Various Smoking News Items

Antismokers head for Turkmenistan:

Government officials to attend anti-smoking meeting in country run by mad dictator

Turkmenistan leaders have banned beards, ballets and pet pooches in recent years

THE Department of Health will send two officials to a nanny state anti-smoking conference in Turkmenistan tomorrow despite the country being run by a mad dictator, The Sun can reveal.

The British government say they have “significant concerns” about human rights in the repressed central Asian country that has banned smoking outside and only sells fags from state owned shops.

Turkey’s smoking ban isn’t working:

Why Turkey’s anti-tobacco efforts went up in smoke

Following the introduction of a strict smoking ban in Turkey in 2008, the great Turkish folk singer Neset Ertas became the first person to publicly challenge then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan over his tough attitude toward smokers. In a television program in 2009, the late Ertas interrupted Erdogan as he spoke on the issue and said, “Those miserable poor people are already beat. Electricity bills unpaid, water bills unpaid, not even bread and olives to eat. The cigarette is the only thing they have left. Don’t meddle with the people’s cigarettes.”

The link Ertas drew between poverty and smoking seems to have been spot on. The ban, which covers workplaces, restaurants and cafes, among other public spaces, proved effective in discouraging smoking in its initial years, but today Turkey is back to ground zero.

MP calls for money to be diverted from useless antismoking campaigns:

Minister rejects plea to offer meningitis vaccine to children under 11

…But David Nuttall, the Tory MP for Bury North, said money should be diverted away from helping smokers to pay for the extra jabs.

“I am not one to bring problems without trying to find solutions for government, so let me also suggest another source of funding,” he told MPs.

“The millions of pounds spent on trying to persuade those adults, who despite years and years or warnings of the dangers of smoking, nevertheless continue to do so.

“If they have not stopped by now, when will they? These adults have a choice. They choose to continue to smoke. Some of the millions spent on increasingly ineffective stop smoking campaigns could be spent on children who have no choice.”

Lung cancer no longer just a smokers’ disease:

Lung cancer is no longer just a ‘smokers’ disease’, according to a leading doctor.

Dr Harpal Kumar said that while the number of smokers is falling, which is leading to an overall reduction in the number of those developing lung cancer, there are still a steady 6,000 people developing the disease who do not smoke.

Of those, causes of the cancer include asbestos exposure and air pollution.


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5 Responses to Various Smoking News Items

  1. Smoking Lamp says:

    More evidence that lung cancer is not a ‘smokers’ disease.

  2. waltc says:

    Why Do I think they’re starting to publicize that it’s not just those filthy smokers who get it as a way to justify the money they’re getting to do the study? After all, if it’s just smokers, they brought it on themselves so who cares and why waste the money?

  3. smokingscot says:

    Hats off to Mr. Nuttall for stating the blindingly obvious. The wanton misallocation of resources has severely weakened the ability of the NHS to help people who really need them.

    We’ve known about this since day one and very frequently discussed it at this place. Yet it is nice to see it said by a legislator. And I’m reasonably certain he’ll say it – hopefully with greater passion and force – in private. For absolute sure he’ll have the support of Douglas Carswell (currently the only UKIP MP).

    I have a very special reason to support the demand by parents that all children under the age of 11 be offered the vaccine. The cost would be about £300 million – and tobacco control has a budget of £200 million.

    The petition has closed and I assume, because they easily exceeded the required number to have it debated in the H of C, Nuttall is responding to this:

    (actually it hit 823,345)

    There they talk about children dying – very fast indeed – which they do, with all the issues left to parents to work out. What they have ignored is even children who have had the infection treated successfully can, and indeed do, suffer from a whole bunch of psychological issues that can plague them for the reminder of their lives.

    Certainly there’s just cause to whack the TC budget down by 50% (and it’d still be far too much), especially as they’re now indulging themselves in gross insults – even to people of below average intelligence – as Prog pointed out yesterday, they claim “smokers are dropping 4 trillion tonnes of cig butts pa”

    The only thing going for us with that ASH claim lies in the Hillsborough disaster. There the jury found the press were complicit in distorting facts and brown nosing the fuzz. They want to be on their guard when regurgitating stuff like this without due care and attention. In fact they want to avoid anything that comes out of TC.

  4. Pat Nurse says:

    Kumar lies for his fat quarter of a million pound a year salary. In the same way that his sort tell us we cannot believe a word that tobacco co’s say because they’re in for profit, I say that Kumar is a charlatan who would say anything to keep his fat salary rolling in. As for allegedly caring about smokers and their health – he could not give a single toss. These people need to wake up and realise how low in the public’s estimation they have become. Those like him who follow the money, are led by hate, and back without question the smokephobic anti-smoker industry, cannot expect to have any credibility and deserve none.

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