caused by the antismoking movement and by the responding efforts of Free Choice groups and individuals we would likely be seeing our first female president in the history of our country today. Whether you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing varies for many other reasons, but the fact of the final result may very well be laid at the feet of the Antismokers and the people who’ve been ostracized, impoverished and persecuted by them.

    It’s unlikely that Trump will roll back smokers’ taxes; he may even tolertate a small increase at some point in response to our rising economic disaster, but any increase would be nowhere near the sort of hammer Clinton would have hit smokers with over the next four years. Will he push for a relaxation of bans? Probably not strongly, but he may push at some of the more extreme and economically destructive ones in bars and casinos, and the more invasive ones in public housing and apartments. Again, I believe smokers (and vapers as well!) are fairly confident that no matter what the next four years brings under Trump it will be far better than under Clinton.

    • garyk30 says:

      BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – North Dakota voters have rejected a ballot measure that would have increased the state’s cigarette tax by 400 percent.

      Ok, that makes 4 out of 5 tax increases that did not pass.
      Calif- passed
      Colo- did not pass
      Missouri- did not pass on two measures
      N.Dak- did not pass

      Good news for smokers!

  12. chris says:

    I really hope smokers won’t be blamed for the Trump presidency.

    • smokingscot says:

      That’s very unlikely. We don’t figure in their calculations (and that’s absolutely brilliant as far as I’m concerned).

      So far they’ve taken pot shots at “angry white men” and they’ve made a very big issue of their belief that Trump won over people who do not have a college degree (or as one twit stated – “uneducated”).

      In truth Mr. T manged to persuade 53% of white females to vote for him and he took a very much larger percentage of Hispanic voters than the Republican candidate eight years ago. Seems Cuban Americans made the difference for him in Florida.


      In fairness the youngsters using social media are running up a wonderful tantrum – and a very, very small – but vocal lot – did the protest thing when Mr. T met with President Obama.

      However the security services managed a 16 car cavalcade to take Mr. T from the airport to the White House. That is very intimidating – as intended.

      I enjoyed Granddad’s take on this:


      However there is a great deal of truth that Mr. T managed to persuade millions of brown collar workers to vote for him instead of the Democrats.

      I’ve seen interviews on telly and heard them on radio. They may not have the education of some of the people using social media, but they’re very down to earth and definitely not stupid. The difficulty is they’re not using Twitter or Facebook, in fact many of them probably don’t have an internet connection, nor a smart phone. So what the upset periwinkles say is of no interest nor concern of theirs.

      As an aside. I know Mr. T remembers – and fully intends to reward – those who helped him in his darkest hours – and he had a few of those. But I don’t think Nigel Farage will be offered the role of “ambassador to the European Union” .


  13. waltc says:

    How’s Kimberly Guilfoyle for The Girl? She was once married to the mayor of San Francisco. What say, Harley? (I hope this posts the photo.)


  14. Yvonne says:

    Have you noted how extra prison wardens are being recruited, obviously at our expense, so as to keep order in worsening disorderly prisons? It seems that no-one in the media is joining the dots and linking this to the prison smoking bans.

  15. Ive been all over youtube fox archives everything and I cant find the video coverage. But it was within minutes after trump was declared the winner the fox newsman asked her first what happened and she said lets go back it began in California with smoking and it spread to NYC and now the nanny state is dead.plus more she said. But she was nailing where the problem began and how it came to a global movement and she included brexit in her spill and marie le pen will be elected along with the anti-global movement across the world because of everything that’s gone down.

  16. Nigel Farage
    Yesterday at 7:59am ·
    Facebook Mentions

    Today, the establishment is in deep shock. Even more so than after Brexit.

    What we are witnessing is the end of a period of big business and big politics controlling our lives.

    Voters across the Western world want nation state democracy, proper border controls and to be in charge of their own lives.

    I commend Donald Trump for the courage with which he has fought this campaign and I look forward to a closer relationship between the USA and the UK.

    We now have a President who likes our country and understands our post-Brexit values.

    Prepare for further political shocks in the years to come.

  17. Leonard Cohen dead at 82 he started smoking again at 80

  18. alanxxx says:

    Top man – time for the younger generation to breed more bohemians

    Closing Time

  19. Roobeedoo2 says:

    ‘A group of secessionists in California are taking advantage of post-election discontent and re-introducing their petition to make California its own country. Apparently, the liberal elites of California aren’t big fans of Donald Trump…who knew?’


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