Guest post by smokervoter in California about Proposition 56, which will slap a $2 tax on every packet of cigarettes:


For various reasons the Medi-Cal indigent childrens’ healthcare program expanded precipitously in 2014. This left a $1.1 billion dollar budget shortfall. The initial solution was to pass the hat amongst the players in the health insurance industry to cover the deficit. Understandably some smaller companies who don’t service the program balked. There developed a major impasse.

The solution followed a path that had worked in untangling a similar stalemate involving the federal version of indigent childrens’ healthcare: “Tax not you, tax not me, tax that fellow behind the tree”. And that person behind the tree predictably materialized in the form of the thoroughly demonized smokers of America.

Proposition 56 is designed to shift the responsibility of balancing the books of over-promised Medi-Cal benefits for the poor and young from the health insurance providers to the smokers and vapers of California. Not only is this inherently unfair but it’s an extremely regressive tax given the fact that the majority of smokers happen to earn less than average income. Smokers are already subsidizing the federal version of this same program to the tune of one dollar per pack.

Between the federal and Prop 56 levies, a minimum-wage-earning smoker/vaper will wind up contributing about $1,000 per year “for the children”. And they’ll likely not even get a Thank You for Smoking in the process.

And the health insurance industry will breathe in a heavy sigh of relief. Dishonorable as it may be, “tax that fellow (or woman) behind the tree” still works every time.

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18 Responses to VOTE NO ON PROP 56

  1. whats this like the 4th time in ten years the Nazis in California have tried for this stupid tax.

    I remember the MEATBALL TAX…………….what a proper name for a tax MEATHEAD

  2. Tom says:

    Sugar tax in California again this time too – in SF, Oakland and Alameda, all across from one another on either side of the Bay and Berkeley, also part of that assemblage of cities and perhaps the most radical leftist of all, already passed theirs last election time. This time it is only a majority, not a 2/3 majority required in SF and if it passes, then all sugar products will be taxed 1-penny PER OUNCE, not per drink, but PER OUNCE. After that gets passed,then they will more than likely start upping it the way they do sales tax until it becomes 2-pennies, 3-pennies, etc. The new tobacco and vaping $2 per pack tax might also, once it becomes established and is cited as “great success”, start seeing that increase and maybe with no vote needed, once set up. So if anyone not a smoker or vaper thought they are getting away scott free, time to think again, because the onerous smoking bans of CA and SF have now led to the upcoming sugar taxes and expect more.

  3. smokervoter says:

    Frank, I noticed a glaring typo in my post. In the second paragraph I wrote “Tax not me, that not thee, tax that fellow behind the tree”… “that not thee” should read “tax not thee”. Wouldn’t you know I’d mess up my moneyshot line. Is is possible to fix it?

  4. smokervoter says:

    Wow, I messed it up even worse than that… It should read Tax not you, tax not me, tax that fellow behind the tree. We should jettison the word “thee” completely.

  5. Rose says:

    I got my first pouch of Government brand rolling tobacco yesterday afternoon, a bit of an anti-climax, plain chocolate brown, with relatively tame artwork by anti-tobacco.

    It says, Quit smoking – stay alive for those close to you, with a small advert for the nhs quit website underneath.

    Perhaps the next one will be more impressive.

  6. Clicky says:

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