Shock: Smokers Enjoy Smoking!

Daily Mail:

The Retronaut Guide To Raising Children


H/T Taking Liberties for The Enjoyment Of Smoking:

When it comes to policies aimed at reducing the harm of smoking there is a truth that daren’t be spoken, namely that many smokers actually enjoy smoking. In the current climate of tobacco control policies aiming for a tobacco free world, the realization that many people want to continue to engage in a behaviour that they know to be harmful is hard to acknowledge.

Well I never! Who would believe it? Smokers enjoy smoking?

And in what sense do they “know” it’s harmful? Just because they’ve been told a million times doesn’t mean that they believe what they’re told.

I don’t.

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11 Responses to Shock: Smokers Enjoy Smoking!

  1. Some other Tom says:

    Indeed. Exactly… As if it takes rocket science to understand. Or studies.

  2. Smoking Lamp says:

    Of course we enjoy smoking! You’d =never know due to the relentless barrage of antismoker propaganda though. Of course they paint the picture of addicts who want to quit rather than citizens making a choice. I suspect that is one of the reasons for the trend for outdoor smoking bans. Due to indoor bans smokers prefer sitting outside on the patios. In many bars there is no one left inside because everyone is outside smoking or joining the smokers. The antismokers can’t tolerate that because it invalidates their dogma. Their next step is to force outdoor bans too.

    I see they are starting to lobby for indoor bans in Japan now. Of course almost all news sources parrot antismoker propaganda (smoking causes all disease) and most news stories don’t allow comments. Those that do are crowded with antismoker attacks on smokers (evidence of tobacco control astroturf manipulation) as seen here: “Health ministry urges smoking ban for restaurants, other indoor spaces”

  3. margo says:

    Japan – used to have very high levels of smoking while also being very high in the longevity tables. They’re probably slipping quickly down since the Fukushima blow-out of 2011. Caesium all over the place in Tokyo. But – nothing like focusing on what really matters, is there!

    • prog says:

      Perhaps not a big issue in Japan, but the relatively recent increase in the incidence of childhood cancer in the UK is being blamed on particulates in diesel engine emissions. Even TC would struggle to blame smokers instead. It does seem that traditionally so-called smoking related diseases appear to be on the rise as smoking rates have fallen. Asthma’s another example.

  4. garyk30 says:

    many people want to continue to engage in a behaviour that they know to be harmful

    What do we actually ‘know’ about that harm?

    Well, there are many levels of ‘harmfulness’ , from almost no harm to being so dangerous you will die from the smallest exposure.

    Folks see smokers that have smoked for many years, with no apparent harm, and know that the level of harm is very very low.

    One can slip in a bathtub and suffer harm.

    They say that each cig costs us a minute of life.

    At that rate, it would take 72 years of a pack a day to lose 1 year of life.

    • garyk30 says:

      A smoker is said to die 10 years before the average age of death.

      If only 1 year or less is caused by smoking, what causes the other 9 years?

      • Joe L. says:

        If only 1 year or less is caused by smoking, what causes the other 9 years?

        Most likely stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness caused by anti-smoking campaigns and smoking bans.

        I’ve actually never heard a figure as low as one minute per cigarette. For years I remember hearing that each cigarette takes 7 minutes off your lifespan, and very recently I read an article that put the cost at 10 minutes per cigarette. Just another example of completely fabricated anti-smoking doom porn propaganda statistics that periodically change for the worse without any rational explanation.

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