Trump, Britain, and the EU

After Barack Obama came and told Brits that they’d be “at the back of the queue” if they left the EU, here’s Donald Trump’s view:

‘They are better off without it’ Donald Trump calls on Britain to DITCH the ‘horrible’ EU

DONALD Trump has backed Britain to leave the European Union, claiming the UK would be “better off without” Brussels.

Trump, who has now become the Republican party’s presumptive nominee for the White House, called on British voters to sever ties with the bloc on June 23.

The US Presidential hopeful also blamed the migration crisis on the EU and said the situation has been a “horrible thing for Europe”.

In related news, France’s Marine Le Pen to campaign for Brexit on UK visit

But European Parliament President Martin Schulz says most people don’t want national borders:

European Parliament President Martin Schulz has warned against a Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) victory in the country’s upcoming presidential election, claiming the “vast majority” of people do not want national borders.

The Europhile German Social Democratic Party (SPD) politician stated that if the populist, anti-mass migration Norbert Hofer becomes president “this will change Europe’s character”.

Really? Most people don’t want national borders?

It’s certainly convenient for people to have open borders between EU countries, while there isn’t any trouble coming in over those borders.

Think of a small rural community where everyone keeps their house doors unlocked and open, so that their friendly neighbours can walk in any time without even knocking. Who wants “national borders” in such a circumstance?

But introduce a band of thieves who take the opportunity of all those unlocked and open doors to start looting houses, and the doors will very rapidly close, and be locked shut. Everyone will want “national borders” in the new circumstance.

Mr. Schulz’ comments came soon after Jean-Claude Juncker slammed elected leaders of European Union (EU) countries for listening too much to voters rather than focusing on being “full time Europeans”.

The Telegraph reported that the European Commission president blasted Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, for not speaking about Europe “in the proper way” and instead discussing the EU in terms of national interests.

“If you are listening to your national opinion you are not developing what should be a common European sense and a feeling of the need to put together efforts. We have too many part-time Europeans,” the former prime minister of Luxembourg told the audience at Rome’s Capitolini Museum.

But David Cameron is the Prime Minister of the UK. It’s his job to speak and act on behalf of Britons. But Juncker seems to think that being a true European means forgetting about the people and the parliament to which you were elected, forgetting about its national opinion, and thinking solely in European terms.

But maybe you can only be a “true European” if you no longer have much connection with your home nation? Martin Schulz was a German politician, and one-time mayor of a German town, but he’s now a full-time EU politician. So he can forget about Germany.

Same with Jean-Claude Juncker, who was once prime minister of Luxembourg, but isn’t any more. He can forget about Luxembourg, and be a full-time European.

But anyone who is a serving president or prime minister  of a European nation simply can’t do that: they’ve got a day job they were elected to do.

Maybe the trouble with Angela Merkel is that she’s a full-time European who forgets that her day job is actually to be chancellor of Germany.

From about 39 minutes into this interview of Donald Trump by Piers Morgan a month or so back, asked whether Britain should leave the EU:

“Yes. My mother was born in Scotland, in Stornoway, and she loved Scotland. She loved it more than anything. She’d go back every year religiously with my sisters, and just had a great feeling for it and a great love for the people of Scotland, and I think that Britain will separate from the EU. I think maybe it’s time, in light of what’s happened with the craziness that’s going on with the migration, with people pouring in all over the place. I think that Britain will end up separating from the EU. That’s my opinion. I’m not endorsing it one way or the other, but that’s my opinion. I think a lot of people want to see that happen.”


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15 Responses to Trump, Britain, and the EU

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    When I was in Europe I was a Brig Chaser but any active duty American just had to show an ID card and no problem crossing borders anywhere save Turkey.

    I had a sailor for pickup that supposedly was caught with hashish and the cops there are notorious for planting evidence on americans and then imprisoning them for extortion from the parents or government for their release. This was the case when I went there,but no money was payed save a 500 dollar bribe thru a third party and the release was made.

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    Even my own navy wife at the time was on international legal hold over a off base break in and the guads had jurisdiction. Since no Spanish nationals were involved simply a American accusing another of the break in thru gypsy bars using a hydraulic jack sideways the question was how could a 3-4 month pregnant woman due such a thing! Like I was saying when Spanish authorities have jurisdiction the case file gets sent to Madrid at JUSMAG the Spanish equivalent of the Justice dept in DC. I went there and using a go between hired by the guads in Rota I knew to make the quick contacts and pay the bribes to get the file moved to the next level for release back to American authorities. Coat me 500 American in bribes there, But I got the file flew to Rota dropped it to security who I worked for and the whole case went to VR 22 her command and was a short captains mass with a he said she said deal and no proof of theft from my wife. You see the Spanish called our investigations out after they had destroyed the crime scene we couldn’t get prints off of anything but all the evidence pointed to gypsies breaking in……..that’s how the case was determined. I then got my wife a pregnancy separation discharge and we flew back together when she was at 4 and a half months. The reason for the rush was NATOPS doesn’t allow a pregnant woman past 5 months to fly in a pressurized cabin in naval aircraft. Otherwise the kid would have been a Spanish citizen unless you go to the ambassadors office in Madrid and get naturalization papers filled out this has to be done within 6 weeks of birth!

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      You should see the shit I went thru In Seville when I beat the hell out of 2 gypsies that broke our car window and stole the wifes purse with 1200 cash in it………Boy the cops sure didn’t like me for that until I got with the sargento,he patted me on the back for detaining the 2! Slighty bloodied but coherent besides using my handcuffs on them. I always carried an extra set

  3. harleyrider1978 says:

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

  5. garyk30 says:

    Strange how ‘diversity’ of populations is good; but, nations being ‘diverse’ is bad.

    Probably has something to do with control, you suppose? 🙄

  6. edith482 says:

    Good blog Frank. Also some interesting comments.

  7. Rose says:

    Now this should amuse you all, it’s a study on smoking that I can’t entirely deny.
    I’m not so sure about “flings”, in my experience quick thinking smokers are simply more fun.

    Women looking for flings choose smokers
    Saturday May 7, 2016

    “The motorcycle boy reigns. Women prefer men who drink and smoke for short term flings, research shows.

    Despite the many health risks of smoking and drinking, there may be an upside.
    Men who smoke and drink are seen as more attractive to women looking for a casual fling or short-term relationship, according to a new study.

    Researchers found that this behaviour is seen as more ‘risky’, and this makes them more appealing to women not looking for love.
    The study was carried out by Eveline Vincke and her colleagues at Ghent University in Belgium.

    Her team interviewed 239 women aged 17 to 30.
    The volunteers were asked to rate the behaviour of similarly-aged men based on how healthy, and risk, these behaviours were.
    They were also asked to reveal if they’d be interested in dating them in the short and long term.

    The experiment showed women perceive men who smoke and drink as being more ‘short-term oriented in their sexuality’ than those who live a healthier life.
    Put more simply, they’d be more willing to have short-term, casual relationships with men exhibiting this behaviour.

    Both smoking and especially alcohol use made the men more attractive in short-term mating contexts.
    A follow-up study confirmed that men’s behaviour corresponds with women’s perceptions.”

    “And when it comes to long-term relationships, the opposite was true – women preferred ‘risk-avoidant men’, or those who didn’t smoke or drink.”

    Now that I do dispute, who wants a life of utter boredom?

    We celebrated our Ruby wedding anniversary (40th) two months ago.

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