Disbelief And Delight

I watched a few of the first returns coming in last night. Donald Trump started out well, but Hillary Clinton soon overtook him. By the time I went to bed, it didn’t look like my predicted Trump landslide was going to happen. In fact, it looked like it might even be a Hillary Clinton landslide. So I sat in bed, with whisky and cigarette, wondering what that would mean. Because I’d never really thought about it. Because I’ve always thought, more or less from the moment he entered the race, that Donald Trump would win. It was unthinkable that he wouldn’t win. And now I started thinking what it would mean if he lost.

And it didn’t look good. It would mean that the globalists had won. And it would mean that US borders would be held wide open for millions and millions more people to keep pouring in. It would mean the end of America: the end of the America we used to know and love. Because under Hillary Clinton, America would be sold off county by county, state by state, to the highest bidder – which would be Saudi Arabia, China, and anyone with enough money to pay into the Clinton foundation.

And in Europe it would mean that the faltering globalist EU superstate would get stronger. Brexit would be annulled. Millions and millions of Muslims would pour into Europe, and also into Britain. It would be the end of Europe: the end of the Europe that we used to know and love, the Europe that was the cradle of Western civilisation, the vibrant Europe of distinct nations and cultures.

Somewhere in the middle of these dark ruminations, I fell asleep. And when I awoke, I continued with them. I didn’t want to turn on the computer and learn by what margin Hillary Clinton had won. I wanted to carry on thinking about just how terrible everything was going to be.

Because as the globalist yoke tightened, Britain (and all Europe) would start to endure ever-heavier top-down control, and ever-more-intense suppression of culture. The smoking ban was just the start of a process of erasing all culture, all identity. Smoking bans would be extended to the outdoors, and into people’s own homes. There’d be an alcohol ban. A meat ban. A sugar ban. A salt ban. Sharia law would be introduced in place of English common law. Christianity would be suppressed. Christian churches would be converted into mosques in which attendance would be compulsory. Women would be made to wear burqas, and become the chattels of men. Homosexuals would be thrown out of windows. It would be a world of unlimited violence. I would continue to resist, because it was the only thing I knew how to do. But my blog would be closed down, more or less at the same time that the internet was suppressed. I’d have to send Harley money to mail me a machine pistol and enough rounds to be able to hold out for a few days when they came for me.

Eventually, unwillingly, I turned on the computer in order to watch Hillary Clinton giving a victory speech wearing one of the dumpy pink Mao suits we were all going to get very used to seeing in the years to come.

So it was with complete disbelief that I read that… that… that… Trump had won.

I couldn’t believe it. I kept going from news site to news site to check it. I even did the unthinkable and checked the BBC. But there it was again:


And yet I’d myself predicted his victory just a day or two back. I’d even put £10 on Trump to win, in a highly uncharacteristic gamble. I had always thought he was going to win – until I climbed into bed last night. I’d even predicted that Hillary would quickly concede (which she did, as also did Obama).

So it must have been a nightmare.

Yes, it must have just been a nightmare. It was just a singularly vivid nightmare.

Because the globalists have been defeated. The warmongering Bush-Clinton-Obama political class have been ousted. And the US mainstream media have been discredited by the internet and social media.

What happens next is fairly clear. Or some of it is. The stupid and completely unnecessary new Cold War with Russia is going to come to an abrupt end. And ISIL is going to be annihilated, most likely with US and Russian forces acting in concert. And the disintegration of the tottering globalist EU superstate will accelerate, as one country after another secedes from it, and re-asserts independence. And Brexit really will mean Brexit. And globalist institutions like the UN and WHO will retreat and lose influence.

And because the Republicans also won both the House and the Senate, maybe that will mean that Trump will have a free hand in pushing through a major reform programme, and kickstart the US economy with a bonfire of restrictive environmental regulations.

In recent years I’ve come to see the smoking bans that have been reproducing all over the world as an integral part of a top-down-controlling globalist agenda, and as much part and parcel of it as open borders and mass migration. And that means that as globalism retreats, and countries regain their independence and autonomy, smoking bans are going to start being repealed. In Europe I would expect that it would be in eastern or southern Europe that this would commence, because the prevalence of smokers is highest there. First it will be one country, and then another, in a cascade. “Progressives” will weep, but “progressivism” is just another name for globalism. Unfortunately Britain will probably be among the last to revoke its “progressive” smoking bans.

But right now, after that nightmare last night, I’m still having difficulty believing that Donald Trump really has been elected President of the United States.


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48 Responses to Disbelief And Delight

  1. Roobeedoo2 says:

    I knew he would win – been watching on Twitter the Yuge crowds his rallies have been attracting…

    *Yeah, love that Song, Clicky… /taps feet… *

    Next stop? Repeal of smoking bans… They’re terrible for business, you know ;)

  2. Clicky says:

  3. ladyraj says:

    “And yet I’d myself predicted his victory just a day or two back. I’d even put £10 on Trump to win, in a highly uncharacteristic gamble. I had always thought he was going to win – ”

    You called it! :-) In my jaded point of view I assumed Trump’s running was a gift to the democrats. The main stream media is eating crow…particularly, CNN. I’m loving it!

    • M. Cooper says:

      Enjoy it while you can. America, the richest and most powerful country on Earth has just elected a petulant, unstable egomaniac as president. No good can come of this. The result is only slightly better than getting Hilary the social authoritarian (everyones granny) warmonger would have been. We are now living in interesting times.

  4. Lecroix says:

    Reblogged this on Contra la ley "antitabaco" and commented:
    Magnífico artículo. Frank os lo explica mejor que yo.

  5. juwan kim says:

    i agree hilary represents globalist and trump anti-globalist.
    but when it comes to smoking, trump is anti-smoker.
    i dont think anything good will come out of trump regarding smoking.

    • kin_free says:

      Trump is a business man, he may not like smoking or drinking but he isn’t daft – he knows how bad smoke bans are for business and public morale. Don’t forget that Trump’s Vice President will be Mike Pence :-


      I am now cautiously optimistic that smoke bans will be history within a few years (hopefully sooner). I expect anti-smoker nutters will be viewed with the same pity and/or humour that those ugly women who proudly stated; ‘lips that touched liquor will not touch mine’ in the heady days of US prohibition. Those smoker control brainwashed nutters would be petulant for a while – stamp their feet and skweem and skweem and skweem, “what about me, me, me and my funding”, but why should we accord them any right to make the innocent suffer? – They can go get a proper job!

  6. I don’t know you Frank. But last night, at four o’clock in the morning when I saw the results, I thought immediately “My goodness Frank WILL be pleased!” And you’ve won £40!

  7. Smoking Lamp says:

    One of the outcomes of yesterday’s election was that Prop 56 the California Tobacco Tax Increase passed. Prop 56 is a draconian and regressive tax that extracts fund=s from smokers to increase profits for insurance companies. it shouldn’t have passed and needs to be repealed. Tobacco control must be destroyed!

      • Roobeedoo2 says:

        *Clicky! There’s no need for that! Just ‘cos California seems to be house the biggest anti-smoking bollock-merchants in the world… Sheesh!*

        *Actually, I think it’s more like San Francisco, butt nevermind…*

    • SL Id bet that the tax wont last,the bootleg market will now take over as it did everywhere else.

      • Smoking Lamp says:

        Yes Harley, the bootleg cigarette market will grow. it is sad, it took the antismokers about 17 tries to raise the tax… It passed due to the impact of relentless antismoking propaganda. In addition to the tax increase, many cities are enacting outdoor bans. There is scant resistance and the media as you know suppresses dissenting voices. There is need for push back in California and elsewhere.

  8. garyk30 says:

    Leftists are going to scream that Hillary won the popular vote and she should have won; but, their sainted JFK won the electoral vote and lost the popular vote too.

    What goes around, comes around.

  9. I stayed up all nite for it and finally at 1;40 am they called it…………..

    Just for the record within minutes of fox news calling Pennsylvania for trump one foxnews gal on the panel went right for the democrat jugular and said IT ALL STARTED IN CALIFORNIA WITH THE SMOKING BANS and it quickly went to NYC and then she said the nannystate is DEAD.

    She went further into how restricted freedom is in NYC today compared to just 10-13 years ago.

    She went on that if trumps folks were to go out and do much theyd likely be breaking a nyc REGULATION or Law…………

    Bloomberg has yet to open his welded shut mouth nor has Gates said anything yet.

    The global order is ABOLISHED.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I would have liked to have seen that.

    • waltc says:

      Yes, wish I’d seen it too. I was going back and forth between fox and cnn. Can you tell me who it was that said that?

      Meanwhile prop 56 won 63 to 37. Anti-smoking lives. And there’s no way either a president or congress can undo local laws.

      • Harleyrider1978 says:

        They could pass a federal law that only federal taxes can be collected on tobacco and then be distributed to the states thru normal federal allowances in federal tax aide!

    • Tom says:

      OMG – that someone actually said that, on live TV, coast to coast, in the US – I am flabbergasted. I wish they would say it again and again and in prime time for everyone to hear, not just once and in the late hours. But the announcer got that one right – it DID start with the CA and specifically, SF anti-smoking dictators – but with the 300% increase in tobacco plus sales tax in CA along with vaping becoming taxable, same as tobacco, the anti-smoking regime in SF will not die but be better funded for next time they expand outward. I think CA will still be repressed when it comes to tobacco and vaping while only marijuana will see more permission and encouragement being promoted. But I am shocked, someone on live TV, coast to coast, actually came out FOR ONCE and said THE TRUTH of the matter, the honest to God, un-adultered, actual truth.

      • Harleyrider1978 says:

        One of foxs panel gals said it right after they called it for trump .

        I don’t know her name but she had brown hair andabout 30

  10. Rose says:

    Happy Birthday, Harley.

  11. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    I too made a bet that Trump would win, so I am now $100AUD better off! I will need the extra money to pay for cigarettes, now that the effective Australian tobacco tax rate is an astounding and totally unjustified 685%. Time for the prohibitionists to be ignored and to repeal all their intrusive paternalistic laws and controls, fuelled not by public health but by greed and social engineering objectives, as they use the full force of the law to inflict their vision of a smoke free utopia on other citizens.

  12. Lepercolonist says:

    Down with the elite globalists ! My hometown has been gutted by these elite bastards. Most of our manufacturing jobs have shipped overseas. How do Americans and those in the Western world compete with third world labor wages and subsidized communist labor ? Trump got it right.

  13. margo says:

    It’s weird – for the first time ever in my life, what I hoped for or voted for in politics has happened – twice in one year.

    • Roobeedoo2 says:

      Can I recommend a book to you, Margo? It might explain this period in time to you. It did for me:


      Basically, during the Crisis (Winter) Season, i.e. now, a Gray Champion arises from the masses, to galvanize the younger generation, generally to war. FDR was the last one. However, in this digital, electronic age we live in (h/tip Marshal McLuhan), it’s not just one ‘Gray Champion’ but the collective ‘gray people’, i.e. Old Uns.

      And in the case of this particular blog: Stop behaving like Nazis and let us enjoy our pint in the pub with a smoke. We’re the Allies. We’re not the call to go to war this time, we’re actually the Voice of Reason.

      I’ve written some posts about it:


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  15. Thanks for a great blog post Frank! I also thought things were bound to end up with Hillary and was amazed to see Trump get a lead and then continue to HOLD the lead!

    Harley, Happy BDay guy! :) Betcha never had a present that made you happier than this, eh?


    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      Hell ya hopefully it’s the political change that will end this round of world terror! Brexit now trump even the news media pointed it out. It’s a worldwide uprising against the globalist and their nannystate!

  16. cherie79 says:

    We stayed up all night to watch the results, what a joy it was to see the horror on the faces of the commentators on all channels except FOX though there were some shocked faces there too. Still my son won his bet and won £900 so can’t complain. We are off to London tonight for an expensive meal so thanks Donald.

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