Bring Back Colonialism

These terrorist atrocities are happening once a month now, pretty much.

President Hollande’s promise of a “military response” to the latest atrocity can only mean that French jets are going to bomb Islamic State facilities in Syria or Iraq, killing tens or hundreds of people. But when the dust from those attacks has settled, some Mohamed in Baghdad will get on Twitter and ask some Mohamed in Bordeaux to hire another truck and drive it through any large crowd of people he can find. In this manner, indiscriminate killing will be met with indiscriminate killing, in a mounting cycle of asymmetric tit-for-tat violence.

Prseident Hollande has introduced a state of emergency, and put thousands of police on French streets, but that’s really just a cosmetic measure. Just exactly how do you stop someone living in some town in France from hiring a truck and using it to kill dozens of people in the same town? One thing is for sure: bombing Syria won’t stop it.

Just a couple of days back, a French intelligence chief, Patrick Calvar, warned that another big atrocity or two could spark a civil war.

Intelligence Chief: Another Terrorist Attack Could Spark Civil War

“All of Europe is in danger of rising extremism so we are, domestically, trying to put in place the resources to watch far right groups who are waiting for confrontation,” he told Parliamentarians.

“You’ll recall that I like to use direct language; well, I think a confrontation will take place.

“If another attack or two occur, it will happen. It is therefore down to us to anticipate and confound all those groups who would, at some point, spark clashes between communities.

Is it just me, or does Monsieur Calvar seem more worried about the French right than he is about Islamic terrorists? I suppose what he means is that enraged French people are likely to start attacking the mosques and Islamic districts that harbour home-grown Islamic terrorists. And since the French authorities seem incapable of preventing such terrorist attacks, that’s almost certainly what will happen. And towns in France will start to resemble the war zones in towns in Syria or Iraq.

The root of the problem, it seems to me, lies in the futile wars that have left failed states all over the Middle East and North Africa. These failed states produce angry terrorists and frightened refugees. And as long as these failed states exist, that’s all they’ll ever produce.

What’s needed isn’t more bombing campaigns against Isis or Al Qaeda or other terror organisations, but the creation of functioning states in place of failed states. If, nearly half a century after most European colonies were granted their independence, that entails effectively re-colonising failed states, and imposing military governorships upon them, then so be it.

And this time, the colonialists must remain for as long as it takes to establish solid, stable, and prosperous civil societies which won’t disintegrate into civil war as soon as they’re granted independence. Once there’s something approaching peace and stability and prosperity in states like Libya, they’ll stop generating both terrorists and refugees. And furthermore, many of the refugees who have been fleeing to Europe will then be able to be repatriated, easing the European tensions they have exacerbated.

The British were in India for some 200 years, and during that time they were able to create and maintain peace and stability across that highly diverse Indian subcontinent, as well as build a system of railways and schools and an effective government civil service. This legacy has endured for some 70 years since India gained its independence. If the same hasn’t happened in some other former colonies, it was probably because the British (or French or Spanish) simply weren’t there long enough to establish peaceful, stable, prosperous civil societies, and they rapidly disintegrated after being granted premature independence.

What has to be recognised is that the Clinton-Bush-Obama policy of toppling regimes, and then largely leaving them to piece themselves back together, simply doesn’t work. The policy just produces failed states, which breed terrorists and refugees. For historical reasons, Americans may be averse to colonialism, but if the USA remains a functioning civil society 240 years after gaining its independence, it’s because they enjoyed some 150 years of British colonial rule prior to independence, during which time they were able to construct and consolidate the foundations of the peaceful, stable, prosperous civil society which they enjoy today.

P.S. Coup in Turkey under way. ZeroHedge has live feed from Sky News.


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15 Responses to Bring Back Colonialism

  1. waltc says:

    But before ypu can occupy a country and impose a colonial govt, you have to go in with boots or bombs, don’t you? The US effort to impose a govt on Iraq was an inept bust to begin with…and then we left. …yes, we left too soon but otoh, there was no appetite (or money) for staying for 30 years. Then, too, the question arises as to whether a belicose tribal Arab culture will ever be compatible with liberty or democracy as we understand it in the west. The Shah of Iran had a gestapo (Savek) that brutally suppressed the theocratic crazies, but suppressing them allowed for a thriving secular culture. Perhaps a secular home-grown dictatorship (less horrific than Saddam’s) is the only solution for that part of the world? That, or maybe there is none.? Nonetheless, your scenario is, as Hemingway put it, pretty to think.

    • Frank Davis says:

      But before ypu can occupy a country and impose a colonial govt, you have to go in with boots or bombs, don’t you?

      Of course. But with a failed state, that’s probably not very difficult..

      As for money, most of these states have got plenty of oil reserves. The colonies could fund themselves.

      The alternative is that France (and all of Europe) in turn becomes a failed state. Because what else is happening in France?

      • waltc says:

        I agree that France (and other European countries) may well become failed states–torn, by the imported terrorists and enclaved Arabs (as well as by EU economic policy) between the PC elites and the angry citizens. It’s the potential uprising of angry citizens that’s most threatening to the elites since it would topple them from power along with their ideology. All terrorism does is kill a few hundred people now and then. Not per se an existential threat.

        But I don’t think taking over Libya, for example, would be a piece of cake. An invasion fought by both the ISIS forces and the rest of the Libyans (who might like to fight ISIS but would be up in arms against a western colonial invasion).

        • Frank Davis says:

          I’m assuming that a failed state doesn’t have much in the way of a functioning government or military. Not like with Gaddafi or Saddam. In that circumstance, there’d be next to nothing to stop a well-equipped regular army. In fact, you could probably sail a troopship into Tripoli harbour, and unload troops and equipment onto the docks. And you’d be in control of Tripoli inside a day or two.

          Would Libyans resist? Did Libyans resist when Erwin Rommel showed up in 1940 with the Afrika Korps? Or Montgomery a few years later with the British army? I’ve not heard of any local resistance back then. I think if people are going to resist, it has to be because there’s something that they can lose. And in a failed state, where nothing works, there probably isn’t much to lose. And if the invaders promise (and deliver) good electricity and water supplies, schools, houses, and firm but fair government, I can imagine that many Libyans would welcome it gladly.

          Of course, there would be some resistance. Maybe from ISIS. But I’d imagine that most of the population would remain passive. Particularly if life started to improve pretty rapidly.

          Such a course of action is unthinkable at the moment, because we’ve all been taught how awful colonialism/imperialism is. It’s part of modern cultural PC conditioning. But I suspect that as Europe becomes a war-torn hell-hole, thanks to the mad multicultural policies of the likes of Merkel and Hollande, people are going to start questioning everything.

          And I don’t really agree about terrorism not being an existential threat. I think that the knowledge that any time you’re in a crowded airport or train or restaurant, you’re going to be a bit worried about a bomb going off or a truck driving through, and it’s probably going to affect you in all sorts of subtle ways.

        • waltc says:

          Ah, I only meant that terrorism isn’t an existential threat to the establishment. An ironic statement.. Of course it’s an overwhelming threat to the people who are angry at the establishment for allowing it to happen by their policies. Terrorism, so far, hasn’t of itself directly undone the elites or driven them from power but what they call The Right Wing–aka, the justly fed up citizens– might. As in Brexit if it’s honored. Or Trump who might yet trump Hillary.

        • Some French bloke says:

          “Not per se an existential threat.”

          Year in year out, 8 to 15 people (and about 20,000 animals) are killed by lightning in France. Granted, terrorist attacks n France these last two years have killed ten times as many, but ‘spectacular domination’ relishes such events as an ideal foil for its own sinister machinations, and it milks it for all it’s worth, indeed it’ll still be milking it well after the udders of the beast have turned purple from necrosis

  2. Manfred says:

    The Leftward drift over the last decade or more, coupled with the incessant Progressive propaganda barrage that is the MSM bespoke news manufacturing service has led to a ‘centre’ positioned well left of the actual political centre. Merely expressing a forthright view, cogently and loudly, a view that hitherto would have been perceived to be a tad right of centre is now labelled as ‘extreme’ or ‘far’ right. Indeed, we’re ripe for civil war, right across the Western World. How much longer will the rational majority allow their future to be trashed to hopelessness, powerlessness and oblivion by the chaos of the politically correct Cultural Marxists, those eco-globalist elite that would dismiss the will of the people in a heartbeat when it is not congruent with their purulent Green vision?

  3. Lepercolonist says:

    Marie Le Pen has been warning the French that this terrorism will only worsen. She will be rising in the polls.

  4. Frank Davis says:

    It wasn’t just me.

    Just hours before a truck driver reportedly shouting “Allahu Akhbar” mowed crowds down, killing 84, President Hollande warned it is right-wing populism that threatens France most.

    They really do see the French right wing as a greater threat than Islamic terrorism.

  5. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Same over here. Muslims are seen as untouchable instead of the true enemies of our Christian culture.

  6. garyk30 says:

    Am not certain that today’s bureaucrats would be as good at administering things.

  7. Clicky says:

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