Stinking Cess Pit

I’ve been trying to ignore the US presidential election, get above it all, and write high-minded stuff about the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, or the Plague, or Economic Growth.

But the news about it all has become a foaming torrent, and even though I try to shut it out, it seeps under the door and through the windows, and backs up out of the toilet.

The latest news is that FBI Director James Comey, after clearing Hillary Clinton for her email misdemeanours earlier this year, has re-opened the investigation. And the reason is straight out of a bad novel: Clinton confidante Huma Abedin’s husband Anthony Weiner had been sexting 15-year-old girls, and it was during an FBI investigation of this that yet more emails turned up on his mobile phone. It’s unreal.

Last I heard some 33,000 emails had already been released by Wikileaks, mostly from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.  And of course the Wikileaks thing is another piece of bad craziness featuring a guy called Julian Assange holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, on the run from rape charges, and currently releasing new emails every day revealing new information about Hillary Clinton, despite the attempts of Secretary of State John Kerry to pressure Ecuador into stopping the flow. Now a whole new stash of emails has appeared on Anthony Weiner’s mobile phone, presumably mixed in with all the numerous sext messages.

Nor is it that Clinton confidante Huma Abedin is any sort of lily growing in this stinking cess pit. Her Saudi family have all got ties to Al Qaeda and ISIL and Islamic fundamentalism and 9/11, as the video here enumerates.

I suppose that what’s pretty clear is that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have been peddling influence on an industrial scale all round the world, in particular during the period that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State in the Obama administration, when large donations to the Clinton foundation assured the donors preferential treatment by the Secretary of State. It’s racketeering, influence-peddling, and corruption on a monumental scale. Except that Hillary Clinton is untouchable, and there aren’t going to be any RICO charges against her any time soon, because in 10 days time she’s widely expected to become the next President of the United States, despite having blood clots in her brain, and a propensity to fall down, and sleeps all day.

And did I mention that Attorney General Loretta Lynch pleaded the 5th Amendment on the same day that Comey re-opened the email investigation? I thought only mafia bosses pleaded the 5th. What’s going on when the US Attorney General pleads the 5th?

US talk radio host Michael Savage said yesterday, as the latest story broke, that it was bigger than Watergate. And maybe he’s right. I remember Watergate. It started with a apparently innocuous break-in which led back to the White House, and gradually climbed all the way to Richard Nixon’s oval office. Back then it was a couple of reporters in the Washington Post that drove the story. This time the innocuous break-in was on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and the story is being driven on the internet by Wikileaks and Infowars. The mainstream media have been trying to ignore the emails, but they no longer seem able to stem the tide. And now FBI Director Comey is re-opening the email investigation.

Will it make any difference in the last 10 days of the election? Who knows? Michael Savage was inviting listeners to phone in their explanations for Comey’s turnabout, and every one offered was different. One said that early voting returns had been showing Trump doing well, and this had scared people like Comey, who would face investigation by a Trump administration for his ties to the Clinton Foundation. Another said that the FBI had mutinied against Comey, and forced his hand. Another said that it was a ruse by which a new investigation would be opened, and then closed a few days later, there being found nothing to hide except Hillary’s baking recipes. Michael Savage himself thought that Obama was trying to start a war with Russia, as Russian and US jets had an air miss over Syria, in order to bury all the bad news about his administration and the Clinton campaign.

And before the latest story broke, Hillary Clinton had been losing ground in the opinion polls. Rush:

“If she’s losing eight points in four days — and I have no reason to think she’s not, don’t misunderstand — what’s causing it?  Why are people changing their minds?”

Maybe it’s just that Democrat voters are finding it harder and harder to hold their noses and vote for Hillary in the face of the unceasing drip-drip of damning Wikileak emails. That’s what Rush Limbaugh thinks. The stench of corruption has become unbearable. And by comparison the racist, sexist, fascist, Islamophobe Donald Trump seems as clean as blown snow.

I have no idea what’s going to happen. But I’ll bet that the Russians are not going to allow themselves to be pushed into a war over the next 10 days.

And I still think Donald Trump is going to win. And if he does that it will ensure that Britain leaves the EU, and calls by Tony Blair for a second referendum “to reverse the Brexit catastrophe” will come to nothing, and the EU itself will continue to rapidly disintegrate.

But what do I know?

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19 Responses to Stinking Cess Pit

  1. O/T but if you fancy a bout of piss boiling then check out “Timeless” – an American Sci-FICTION series. I know the health nazis are merrily trying to rewrite the entire history of the last 200 years but the latest Timeless episode really took the nut-free Fair Trade granola bar. I thought the portrayal last week of 1960’s Las Vegas as being an Arnott wet dream was the height of revisionism but this week they topped the nightmare:
    Apparently no one in Germany in 1944 smoked , not even in the Gastwirtschaft (Pub) but wait, there’s more: it seems Mr.Ian Fleming, the High Priest of manly Cigarette smokers and part time British secret agent, didn’t either. TV Erdogan swapping cigarettes for roses almost seems saner.
    The historical truth about Mr.Fleming is of course: “John Pearson, biographer of Fleming who worked under him at the Sunday Times told that Fleming smoked sixty Morlands a day, even after his first heart attack. A Miss Cohen at Morlands handled Ian Fleming’s account and 300 of his cigarettes were dispatched weekly on Friday. Sometimes Fleming would call in for a re-supply.”

    • Manfred says:

      The TV NZ recently aired a bizarre and ludicrously sanitised version of the exploits and life of luminary aviatrix, Jean Batten (Garbo of the Skies) in the 1930’s. Not a cigarette to be seen. Nada. Nix. Not one. Revisionist health Nazis of nodding TV NZ executed their duty to precision. If they’re comfortable with these seemingly smaller actions ‘for your own good’, the growth in the boldness of their revisionism to implement global eco-Marxism seems inevitable, particularly in NZ with its pecksniffian and sycophantic brand of UN adulation.

  2. garyk30 says:

    Rats are abandoning a shrinking ship.

    . Late Friday night, the White House very quietly CANCELED all of Barack Obama’s scheduled campaign appearances on behalf of Hillary Clinton! The scheduled events, confirmed for months, were all quietly DELETED.

    • garyk30 says:


      • waltc says:

        One speculation is that he doesn’t want to have to answer questions because he himself has been implicated, at least in lying when he said he didn’t know about her private email since it’s now known thru Wikileaks that he emailed back and forth with her on her on it and even did so under a pseudonym.

  3. I have just been watching Michael Moore, quite interesting but clearly a Hillary supporter. OT, I know, but my non-smoking Son and his girlfriend have just returned from a holiday in Japan, you cannot smoke on the streets ( only in designated areas ) the bars are very small, ten seats would be a large number, yet they can smoke in them. He did says they had a choice to go in or not, they went in.

  4. Should also add from verywell .com -” Rates of Lung Cancer vs Smoking in Japan and the United States

    Upon noting that there were more male smokers in Japan but a lower risk of lung cancer, researchers set out to make some comparisons. They found that the difference was not related to the amount of smoking. The men from the United States and those from Japan smoked for essentially the same number of years, and also averaged the same number of cigarettes daily.

    Yet, while in the United States the “odds ratio” of lung cancer in male smokers vs non-smokers was 40.1 (in other words, male smokers were 40 times more likely to develop lung cancer than male non-smokers in the U.S.), the odds ration in Japan was 6.3. In other words, male smokers in Japan were only 6.3 times as likely to develop lung cancer as male non-smokers in Japan”.

  5. Lepercolonist says:

    Crooked Hillary.

  6. A new referendum “to reverse the Brexit catastrophe”? Sheeeesh…. straight out of the Antismokers’ playbook: keep having vote after vote after vote until you FINALLY catch your opponent a tenth of a percentage point short: and then declare, “OK! That’s IT! The matter is SETTLED! The People Have Now SPOKEN!!! NO MORE VOTES!!!!”

    As for this: “Attorney General Loretta Lynch pleaded the 5th Amendment on the same day that Comey re-opened the email investigation? I thought only mafia bosses pleaded the 5th. What’s going on when the (USAG) pleads the 5th?”

    Hey, again… just following the Antismokers’ playbook: from page 73 of “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains”:

    While tobacco executives’ Congressional testimonies under oath received wide coverage, a refusal to testify under similar oath by FDA Commissioner David Kessler and by Surgeon General C. Everett Koop got almost none… after all, they were the “good guys,” so why should they have to take an oath?

    “We see no reason for the committee to suggest that our testimony about tobacco now requires that we be put under oath or treated akin to tobacco executives.” (New York Times. 03/05/98).

    Such an outrageous refusal by two of the nation’s leading Antismokers to be held to even a minimum standard of honesty should have made banner headlines all over the country… but of course it did not.

    Same old, same old….


    • Smoking Lamp says:

      So the tobacco controllers think they are above the rule of law and that only they get to set the rules. Tobacco control must be destroyed.

  7. Chester Draws says:

    You sound like this guy:

    Of course he is on the other side from you, so is obviously a partisan hack, but sadly the facts aren’t particularly in dispute. There was plenty of rough stuff happening under Reagan, and the Iran-Contra deal, and its cover-up, was particularly dirty.

    All administrations have some sort of corruption. That you don’t mind right-wing corruption, so Reagan is not given the same treatment as Hillary, is understandable. What isn’t understandable is why Democrat voters should care more about their side’s indiscretions than Republican voters care about theirs.

    We all know she’s corrupt. Many think, however, that a corrupt Hillary is better than an incompetent Trump. They may well be right. So rabbiting on forever about the e-mails isn’t actually helping the conservative cause. What would help would be a decent candidate — but they blew that one big time.

    • margo says:

      Aren’t there two or three more whom Americans could vote for? (Jill Stein, for instance?) I don’t really understand the system, and here in the UK we only ever hear about Trump and Clinton. Maybe neither of them will get in? Is that a possibility?

  8. waltc says:

    The plot here is something out of a screwball thriller–maybe something by Donald Westlake. (And btw, see if you can find the documentary “Weiner” somewhere on line. Something like watching a ten-car pileup with forty clowns tumbling out of each car and then shooting themselves in their large webbed feet. ) The Dems, who loved Comey when he illogically let her off the hook in July, are now screaming “biased Republican mole!” and demanding he release all 1000 newly-discovered emails right this minute probably because they know that he can’t–legally speaking (even if they only contain cookie recipes) and further, the ostensible reason for the probe is that maybe they contain classified info, which he certainly couldn’t just dump on facebook. The elephant lurking in the spin room is that Hillary, demanding their immediate release “so we can learn what’s in them” would already know since they’re her fucking emails.

    To confuse things more, a later bulletin said that Comey had not yet read any of them since he didn’t have a warrant, could only get one from Loretta Lynch who so far hadn’t approved one tho they’re now “in negotiation.” You can ponder the implications of that. I wonder, tho, how that works since the fbi must have had a warrant to take and check Weiner’s computer (I heard it was a computer that he shared with Huma, not his phone) and therefore, it would seem that anything on that computer would be covered by the existing warrant, but again, maybe not if the emails are technically deemed to be her property.

    The only other thing I’ve heard is that Lynch’s Fifth was about the ransom paid to the Iranis.

    Even Westlake couldn’t make this stuff up.

  9. sackersonwp says:

    No charges against Assange, merely allegations. And although Swedish prosecutors invited to interview Assange in London, they accepted for Oct 17 then cancelled.

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