The Public Health Gravy Train

H/T Chris Snowdon, on an exposé of Public Health fat cats earning £200,000/yr in the Sun today:

…It sparked calls for a cull of the “high priests of the nanny state” behind calls to stay out of the sun, drink less at Christmas and exercise more.

Taxpayers’ Alliance chief executive Jonathan Isaby said: “The pernicious influence of the public health lobby has spread ever wider in recent years, with health quangocrats pushing for more regulations and higher taxes that hit families and businesses.

“Not only do the patronising diktats and demands of these unaccountable quangos raise household bills, but taxpayers are also paying for the enormous remuneration packages of hundreds of meddling busybodies, many of whom have obscure job titles.”

Christopher Snowdon, head of lifestyle economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs, added: “As bad as it is to be bullied and harassed by these joyless puritans, it is worse when you see how many of them are getting filthy rich from it.

“It is bewildering that this gravy train keeps rolling at a time of supposed austerity. Most of these jobs could be axed without having any effect on people’s health whatsoever.”

Nothing remarkable about this. Chris Snowdon has written as much about them hundreds of times.

But what particularly delighted me about this was that, given that  it was published in the Sun rather than on some blog, it was probably actually read by the aforementioned Public Health fat cats.

So at least these bastards know what we think of them now, if they didn’t already.

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9 Responses to The Public Health Gravy Train

  1. Harleyrider1978 says:

    I’d say the governments are already at the point of abolishing them. Political change and attitudes is here!

  2. petesquiz says:

    Now I understand why there have never been health warnings about the safety of consuming too much gravy!

  3. garyk30 says:

    Just how ridiculous is £200,000 per year?

    A quick Google search showed that:
    The average salary in the UK for chief execs and senior officials = £90,000.

  4. Timothy Goodacre says:

    These salaries are obscene compared to the average salary for us lower mortals.

  5. jaxthefirst says:

    Good to see that Snowdon has included Tobacco Control in his summing up of all the many and varied “lifestyle” restrictions that the joyless PHE has been foisting onto us all – something which is notably absent, sadly, from the Sun report, as it is in so many of the newspapers these days whenever the latest wacky “health proposal” makes the news. They just can’t bring themselves to make that glaringly obvious connection, can they? Or perhaps they’re just so brainwashed that they simply can’t see it. Which makes stories like these, welcome though they are, as good as useless in terms of stopping the juggernaut of Public Health in its quest to control every possible facet of our physical lives.

    It’s a hard truth, but until papers like the Sun and others actively turn on Tobacco Control and start to point out the duplicitous, lying, spiteful nature of the people within it to try get rid of them, then no amount of campaigns about Fat Cat PHE managers or whinging stories about the current clutch of non-smoking-related Nanny State proposals will ever do more than simply scratch the surface of what is in fact a deeply-rooted infection within society, from which, as soon as one little offshoot is stamped out, another simply appears to take its place. Tobacco Control is where this infection started, and to be completely clear of it, Tobacco Control is where it must be eradicated.

    • Rose says:

      Perhaps it should be pointed out that if they accepted and believed in what was said and done to smokers, they should accept everything the Nannies now say and do to them, without question. We are all in it together now, perhaps they should think of us more as a test case.

    • smokingscot says:

      Jax, from what I recall from my March 2016 essay these guys have a budget for England and Wales of £200 million (Scotland has 10% of this) – and they use this for extravaganzas like stoptober and such. We know these cost a mint and the f…wits who front them are paid handsomely.

      They also run several full page adverts throughout the year, with emphasis on newspapers read by the less well off.

      So took a look at the rates they charge:

      In 2012 The Sun charged about £50k a page, while the Mail tries for £45k. I once saw a 4 page spread here in Scotland, though that was in black and white.

      These are big figures to a newspaper, though quite trivial to Tobacco Control, however they do more or less guarantee that the media in general will always toe the line.

      I note the stoptober thing is invariably pitched at people who watch channels 11, 31, 37 and 38 on freeview. Those are far less expensive than Sky or the three commercial terrestrial’s, hence the rationing.

      And doubtless there will be some backscratching with the media for losing the e-fag adverts.

      Presumably that’s why Bob Blackman stood up in the H of C to read out ASH’s demands last year, in brief, another £100 million svp:

      It is as Frank points out – nothing new to us at any rate. Just your standard issue slush fund run by overpaid and over-promoted incompetents reading a songsheet written by an American lawyer and made legal via a treaty compiled by the WHO.

  6. jameshigham says:

    I’m not bewildered in the least. We’ve been banging on about such things for quite some time.

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