Too Global For Their Own Good

This is certainly no ordinary US presidential election.

A couple of remarkable things I came across yesterday might help illustrate it. First Ann Coulter speaking on c-span a day or two back (about 6 minutes into the video), and saying:

“…It’s been a very strange year this way, and it’s been a strange year for me. I’ve been a Republican my whole life. I’ve never seen my own party – my ex-Republican party – exposed so clearly as just the party of the powerful. It isn’t the Republican party and the Democratic party any more. It is the ruling class against the American people.”

I’m sure she’s right. Because it’s the same in the UK, and throughout Europe. Maybe it’s the same everywhere: it’s the people against the ruling class.

But what shocked me about what she was saying was that she was talking almost like some French or Bolshevik revolutionary, about the “ruling class” versus “the people”. She may as well have been calling for revolution. She had seemingly crossed the divide between the far right and the far left. What happened?

And within a few minutes of listening to Ann Coulter, I caught the same sense from the far left Noam Chomsky, crossing the same divide in the opposite direction.

“I’m basically judging by what I see and read about them listening to talk radio and so on. But my strong impression is that these [right-wing protesters] are people with very real grievances. Their grievances are justified. They’ve been shafted for over 30 years. They give the impression of being hard-working, serious people who think they’ve been doing everything right. They’ve been doing what they thought they were supposed to do. They’re god-fearing, hard-working, gun-carrying, you know, patriotic Americans. What are they doing wrong?”

Noam Chomsky’s been listening to talk radio. Listening to Rush Limbaugh interviewing Sarah Palin. He’s been listening to them. And he has considerable sympathy for them. What happened to Chomsky?

Noam Chomsky is now more or less aligned with Ann Coulter. They’ve arrived at pretty much the same place, simply by moving in opposite directions.

And I get the impression that the same is happening everywhere elsewhere across America. Lots of blue collar workers – for example miners – , who would once have been Democratic voters, have crossed the divide and are now going to vote for blue collar billionaire Donald Trump – who isn’t really a Republican, or even a conservative.

And it’s also why the Republican Bush family and Bill Kristol have crossed borders and endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton. All the old, traditional political categories and loyalties have dissolved, and what’s left is – as Ann Coulter said – the people against the ruling class. The party of the people is the party of Trump. And the party of the ruling class is the party of Hillary Clinton, who is the kind of American aristocrat who is above the law, just like the rest of them are. It’s got nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats any more.

Everything is shifting. And the same fissures seem to run through the American state. One remarkable feature of recent months has been the number of White House Secret Service agents who have been speaking out about the Clinton White House years. And the marines who’ve spoken up about Benghazi. And now the FBI is in revolt against James Comey, and handing in their resignations en masse. And there are any number of US generals – e.g. Petraeus – who have been fired or otherwise ousted by Obama. They’re either for the people or for the ruling class.

And it seems to me to be entirely possible that, if this election is now really all about the people versus the ruling Bush-Clinton political class, then the people are going to vote for the party of the people, the party of Trump. What else can happen? Who else are they going to vote for?

After all, which party’s rallies get attendances of 20,000 people, while the other gets attendances of 200 people? Rush Limbaugh:

“But 15,000 people at a Trump rally, doesn’t mean anything, Rush. You can’t equate people showing up at a rally with voters.  There’s no science there, Rush.  You don’t even know that they’re all gonna vote, much less for who.”

I don’t care what the opinion polls say: they’re all just numbers. My bet is that the American people are going to vote for America, just like us Brits voted for Britain back in June. We were voting against a globalist ruling political class who want to erase all borders, erase all currencies, erase all nations, erase all distinct native local identities. And that’s what Americans will be voting against next week. And it’s what the French and Spanish and Italians (and every other European nation) will be voting against when they get their chance. The French are going to vote to carry on being French, and against the dissolution of French history and culture in global uniformity. And so is everyone else.

The globalists just got too damn global for their own good. They got too carried away by their utopian global schemes. They forgot about the people they were supposed to represent. And the people are going to have their revenge.

For the people always live somewhere. They have roots in the ground, and often very deep in the ground. The people aren’t rootless jet-setting globalists who regard the entire globe as their playground. They either live in Rio de Janeiro or London or Barcelona or Fukuoka. They don’t live in Rio de Janeiro and London and Barcelona and Tripoli. And wherever they live there is a distinct culture, with its own history and its own traditions, and usually its own language and money and government.


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13 Responses to Too Global For Their Own Good

  1. sackersonwp says:

    Cogently argued.

  2. Zippgun says:

    Unfortunately the elite being the elite will do everything in their considerable power to see that the “people” are put back into their box, both in the UK after the Brexit rebellion and in the event of a Trump victory in the USA. We must remember that their creatures control virtually everything. The “Bolsheviks” are no longer the rebels, outside trying to get in – decades of entryism/their control of education, has made the Bolshevik statists the Establishment . The UK referendum result was a profound shock to them, but by maneuvering Theresa May into the leadership of the Tory party, sabotaging her genuine Brexiteer rivals, they put their emergency plan into operation to keep the country in the EUSSR. The elite will not accept the UK breaking out – the howling from them about ignoring the democratic referendum result makes that clear -, and this has exposed these arrogant autocrats for what they are in the clearest possible light. May has always been a creature of the elite,and the way the system works the people’s will can be thwarted by the Quislings of our so called democratic parliament. If this happens, and I strongly suspect now it will, May will implement her sinister, fascistic EDO system and silence those objecting to the ignoring of the referendum, labeling them “extremists” who are “against democracy” (oh, the irony!). The elite, of course, will be playing a game which is very dangerous for them if they try to sabotage Brexit.

  3. Nov 8th election day is my real birthday! sorta like july 4th is to America this time around

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