A Large, Spacious Ashtray

Oh what fun! Our Nigel, the EU-Slayer, is flying to the USA to help out Donald Trump. 

Send for Nigel! Trump flies in Farage to help sharpen up his debating skills for his next clash with Hillary Clinton

And here’s US left wing TalkingPointsMemo blog’s Josh Marshal, taking it all very, very seriously:

Because of bonds of culture, language and governmental systems it’s been standard for decades for British Tories and American Republicans to collaborate informally on political campaigns, just as Labour and Democrats have done the same. So it’s not terribly surprising that racist, nationalist ‘Brexit’ leader Nigel Farage is working with American racist, nationalist leader Donald Trump, even going to so far as to appear with him at a campaign event in Mississippi in August. But after Trump’s Monday debate face-plant, Farage is making an emergency visit to the US to prep Trump for the next debate on October 9th.

The logic of Farage’s visit is that he is considered a skilled debater in addition to being someone who frequently makes Trump-like racist comments. Farage is also reportedly close to the UK wing of Breitbart News.

Two days after Trump’s defeat on Monday, Farage told Fox’s Neil Cavuto that Trump hadn’t actually done that badly and previewed the tips he’d give Trump on being called a racist.

Well, I don’t think that Nigel Farage is either a racist or a nationalist. In my understanding, a nationalist is someone who thinks that their own nation is better than other nations, and I don’t think Nigel Farage thinks any such thing about Britain. That sort of nationalism was common a century ago, but is actually very uncommon now. I think that he is instead a British patriot who loves his country and wants it to be a self-governing country once again, with the British people making their own laws for themselves. And I’ve never heard a single racist word out of him, ever.

The same goes for Trump. “Making America Great Again” doesn’t mean that Trump has deep contempt for other countries or peoples. It simply means that he wants to do in America what Nigel Farage wants to do in Britain, just with the word “British” replaced by the word “American” – UKIP’s new leader has recently even said she wants to “Make Britain Great Again”. Donald Trump is an American patriot who wants to make his country great again. And he’s no more racist than Nigel Farage.

I don’t know what the fuss is about. Donald Trump has been being called a racist, sexist, fascist, homophobic, Islamophobic “deplorable” for the entire past 18 months since he began his run for President. It’s been non-stop. It never lets up. But anyone on the political right always gets tarred with this brush. It’s a routine smear that gets wheeled out for anyone on the political right. It’s a kind of baptism. And Donald Trump has been shrugging it off for the past 18 months. He should just carry on shrugging it off.

Nor (like Nigel) do I think Trump did particularly badly in the debate. I scored it as a Hillary win simply because she showed up and remained standing. In the next two debates, she’s now going to be expected to show up and remain standing – so just showing up isn’t going to be enough to win it for her next time.

I’m not at all sure that the debates really matter that much anyway. Donald Trump has been out in public for 18 months, and there can hardly be a single American who doesn’t know who is and what he stands for. Same with Hillary, who is been in the political limelight for 30 years. Neither of them need further introduction.

On Rush Limbaugh last week a caller said that he didn’t believe that 20% of Americans still remained undecided. 5% was more like it, he thought. 1% seems nearer the mark to me.

And this particular US presidential election is offering US voters as stark a choice as the EU referendum in the UK earlier this year: Do you want to run your own country, or don’t you? And if you don’t, then which unaccountable, unelected, globalist, UN organisation do you want to cede your national sovereignty to?

In the UK, the people chose to run their own country. And I suspect that if the same referendum had taken place in France or Germany or any other European country, the peoples of those countries would also have voted to run their own countries, and make their own laws, and have their own currencies. And the same is true in the USA as well. There is, as Shakespeare wrote, “a tide in the affairs of men”, and today that tide is running strongly towards national self-determination, everywhere in the world. The globalist NWO stealth project is under threat from the peoples of the world, if not yet their spineless governments.

The Clinton camp can see the writing on the wall, and Hillary is now calling for voter suppression.

“Because remember, friends don’t let friends vote for Trump.”

How desperate can you get? What does she want people to do: hide the car keys?

My only question, when Nigel Farage arrives in Donald Trump’s spacious campaign offices on the 5th floor of the Trump Tower in NYC is this: Will the teetotal Donald Trump make Nigel Farage walk all the way down to the ground floor and out onto the street to smoke a cigarette – or will he simply produce a large spacious ashtray and slide it across the large spacious desk to him, and add, “I’ve also got a few bottles of Newcastle Brown for you in the icebox”?


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11 Responses to A Large, Spacious Ashtray

  1. waltc says:

    Heard on US radio today that, along with invoking Article 50 in Jan 2017, May plans to make all (all, it said) EU laws into Brithish laws. Confirm this, would you? If true it would seem to counter about 85% of the reason for Brexit

    OT. Anyone can vote in this poll to reverse the bar/restaurant ban in Cheyenne Wyoming. No identifiers required


    • Yes – confirmed – good thing! We have no power over EU Laws – but if they are British Laws, we can trash what we don’t want.

    • Frank Davis says:

      That’s not my understanding, Walt. The impression I got yesterday was that Theresa May had said that the UK would invoke Article 50 no later than the end of March 2017. she also plans a Great Repeal Bill.

      It would seem a bit odd to have a Great Repeal Bill which actually repeals nothing at all.


      Prime Minister Theresa May has declared there will be “no unnecessary delays” in kicking off negotiations to leave the European Union, confirming she will begin the two-year process by the end of March 2017.

      The announcement, at the Conservative conference in Birmingham, means the UK’s membership of the 28-nation bloc is likely to end by the summer of 2019.

      To loud applause from delegates, Mrs May also confirmed plans for a Great Repeal Bill to repeal the 1972 Act of Parliament which took Britain into what was then the EEC, and to transpose EU laws into domestic law.

      Rejecting arguments that Britain must make a “trade-off” between controlling immigration and enjoying single market access, she added: “Let me be clear, we are not leaving the EU today to give up control of immigration again and we are not leaving only to return to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. As ever with international talks, it will be a negotiation. It will require some give and take…


      Norman Tebbit

      The party and indeed most of the country will have rejoiced at her announcement of the early introduction of the “Great Repeal Bill”, which will provide that all of the EU law and regulatory structure governing us today will, from the moment of Brexit, become British law.
      That will both provide continuity and certainty and give our Parliament the power and authority to progressively adopt, amend or repeal any part of it.

  2. jameshigham says:

    Yes, it’s an interesting sort of nationalism now, which the left signally fails to understand. It’s actually inclusive of other countries being nationalistic and so we can help America, Hungary, Holland, whoever. That makes for peace, not war.

  3. smokingscot says:

    @ Walt.

    It’s still a tiny poll, however it’s at 74% in favour of lifting the ban at the moment.

    @ Frank.

    Mr. T’ll do the same as many other business people. Arrange for Mr. F to stay in a hotel suite that’s still designated as “for smokers” (it’s still allowed in NYC). If it’s one that’s owned by Mr. T, then it’s very probable he’ll have the suite (about 2,000 sq ft) set up to so a couple of areas can be kept smoke free. But Mr. F’s quite used to going for long periods without a smoke – and he is okay with vaping devices.

    But been blue skying this and it seems to me that the professional relationship between these two men is becoming stronger. If Mr. T does become The Boss then I suspect there will be considerable support for UKIP in the future. If he tells his people in the intelligence and diplomatic and security arms to get stuck in to add tacit assistance, then we’ll be looking at a completely different political landscape – and quite soon, because Mr. T doesn’t seem especially enamoured with the EU himself.

    Of course should the battleaxe get the hot seat, then he/they’re toast.

    • Frank Davis says:

      If Mr. T does become The Boss then I suspect there will be considerable support for UKIP in the future.

      Now that Theresa May has committed herself and her Conservative government to Brexit (and even repeated that “Brexit means Brexit”) she may have removed UKIP’s raison d’etre by making the Conservative party the party of UK independence. At the next general election, who’s going to vote for UKIP, if their primary reason for voting for them was that they wanted to leave the EU? And if Trump becomes The Boss, he’ll deal with Theresa May rather than whoever is UKIP’s leader.

      Trump isn’t any fan of the EU. He was in Scotland on the day of the referendum, and said that he was pleased that Brits had “taken their country back”. It will be a disaster for the EU if Trump becomes The Boss, and it will indeed be “a completely different political landscape”.

      And I continue to think that Trump actually will become The Boss, although I expect that there will be all sorts of high jinks along the way.

      • Jay says:

        I think that a good reason to vote UKIP is to align it as Her Maj’s Official Opposition, making sure that Labour never gets back in.

  4. “I’ve also got a few bottles of Newcastle Brown for you in the icebox”?
    One might hope that Nigel drank British beer.

  5. nisakiman says:

    A few pointers from Farage would do him a power of good. Farage is a consummate speaker who is not afraid of offending or going against the received opinion, but can do so without bombast or recourse to muck-dredging. Some of his speeches in the EU parliament will go down in history as classics. If Trump had his eloquence he would be a shoo-in for president.

    It’s interesting to note how Trump has had just about the whole MSM (globally) arraigned against him, and yet he still rides high in the polls. The power of the press seems to be waning – and not before time. And as the power of the press wanes, so (one would expect) the power of the ‘health’ fanatics will wane with them.

    I dearly hope I live long enough to see the likes of Deborah Arnott and Simon Chapman and all their fellow travellers receive their just desserts. Just a comprehensive public humiliation with loss of office and income would do. I’m not a vindictive man. Although in truth, they deserve much worse for the damage they’ve caused.

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