EU At The Crossroads

I’ve been wondering today what’s likely to happen in Europe if there carry on being Islamic terrorist attacks every week or every month. Yesterday it was 9 Germans killed, and last week 84 French.

I think there are going to be louder and louder calls on EU governments to crack down on Islam or Islamic fundamentalism – something that multi-culturalist EU governments don’t wish to do. But if EU governments aren’t going to do anything, then EU citizens will start doing it themselves, and start launching counter-terror attacks on Muslims, in what will amount to civil war. And if not that, then Europeans are at very least going to become much more supportive of political parties that take a tough line on Islam, and this will see the demise of the old European political order as far-right (and maybe far-left) parties get stronger.

It’ll essentially be an increasingly angry population against the ineffectual, foot-dragging EU elites. We could see governments being toppled. And the EU disintegrate.

But what practically can be done to prevent resident Islamic terrorist cells from launching attacks on Europeans? One possibility is that Muslims might be required to carry identification papers at all times, and they might have travel/movement restrictions placed on them. They might be confined to ghettos. And increasing numbers of them might be deported.

But if that were to happen, Europe might start to look like Nazi Germany, complete with concentration camps and deportations, except with Muslims replacing Jews and Gypsies. European governments would probably strongly resist doing anything like this, but outraged public opinion might force them anyway. A European fascist state might be created by popular demand.

In whose interests are such developments? If the Islamic State is the principal promoter of terror attacks, its goal would seem to be to neutralise the EU by fomenting civil war and the overthrow of European governments. But if (as some people are suggesting) the current wave of attacks are all false flag attacks, the goal might instead be to create a single European fascist state, as EU citizens demand (and get) strong state countermeasures in response to a perceived existential threat.

So the wave of terror attacks might result in either the disintegration of the EU, or its fusion into a single fascist state.

It may all hinge on who gets elected as the next US president. If it’s Hillary Clinton, then the US government will continue promoting a stronger EU, and the EU will likely fuse into a monolithic fascist state. If it’s Donald Trump, he’ll almost certainly promote a Europe of sovereign nation states, and we’ll see the disintegration of the EU.

Related are former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Paul Craig Roberts’ views on Brexit, set out in the video below. He thinks that, unless it leaves immediately, Britain will be punished for voting to leave, with the Brexit leaders (Boris Johnson, etc) defamed, and with a run on the pound and UK stocks. He advises not waiting 2 years to leave the EU, but getting out now. The longer it’s delayed, the more certain retribution will be, and Britons will be made to regret voting for Brexit.

But again, it seems to me that it all depends who’s going to be the next US president. If it’s Donald Trump, Brexit will happen. If it’s Hillary Clinton, it won’t.

I continue to think, as I have for much of the past year, that Donald Trump will be elected as the next US president. I think he’s a much stronger candidate than Hillary Clinton, in more or less every way. I also think that Hillary Clinton is the continuity candidate offering business as usual, and Trump is the only candidate who is likely to bring the kind of change that is wanted not only by his Republican grass root supporters, but also Democratic Bernie supporters (many of whom won’t vote for Hillary).

But in this respect, in other writings and videos Paul Craig Roberts has said that a Trump presidency would most likely be hamstrung by a Congress that forces continuity backers into key positions in his administration.


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8 Responses to EU At The Crossroads

  1. John says:

    The recent attacks are not by “resident Islamic terrorist cells”. They are by mentally ill Muslims and/or teenagers who think they know everything, whose delusions have been legitimised by the earlier actual attacks by Daesh.

    It seems like a successful strategy for them, they don’t actually need to plan any more attacks when they can rely on random people to randomly kill other people in their name. The leaders of that cult don’t actually believe any of their crap and they don’t want to die either. Anyway, half of the people killed weren’t white.

    I agree that Trump as POTUS would be better for the UK than Hilary.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I thought that, in the case of Charlie Hebdo, it very much did seem as if “resident Islamic terrorist cells” were activated, and carried out a well-planned military-style operation against a very precise target. I did not get any impression at all that the actors in this operation were in the least bit “mentally ill”.

      Same also with the Bataclan, where several cells appeared to be acting in concert.

      It’s really only in the case of Nice and Munich that there are lone individuals involved. And in the case of Nice, there is evidence of forward planning, and contact with the Islamic State.

  2. Dr Evil says:

    Islam is at war with the West. it is about time Western governments realised this and vetted those Muslims in its midst and interned those deemed disloyal or with terrorist connections, sympathies etc. Intern or deport. Or exile. That way you can get rid of actual citizens.

  3. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Yes Islam is at war with us. Time to do as Dr Evil says and deal with this problem in our midst.

  4. Frank Davis says:

    No surprise.


    Marine Le Pen Approval Ratings Up After Nice Attack

    PARIS (Reuters) – Marine Le Pen, leader of the anti-immigrant Front National party, saw her rating in the BVA poll rise three percentage points to 27 percent after the Nice attack.

  5. smokingscot says:

    My two pence.

    I really don’t see any difference between the IRA and their sympathisers on the mainland.

    To that lot it was about getting the British out of N. Ireland. Bombing a shopping centre or other soft targets had no strategic value, but was good for publicity – and to hell with the dead, they were just random.

    The Afghan teen who went nuts in a train wanted the EU and everyone else out of his country.

    The Iranian yesterday seemingly planned for a year and did his killing just for the hell of it.

    The Syrian who killed “a woman” today. Well she was his girlfriend – and the other two casualties were people who tried to help.

    The later two were pretty ordinary. We saw exactly the same thing with that chap in Sweden; lots of planning – and more vomit inducing – a belief that others shared his viewpoint.

    Yes the Paris attacks were planned – and they took advantage of the weaknesses in our system. The Nice mow down was a Tunisian delivery driver – and he saw a way to kill lots, but I very much doubt he was really a deash operative, or footsoldier, irrespective of their claims that he was.

    The Egypt Air crash was caused by a fire, almost certainly in the first class loo. Cause unlikely to be pinned down (and no it wasn’t some prat sneaking a cigarette).

    What all this does is results in a clampdown. A whole bunch of people trying to get over using Dover can attest to that.

    We are not without fault. The minute we started to train and arm the Afghan fighters to fight a proxy war against Russia was our first mistake. And we did it again in Libya.

    The trouble is, can we get the hell out of their countries – and quit with this business of “democracy”, because leaving a puppet government in office may sound fine to our lot, but it’s always abused. A trick Saddam Hussein and Abdel Fattah el-Sisi have used to their advantage and personal gain.

    (removes soapbox and shuffles off).

  6. Dan says:

    I found the interview with Paul Craig Roberts very interesting. Thank you for posting it. It’s quite long, but if you skip through the witterings of the interviewer, less so.
    We’re already seeing media reports of Brexit induced economic downturn as forecast by PCR. The “leaders” – Johnson, Fox and Davis have been set up to fail by May, and fail they will. The one clever operator – Gove, has been sidelined.
    I hadn’t thought before of the EU being a Washington construct, but it makes sense.
    I have been increasingly worried by the West’s aggression towards Russia. The recent doping “scandal” is another factor in this.
    People say that Trump will be a warmonger, but I disagree and believe Trump’s election will be essential for our survival.

    • Frank Davis says:

      He’s an interesting guy. He’s credited as the author of Reaganomics.

      I’ve only begun to take interest in him recently. I also find some of his views ‘unusual’.

      And I think that it’s much more likely that Hillary Clinton will start wars than Donald Trump.

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