Illiberal, Undemocratic, Immoderate Extremists


Populism is a “virus” that poses the main threat to the European Union (EU) project, European Council President Donald Tusk warned in an address to an influential Brussels think tank with close ties to the Open Society Foundations.

Asserting that Adolf Hitler came to power because people lost faith in “the moderate centre”, the Council president essentially marked anyone who opposes the status quo in politics as a danger, in his speech to the European Policy Centre last night.

Tusk announced that opposition to “liberal democracy” threatens to disintegrate the EU “in a political and ideological sense” before branding voters skeptical of Brussels and of undemocratic trade deals as carriers of a “virus”.

“You will have noticed that the anti-liberal virus produces similar symptoms: both in Europe and beyond. Its carriers dislike the Union, so they are happy about Brexit. They don’t want trans-Atlantic solidarity, so they promote isolationism. They look up to Putin and support Trump,” the European Council President said.

Moderate centre? Liberal democracy? I would have voted Remain if I had thought the EU represented either the moderate centre or liberal democracy. In fact, I’d also be voting for the UK Liberal Democrats if I still thought they were either liberal or democratic.

These people aren’t in the least bit “liberal”. I turned against the EU when the European parliament voted through a European smoking ban complete with show trials for prominent offenders. There was absolutely nothing liberal about that. Nor was it democratic, given that the EU parliament is just a rubber stamp.

What we’re seeing in Europe is the rise of a soft fascism that cloaks itself behind words like “liberal”, “moderate”, “centre”, and “democracy”, when in fact these people are illiberal, immoderate, extreme, and undemocratic.

Exactly the same thing has been happening in the USA, where radical progressive statists have taken to calling themselves “liberals”, to the point where – in the US context – I now have to translate “liberal” to “illiberal” to give its real sense.

These people debase language. And they do it all the time.

And since he mentions Hitler (whatever happened to Godwin’s Law?), I think that if Hitler was around these days, he’d probably be calling himself a “moderate liberal democratic centrist”, and talk about his love for animals and art and history. He’d be the spokesman for some environmental movement. He might even be a Green. And he’d be some bigwig in the EU, wearing a well-cut suit, just like Donald Tusk, or Manuel Barroso, or Hermann Van Rompuy, or Jean-Claude Juncker.

One thing that’s become clear since the UK Brexit vote is that a lot of these people want to punish Britain for what it’s done – for example:

Poland warns Brussels it will destroy the EU if it tries to punish Britain for leaving.

These are punitive kinds of people. They’re authoritarians and bullies. I realised it when they said they wanted to punish smokers. But it’s become clearer since Brexit just how nasty some of them really are, and how glad I am to have voted for Brexit.

The “populists” that Tusk calls a “virus” are actually conservatives and traditionalists who simply want to retain their own countries and their own cultures. It’s not they who are the “virus”: it’s people like Tusk who are. It’s people like him who are the political radicals who want to erase borders and destroy cultures by importing millions of muslims. They are supervising the demolition of European civilisation. If that isn’t a “virus”, what is?

And what does it mean to deride people as “populists”? It means that they don’t like ordinary people and their ordinary values (e.g. smoking cigarettes). It means that they believe that the people should be led by a political elite who make all the key decisions (e.g. smoking bans, show trials). It means that they don’t think the people should have any real say in making those decisions (e.g. shut out of WHO Tobacco Control discussions).

It’s really the “populists” who are the liberals and the democrats and the moderate centre.

It’s the same in the USA. It’s Obama and the Clintons who are the globalists who want to erase borders, import millions of immigrants, and destroy American culture. And it’s Trump who is the conservative and traditionalist who is trying to preserve it. And yes, he’s very popular with a lot of Americans for standing up for America. He’s popular.

What we have right now in Europe and America is a situation where the political elites are the real radicals, and ordinary people are the conservatives and traditionalists. The political elites are pursuing a mad globalist project to completely remake the world as thoroughly as Marx or Lenin or Mao or Pol Pot ever wanted to do. And it’s now the job of the people to overthrow these elites before all their hard-won freedoms and identities and cultures are eradicated. In the past, people like Manuel Barroso would have been Maoist communists agitating on the streets: instead they’re now EU presidents and/or Goldman Sachs consultants, riding around in big limos.

The only question is: how hard is it going to be to overthrow the globalist elites? And how hard are they going to fight to retain the very considerable powers they have already acquired? In other words, how likely are the EU’s soft fascists to turn into hard fascists?


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11 Responses to Illiberal, Undemocratic, Immoderate Extremists

  1. waltc says:

    Read Jonah Goldberg’s ” Liberal Fascism.”

  2. mikef317 says:

    The world is a very strange place.

    U.S. tourists who visit Cuba will now be able to take 100 cigars and several bottles of rum home, because on Friday the Obama administration eliminated the decades-old restrictions placed on the goods.

    Obama has used presidential policy directives in place of a total repeal of the embargo because it’s unlikely such a task would be passed by the U.S. Congress, which remains in Republican hands. So instead, Obama has made these incremental changes in hopes they last beyond his final term this year.

  3. Darryl says:

    Frank, your bit about Hitler
    …”He’d be the spokesman for some environmental movement. He might even be a green’…

    got me searching around the net and I found quite a bit of debate about the greens being influenced by the Nazis etc. and during my travels I found the following by Stephen Wilde about the shape of the political spectrum being a circle and not a line.

    “Consider the range of available political stances as a circle placing absolute freedom without any rules at the front and absolute authoritarianism with little or no freedom and opppressive rules at the back.

    Democracy would be about halfway back on either side of the circle as a sort of authoritarianism of the majority.

    Fascism (Hitler) and communism (Stalin) nestle side by side at the back”.

  4. MikeR says:

    Barroso was a Maoist in the 1970s.
    Other hard leftists purportedly reinvented as “democratic” moderates include Alex Salmond, Lord Mandelson, Jack Straw, John Reid and Charles Clarke.

    • smokingscot says:

      Yes – and Barroso has landed himself a position at Goldman Sachs as:

      “Chairman of its International Operations, a non-exec, advisory role.”

      No quoted figures for his remuneration, but they are generous with their flunkies and somewhere between $750k and $1.5 million is in the ballpark.

      This article (that’s highly critical of the whole business) lists 5 sound reasons why Goldman want him and why we should be wary of him in his new role – oh and Goldman itself. Both will do everything in their ample power to derail Brexit.

  5. slugbop007 says:

    From Velvet Glove Iron Fist, the latest on the WHO:

    You can download The WHO’s Opposition to Tobacco Harm Reduction here.

    Washington’s Taxpayer Protection Alliance has also recently put out a report on the WHO: World Health Organisation in need of intensive care: World taxpayers funding failing international organisation.

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