So Long Nigel, See You Again Soon

I’m not very surprised.

Nigel Farage resigns as Ukip leader: ‘I have done my bit. Now I want my life back’

He’s been saying this for a long time. He’s been amazingly successful for a politician who never even made it into parliament as an MP. He campaigned for an EU referendum, got one, and won it. It’s rather hard to see what more he can do.

But I won’t be too surprised if he’s back in politics in six months or a year. Because while the British people may have voted to leave the EU, it remains the case that most of the UK and EU political class want Britain to remain in it, and they’re going to be working very hard to make sure that we never leave.

The leading candidate to replace David Cameron as Prime Minister, Theresa May, was in the Remain camp until 23 June 2016. And, whatever she might say, she probably still is. William Hague writes:

We Conservatives are all Leavers now.

Why should I believe that? Why should anyone believe it?

What we’re going to see, over the next few months or years, is the EU Referendum being overruled, side-lined, ignored, or re-run. Maybe all of those things. Because the political class wants to remain in the EU, damn the people.

But while the political class want to stay in the EU, more and more people everywhere in Europe want to get out of it.

And that’s going to be what dominates European politics over the next 5 or 10 years. It’s going to be the people against the political elite, everywhere. If they don’t hate them already, everybody soon will.

Because Europe more and more resembles the old East Bloc, with faceless apparatchiks – remember people like Walter Ulbricht? – installed in every country. Their globalist agenda may be slightly different from their Marxist-Leninist forerunners, but the style will be the same. As also will their intermittently windmill-driven, chronically-depressed economies. And the wall-to-wall state propaganda in the mass media.

We’re probably going to see a Hungarian or Czech revolution, as they try to break free of the EU. Only this time it will be suppressed by NATO tanks rather than Soviet ones.

Top down control is the only thing these people understand. That and making mad plans for everybody, all over the world.


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18 Responses to So Long Nigel, See You Again Soon

  1. Tony says:

    Talking of a Czech revolution, an opinion poll a few days ago showed 80% of Czechs want Czexit.

  2. petesquiz says:

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen this, but it is very funny and probably not too far removed from the response of Jean-Claude Juncker!

    I’ve not tried to link to a YouTube video before, so please forgive me if I’ve cocked it up!

  3. waltc says:

    I don’t get it. Why would he –as the most articulate rep of Leave–resign, especially if Leaving is imperiled? And if the victory he claims is so evanescent? Next question: are you really resigned to its being undone? Next: is the Czech govt itself pro EU? Haval, a hero of mine, was against it. What’s changed there now? Finally, if the EU lands hard on the UK and other countries that want to leave, won’t they, by turning u the heat, simply hasten the pot’s boiling over? Inquiring minds…etc.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I’m not sure that Nigel Farage really is the most articulate rep of Leave. He is – like Donald Trump – one of those people who rubs some people up the wrong way. A lot of people have an instant aversion to him.

      And I’m as resigned to Britain staying in the EU as I am resigned to the continuation of smoking bans. For as long as people continue to think that the EU and smoking bans are Good Things, they’ll continue to support them. And most people do. That’s the current Credo. That’s what they believe. I think that eventually they’ll realise that both the EU and smoking bans weren’t quite such Good Things after all, but right now they don’t.

      The Czechs are members of the EU, but there seems to be a bit of an independent spirit to them (manifested in people like Havel, and Klaus). I suspect that the more that the EU starts looking like the old East Bloc, the more they’ll want to break free. They won’t want to go through all that again.

      I agree that if the EU gets nasty with the UK, other countries will take note. But regardless of that, disillusionment with the EU looks set to deepen.

      • smokingscot says:

        Interesting how others are sort of chipping away at the monolith.

        Hungary’s so pissed off at having a quota of 160,000 migrants dumped on them that they’ve called for a referendum on 2 October.

        So it could well be that some seem to want greater integration whilst others want a whole lot less “EU”.

        Personally I’ve never been in favour of the one size fits all. Greece will always be far more expensive to run than countries without stacks of islands. (Reason I say this is it applies equally to Scotland, where we subsidise ferries and flights to our outlying islands). So perhaps this business with Turkey may well see the start of a sort of two tier Europe, with many of these rules being optional, except for businesses.

        Should you be wrong about the referendum being overturned, I suspect the UK will set the precedent for how this might pan out for many countries, with Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Montenegro and Macedonia fitting neatly into “associate” status.

  4. Lecroix says:

    Reblogged this on Contra la ley "antitabaco" and commented:
    Nigel Farage se retira, tras el éxito del Brexit:

    “He hecho mi parte. Ahora quiero recuperar mi vida”

    Esto me reafirma en mi convicción, en lo que siempre he pensado sobre los políticos:

    El mejor político es el que no quiere serlo.

    Desconfío de los políticos profesionales, que a todo trance quieren tener poder de la misma forma que ya desconfiaba en el instituto de los que querían ser delegados de clase.

    El delegado de clase siempre era alguien que buscaba notoriedad, destacar ante profesores y/o alumnos y alcanzar ese único trocito de poder disponible para los alumnos en el insti. En ocasiones, era también el payaso de la clase.

    A Albert Einstein se le llegó a ofrecer la presidencia del estado de Israel. Esta fue su respuesta:

    “Me sentí profundamente conmovido por el ofrecimiento de nuestro Estado de Israel, mas también me sentí afligido y consternado, porque me es imposible aceptarlo. Toda mi vida me he enfrentado con el mundo de los objetos y carezco de la capacidad natural y de la experiencia necesaria para oponerme a los seres humanos ni desempeñar funciones oficiales. Por estas razones no me siento apto para cumplir con los requisitos de esta gran labor, aun en el caso de que mi avanzada edad no limitase en muy alto grado mis fuerzas.

    Esta situación es, en verdad, muy aflictiva para mí, puesto que mi relación con el pueblo judío se ha convertido en el más fuerte de mis lazos humanos desde que adquirí pleno conocimiento de nuestra precaria posición entre las naciones. Después que en estos días hemos perdido al hombre que en circunstancias trágicas y adversas llevó sobre sus espaldas, y por espacio de muchos años, el peso de la dirección de nuestra lucha por la independencia en el exterior, deseo con todo mi corazón que se pueda encontrar a un hombre que por la obra de su vida y por su personalidad pueda animarse a asumir esta tarea tan riesgosa y llena de responsabilidades.”
    Albert Einstein
    Princeton, Nueva Jersey, 18 de noviembre de 1952.

    En mi opinión (y aunque Einstein favorecía desgraciadamente el socialismo), éste tipo de político, el que no quiere el puesto, es el adecuado para el puesto.

    Lo cual nos lleva a Nigel Farage, que tampoco quiere el puesto. Lo que me hace pensar que lo haría muy bien, porque no es ni quiere ser un profesional de la política.

    Nigel parece ser una persona normal, sin aspavientos, sin careta, sin doble lengua. Se deja fotografiar fumando sus cigarrillos y bebiendo su pinta. Y siempre ha dicho que está a favor de permitir que los locales puedan escoger si dejan fumar o no.

    Vamos, que Nigel es lo contrario a todos los políticos profesionales de hoy en día.

    El candidato ideal.

    Espero que tras un descanso, vuelva.

  5. Manfred says:

    “Because the political class wants to remain in the EU, damn the people.”

    Britain is not too old to have another civil war. Those in and around power who might plot to usurp the will of the people might find themselves at the sharp end of The Monarch, HM Forces and those ‘damned people’.

  6. prog says:

    Spot the howler


  7. harleyrider1978 says:

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    Military Will Spend Millions In Tax Dollars On ‘Gender Transition Operations’

    New policy for transgender indviduals serving in armed foces will include tax payed gender transition surgery.

  9. harleyrider1978 says:

  10. nisakiman says:

    Off topic, but yet another depressingly predictable ban:

    Tanzania has banned the smoking of shishas or water pipes over concerns of links with drug or alcohol abuse.

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

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