Surreal Battle of the Thames

The EU Leave and Remain camps fought a battle today on the Thames at Westminster.

On one side was Nigel Farage and a fleet of fishing boats protesting against the destruction of British fishing fleets by the EU. On the other side was Bob Geldof with a (very) loudhailer in an ultra-modern cruiser attended by a number of small motorboats.

The fishermen got angry and started spraying water over Geldof’s cruiser (below), and


then, according to the Guardian:

One fishing boat came alongside Geldof’s boat and drenched it with a hose. According to Bethany Pickering, a remain activist on board, Geldof told the fisherman to “fuck off”. Richard Eves, a fisherman from Leigh-on-Sea, decided to launch a boarding raid on Geldof’s boat using his rusty trawler Wayward Lad.

“We threatened to ram them first and then they let us on,” he said afterwards. “They shit themselves. I was angry.”

Eves then climbed aboard in midstream with fellow fisherman Paul Marchant and confronted Geldof. “I just felt that some of the things he was coming out with weren’t facts,” said Marchant. “He was just shaking his head. He said, ‘We’re not against you mate.’ But I said you can dress figures up to say anything you want. That’s why I wanted to go on there and explain to him my point of view.”

Some of Geldof’s companions didn’t like what he’s been saying:


On Geldof’s boat, half a dozen leftwing remain activists disembarked because, according to Pickering who was among them, “these fishermen were working-class people with genuine issues and we didn’t think they should be erased by Bob Geldof”

And in the middle of it all, Farage re-appeared, and said something remarkable.

Mr Farage was back on deck. What did he think of the Geldof stunt? The Ukip leader rolled his eyes. Geldof was an “ignorant multimillionaire” trying to “drown out” the views of British fishermen, he sighed; it was “a disgusting spectacle”. He puffed wearily on his cigarette.

Hang on. Cigarette? Didn’t you give up cigarettes, Mr Farage?

“No, I’ve sort of made my mind up about all this,” he said. “I think the doctors have got it wrong about smoking.”

The doctors have got it wrong about smoking. Well, Michael Gove did say that the British people “have had enough of experts”.

Well, I for one am very glad to hear someone say that. I was only saying a couple of days ago that…

…I no longer believe anything that’s ever been said or written about tobacco. I reject the entirety of it, all the way back to James I. I think that antismoking is a mental illness: that particular madness that elevates the placid pastime of smoking to the greatest health threat the world has ever known…


H/T prog for another link to the story. Under it were a number of comments pithily describing the encounter:

Working fishermen and supporters Vs. Former pop star multi-millionaires, rich, spoiled ad. agency brats and effete hangers-on and scroungers.

A handful of upper middle class Londoners from Chelsea and an Irish nationalist taking on hard-working, risk-taking, ordinary fisherman with an entirely legitimate grievance about the EU.

Does anybody else get the feeling that this debate is something of a class war?

Well, yes, I do think this is something of a class war. It’s a war between the wealthy, pro-European, political elite class, and the ordinary British people who’re getting more and more sick of the EU by the day.

Anyway, Bob Geldof got sprayed with water and his motor cruiser got boarded, and a number of his followers mutinied. So I think he lost this surreal battle fairly comprehensively.

I have no idea which way the vote will go next week.


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21 Responses to Surreal Battle of the Thames

  1. jaxthefirst says:

    Nige had given up smoking? Never heard anything about that – it would have broken my heart if I had! So glad to know that he’s back “in the camp” again. Or maybe he never really left us ….. ?

    • Rose says:

      I had seen him using an e-cigarette. According to popular belief, nicotine is the only reason we smoke and he may have found out for himself that it isn’t.
      At such an important time when he needs his wits about him, it’s best to stick with what works.

  2. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Admiral Nelson was dug up to launch the attack and raise the Union Jack for national pride!

  3. Manfred says:

    Blatant oxymorons in their floating gin palace of mirrors and globalist delusion relying on megaphone politics. They betray themselves at every turn.

  4. Lepercolonist says:

    Geldof is such a phony. Good for Nigel.

    • Joe L. says:

      Agreed, and to think Geldof garnered his fame for being known as a ‘humanitarian’ and an ‘activist.’ Today he clearly exposed his true persona: a heartless, rich, entitled, self-serving fraud.

  5. Twisted Root says:

    It is not how many readers you have Frank, it is who the readers are that determines the influence you have.

  6. Rose says:

    The story seems to be going around the World.

    South China Morning Post

    Battle of the Thames: Bob Geldof and Nigel Farage make waves with water-borne Brexit skirmish
    16 June 2016

    “The battle over whether or not Britain should stay in the European Union spilled from the airwaves to the River Thames on Wednesday.
    In one of the more surreal moments in the campaign for the June 23 referendum, fishermen who had organised a flotilla on the London river to protest EU fishing policies fired water hoses at dinghies full of rival “Remain” campaigners, who crashed the fishermen’s “Leave” flotilla as it travelled up the Thames to the Houses of Parliament.

    As if that weren’t enough, rock star philanthropist Bob Geldof sidled up to the boat carrying noted “leave” campaigner Nigel Farage and started haranguing him.”


    Brexit: Bob Geldof, Nigel Farage clash over EU referendum in boat campaign on the River Thames

    “An ageing rocker and a controversial UK politician have traded insults on London’s River Thames over the looming European Union Brexit referendum.
    With just a few days of campaigning left and the polls tight, both sides of the referendum debate are going to dramatic lengths to win over voters.

    Overnight, around 30 fishing boats floated past Tower Bridge, sounding their foghorns and displaying anti-EU signs, led by UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage in a protest against EU fisheries policy.
    Events then took a bizarre turn when pro-EU rocker Bob Geldof pulled up in a rival Remain boat, shouting “Nigel you’re a fraud” through a loudspeaker, only to be hosed with water from the Leave boat.”

    In Britain, Labour seem to be distancing themselves.

    Morning Star

    Condescending’ Geldof captains In battle boat

    “WASHED-UP singer Bob Geldof was accused by a pro-EU campaigner yesterday of mocking fishermen concerned for their livelihoods on the Thames.
    Ukip leader Nigel Farage was aboard a small trawler with the fishermen in a flotilla to highlight the threat they say is posed by EU fishing quotas.

    Then Sir Bob and a mob of his supporters approached in another boat to taunt and start a “war of words.”
    Mr Geldof shouted through a loudspeaker: “You are a fraud, Nigel. Go back down the river because you are up one without a canoe or a paddle. You are no fisherman’s friend.”

    He also called Mr Farage a “wanker.” The bizarre event eventually resulted in a police boat coming between the Stronger In Europe and the Fishing For Leave vessels to keep them apart.

    Pro-EU campaigner Bethany Pickering — who said she was on Mr Geldof’s “awful” boat — criticised the self-publicist for “jeering” at the fishermen on smaller boats. She later told LBC radio that he is a “condescending billionaire.”
    http: //

  7. prog says:

    Hopefully over half the country will mutiny next Thursday.

    BTW – don’t forget, Geldof is on Question Time tonight (10.45 pm). As usual, the Going Postal crew will be providing a running commentary.

  8. Roobeedoo2 says:

    The most telling line in the whole campaign is from that Telegraph piece, uttered by a Ukip aide:

    ‘“We used to protest against the establishment, Now the establishment is protesting against us.”’

    And the MSM correspondent imagines he’d be smoking a pipe whilst recounting the story to his son. Smoking a pipe? In the future?! The establishment’s tobacco-free narrative will have been in vain.

    *Oh I agree, Clicky. Damned expensive, too.*

  9. Rose says:

    Wow, that’s desperate.

    Greenpeace have said that one of the fishing boats in the flotilla was once owned by someone who was prosecuted for over fishing.
    “The pair were caught after a seven-year investigation prompted by suspicions that large profits in the fishing industry could not have been made legally given EU fishing quotas at the time.”

    Though the boat has new owners, just look at the way the article has been written.

    • Manfred says:

      I prefer their nom de guerre, ‘Green Pus’.
      It’s my ongoing bet with anyone willing to take it, that Green Pus will be found to be entwined within the Panama ‘Narrative’. Whether the Fourth Estate may be relied upon to honour their mission of ‘exposure’ is a moot point, particularly when it comes to GP. We shall see. Where there are whistles, there are lips.

  10. Rose says:

    An MP who took part yesterday has just been shot and campaigning has been suspended.

    • Frank Davis says:

      And unfortunately she’s died. In reports I’ve read the killer seems to have been a mental patient of some kind, who was quickly detained.

      Some reports said that he’d shouted “Britain first!” But this is now being denied.

      We are all deeply shocked at the fatal shooting of Jo Cox MP. An eye-witness interview on Sky News was aired earlier. He made no mention of “Britain First” but the Manchester Evening News misquoted him

      P.S. Or maybe that’s what he was shouting. Guardian.

    • Barry Homan says:

      First you need a martyr…

  11. smokingscot says:

    It’s old news, however the German magazine Der Spiegel dropped the price of it’s June 11 issue from £5.20 to £2.00 for what is a none too subtle attempt to explain that the EU needs the UK.

    Following on from that line of thought, Euronews ran a feature today along the same lines. Essentially a good many people from elsewhere in the EU feel Britain may be their only hope of getting the EU reformed.

    That I can understand.

    Ain’t our fellow EU citizens we have a problem with; it’s only the people in Brussels.

    That’s a message that’s getting lost in the crossfire.

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