Brexit – the Movie

A very polished production:


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13 Responses to Brexit – the Movie

  1. (If you see any place on the boards where it would be helpful for me to post this, just let me know!)

    It sounds as though the main, and almost always poor, argument of the “Stay” campaigners is “Better the devil we know…”

    If I was in the UK I’d be voting for Brexit. There are certainly positive aspects to decreasing international separations, but the EU goes too far — making it more of a “United States Of Europe” where virtually ALL the power will be concentrated in a centralized hub with powers that will eventually slide into an Orwellian dictatorship for your children. I’ve seen firsthand over here in the US how the federal government has extended its power FARRRR beyond anything that would have been acceptable 200 years ago (or even just FIFTY years ago!) as the feds control our speed limits, drinking and smoking ages, school and health systems, communications … all the sorts of everyday “citizens rights” sort of things that the original Constitution was supposed to protect us against in a totally ironclad manner.

    Brexit will NOT lead to a WW 3 — but it WILL help maintain people’s freedoms in a technological age where such freedoms will steadily be under attack by governments. Freedoms are very easy to give up, and very, very hard to get back.

    – MJM

  2. NellB says:

    Remainers have got the Youtube version taken down by making a false ‘copyright’ claim, but you can watch it here-

  3. garyk30 says:

    Considering the tradition of “stiff upper lip – carry on”, this movement is surprising.

  4. legiron says:

    Seems the French and German people are getting ready for the same thing. It’s falling apart at last.

  5. Rose says:

    Very good, it explained a few things that I hadn’t been aware of, especially why we were so slow to get rid of war time emergency regulations.

  6. Joe L. says:

    OT: There’s currently a big hullabaloo here in the U.S. over the use of public bathrooms by transgender people. The latest news states that the Obama adminstration has threatened to pull funding from public schools if they do not allow students to use the bathroom of the gender they “identify with.”

    This is the polar opposite of the government’s enforcement of smoking bans. Smoking bans and tax hikes are lauded because smoking is a “choice,” therefore smokers have no rights or say in the matter. In this transgender bathroom nonsense, however, it is the exact opposite: transgender people must be given every right to use whichever public restroom they please, even though changing one’s sex is also a choice, just as much as smoking is.

    I can accept the argument for gay rights, that gay people may be “born gay” (I’m straight, so I have no idea whether this is true, thus I give the benefit of the doubt). But transgender people are definitely not born transgender, they willingly choose to change their gender. Where is the consistency here? Why on earth should transgender people be awarded more rights because of a personal choice with regards to lifestlye while smokers are simultaneously deprived of rights for making a similar choice?

    • Rose says:

      Having shared ladies toilets with transgender people on several ocassions, I have no objection as long they are dressed appropriately, what I do object to is when they are better dressed, better made up and look much prettier than me.

      • gainny says:

        It’s not just toilets, it’s locker rooms and showers, too. And, given the propaganda that you can be whatever you feel like on any given day, it’s about opportunistic men forcing their way in wherever they please.

    • Lepercolonist says:

      Amen brother.

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