Tearing People Apart

Quick Hitts carries a Bernie Sanders campaign ad in which he says he’s about “bringing people together.” Dave Hitt’s response:

A half a lifetime ago, I was part of an informal group of cigar smokers who regularly met at a brew pub, where we were welcomed by the management. There were about twenty of us. It would be hard to imagine a more diverse group. We were different races, had different educational backgrounds and were on different rungs of the socioeconomic ladder. Our politics and religious beliefs were all over the place. We had different jobs and different interests. The only thing we all had in common was the love of fine cigars.

We’d meet at a large table, light up good cigars (often gifting some back and forth), and have some good drinks. Then we’d have a good meal, followed by another round of cigars.

Everything was good, but the conversations – the conversations were great. We’d joke and discuss and debate and explain and argue and be charming and offensive and everything in between, and never once, in all the years we did it, was a voice ever raised in anger. Nothing brings out good conversation better than fine cigars.

Your tribes took that from us, Bernie. Your Government Tribe and your Nanny Tribe reached in with their diseased claws and ripped it from our lives. They intentionally destroyed something wonderful that brought people together.

Give that back to us, Bernie. That, and a thousand other things you’ve ruined for us. Yes, we do want to come together, but we want to do it on our own, and we can only do it if you get the hell out of our way.

And that’s the thing. People like Sanders (and there are plenty more) talk a lot about “bringing people together”, when they’re actually tearing people apart. It makes me sick to my stomach when some politician – any politician, left or right – talks about “bringing people together”, when you know for a fact that they voted a year or ten back for smoking bans that have kicked millions of smokers out of society.

But hey, wait! Who says that Bernie Sanders is an antismoking zealot? Maybe he isn’t? This may clarify:

The Senate health committee took up anti-smoking legislation that would authorize the Food and Drug Administration to regulate the marketing, advertising and product standards of cigarettes and other tobacco products. “I support this long-overdue legislation. If anything, I don’t think this bill goes far enough,” Sanders said. He suggested doubling the current level of resources for programs to help smokers quit. He also compared tobacco company executives to heroin dealers. “The only difference is they wear three-piece suits and hang out at country clubs.”

I think it’s pretty clear where Bernie Sanders is coming from.

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11 Responses to Tearing People Apart

  1. hejno says:

    My mother, who was a non-smoker (not by choice-she often said that she envied people who smoked, as they seemed to get so much enjoyment from it) was devastated when both her son and son-in-law quit smoking and refused to provide the smell of cigars at Christmas..😥

  2. legiron says:

    They want to ‘bring people together’ under controlled conditions and under their supervision.

    This is why I’m delighted, as a smoker, to be excluded from their little circles.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Frank! :) I missed it when Dave wrote it!


  4. caprizchka says:

    Reblogged this on caprizchka and commented:
    Bernie Saunders and his supporters prefer the fog of marijuana.

  5. Wake says:

    There is a theory that postulates that smoking bans are in truth soft bans on socializing. The state wants this because it lowers social cohesion and therefore this relatively strengthens the state power.

    • Joe L. says:

      I personally believe this theory is a significant motivating factor behind smoking bans. Add to this the increased push for globalization (or conversely, the elimination of sovereignty), the influx of millions of Syrian refugees into Europe, the increase in racial tensions in the U.S. (Black Lives Matter, etc.). Simultaneously we are being conditioned to be fearful of the future and ashamed of the past. Our governments have concocted quite the recipe for destorying social cohesion. United we stand … divided we fall.

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