Only One Nobody Left

I suppose I got interested in the US election on the day in June last year when Donald Trump rode down the escalator in the Trump Tower, and announced in a rambling speech (which I watched) that he was running for the Presidency.

He was a new kind of figure in US politics. Mostly I’m not that interested in politics (I paid no attention to the past two US elections), because politicians are almost always interchangeable suits speaking the same platitudes and empty promises and, more often than not, outright lies. Here was a loud, brash guy who built skyscrapers and ran casinos. He was a somebody. And when the entire US media and political class started screaming and shouting that he was completely unsuitable, unstable, sexist, racist, and fascist, that only made him look even more interesting. And when he started saying that he’d build a wall to keep out all the Mexican rapists, and stop muslim terrorists coming into the USA, and give Putin a free hand to wipe out ISIL, and they got even more hysterical, that just made him yet more fascinating, as well as gorgeously politically incorrect.

This US election has been all about Donald Trump. It’s been about Trump, Trump, and nothing else but Trump. Everyone else has been reduced to bit part players. There were 16 other Republican candidates in the primaries, and they were all blown out of his way like snow in front of a freight train. I can’t even remember most of their names now. They weren’t nobodies before Trump showed up, but they were all nobodies after he’d passed through.

There’s only one nobody left now. And she’s called Hillary Clinton. And she really is a genuine nobody. Her only claim to fame is that she’s the scheming wife of a previous, charismatic president. She has zero charisma herself. She’s never achieved anything worth remembering. She’s just a long row of crooked zeroes. It’s almost as if the Democratic party hunted through the box for the very worst candidate they could find, and they found her. And now they have to help her up the steps to make speeches that nobody listens to. And yet, until very recently, the mainstream media has been saying that she was going to be a shoo-in. It was going to be a coronation for her.

And tomorrow it’s up to Americans to decide whether they prefer him or her. It’s still their country (just), after all.  And I think (despite the meaningless opinion polls) they’re going to prefer the somebody over the nobody. It’s just a guess. I find it very easy to imagine Donald Trump in the White House. And almost impossible to imagine Hillary Clinton.

And also there’s the yard signs. I was listening a day or two back to some guy who said he’d been criss-crossing America for months, and that – apart from a few cities on the east and west coast – America was more or less paved with Donald Trump yard signs. I’ve heard quite a few people say something very similar.

I’ve also heard a lot of people say that they personally don’t know anyone who’s going to vote for Hillary. And that’s no surprise. Most Dems wanted Crazy Bernie as their candidate, and would have had him if Hillary hadn’t rigged the result in her own favour with her superdelegates in the DNC. There’s no enthusiasm for Hillary.

Compare that with the lone homeless black woman who stood guard over Trump’s star:

The homeless woman who was brutally harassed by Hillary Clinton supporters as she guarded Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, has been found.

Last week a man smashed Trump’s star with a sledgehammer, after it was repaired a woman, now identified as Denise Scott, decided to guard the star while taking an onslaught of abuse from the left-wing loons prevalent in Hollywood.

Scott held a sign that read “20 Million Illegals and Americans Sleep on the Streets in Tents. Vote Trump.”

She was viciously attacked as she sat peacefully exercising her First Amendment rights by the leftists who continue to preach to others about coexisting.

Since then, the Trump team has been trying to find the woman to thank her.

Trump supporters have started a GoFundMe page for her with the goal of raising $100,000 (it currently sits at $27,975 $33,431.)

This, and any number of other straws in the wind, tell me that Americans are going to vote in a huge landslide for Donald Trump tomorrow. It’s going to be bigger than the Reagan landslide. It’s gonna be yuge.

But lots of people are saying that the election will be rigged to stop him. But the same people have also said that election rigging can only change the result by a percentage point or two. Election-rigging can’t stop landslides.

Other people – like Wikileaks’ Julian Assange – have been saying that the US political establishment won’t accept a Trump presidency. Trump is too much of a loose cannon to let him get his fingers anywhere near the nuclear button. They’ll stop him, one way or other. But I don’t think that’s going to happen either. Because Donald Trump isn’t really the outsider they make him out to be. He’s actually just another billionaire oligarch in the US oligarchy. He’s a political donor who’s become a political candidate. Hillary Clinton even attended his wedding. And, as noted, he already has his own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And also Trump is famous for the deals he cuts. He’s even written a book about it: The Art of the Deal. I bet he can do deals with the US political establishment just as well as with anyone else. And he’s also already got people like Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani and Ben Carson (and now even Ted Cruz) on his side. And he’s now managing to deliver well-scripted presidential speeches with a teleprompter.

No, this “outsider” is a consummate insider. If I have any real fears about him, it’s that he’s so much of an insider that he’ll prove to be as much an open-border globalist as the rest of them, and there won’t be any change at all.

So when Trump wins by a landslide tomorrow, I don’t think there is going to any vote-rigging, or any riots, or any palace coup. The Dems will be crestfallen. Hillary will make a gracious concession speech. Obama will congratulate Trump.  All the back-room deals will have been done. And November 9 will be just another quiet day in America.

And with luck a Trump presidency will ensure that Brexit really will mean Brexit, and will encourage a few European politicians to campaign to leave (or reform) the bloated bureaucracy that is the EU. And global warming will become past history. And so will globalism and globalist eugenic measures like the smoking bans all over the world.

Anyway, I’ve got a 4:1 bet of £10 on Trump to win.

Watch 52 hour live online broadcast here.


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24 Responses to Only One Nobody Left

  1. Clicky says:

  2. petesquiz says:

    I do hope you’re right, but I fear that the opinion polls will be right. Either way there’s nothing we can do about now.

    With regard to vote rigging, it would be impossible to do it nationally as each state has their own way of conducting the election, but if it’s close run thing, you only need to fix one, maybe two states. George W Bush in 2000 with Florida, JFK in 1960 with Ohio are examples where accusations have been made, but never substantiated. I think that’s the scenario Donald Trump wouldn’t accept, but, as you say, vote rigging can’t stop a landslide.

  3. jaxthefirst says:

    Well, the way I see it is this. Which would you rather have take up residence in your back yard – a raging bull or a poisonous snake? Clearly the raging bull is a better option. Why? Well, because there’s every chance that the raging bull, after a while, will stop raging. The poisonous snake, on the other hand, will always be a poisonous snake.

  4. smokervoter says:

    I can’t believe what I’m watching on the telly right now (Monday night 6 PM California time). The BBC American newsfeed is basically running a Hillary Clinton campaign piece which began with Barack Obama giving a lonnggg endorsement. We’re 18 minutes into right now. Incredible. It’s obvious who the BBC is siding with.

    • Frank Davis says:

      If I, here in England, was to watch to watch the BBC American newsfeed you’ve been watching, I’d be liable to pay an annual £155 TV Licence fee. I don’t have a TV set, and until recently I only ever watched BBC programmes on my computer using iplayer after they’d been broadcast. But recently I’ve been told that even if I watched on iplayer, I was liable to pay the fee. So now I don’t watch anything by the BBC. Yesterday I was reading a BBC news report, and noticed an embedded video in it, and I was just about to start watching it when I realised that if I did, I’d probably need a TV licence, so I didn’t watch. I’m beginning to wonder if I might need to pay the licence fee if I even read online BBC news reports, or even read the letters B-B-C.

      So now we have the situation where an American like you in California can watch the BBC free, but Brits like me have to pay a £155 licence fee. The BBC is free for everyone in the world except the British.

      Not that I particularly want to watch BBC programmes. It used to be good, 10 or 20 years ago, but these days it all seems like propaganda. I’m not in the least bit surprised that they’ve endorsed Hillary Clinton. It’s why I stopped watching.

      • mikef317 says:

        The BBC isn’t exactly free in America (although it’s not a “premium” channel like Home Box Office). In NY it’s part of a long list of stations that I get from my cable company. These are “bundled” together whether I watch them (or even want them) or not.

        I do watch some entertainment shows (Dr. Who) but even if I didn’t watch anything, a small part of my cable cost would go to the BBC. I suspect this would be true in California, and probably in other countries.

        • Roobeedoo2 says:

          Have you watched ‘Class’ yet? It’s a spin-off show for US teenagers. I’ve seen the first few sans adverts – it’s a bit gory but really very entertaining, and I am recommending it to my boys :D

        • smokervoter says:

          The BBC America feed is on Public Broadcasting Service here. I get it for free over my rabbit-ear antennae along with 62 other channels with extraordinarily clear reception. I guess that’s one of the bonuses of living 70 miles away from the ‘entertainment capital’ of L.A. I’ve never paid for cable teevee, so I don’t get FOX, CNN, MSNBC and all the rest of the rot. No great loss in my estimation.

          PBS incidentally is in the tank for Hillary too, and the all the other Dems as well. I used to respect PBS presenter Judy Woodruff but now I see her as a disgusting shill. When the PBS newshour was the McNeil-Lehrer Report it was fair and balanced.

          I’m just about through with the media. No more Meet the Press, Face the Nation and etc. for me. The coverage of this election has been horribly slanted. Much like the unpersoning hatchet job they did with Ron Paul in 2012.

          The Democrats are the Inner and Outer Party. The Mainstream media is the Ministry of Truth. Donald Trump is Emmanuel Goldstein and Hillary Clinton is Big Mother. And it’s all being broadcast to everyone on Apple(TM) telescreens.

  5. Lepercolonist says:

    Crossing my fingers for Trump. Hillary needs to retire to her criminal family foundation.

  6. mikef317 says:

    The American election is over. Donald Trump lost.

    We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are some contrarian views.

    Due to length I’m splitting things up. It’s 5 AM in NY; maybe I’ll add more tomorrow.

    America the wimp.

    When they’re not demanding that Obama “bomb the hell” out of some country, if you listen to Donald Trump and just about any Republican, they will tell you that the American military is in a shambles. Other countries are no longer afraid of us. We don’t get no respect!

    Iranian nuts in motorboats speed past a U. S. warship and make obscene gestures. Oh my God – obscene gestures! Why didn’t we defend our honor and kill these Islamic terrorists? Maybe because it would have been an act of war?. (Around the same time, people in Yemen made the mistake of firing missiles at an American warship; the warship fired back, and as far as I know, no more missiles came its way. Who fires first counts a lot.)

    As with everything else, Trump fancies himself the smartest person in the room. He attended a boarding school that effected military trappings. More recently, he listens to political TV shows that have guests with past military service – and from this Trump concludes that he knows more than all the generals who would have to execute whatever orders he might give. Lately he’s preaching the “element of surprise.” Surprise is nice if you want to kill enemy leaders. If you want to liberate a city of a million people, someone will certainly notice thousands of troops gathering on the boarder.

    Contrary to Trump and the Republicans, the United States is the world’s one and only superpower. The Russians could put up a nasty fight, and probably China, but neither is a superpower in the sense that the United States is. (And when the U. S. and Russia have been close to war, leaders of both countries sensibly backed down.)

    One of the ways that the U. S. projects military power is with the Navy – in particular aircraft carriers. Below is a worldwide list of all carriers in service.

    The United States has 19 commissioned carriers, half of which are nuclear powered. THE REST OF THE WORLD – EVERY OTHER COUNTRY COMBINED – has 21,and only one is nuclear powered. Russia has one. China has one (which they bought from the Russians).

    America the wimp? 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a fleet of U. S. bombers circle close to Russian airspace. These planes are designed to penetrate Russian air defenses and drop nuclear bombs on whatever targets the President chooses.

    There is also the submarine fleet. (I won’t try to figure out the number of ships, but there are more than a few.) The U. S. doesn’t reveal the location of its subs. It’s a good bet that at least one is assigned to each aircraft carrier. Others lurk in the oceans; many of these are armed with nuclear weapons. There are also nuclear weapons bunkers on continental U. S. territory. (This is called the nuclear triad, air, sea, and land, U. S. policy for decades – which had to be explained to General Trump.)

    Then there’s the Army, the Marines (who are part of the Navy), and the Air Force. These forces are stationed at bases all over the world.

    Then we have the CIA, the National Security Agency, a bunch of other agencies, spy satellites, and God only know what else.

    For a piece loving country, the U. S. is well armed, and we’ve been in our share of wars. (And while other countries may have nuclear bombs, the U. S. is the only country that has used them.) American has a dark side, and Donald Trump foolishly appeals to that. He has also suggested killing the children of terrorist leaders and executing prisoners of war, both of which are war crimes. USA! USA! USA!

    On a brighter note, for a number of years, wimpy Obama has been building up U. S. military assets in the South China Sea. Below is a link from 2011.

  7. mikef317 says:

    On guns and “dangerous” American cities.

    If you listen to Donald Trump, you might think that American cities are war zones. (Illegal aliens, pillaging and raping and murdering! We need law and order!)

    Report from the battlefront of New York – it’s pretty safe. Eight and a half million people live in the city, and there are tops, 400 murders a year, and most of those involve criminal gangs and domestic disputes (i.e., people who known each other).

    If anyone wants to visit NY on holiday, as long as you stick to tourist areas, you should be fine – with one exception (which will sound ridiculous) – beware of crossing streets (and of bicyclists on sidewalks or streets). Most people obey the traffic laws, but there are 4,000 serious injuries and several hundred fatalities each year. Also beware of man-hole covers; they occasionally explode….

    But what about terrorists?

    For years after 9/11 I commuted to work by subway, changing trains at Grand Central Station morning and night, and traveling to Times Square several times a month. New York City is a prime terrorist target, and GCS and TS are symbols known worldwide. I was frequently worried about the train being on time, but terrorists…? Not impossible, but not something that frightened me.

    But what about crime? American crime rates have been declining for decades. Nobody knows why.

    Don’t I need a gun to defend my home? I live 10 blocks from the local Police Station. (For other emergencies, I live 5 blocks from a Firehouse, and if I needed an ambulance, it would only take minutes to arrive.)

    I find the numbers hard to believe, but only 31% of American “households” (families living together) own guns. (People who own guns tend to own a lot of guns.)

    All the above said, however, American spans a continent, and there are some places (Farm country and Bear country) where owning a gun makes sense. If you live in Farm country, the nearest police might be an hour’s drive away. A gun is a prudent form of self-defense. If you live in Bear country (an hour’s drive north of New York City, or in areas of New Jersey) you might find a bear in your yard. You should own a gun. A big gun. There is also hunting and target shooting which many people enjoy – which is fine as long as you don’t start killing your neighbors….

    Perhaps topics for another day, America does have law and order problems – too many people in jail, gang violence in cities like Chicago, the militarization of “small town” police forces (SWAT teams), cops shooting unarmed civilians, and the FBI interfering in a Presidential election.

    • Frank Davis says:

      There is a reason for Americans owning guns, aside from self-defence against criminals and bears, which you have neglected to mention. And that is the occasional need to overthrow their government.

      After all, in 1775, in the battles of Lexington and Concord, Americans began the process of overthrowing the then lawful government of George III of England. If Americans hadn’t done that, America would quite likely still be a British colony.

      I recently listened to Barack Obama asking incredulously why anyone would ever want to overthrow the government. “After all, you elected them.,” he said.

      I thought that was a little short-sighted of him. Even elected governments can become so oppressive that people will revolt.

      • mikef317 says:

        We’ve had our Revolution, and our Civil War. That’s history.

        Americans frequently don’t live up to our ideals, but we do try. We are a nation of laws, and we don’t need guns to change our government. (And might I suggest, neither do the British.)

  8. mikef317 says:

    Miscellaneous things.

    Donald Trump says that he will call a “special session” of Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare.

    The last President to call a special session was Harry Truman.

    Congress is either “in session” or it is not. When not in session, members return to their home states or vacation in the Bahamas. No “official business” is conducted.

    Special sessions can be called in times of emergency, by the President or by Congress itself. For example, suppose Florida is hit by a bad hurricane and there isn’t enough money in the “disaster relief” fund. Congressional action is required because they control the purse strings. A special session would be called, money appropriated, and then Congress would “shut down” until its next official session.

    Congress sets its own agenda. A President may ASK that certain laws be given priority, but it is not something he can order, and repeal (no lees replace) would depend on how the Senate votes. (The idiots in the House have voted for repeal SIXTY TIMES, and the law is still in place.)


    There was a statement a few days back about Loretta Lynch (U. S. Attorney General) taking the 5th Amendment. Not so. That was a characterization of Marco Rubio (a Senator with more ambition than ability) responding to previous correspondence where he didn’t like Lynch’s responses to his questions. “…it is outrageous that you would essentially plead the Fifth and refuse to respond to inquiries…”

    The 5th Amendment ONLY pertains to LEGAL proceedings. Someone testifying in court, or before Congress under oath, or being questioned by police can invoke the 5th Amendment. While letters from Congress should be answered respectfully (yeah, sure) they are not backed by the force of law. (That said, Congress could order Lynch to a hearing and put her under oath, in which case she could invoke the 5th if she chose.)


    The above Rubio / Lynch tiff pertains to a 1.7 billion dollar cash “ransom” paid to Iran in exchange for the release of four U. S. hostages.

    Typical Republican nonsense.

    This goes back to Jimmy Carter and the Shaw of Iran. The Shaw ordered and paid for a large number of U. S. weapons. Then Iran had its revolution. The U. S. never delivered the weapons, but it never returned the money either. This kicked around in international courts for decades, and was finally resolved by Obama. (The U. S. got a big financial break because we didn’t have to pay interest on the 1.7 billion.)

    But there was a glitch. Congress refused to alter laws that prohibit banking transactions between the U. S. and Iran. The only choice Obama had was to pay cash. The actual delivery was “delayed” (smart move) until the U. S. had the four hostages in hand, but even if there were no hostages, the money would still have gone to Iran.


    Ronald Reagan’s name always comes up. A B list actor. True but he was also President of the Screen Actors Guild, and later a two term governor of California and quite active in national Republican politics. As President, Reagan signed a bill (the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act) that gave several million illegal immigrants a chance to become legal citizens. Reagan also negotiated nuclear arms reduction with the Russians.

    Giving illegal immigrants a break? Negotiating with an enemy? That sounds like Obama.

    • garyk30 says:

      “cops shooting unarmed civilians”

      And your chances are very slim that such a thing will happen to you.

      There are about 319 million civilians in the US and cops kill an estimated 1,000 per year.

      You have a 1 in 319,000 chance of being the one.

      That is a 0.000003 chance.
      You have a 99.9997% chance of not being the one.

      The rest of what you say is just as bad.

      • garyk30 says:

        ” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a fleet of U. S. bombers circle close to Russian airspace”

        Those flights were ended in 1968.
        Your claim is almost 50 years wrong.

        • mikef317 says:

          I wasn’t aware that the bomber flights had ended. Given the expense and the limited chance of nuclear war, it makes sense. The flights, however, could be resumed. The point I wanted to make is that no other nation has this much military power.

      • mikef317 says:

        I’m not interest in my odds of being shot by a cop or in numbers that obscure facts. The fact is that cops kill unarmed people. There are also nuts who kill cops. These are not statistical fancies, they are real deaths.

  9. Dan says:

    Good luck with your bet Frank. I backed him earlier than you when he was 3/1. After that, he narrowed to 6/4. Then came his “Jo Cox” moment with that tape and he went out to 4/1 even 9/2. That was when you placed your bet. He’s still at 4/1 now.
    There’s a horse betting saying – “always back the outsider of three”. Well, this is the outsider of two, and there are serious issues with the health of the favourite.
    So, win or lose, it’s a good bet. If you win I hope you spend the winnings wisely; perhaps some genuine Golden Virginia from the back of a van!

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