It’s been a warm, sunny week in the UK, and that’s meant that I’ve been sitting in the gardens of a variety of different pubs, and as a consequence spending most of the rest of the day dozing. Today has been no different.

But I noticed a couple of things online. Firstly:

1 in 6 Britons think Brexit would mean they’d be banned from holidaying in Europe

The results of a recent poll by have revealed that 16% of Britons are under the impression that if the majority vote for a Brexit in the upcoming EU referendum, it will mean that UK residents are no longer allowed to go on holiday to countries part of the European Union.

They probably also think that they won’t be able to buy German lagers, French cheese, and Italian spaghetti either. And the only food on sale will be potatoes, turnips, and swedes.

Unless swedes come from Sweden, in which case not them either.

And secondly another little insight into the EU, from a series of articles by Alan Sked (founder of UKIP?):

Another body supervising the negotiations with Greece has been the ‘Eurogroup’, which also has its own President. It is supposed to be composed of the finance ministers of all Eurozone member states but when the Greek finance minister in 2015 at a crucial point in the negotiations over Greece’s debt objected to being excluded from the Eurogroup and asked for legal justification for this, he was told: ‘Well, the Eurogroup does not exist in law. There is no treaty which has convened this group.’ Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek minister concerned, later commented in an interview in the New Statesman:

‘So what we have is a non-existent group that has the greatest power to determine the lives of Europeans. It’s not answerable to anyone, given that it does not exist in law, no minutes are kept; and it’s confidential…so no citizen ever knows what is said within…These are decisions of almost life and death, and no member has to answer to anybody.’

You can’t make it up.

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5 Responses to Sunny

  1. Bemused says:

    And yet Yanis Varoufakis favours remain. Perhaps his problem was that he was not on an unaccountable committee punishing others with impunity but on the receiving end?

  2. harleyrider1978 says:
  3. Bandit 1 says:

    The first story is very depressing. 16% of Brits are clearly pig shit stupid.

    That such people have the vote explains quite a lot.

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