Boris and Donald’s Unique Hairstyles

The appointment of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary has brought howls of anguish from all quarters. e.g. Huffpo:

Theresa May’s New Cabinet: Boris Johnson Ridiculed After ‘Joke’ Appointment As Foreign Secretary.

It reminded me that the same thing happened last year when Donald Trump announced he was running for the presidency, and was greeted with scorn and outrage and derision. That was a joke too.

What is it about such people that brings such impassioned responses to them?

Perhaps the simple answer is that they both look a bit comical. And a lot of people can’t imagine – or don’t want to imagine – a clown like Boris as Home Secretary, or a clown like Trump as US President.

But what in particular is so clownish and comical about them? I think it really just boils down to hairstyle and hair colour. Nothing else is remarkable about them. Both are unusual in that they have blond/red  hair. And both have unusual hairstyles. Boris has a blond mop of unruly hair. And Donald has a carefully coiffured orange quiff.

And the response to both of them is laughter. They’re both figures of fun. And, to many people, simply not credible politicians.

trump-dequiffedAnd if they’d looked just like most politicians, they wouldn’t seem at all clownish or comical . On the right there’s Trump minus his trademark quiff. Looks quite ordinary, doesn’t he? Maybe even a tad Churchillian. Certainly not comical.

I haven’t tried to rid Boris of his blond mop, but if I could, he’d look just like any other politician.

And both of them could have dyed and cut and combed their hair so they would look like normal, responsible politicians.

So clearly neither of them wanted to look normal. They wanted to stand out from the crowd. And they’ve both succeeded spectacularly. They’re both political stars in their own countries, loved by their fans, and loathed by all the people who still just see them as a pair of clowns.

Their unusual hairstyles and hair colour have worked for them just like long hair worked for the Beatles. People didn’t know what to make of them at first, and thought they were a bunch of comedians. But that soon wore off. And the same will happen (and perhaps already has happened) with both Boris and Donald: after a while nobody will notice their hair, and they’ll cease to look like clowns.

In her own way, our new Prime Minister Theresa May has pulled the same trick. Except she did it with shoes rather than hairstyle 10 or 15 years ago. She was pretty much indistinguishable from any other woman politician until she appeared at some Conservative party conference wearing a pair of leopardskin “kitten heel” shoes. It was rather daring, and it made her stand out from the crowd. That was the first time I noticed her, and thought she might go places one day.

Now that she’s Prime Minister, I think we’re going to see some fairly adventurous hairstyles and clothes and shoes from her. I think she’s going to stand out on the world stage. I think people will be asking, “Whatever is she going to wear next??”

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12 Responses to Boris and Donald’s Unique Hairstyles

  1. Tony says:

    Interesting story from New Zealand. An anti-smoking group clinging onto public funds after being shut down :'quit'-charity

    “Quit Group still has millions of public money
    The Quit Group has received up to $9.5 million a year since 1999 to help people quit smoking through its helpline, Quitline.
    But last year it lost its funding after a government agency took over Quitline.
    Funding ran out at the end of October but the trust still has $3 million in reserves.”

    And then on the haircut front, it seems President Hollande of France has outdone both Boris and the Donald by spending 10,000 euros a month on a private hairdresser:

  2. waltc says:

    The attacks on Pence –Trump’s presumed veep– have already begun . No time lost. But, hey, this one is also presumably an attack.

    • Rose says:

      Attacks like that tend to backfire, reading that article, I am now prepared to listen to other things he might say as he is clearly capable of critical thinking and appears not to run with the herd.

      It’s so easy to suspend disbelief just for an easy life, I’m sure lots of people do it and when a popular theory is debunked they are quick to say that they never really believed it in the first place.

    • mikef317 says:

      Walt, the Pierce piece on smoking is ancient – over 15 years. Below is a link that covers more topics than the single Mother Jones item. The issue after the smoking text is about James Cameron’s 1997 movie Titanic.

      Note that the link appears to date from March 2015 but it mentions Pierce as a possible VP choice.

      Don’t know what (if anything) this means, except to say that the internet has a long memory and that most Democrats know for certain that smoking causes lung cancer.

      • waltc says:

        Ok, he sucks as a movie critic, but by now I have the feeling that we’re are, indeed, all on the Titanic–not because we’ve strayed from the Almighty but because we’ve strayed from sanity on all levels–national and personal. We’re becoming a nation of smug, entitled ignoramuses who aren’t even rearranging the deck chairs but standing there taking Selfies at the rail. And no one seems to be awake at the helm .

        Being neither an arch conservative nor an evangelical, I still agree with him that a baker or photographer shouldn’t be sued into oblivion for refusing a job, and I remain skeptical about man made global warming. The left media is going to attack him viciously on all these counts and I’ve already seen an article to the effect that he accepted 15-20K campaign contributions from Big T (and is therefore a shill) tho no mention of the millions La Hillary took from Wall St and the Saudis. Bah!

    • Roobeedoo2 says:

      The general public doesn’t really care about smoking, though – it’s how smokers came to be in their present predicament. Like most things, that can work both ways.

      To be honest, they’re probably much more concerned about being mowed down, whilst out and about with their families:

  3. Rose says:

    I am beginning to relax about Theresa May, I wasn’t at all happy at first, but appointing Boris as Foreign Secretary and David Davis as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, has reassured me no end.
    Though I expect that clumsy title “Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union” won’t last the week.

  4. garyk30 says:

    The folks commenting on hairstyles should be reminded of the maxim:
    “If you have nothing intelligent to say, don’t prove it by saying something stupid.”

  5. garyk30 says:

    “And a lot of people can’t imagine – or don’t want to imagine”

    People are never more sincere than when they assume their own moral and intellectual superiority.

    Those that are not in agreement must be ridiculed and denormalised.
    Just as they have done with smokers.

  6. Tony says:

    Good to hear a politician saying this :
    Speaking at the launch at The Seven Stars pub, in Sedgley, Mr Etheridge said he wanted a reduction in ‘sin taxes’ on alcohol and cigarettes and to implement a firmer take on crime.
    He said: “I want us to represent the view of the people against the establishment.”

    He also gave a speech at Stony Stratford. I hope other politicians will learn from his example and I suspect most UKIP ones already have but it’s always reassuring to hear confirmation.

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