Wait Till November

Following on from last night’s post about the paralysis of EU leaders in the face of Islamic terrorism, a timely essay by former Reagan Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts might shed some light on it all:

World War II resulted in Europe being conquered, not by Berlin but by Washington.

The conquest was certain but not all at once. Washington’s conquest of Europe resulted from the Marshall Plan, from fears of Stalin’s Red Army that caused Europe to rely on Washington’s protection and to subordinate Europe’s militaries to Washington in NATO, from the replacement of the British pound as world reserve currency with the US dollar, and from the long process of the subordination of the sovereignty of individual European countries to the European Union, a CIA initiative implemented by Washington in order to control all of Europe by controlling only one unaccountable government.

With few exceptions, principally the UK, membership in the EU also meant loss of financial independence. As only the European Central Bank, an EU institution, can create euros, those countries so foolish as to accept the euro as their currency no longer have the power to create their own money in order to finance budget deficits.

Apart from the bit about the CIA, this is an entirely plausible account of the history of the past 70 years. For the past 70 years the USA has been the senior partner in NATO, and was the de facto guarantor of freedom in the Western world against the threat posed by the communist Soviet Union. The USA effectively stepped into Britain’s shoes, and continued to (largely benignly) run not only the British Empire, but also Western Europe and South America, handing out bagfuls of money in the process.

Nevertheless, he answered my question: “How does Washington get foreign countries to do what Washington wants?”

“Money,” he said. “We give their leaders bagfuls of money. They belong to us.”

All this made perfect sense up until the demise of the Soviet Union in 1990. For at that point in time there ceased to be any prospect whatsoever of the defunct Soviet Union invading Europe and imposing its defunct communist creed.

And that’s where things started to go wrong. For after enjoying 50 years of hegemony over the Western world, US neoconservatives decided that the USA should now extend its hegemony over more or less the entire world. And this led Washington into a series of disastrous wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere, which did nothing but create a series of failed states – which are now exporting a toxic mix of refugees and terrorists to Europe.

If Roberts is right that EU politicians are simply vassals in the pay of Washington, the current paralysis of EU politicians in the face of this tidal wave of refugees simply reflects the current paralysis of Washington. Europe’s bought and paid for political class will only do what Washington instructs them to do. And currently Washington’s instructions are to do nothing about Islamic terrorism. And so that’s what they’re doing.

Well, it’s one explanation for the inaction. It may also explain how some politicians – e.g. Tony Blair – have got so rich since leaving office.

And it won’t change until either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump are elected as the next President of the United States in November.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, the neoconservative doctrines of the past 25 years will be continued, and Washington will continue in its quest for global hegemony, bringing it into collision with Russia and China, quite likely triggering the nuclear war Roberts foresees. Apart from that, nothing will change.

But if Donald Trump is elected, the neoconservative doctrines may be abandoned, relations with both Russia and China normalised, NATO scaled back, and most likely bagfuls of money will cease to be handed out to foreign politicians. The disintegrating EU will be allowed to disintegrate, and European politicians will cease to represent Washington. They may even have to pay Washington for its protection.

However it looks to me like Hillary Clinton’s campaign is sinking. The latest blow has been the Wikileaks revelation that she won the nomination with the connivance of the DNC. According to one report (and another), Bernie supporters have walked out of the Democratic conference en masse. It’s very unlikely that such people are going to vote for her. They may not vote for Trump, but if half of Dem voters won’t vote for her, she’s sunk. No wonder Trump Has 7% Lead In Latest Poll.

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19 Responses to Wait Till November

  1. harleyrider1978 says:
    • waltc says:

      Harley, I get your confederate flags daily all over my facebook feed along with some stuff that, whether or not you mean it , can be interpreted as racist–okay, your choice, your first amendment right, — but why here? Why now?

      • Frank Davis says:

        why here? Why now?

        Perhaps (even probably) as a Brit I’m wrong, but I read the Confederate flag as being the ‘rebel’ flag of the old South, and as such a symbol of resistance. There’s another lesser known flag with a snake and the words Don’t Tread On Me. And since I’m engaged in resistance to smoking bans and Tobacco Control, I can understand such a spirit of resistance. And that’s why the flag doesn’t seem at all inappropriate here. Or now. Nor do I see anything ‘racist’ about that flag, unless it’s interpreted as being the flag of the slave-owning Southern states.

        And is it illegal to fly the Confederate flag in the USA? I know they lost the civil war, but did they lose the right to fly their flag too?

        • waltc says:

          No it’s not, nor should it be, illegal. And the recent hysteria about it over here is disproportionate and crazy. True, the civil war was fought for states rights BUT the right in question was the right to own slaves. So it gets dicey. As I also said, I’m not sure it’s meant that way, but …, when elsewhere recently, , as on fb, it’s combined with plugs for KKKer David Duke and other borderline sentiments, it suddenly seemed to me to imply white supremacy rather than just good olé boy rebel. Repeat: not sure it’s meant that way and certainly on this board, Harley contributes valuable stuff and fights an admirable fight, but dragging the flag over here too felt intrusive. That said, I should’ve shut up and let it pass so I apologize

        • Frank Davis says:

          No need for any apology.

  2. jaxthefirst says:

    There’s no doubt that, from this side of the pond, Trump does come across as a bit, err, “wacky,” with some of the things he says, but I have to confess that there’s a bit of me that would like to see him elected – if only to give a kick in the butt for the extremely smug Ms Clinton, who I regard as a much, much more dangerous candidate. But although he may not yet have quite got to grips with his delivery and wording, at least he (seems, at least) to be honest – sometimes brutally so. And that’s a very rare thing amongst politicians worldwide. Who knows? He could be the shot in the arm which modern politics very much needs. I hope the Americans give him a chance. After all, he couldn’t be any worse than the current lot that they’ve got over there (much like over here), because that’s simply not possible! And he certainly couldn’t be worse than Hillary the Zealot.

  3. waltc says:

    Ordinarily, I’m not a Buchanan fan, but I think he nailed it:


    • Frank Davis says:

      When I read these words last night…

      Obama’s America is a country of all races, creeds, colors, lifestyles, a kumbayah country to be made more wonderful still when Clinton takes the helm.

      …I couldn’t help thinking that the lifestyle of smokers wasn’t included in all that inclusivity. And that alone gives the lie to it.

  4. Aren’t all Presidents of America simply puppets? Or do they personally actually make a difference? Does it really matter who wins? Not sure.

    • prog says:

      It might with DT, who largely funded his own campaign and thus isn’t a puppet. On the other hand, If he makes into the White House he’ll have a helluva job enabling his some of his more extreme policies.

      • garyk30 says:

        He can only do what Congress gives him the money to do.

        That said, congress has never been hesitant about throwing money around.

  5. barnacle bill says:

    I have a feeling in my water that whilst HRC may become the first woman president of the US of A. However, she will also never get to serve a second term, assassinated by of course a “mad loner”. Set upon her by Corporate America when they realize what a mad bitch they have put in the White House.
    She is going to cause that much troubl/upheaval both domestically and on the international stage they will have to take her out. Making a martyr of her will also suit their agenda.
    Did you know she is that vain she wears blue tinted contact lenses? Trying to hide those pikey brown eyes from voters!

    • nisakiman says:

      I don’t really know much about HC apart from what I saw of her when Bill was in the hot seat. However, my instincts tell me that she is power hungry and dangerous, and she makes my hackles rise. There’s something rather manic about her, and I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. I hope for America’s sake she doesn’t win.

  6. garyk30 says:

    the long process of the subordination of the sovereignty of individual European countries to the European Union, a CIA initiative implemented by Washington in order to control all of Europe by controlling only one unaccountable government

    The US govt has never been capable of such long term plans.

    • nisakiman says:

      I think you’re probably right, Gary. I think the concept of the EU was entirely home grown. I don’t doubt, however, that the postwar US government saw it as very advantageous to them, so probably aided and abetted where they could.

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