Losing Touch


TONY Blair has called for Britain to surrender MORE powers to unelected Brussels bureaucrats and insisted mass migration from eastern Europe has been GOOD for the country as he made a bizarre case for staying in the EU.

The Europhile former prime minister claimed the UK will be unable to defend itself from Islamic State (ISIS) and Russia without the help of France and Germany and said David Cameron should give up further influence to Brussels’ growing security services.

Describing the potential consequences of a Brexit as “very serious”, the maligned Labour grandee warned it would be “irrational to be alone” when faced with competition from India, China and the US.

His comments came as the leave campaign opened up a huge six-point lead in the polls, with voters increasingly losing faith in Mr Cameron’s ability to secure a good deal from European leaders.

But Mr Blair, who is tipped as a future EU president, appeared to back the farcical negotiation even though he admitted he was “against” giving people a say on Britain’s future in the first place.

Blair and the European political class just want Europe to regain the place in the world that it lost after two world wars. They hate being politicians in insignificant little countries. So their plans are all about building a powerful new bloc that can face India, China, and the USA as equals. That’s all that matters to them

But what they want is the opposite of what ordinary people want, because the bigger the EU bloc becomes, the less democratic it becomes, and the less responsive to the people inside it, and the more bureaucratic and the more controlling and the more dictatorial.

The bigger the EU gets, the less say its citizens feel they have in it, and the more disenchanted with it they become.

Janet Daley, writing in the Telegraph:

Rage against the machine – the people’s furious dissatisfaction with the loss of any real sense of control over their own lives – has hit the governing classes of the West with a bang…

Hatred is directed specifically at the remote structures and people whose commands must be obeyed, and yet who appear indifferent to the wishes and concerns of the governed. Surely, this was exactly what the great democratic revolutions were designed to correct? How do we find ourselves once again under the rule of unaccountable oligarchs who are oblivious to what Thoreau called the “quiet desperation” of ordinary men?

And what else does any banned smoker feel but “quiet desperation”?

Politicians like Blair have lost touch with ordinary people. And all he can do is repeat the imperial political imperatives of the European political class, right down to their disdain for the people they are misgoverning.

Much the same is true in the USA. And that has opened the way for populist outsiders – like Donald Trump – who haven’t lost touch with ordinary people.


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13 Responses to Losing Touch

  1. waltc says:

    Clearly a tangent, but almost every timr smoking bans come uo for a vite, “the people” say they want them.

  2. waltc says:

    Completely ot: last nite I inadvertently turned on the tv and got the middle of a Brit series called something like “Get [or Call] the Midwife” which, by the costumes, was set in the late 1940s. As I tuned in, a (smoking) doctor was invited to attend the autopsy of a lung cancer fatality. This made me stick around. Cut to: The Morgue. Coroner standing over a set of black bumpy things laid out on a table, announcing dourly, “These are the lungs of a smoker — riddled with tumors.” Close shot of smoking doctor’s face paling. Cut to: Still shaken doctor arrives home to see teenage son smoking. Rips cigarette away, passionately yells at him, “These things are coffin nails.! They’ll kill you!” makes tearful son put his hand over his heart and swear he’ll never ever smoke another cigarette. Then I switched channels.

  3. Rose says:

    Spare a moment to think of the Australians

    For the law abiding smoker a packet of 20 cigarettes is going up to £20 .65 over the next four years.

    Cigarettes to rise to $40 a packet after the government confirmed tax hike as part of Budget 2016
    3 May 2016

    “The tobacco excise will increase 12.5 per cent annually until 2020”

    “Initially proposed by Labor, the opposition was forced to defend a $20 billion black hole in its funding policy after a leaked federal budget document revealed a shortfall in the expected revenue from taxing smokers.”

    They are not even pretending now.

    • nisakiman says:

      Well with any luck, Rose, the Australian smokers will turn en masse to the black market and the government will find its tobacco tax black hole so big that the Chapmans of this world will be hailing a great victory, because obviously ‘nobody is smoking anymore’!

      • Rose says:

        Nisakiman, it must be incredibly hard to break the habit of a lifetime and start buying smuggled, stolen or counterfeit goods.

  4. Roobeedoo2 says:

    ‘The NHS “MOT” health check to spot signs of illness only has marginal benefits, a Department of Health-funded study has found.

    ‘Experts found the programme only prevented the equivalent of one heart attack or stroke for every 4,762 people who attend a health check in a year.

    ‘The scheme, which sees people aged 40 to 74 invited for a check with their GP every five years, is reported to cost around £300m per year.’


    ‘There was no increase in the number of people who stopped smoking.’

  5. Oi you says:

    I’m shocked at Tony Blair, increasingly acting like a facist dictator. How come he’s so deluded? Perhaps it’s to do with the millions he’s earned peddling his views? Come to think of it, all of our glorious leaders spout the same thing, whilst keeping their snouts firmly in the trough. Must fear losing their gold-plated pensions. If they’d treat the people with a bit more respect, they’d get a bit more of mine.

    • Radical Rodent says:

      You’re shocked? I’m not – it has always been his dream to strut his stuff around the palaces as Europe, preferably as president.

  6. smokingscot says:

    Remember that much touted trade deal that the President of the US said was a pain in the backside to negotiate with the EU and – should the UK vote to leave the cesspit – then we’d go to the back of the queue?

    Well it seems that France is not a very happy bunny about the preliminary draft. So much so that they promise to veto the sodding thing.


    (at the time of writing that article’s about an hour old).

    Hollande may be growing a backbone, probably on account he’s going to get hammered at the next election.

  7. Harleyrider1978 says:

    I’m getting my trump for prez signs this week

  8. Smoking Lamp says:

    Yes, they have lost touch with the populace. Last time they were this far from the people the French Revolution took hold. We are overdue for a mass re-set.

  9. roobeedoo2 says:

    Bloomberg gets booed for complaining about the pandering of those who takes offence…


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