No Longer A Conspiracy Theory

Up until yesterday, you were a conspiracy theorist if you raised doubts about Hillary Clinton’s health. Today it’s something Everybody Knows.

This is the video that changed everything:

The initial explanation yesterday was that she’d been “overheating”.

But later the explanation was that on Friday she’d been diagnosed with pneumonia.

If it was pneumonia, why was she attending the 9/11 event? And why did she attend a fundraiser the day before?

Questions about Hillary’s health have been around for a long time. I even raised the matter myself over a month ago. And the talk had started long before that.

So has she had pneumonia for over a month? If so, why was it only diagnosed last Friday?

It doesn’t make sense. And my guess is that – like the pollen count explanation and the overheating explanation – the pneumonia explanation will turn out to be untrue as well, and that what’s being concealed is a more serious underlying problem that’s been troubling her for most of this year. It’s quite clear that she’s concealing something, pretending to be okay when she isn’t.

And now that it’s no longer a conspiracy theory, and democrats and the MSM have started talking about it, it’s not going to go away. Everyone’s going to be watching her very closely all the time from now on, waiting for the next coughing fit, the next episode of unsteadiness on her feet.

Donald Trump has stayed quiet about it all. He’s just wished her a speedy recovery, and hopes to see her at the debate later this month. He’s also said that he’s going to release results of health checks carried out on him.

So what happens next? Given that Hillary has been unwell for most of this year, chances are she’ll carry on being unwell. And she’s going to have to come clean on what it is. And clearly she doesn’t want to do that. Which again suggests that it’s something pretty serious.

There are less than two months to the election, and I think it’s safe to say that this story is going to dominate the election coverage from now on.

But maybe that won’t happen:

The Democratic National Committee is set to hold an emergency meeting during which it will consider replacing Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate after her collapse in New York yesterday.

According to Emmy award winning broadcaster David Shuster, Democratic Party operatives will stage a crisis summit during which they will begin the search for an alternative in light of Clinton’s health problems – and an apparent effort by her campaign to cover them up.

Perhaps they’ll bring back Bernie? Promote Kaine? Call up Joe Biden? But given the power of the Clintons in the Democratic Party, it surely isn’t going to be easy to oust Hillary as the Dem nominee? Particularly if it’s just a temporary bout of mild pneumonia that she’s suffering from.  She only has to get through the next two months. She’s not going to give up, now that she’s almost there.

But if her polling numbers start tanking, as people get turned off by the prospect of voting for a chronic invalid, she may yet be forced out.

I doubt that Donald Trump wants to see her replaced by someone else. It would throw his campaign strategy completely out of gear. She’s a lousy candidate, and he’s been steadily winning against her, and he’d like to carry on winning. A new candidate would mean that, overnight, he’d have to put together a whole new campaign strategy. And the new candidate probably already knows how he/she would take on Trump.

What if Hillary gets ousted three days before the election? I can see something like that happening if Hillary hangs on grimly, and fights off all attempts to oust her, until it’s simply no longer possible.

Telegraph: What happens if Hillary drops out?

USAsupreme: The DNC Rules Are Clear If Hillary Drops Out The Second Candidate With The Highest Number Of Delegates Gets The Nomination

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25 Responses to No Longer A Conspiracy Theory

  1. Harleyrider1978 says:

    They call 3 days before the October surprise! It’s what they did to bush over his drunk driving charge in Massachusetts as a young man!

  2. jaxthefirst says:

    There is no way that Hillary will permit herself to be ousted when she’s come so very close. She wants this soooo bad. You can see it glinting in those power-hungry, cold, hard little eyes. Can you imagine the fury that will erupt behind closed doors if anyone tries? Who’d want to be the one to break the news to her? Not me, that’s for sure! And I’m not absolutely convinced of the pneumonia story, either. I’m not a medic, but surely she’d have been coughing and spluttering almost constantly if she had pneumonia – not just on the occasions when she’s been shown doing so, but all the time – through all the debates, at all the fundraisers, at all the rallies, during the 9/11 service, on walkabouts etc etc. I may be being a bit unfair here, but to me she just looked at bit – err, well – as Private Eye used to call it “tired and emotional.” Maybe that’s what she doesn’t want people to know …

    Just out of interest, what would happen if she did get elected (heaven forbid!), but then “passed away” shortly after taking office? Would her deputy simply step into her shoes and get the Top Job automatically, or would it trigger another election?

    • waltc says:

      Agreed, she won’t step down. Unless she spectacularly collapses again in public and is forced to by overwhelming corcumstane. As to succession, a constitutional lawyer said on tv that the candidate could be chosen by a majority vote of the 104 (or was it 144?) members of the Dem. Nat’l Committe with no restrictions except those set by the constitution: natural born citizen, over age 35. I’m sure it would be Biden and also sure he’d win. If she dies in office, the veep takes over. If she were impaired in office, I bet Bill would take over (see the case of Woodrow Wilson’s wife).

      As for the rest: not sure that pneumonia is the full explanation for problems that at least appear to be neurological. Ok, it’s possible, even possible she simply reacted badly to antibiotics, but her history of chronic lying gives everyone reason to smell rats, whether actual or fictive. Finally, her own dishonesty and the willingness of her acolytes to shuffle on her behalf makes me doubt in advance that any medical records she finally releases won’t be faked, rewritten or cannily redacted.

  3. Jax, once elected the normal lines of succession would come into play and I think it would automatically go to the VP. Dunno if that holds true between the election and the swearing-in two months later though. Or what happens if a candidate dies a few hours before the polls open. *THAT* would be a weird situation!

    – MJM

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      That really would be weird,I don’t think they’ve got any actual plans for it. Remember how long it took to create the secret service for presidents. How many assassnations and attempts.

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    frank dungeon

  5. Lepercolonist says:

    Hillary is in a deplorable condition.

  6. Dr Evil says:

    The speculation (informed) is a neurological pathology.

  7. Some French bloke says:

    O/T. Frank, I’d been trying to access your ‘against Darwin’ essay for the last six days, but it seems the is down for good. Thankfully the Wayback Machine saved the page 3 times between 2009 and 2015, so your readers wishing to bone up on your Idle Theory should take their relevant links there.*/

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    The Nurse Ratched state

    June 27, 1997|By Michael Kelly

    WASHINGTON — I no longer smoke, except for the occasional cadged party cigarette, and even then I find I don’t enjoy the old delivery systems as I did once. But on the Fourth of July, I am going to say the Pledge of Allegiance and light up a Marlboro, or perhaps an unfiltered Camel. It’s my patriotic duty.

    It’s yours too, if you care about living in a nation predicated on the idea that the citizen must be protected from the natural tendency of the state to expand into his or her life. The proposed settlement between Big Tobacco and Big Government epitomizes the new statism. ”Nanny state” is far too kind a term. It is too cold, too cruel, too implacable, too illiberal to be a nanny. It is the Nurse Ratched state.

    The old statism believed in an activist government that sought to use the power of the state for do-gooding social engineering: redistributing wealth; improving the health, education and welfare of the citizenry; enforcing equality under the law; sponsoring works that added to public safety and well-being (roads, hospitals, rural electrification); warring against threats to the public good (polio, organized crime, urban slums).

    It was marvelously competent at engineering on the level of specific and concrete goods (the Hoover Dam, Social Security, the Voting Rights Act) and disastrously incompetent on the more grandiose level of effecting changes in human behavior (the welfare programs, urban renewal, school busing).

    The new model of statism is as devoted to spectacular schemes of social engineering as the old one — and it has added the awful idea that these schemes may be achieved not through legislation and federal funding, but through a creative and brutal system of mandated behaviorism, in which the state uses its immense powers to force targeted citizens and entities to ”voluntarily” accept a violation of their rights and an encroachment upon their liberties — and to pay for this privilege.

    The two principal methods by which the Nurse Ratched state achieves its aims are rooted in that power which the Framers wanted most to limit, the power to criminalize and punish, to deprive a citizen who violates the state’s wishes of his liberty or his property. The methods are the expansion of the definition of actions as illegal behavior; and the exploitation of this power to win submission through extortion — by threatening to extract or to deny large amounts of money from noncomplying individuals and entities.

    Exploit public approval

    In the schemes of the new statism, politicians identify a vaguely defined but universally supported good (minorities should not be lTC discriminated against, disabled people should have a chance to work, children should not smoke), and then exploit public approval of this good to win acceptance of a new and vast expansion of the state’s powers, finally rendering opposition to this expansion illegal.

    The fruits of this process are all around us. The efforts to sustain affirmative action rest on these coercive methods. So, too, do the efforts to enforce the decree that private workplaces be free of discriminatory, harassing or even rude behavior. The intrusions resulting from the Americans With Disabilities Act have mutated beyond sanity.

    Every day, it seems, the boundaries are pushed further. The New York Times recently reported that the National Transportation Safety Board has formally asked all 50 states to criminalize the act of allowing a child under the age of 13 to ride in the front seat of a car.

    The board has taken this step as a response to the fact that one of the government’s previous efforts at making citizens do what is good for them, the requirement of air bags in cars, has had the unfortunate side effect of killing small children (40 in this decade) who were in the front seat when the air bags deployed. The new laws should correct for that, at the minor cost of making a lawbreaker out of every car-pooling mother who lets her child ride next to her. Nursie knows best.

    Or consider Kevin Gillson, a 19-year-old Wisconsin man who recently ran afoul of the sex police. When he was 18, he got his 15-year-old girlfriend pregnant. The sex was consensual, and the young lovers wanted to keep the child, marry and start their family.

    But Mr. Gillson’s girlfriend was a minor, and so District Attorney Sandy Williams decided that it was in the people’s interest to prosecute him as a sex offender, a charge that carried a sentence of up to 40 years. She won a conviction from jurors who later said they had been misled into thinking they had no choice but to convict under the law. Mr. Gillson was sentenced to two years probation.

  9. Frank Davis says:

    One of the US’s most well-known scientists has warned that Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

    Bennet Omalu, the famous pathologist who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy in the brains of deceased American football players, made the disturbing suggestion on Twitter.

    ‘I must advise the Clinton campaign to perform toxicologic analysis of Ms Clinton’s blood,’ he wrote. ‘It is possible she is being poisoned.’

    Then, in a second tweet, he added: ‘I do not trust Mr Putin and Mr Trump. With those two all things are possible.’

  10. Frank Davis says:

    “What you saw was not even remotely close to pneumonia,” Eric said firmly, citing his own experience at dealing with upper-respiratory infections. “That was an immediate event that caused, obviously, a complete, almost like paralysis of her lower extremities. It’s insulting to not only physicians in the people that saw that, but also to everyday folks.”

    “I do teach occasionally. If I had a medical student tell me that was pneumonia, I would have asked them to go back to school. Go back to the library, because you obviously are clueless,” Eric said.

  11. Dan says:

    Before this happened, I’d spoken to three or four people I know and told them Clinton was unwell. I don’t have a TV, but I’d learnt this from this site and others. When I told these people this fact, their response was always “Is she?, first I’ve heard about it” These are, of course, television owning people. They’d seen or heard nothing about her previous stroke or coughing fits.
    The reason I’d mentioned it in the first place was always in response to what a loony Trump was. That “fact” has been well and truly inserted into their brains by our MSM. It may be true, but I’ve dug around a bit into his business record, and his policies, and they don’t seem that bad. Possibly his main fault lies in being too protectionist.

    The point is that the public have been exposed to two forms of lying by the BBC in the main. The first is their “lying by omission” method. This is what they do best. Just don’t inform people so they won’t know. It’s the most effective because no actual lie is told. They can always say that the item of interest didn’t warrant inclusion in the news.
    The second form is the character assassination where they ridicule whatever they disapprove of – Trump, Brexit, Farage, Thatcher, Reagan have all had the treatment.

    Brexit showed that people can see through it now, and I am confident that the Americans can see through it too.

  12. Frank Davis says:

    Roger Stone predicts Hillary will drop out of debates


    Stone reckons that Hillary will be replaced by Michelle Obama.

    Donald Trump Jr has been hunting triceratops.

    You couldn’t make it up.

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