Snapshot of a Mad World

A bit of a dozy evening.

But I came across a quite interesting podcast on Spiked! featuring Chris Snowdon and Dr Michael Fitzpatrick talking back in July about the redefinition of malnutrition, the mission creep of the WHO, and schoolkids being banned from ordering fast food.

Just a little snapshot of a mad world.


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1 Response to Snapshot of a Mad World

  1. beobrigitte says:

    That public health groups behave like religious sects is most amusing but nothing new.
    People (?unwittingly) become members of these sects with their leaders gleefully rubbing their hands and heading off to the next extravaganza in e.g. Delhi.
    All courtesy of the followers and opponents.
    Perhaps there could be a referendum for the public to decide what their tax paid to the government IS NOT to be used for.
    This ties in with Frank’s post yesterday:
    And in some ways the current US presidential election is a battle between the educated, literate, US elites and the uneducated, illiterate masses, represented by a Donald Trump who speaks in the kind of 4th grade English they can understand.
    Unfortunately Trump does not speak policies. He may well build a wall the length of the Mexican/US border….. (Is this such a good thing to do?)
    However, what else?

    We hear politicians talking all the time. And what we hear depends on who holds the strings.
    When Mr. Trump questions the WHO’s concern about smoking in Syria or Liberia or anywhere else I start paying attention.

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