Unsuspending Politics


Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton met with FBI officials Saturday about her private email server that has sparked a federal investigation, her campaign said.

As Rush Limbaugh has now asked (at least) twice, why is Obama allowing this constant drip-drip of trouble to continue to dog Hillary Clinton, when he could stop it any time he likes?

Brendan O’Neill:

The EU is really an attempt to suspend politics, to replace the difficult, tense business of political thought and action with managerialism and technocracy. It is a post-politics institution, allowing the leaders of European nations to govern without having to have too many awkward debates or to engage all the time with the throng.

The EU is a lid on European history. It suppresses, without resolving, tensions within Europe…

Now the British people, including our poor and uneducated, have blown it all apart. Their democratic assault on the EU has unsuspended politics, already, both in Britain, where the political and cultural divide has been thrown into sharp relief, and in Europe, where the EU is now in a state of panic…


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9 Responses to Unsuspending Politics

  1. Tony says:

    There are major Australian elections this weekend. I don’t know much about Australian politics but I read a very insightful article on JoNova’s blog the other day. It was written by a Senate candidate called Dr Mark Imisides.

    He argues that there is a huge difference between lawyers and scientists in terms of how they evaluate truth and what to believe. Lawyers rely on “argument by authority”, whereas scientists use “argument by evidence”. The key insight is that Politicians are almost all lawyers by training and so rely on “authority”, regardless of “evidence”.

    I think this explains a lot. So much in fact that just listing the basic implications would take hours. I think his article is a “must read”:


    Unfortunately, if I’m reading this right and I hope I’m not, he doesn’t look likely to win. The Sex and Mariajuana party appear to have twice the support. But at least he has three times the support that “Health Australia” does.

    A great pity because, from his blog post, he seems a seriously good candidate.
    Partial results: http://www.abc.net.au/news/federal-election-2016/results/senate/#swa.

    • Frank Davis says:

      So when the lawyers in Parliament read the latest report from the IPCC or BOM or CSIRO they swallow it whole. And given the nature of the profession, not only do they not question it, they make sure no one else does.

      This seems to be true with everything, not just AGW.

      But scientists also deal with laws. Such as, for example, the laws of motion. But there are not very many of them. Might there one day be a time when lawmakers in our various parliaments start trying to make their laws more like scientific laws, with as few as them as can be possibly managed, rather than as many as can possibly be enacted? We are drowning in laws.

      • Tony says:

        Yes, nice idea. Even as a child I used to reckon that the goal of government should be to get as close as possible to anarchism. Reducing laws to the barest minimum. As far as I can tell that’s similar to Libertarianism.

  2. mikef317 says:

    Let me second Tony. I’ve long been a fan of Jo Nova. Too many of our politicians are lawyers. They argue one side of a case as if that side was unquestionable truth.

  3. waltc says:

    Aside from Obama’s just being feckless, I doubt he could stop it–as in abort it– without FIX being emblazoned in neon lights. He can better fix it by leaning on the DOJ. Also, in dramatic terms, once fixed, this can function like the pantingly suspenseful red herring in a gripping mystery and then passed off as just another busted episode in the “vast right wing conspiracy.” Once that’s done, all other charges against her, no matter how serious and true, can be blithely dismissed as just more of the same.

    Meanwhile, news items over here keep hopefully reporting the ways in which Brexit can be nullified by Parliament or negotiated away.

    • Frank Davis says:

      If Brexit is nullified or negotiated away, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be any time very soon. In the meanwhile, Britain remains on course to leave the EU. And this seems to have offered great encouragement to other countries in the EU. They all seem to want referendums now.

  4. Cecily Collingridge says:

    FYI… Just stumbled across a piece by Jeremy Clarkson in the Sun about MPs/smoking legislation: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/opinion/1377048/number-of-mps-who-listen-to-the-public-is-the-same-as-the-number-of-drivers-caught-smoking-none/
    (PS. I’m not a Sun or Clarkson follower)

  5. nisakiman says:

    There’s a good video that Grandad posted today which rather highlights the blind, indoctrinated foolishness of the ‘yoof’ that are protesting so vociferously against leaving the EU. Most of them just haven’t got a clue what it is they’re trying to protect. It really is quite pathetic.

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