History Has A Reverse Gear

I think that if two events have best summed up the EU referendum debate for me, the first was Eddie Izzard talking over the top of Nigel Farage on Question Time, and being told to shut up.

And the second was Bob Geldof drowning out Nigel Farage with a loudhailer in the Battle of the Thames.

What they both shared was a propensity to talk over people they disagreed with, or to shout them down. But isn’t that what Political Correctness all about: preventing debate, by shouting people down?

As for the late Jo Cox, here’s Pete North (son of EUreferendum’s Richard North, I believe):

If you were going to pick a target for a red mist moment, this would be she. She and others like her are the precise reason we are even having this referendum. So much as been done in the name of that agenda without our consent.

People like her have almost total control of the agenda from the UN level, down through the EU and inside Wesminster. And while superficially charming and very successful and likable, beneath the veneer lies zealotry that believes the ends justify the means. She has sailed through the ranks of the establishment because she is a mirror image of it. If you want to know why there is such a massive gulf between the people and the politics, she, my friends, is where to start looking. Who she is, what she stands for, and how she got where she was.

These are the people how have tripled our energy bills and these are the people who have plastered the countryside with wind turbines and solar panels, and signed away our autonomy not just to the EU but to absolutely insane global targets. These are the people we most need rid of, though be it by the vote and not the bullet. They are not of us and they do not represent us.

Although he doesn’t mention it (nobody ever does, do they?), one of those “absolutely insane global targets” is a “smoke-free” planet on which everybody has stopped smoking.

But then, these people are “progressives”, and they know which way history is going. So what happens when history doesn’t go in the direction foreseen? We get headlines like this:

European history hovers close to reverse gear

European history may be about to go into reverse.

If Britain votes to leave the European Union, it will likely start a process of fragmentation of the political and security structures on which the post-World War Two and post-Cold War European order was built.

How wonderful! History has a reverse gear!

The Progressive vision is of an inexorable historical process leading ever onwards and upwards. The True Progressive not only knows which way history is going, but also – according to Marx – he can act as its midwife:

And even when a society has got upon the right track for the discovery of the natural laws of its movement — and it is the ultimate aim of this work, to lay bare the economic law of motion of modern society — it can neither clear by bold leaps, nor remove by legal enactments, the obstacles offered by the successive phases of its normal development. But it can shorten and lessen the birth-pangs.

Therein lies the entire madness of our time. Far too many people believe that “laws of motion”, as ineluctable as any set out by Isaac Newton, are carrying us relentlessly towards a future that will be fully globalised, carbon-neutral, and smoke-free. Resistance is futile. It can’t be stopped.

…But there may be a reverse gear.


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20 Responses to History Has A Reverse Gear

  1. liz says:

    Have to say, the ‘ Thames incident’ was the funniest thing I’d seen in years, like a scene from Dad’s A..si wish they’d had actualb cannons to fire at each other ..class comedic moment ..

  2. jaxthefirst says:

    Thank you so much, Frank, for pointing me towards North’s excellent blog. I honestly thought that, tragic though her murder was, I was the only person in the world who simply couldn’t see that Ms Cox was, like Mary Poppins: “practically perfect in every way.” So glad I’m not the only cynic on t’internet after all!

  3. Rose says:

    Clive Bates reverts to type.

    The EU referendum in 10 provocations

  4. Jim says:

    Incidentally, I can’t understand this EU obsession with constant forward movement. They appear to think that one can never achieve ones goal unless one moves closer to it at every opportunity. Have they never read any military tactics? Its very easy for a strong military force to over reach itself, and expose itself to devastating counter attack, by advancing too far, and exposing their flanks. Sometimes a tactical withdrawal is required to reinforce the overall strategic position, and prevent a serious defeat. If the EU had any sense they’d step back a bit now, and offer the people of Europe some scraps – some pulling back from the ‘ever closer union’ shtick. But oh no, they have to go hell for leather onwards, no compromise, which only means one thing – eventually someone somewhere is going to slip in a counter attack that will destroy the entire set up. It could be the Brexit campaign, if not somewhere else, as the anti-EU feeling is rising all across the EU. They are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

    • prog says:

      The EU abhors popularism, which (for scaremongering purposes) they tend to define as ‘Far Right’.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I totally agree.

      What they are constructing is really a new European empire along the lines of the Roman or Holy Roman empires. They’re doing it in order to create a Europe that can “sit at the top table” along with the other great powers. So the bigger Europe, the better. And that’s why they want an army too. And a single currency.

      But I think that what we’re going to witness over the next few decades will be calls for self-determination and struggles for national liberation just like those in the Americas in the 18th and 19th centuries. It’ll start with referendums which will be ignored (like I expect our one to be ignored if we have the temerity to vote to leave the EU), and then it’ll start getting very nasty, with IRA-style bombings and assassinations all over Europe. It won’t be long before we see an EU president assassinated just like in Sarajevo a century ago. And we’ll end up having a European civil war just like the American civil war, as Brussels refuses to countenance secession by southern states.

      If they had any sense they would relax their goal of centralised power, and allow member states to (mostly) run their own affairs. But that’s not good enough for them, and so they’ll end up with the whole thing torn to pieces.

      • garyk30 says:

        “If they had any sense they would relax their goal of centralised power, and allow member states to (mostly) run their own affairs.”

        That will never happen as it would mean they would be admitting that they might have been wrong.

        The egos of the ‘Elite’ will never allow them to admit to any sort of error.

  5. Roobeedoo2 says:

    ‘The unvarnished truth is that what we had in Jo Cox, at the very least and to put it charitably, is someone who was so busy paving the road with good intentions that she didn’t look up to see that they were leading to Hell.’


  6. garyk30 says:

    Just a thought.

    The EU is only a part of Europe and almost half of the countries in Europe exist quite nicely with out having EU membership.

    There are 50 countries in Europe and only 28(56%) are EU members.

    The population of Europe is about 740 million with about 400 million not being part of the EU.

    Non-EU countries range from Albania to the Ukraine with Norway,Russia,Switzerland and Turkey being the most notable.

    Seems strange that Russia, the most populated country in Europe is not a part of the EU; but, the Elites of Brussels apparently only want members that can be ordered around.
    That does not include the leadership of Russia.

    The EU is a classic example of control gone wild.
    It started in 1957 as the EEC with only 5 member and has managed to morph into the EU with 28 members by 1993.

    Countries such as Monaco, Norway, and Switzerland have managed to survive economically quite nicely on their own.

    England does not need the EU to survive.

  7. garyk30 says:

    The EU is UN-popular now; but, where might it be going?
    From 1952 – 1957(5 years)
    There was the ECSC with 6 members

    From 1958 – 1966 (8 years)
    There was the EEC

    From 1967- 1992 (25 years)
    There was the European Communities

    From 1993 present (23 years and counting)
    There is the EU

    Seems that at some time in the near future there will be something else; perhaps, a ‘European Federation’ or the ‘Federated States of Wurope’?

    Because of the open borders and mass immigration, there will be very little national pride to overturn Brussels taking control and expanding it’s powers.

  8. Manfred says:

    The proto-global State that is the EU has a PR department, which relies on framing and controlling the “narrative.” This is a code for shutting down everything and everyone else, as quickly as possible. Using aphorisms like ‘moving forward’ make it easy to frame any counter argument as ‘backward’. It’s no less than an inverted snobbery of politically correct Cultural Marxism, this time portraying the elitists as the victims. It might also be considered as a form of codified racism based on the black white polemic. For myself, I think it reads better when one salutes with poetic license, the insight of George and Ira Gershwin (1937), “You say forward, I say backward, forward and backward, let’s call the whole thing off.”

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