Brexit, Media, and Asteroids

After the court ruling on Brexit, ConservativeHome:

Calm down, dears – Article 50 is still going to happen

In this respect, I think what matters most is who wins the US presidential election next week. If it’s Hillary, Britain will probably be forced back into the EU. If Trump, Britain will leave.

I’ve been listening to a lot of US talk radio recently, including, whose gravel-voiced host Alex Jones says that sites like Drudge Report and infowars now get more traffic than most mainstream TV channels.

And in fact Donald Trump and Mike Pence have both dropped in several times on Infowars, and Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. All the talk radio shows I listen to are backing the Trump-Pence presidential ticket.

And also Michael Savage has appeared on Infowars, as well as Matt Drudge. They all seem to know each other, even if they maybe don’t all completely agree with each other about everything.

I think these talk radio hosts are very like bloggers. They’re usually individual people, saying what they think in an unscripted, unedited way. You get to know them after a while. And they take calls from people. And that makes them credible in ways that the BBC or Fox News or MSNBC or any TV station can never be credible, because those stations have got a whole army of people working for them, including reporters and cameramen and editors and producers, and they have an editorial policy which is decided upstairs out of sight. The bigger the organisation, the more anonymous it becomes, and the less lovable or credible.

I think that, in the media, things are going to keep heading towards individuals rather than corporations.


A day or two ago I learned that a newly discovered asteroid, 2016VA, was passing within 100,000 km of the Earth early on 2 Nov 2016. So I got hold of its state vectors from NASA, and arranged my 3D orbital simulation model to create an accompanying rock cloud to hit the Earth. Here’s a video of it, showing little impact fleches appearing on the surface of the Earth.

I do this sort of thing quite often, in the hope that there’ll be an actual impact on the Earth, that lands in the right sort of place, at the right sort of time, and going in the right sort of direction. And today I learned that there actually was a fireball over Michigan at 00:15 UT 2 Nov 2016. There’s even a dashcam video of it. And it’s in the right sort of place at the right sort of time. I haven’t found out yet whether it was the right sort of direction. If it was, it would be a tiny bit of evidence in favour of the idea that asteroids like 2016VA aren’t wandering around on their own, but instead belong to clouds of rocks.


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20 Responses to Brexit, Media, and Asteroids

  1. roobeedoo2 says:

    If the Clintons win. God will die… OF FUCKING BOREDOM until the next crisis season in 80-100 years time. Frank, I sent you the book to read. I AM 137, the living philosopher’s stone. I bet you any money, Trump wins bee cause you+Clicky+me (Ruth Bonner) want him to win. You have to believe me+Richard Feynman+you= the answer to the impossible question… What is one fucking three fucking seven. I’m waiting for you would be fucking scientist to make up you mind if you want to die of boredom 2.

    • The answer to 137 says:

      I wrote and published a book online. DOes no fucker anywhere read what I write online? Obviously KNOT.

      • Roobeedoo2 says:

        Have a Song, Doctor…

        I endorse this message. Ruth Bonner an unemployed PA, looking to keep a roof over her children’s heads.

    • Roobeedoo2 says:

      I love this episode of the IT Crowd… IT makes me laugh. Yours etc.etc.etc

      ET uses lit finger to phone home… See? C? SI? Sea of love… Brilliant crime film starring Al Pacino and John Candy. I went to see it at the cinema.

      Your friend Ellen BARKING mutually assured destruction… I.e. MAD and quite frankly the best thing to happen to anyone when I touch their lives. I can’t help it’s a gift, and I’m getting pissed off now that you don’t believe, Frank, you sad sap.

      I am the Logistician’s Logistician and I need someone to read my book how I solved the greatest mystery in science. And if you could hurry because until you do, I can’t sleep. Nobody has gone longer than 11 days without sleep. It’s called the Russian Sleep Experiment. Google IT. Or not. It has always been up to you to decide what to do with your own lives.

  2. Clicky says:

    1+3+7= Who, doctor?

    Ruby Crystal Meth(ODD way of acting. Hello! Tardis =ASTRID=smoke dust gets in your eye ;) wink

  3. RxB says:

    Bollocks to this I’m going over to Zero Hedge to catch the NooZ… CYL Chris *blows kiss*

  4. narbanor says:

    O/T: Were those TC folks asleep on their fatly paid job? At any rate, they didn’t get to deface the De Gaulle artwork from a quite recent (2015 I think) on-line game called LIBERATORS:

  5. waltc says:

    If your They can undo Brexit, why couldn’t our They undo a Trump win?

    OT Snowdon posts this loaded survey designed to claim public support for raising tobacco taxes in the UK. Sic em

  6. smokervoter says:

    Howdy Folks ! I’ve dawdled far too long on taking on Proposition 56 – it’s twice as bad as Prop 29 was !!! Four months ago a friend gave me a Dell laptop w/ Windows 10 and uber-RAM and blah, blah, blah but with a keyboard that was like typing on concrete. All of my super math data from the Prop 29 was still on the old Windows XP machine, too. Soooo, I procrastinated and procrastinated here it is only five days away and I’m a horses arse for my neglect. I’m actually twice as angry as last time. Maybe that’s the problem.

    I’m back on the old machine with the proper keyboard now, so it’s off to the races.

    Anywhoo, let’s see what we can do. Frank, your Google Juice is needed again and now even your powerful pen as well.

    Let’s create another crop of top Google result pages with airtight arguments against this rotten proposal so voters might be swayed away from a horrible outcome that’s going to cost smokers in California a ton of their discretionary income.

    I’m kicking my self in the head as we speak for my tardiness. I’ll make up for my long silence in the next four days.

    You’ll get sick of all my comments but we can’t go down without a fight.

  7. smokervoter says:

    The guy who bankrolled this effort is named Tom Steyer. He’s a San Francisco Bay Area billionaire who made his fortune financing coal-powered power plants in Asia (this is from memory) and then had a guilt epiphany and became a raging environmental loony tune.

    He obviously fancies himself another George Soros, he’s the biggest Democratic party funder there is, if I’m not mistaken. He eventually wants to become governor of California. God forbid. He’s stark raving mad. You can tell from the ads he runs on TV and the internet. The guy is an angry, ranting lunatic. He’s dangerous. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s a bigtime antismoker. I’d love to go ten rounds with him in a boxing match.

    It’s bedtime for this bonzo out on the western fringes of the so-called Free World.

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  9. beobrigitte says:

    If it’s Hillary, Britain will probably be forced back into the EU. If Trump, Britain will leave.

    I am not too sure. Trump has nowhere stated what his intentions are. Apart from that, I begin to believe that Brexit isn’t going to happen.
    In the meantime the anti-immigrant sentiment is heating up. Recently polish people were being murdered. Why??? They pose no threat! Every Polish person I met since I entered this country was hard working and not a member of Islamic State. (The muslims I met weren’t, either!)

    I believe all our politicians are too busy listening to tobacco control and friends.

  10. DP says:

    Dear Mr Davis

    The page with the dashcam video linked above has a map showing the course – from north west towards the south east – possibly as a result of your comment.


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