Ukip Vows to Roll Back Pub Smoking Ban in Scotland



Ukip vows to roll back pub smoking ban in Scotland

Ukip has launched its Scottish manifesto by pledging to allow smoking in pubs, raise the drink-driving limit, and provide 30 minutes of free parking in all town centres.

What I find surprising about this is that it’s not just a Guardian headline, but also a Morning Advertiser headline. Why is this suddenly newsworthy when UKIP’s policy has always been to roll back smoking bans?

I read the Guardian article looking for the usual tut-tutting, but found none. There weren’t even any hissing and screeching antismoking professionals condemning UKIP.

Or does it simply mark a shift in UKIP’s presentation? Perhaps they’ve discovered that their anti-smoking ban policy is more popular than they realise (after all, it’s the main reason I vote UKIP), and have decided that they’re going to headline it themselves?


Lunch with the FT: Nigel Farage

Henry Mance

‘I am what I am,’ says the Ukip leader over six pints, a bottle of wine and two glasses of port…

…Before we can finish our port, our host brings us a complimentary top-up. Farage is outside for another cigarette. He has a new set of admirers: the old boys’ rugby team from Dulwich College are drinking port from a silver ladle. Soon Farage has a ladle of port in one hand, and his glass of port in the other.

Judging by this interview, Nigel Farage spends as much time outside pubs as inside.

Here’s UKIP’s Scottish manifesto.

Completely OT novelty, Vladimir Putin speaking English:


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16 Responses to Ukip Vows to Roll Back Pub Smoking Ban in Scotland

  1. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Get more attention pointing out ASH is liars!

  2. Trent says:

    I’m surprised he hasn’t offered a free beer voucher paid by the government to help the pub trade. This smoking rooms is just a gimmick and why not Nigel, it sounds like a good un plus you will never get to be called a liar cos it will never happen will it.

    Smoking in front of children aint a problem either, I let my kids and their friends smoke in my house, we all do it face to face, tis good for society, houses where anyone any age can smoke in.

    Pomote smoking to children, we know the benefits and the pleasures of smoking, spread the word , smoking is not a dirty secret.

    • magnetic01 says:

      Watch out, Trent (Dickie??). BOO!! The tobacco smoke’s gonna getcha. The tobacco smoke from 4 blocks away will be making its way to you. It’s hardwired to seek out sanctimonious, neurotic bigots such as you. Undiluted and gaining in volume, it battles wind, turns corners, elevates at will, just to get to you. Think you’re safe while you’re at home, windows and doors shut tight? Think again, Trent. While you’re cooking, sitting, or sleeping, the thirdhand smoke will be oozing from the walls, carpet, furniture, and ceilings, creating a choking film over your head. And cleaning won’t save you. According to sanctimonious, neurotic bigots [such as you] no amount of washing and scraping will eradicate it. BOO!! Trent, it could be tickling your earlobes right now, ready to pounce. BOO!! Good luck, Trent, you’ll need it.

    • beobrigitte says:

      smoking is not a dirty secret

      Of course not. My parent’s generation didn’t hide smoking and neither do I.
      I’m still happily alive – and would draw my state pension now…. Oh, wait!!!! We all live longer nowadays…..

  3. jaxthefirst says:

    I wonder if maybe UKIP have realised that (as I understand it), most Scottish people are fairly pro-EU, so UKIP’s well-known anti-EU stance is unlikely to garner them many votes. So perhaps they’ve decided that some of their other policies, i.e. these ones, might help to sway some wavering voters in their direction. On the other hand, in England (and, I think, Wales and NI – but I’m not so sure), the anti-EU message resonates much more strongly, and so they don’t need to make quite so much of these other policies. They certainly didn’t make very much of them in the run-up to the General Election even though the smoking one, as you say, Frank, had been in place for ages.

    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      Could be ukips inside polling is showing a massive public shift on the smoking bans

    • Louis says:

      It was an issue during the Scottish referendum. Went like this.

      Are we not trading one set of rulers for another? (Westminster for Brussels)

      Better the Devil (and so on).

      SNP didn’t have a satisfactory answer to that and the eventual result did reflect the distrust some people feel about having Scotland as a separate state within the EU.

      For all the bluster, even supporters of the EU know our voice is slightly louder as a part of the UK (though in fairness it’s more of a very soft whisper).

      I do agree that the loudest are in favour of being within the EU, however very few Scots actually see any direct benefit. Mostly it’s a feeling that it’s better for the country as a whole.

      But let’s not forget UKIP surprised a lot of people by getting one MEP (out of our allocation of 6) at the last EU elections.

      But it’s not just the smoking ban. There are so many things the SNP have done over the past 5 years that really piss people off. The drink drive limit is so low, you’re more or less reduced to 250cc of shandy for a whole night. It’s killing rural hotels and pubs.

      And this named person thing is scary.

      Actually I could go on about a whole stack of things that folk have spoken about; not the least of which being smoking in hospital and secure facilities.

      By and large the Scots do not mock, nor gain pleasure from hitting on the most vulnerable in our society. This government has empowered the very small minority who do – and that’s sickening.

      To those who feel like myself, this is the start of payback. Just the start.

  4. Cecily Collingridge says:

    Frank, I’m intrigued as to how you came to include the bit about Putin promoting Ekaterinburg’s bid to host the International Exhibition in 2020. The concept is globalisation and the place has an interesting history but his delivery lacks charm and he’s too stiff – but good luck to them. Maybe you stumbled across this video whilst checking out asteroids… asteroid 27736 is named Ekaterinburg.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I think I came across it on Russia Today. I wasn’t particularly interested in what he was talking about, but rather that he was speaking in English. I’d never seen that before. I knew he spoke Russian (obviously) and also German (because he was in East Germany at one time). His English isn’t anywhere near as good as his Russian or German – but maybe he doesn’t need an interpreter when Obama phones him.

      I believe that Ekaterinburg was where tsar Nicholas II and his family were murdered.

  5. Bill Gibson says:

    The UKIP Policy as outlined is total crap and demonstrates that the Party is now the same as all other mainstream Parties. Here we have it, a separate room to smoke where staff cannot enter to clean if a smoker is present (that staff member may even be a smoker) This Party has been provided with the evidence that there are no real health risks from SHS yet pander to the mordern prohibitionists and ASH in particular. Business owners must be able to make the choice to meet their market needs, Modern Air Management including Air Curtain Technology removes the need for separate rooms (not often possible in certain city venues) linked to an Indoor Air Quality Standard that already exists for non-residential buildings ….. job done.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Well, at least they want smokers to have smoking rooms. That’s better than any other party. Apart from that, I entirely agree.

    • Rose says:

      Here we have it, a separate room to smoke where staff cannot enter to clean if a smoker is present (that staff member may even be a smoker)

      Remember that threat of compensation claims for any illness that has been deemed “smoking related”, by any member of staff however far in the future and however unlikely, still stands. This would be a way around opportunist claims and would therefore reassure any publicans interested in re-opening smoking rooms..

      After all, the government takes the threat seriously enough to ban smoking in prisons even on Crown property which they previously thought would be exempt, though Michael Gove has asked for a delay.

      The government may be in a noose of a previous government’s making, but they are still in it . As we’ve seen, however much the Conservatives protested in the past, in power they’ve followed the FCTC to the letter.

      • beobrigitte says:

        Remember that threat of compensation claims for any illness that has been deemed “smoking related”, by any member of staff however far in the future and however unlikely, still stands.

        Pity we don’t have common sense leadership (almost) anymore. “Smoking related” illnesses are the most stupid thing to use. Tobacco Control even uses this “lag -phase” to explain why only OLD people “suffer from smoking-related illnesses”….

        By the time I was in my mid thirtees I already smoked >20 years…. Think about it.

  6. beobrigitte says:

    Why is this suddenly newsworthy when UKIP’s policy has always been to roll back smoking bans?
    Smokers are voters. And smokers are staying away from pubs. And, smokers are getting fed up and restless.

    Around here another pub that dates back a century or so has just closed. 6 1/2 years managed to do what >100 years couldn’t.

  7. beobrigitte says:

    I’ve just stumbled across Prof. Grieshaber’s last post;

    Fassen wir also zusammen: Bei der Wissenschaft vom Passivrauchen geht es nicht um die Gesundheit von Nichtrauchern, sondern um die Raucher und deren Umerziehung mit dem Ziel einer neuen gesellschaftlichen Norm. Nicht, dass mir das neu gewesen wäre. Neu ist nur, dass die Betreffenden beginnen, sich zu verplappern.

    So let’s summarize: The science of secondhand smoke is not about the health of non-smokers, but about the smokers and their re-education with the aim of a new social norm. Not that this would have been news to me. What is new is that these people begin to be careless.
    (Reinhold, HILFE!!! verplappern….)

    Dazu las ich dieser Tage etwas Interessantes. In Schottland ist nämlich zehn Jahre nach dem dort eingeführten ausnahmslosen Rauchverbot in der Gastronomie laut einer Umfrage immer noch mehr als die Hälfte der Bevölkerung dafür, das ausnahmslose Rauchverbot abzumildern und Raucherbereiche zuzulassen.

    For this I was reading these days something interesting. In Scotland, namely ten years after the introduced exceptionless smoking ban there in restaurants, according to a survey shows that still more than half of the population for amending the smoking ban and to permit smoking areas.

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