Musicians Pay Pub Owner’s Fine

H/T Klaus K for this story from Denmark:

Den Gule Negl(photo shows Johnny Madsen centre left, Klaus Kjellerup centre right)

Johnny Madsen supports tavern owner

Well-known musicians are now supporting a tavern owner from Maribo in her fight against smoking law.

Tuesday, March 29. 2016 pm. 09:33,’s editorial

A pub owner from Maribo is getting support from an unexpected quarter.

The musicians Johnny Madsen and Klaus Kjellerup from ‘ Danser med Drenge’ support the owner of Munkestuen Mimi Olsen in her fight against smoking law. Writes Ekstra Bladet .

The case of Mimi Olsen’s tavern has been going on since 2010. So far she has been fined 10,000 kroner (about 1,500 USD) for breaking the smoking law in the High Court. She now hopes to be allowed to try the case in the Supreme Court. The dispute is about the serving area, which according to the legislation must not be over 40 square meters, if smoking is allowed.

mimi-olsenMimi Olsen (right) believes, according to EkstraBladet, the floor space, ‘which really serving takes place’ is 39.5 square meters, while supervision Including an area with a pool table.

And now the two chain-smoking musicians give their public support for the tavern owner. At the same time they also offered to pay her fine.

– I do not know Mimi, but I can understand that her tavern serves as a gathering place for people in the area – a kind of ‘living room’ and it must be jolly well be room for. A foolish discussion about whether a few square meters is serving area or pool area should not then send elderly people out in the cold to smoke, says Johnny Madsen to Ekstra Bladet.

And Mimi Olsen appreciates the support.

– I know neither Johnny Madsen or Klaus Kjellerup personally, but it means a lot to me that someone supports me in my fight for my guests to smoke at the Munkestuen, she says to Ekstra Bladet.

Klaus K emailed me today to say that Denmark’s largest newspaper EkstraBladet is also covering the story, and he’s being interviewed on Danish radio and TV today.

” We use the publicity to demand changes to the smoking ban in the mainstream media.”

At least in Denmark they can smoke in small bars, which is ten times better than the UK where we can’t smoke in any bars at all. It sounds like it’s just a dispute about whether Mimi’s bar (named Munk Stuen) is slightly bigger than the 40 squ. metre limit. But stepping in and very publicly paying her fine is a great way of embarrassing the government, although I’m not sure what changes to the law they’re demanding.

I’ll email Klaus with this blog post, and I hope he can keep us advised as events unfold.

P.S. I pulled up the Munk Stuen in Maribo, Denmark on Google maps. It’s a pretty tiny little place, given that inside there’ll be a bar, toilets, and maybe even a kitchen:


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19 Responses to Musicians Pay Pub Owner’s Fine

  1. Smoking Lamp says:

    I’m glad someone is fighting and supporting the fight against unjust smoking bans! The struggle against smoking bans needs to accelerate worldwide.

  2. jaxthefirst says:

    What a shame we didn’t have some well-known figures (I assume this band is fairly well-known in Denmark, because of the media coverage) who had the guts to step in and use their influence in supporting the few “smoking ban martyrs” of the early days of our ban.

    And what a shame we now don’t have any publicans left with sufficient spine to need such support, as they’ve now all rolled over and obediently done as they’ve been told.

    • Frank Davis says:

      The situation in Denmark (and in many places elsewhere in Europe where small bars can permit smoking) means that there’s an existing “front line” between the smoking and non-smoking worlds above and below the 40 squ m line where resistance is possible.

      In the UK there’s no such “front line”. Smoking is banned inside everywhere. The “front line” in the UK is between inside and outside, and the antis are pushing to capture the outside as well.

      So it’s a different situation.

  3. Dear Frank,
    More bad news to brasilian people and workers: Souza Cruz definitely goes to Cuba.

  4. Our position on the smoking ban is that it should be removed from all privatly owned property. All private owners must regain their right to decide the “house rules” on their own property, and thus regain the responsibiity to meet the demands of their workers, customers and guests.

    This will mean freedom for all business owners and free-choice for smokers and non-smokers.

    We also argue that it will lead to long missed economic growth, because economic theory says that society will only be fully economically efficient when no-one can be better off by an intervention that doesn’t make others worse off. Obviously this is the case here: Smokers for example, can be better off with smoking restaurants, while smoking restaurants don’t make non-smokers worse off, as long as their demands for non-smoking restaurants are met.

  5. mikef317 says:

    Off topic. On the “scientific” war on salt.

    Three authors “looked at more than 35 years’ worth of literature on salt intake and found no consensus among scientists on whether a population-wide reduction of salt was associated with better health outcomes.”

    The link might disappear behind a paywall.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Thanks for that.

      “Cozy little place, whit a great atmosphere.”

      i.e. smoky

    • nisakiman says:

      Well there certainly doesn’t seem to be much hand-waving going on. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the clientele look perfectly happy to be surrounded by all that noxious tobacco smoke.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Keith’s refusal to stop smoking, even at indoor venues; flouting smoking bans in many countries, has often incurred the wrath of local authorities, and landed the band in trouble. Keith claims it is an integral part of his onstage persona and he should therefore be allowed to defy strict legislation.

      Venting his anger at smoking bans he has said: “It’s a bit of a drag because you’ve got to freeze your b***s off to light a cigarette. You’ve got to go outside. It’s draconian, social, politically correct bulls**t.

      “They’ll get over it. It’s like prohibition, they tried to stop booze once. Ha! Look what happened. It ruined America.”

      • nisakiman says:

        Yes, bravo for Keith. A man after my own heart. We need high profile people like him to defy the stupidity. And unless I’m very much mistaken, despite the drugs, the booze and the fags, he hasn’t dropped off his perch yet. In fact he looks remarkably alive and lucid.

        “They’ll get over it. It’s like prohibition, they tried to stop booze once. Ha! Look what happened. It ruined America.”

        Very true. Unfortunately, Tobacco Control isn’t just trying to ruin America again, they’re trying to ruin the whole fucking world.

  6. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Worth going to a civilised country like Denmark isn’t it !!!

  7. Roobeedoo2 says:

    Do anyone know if a company in the UK is allowed to state on an job application form that they employ non-tobacco users only?

  8. smokingscot says:

    This is the best I can get. And the answer would seem to be no.

    And that’s repeated at this place.

    However a survey conducted by an HR magazine shows that 80% of firms in the UK would prefer to not recruit any graduate who smokes. They’re nowhere near as fussy about run of the mill employees, just those they expect will fill senior positions.

    I would mention that there are many ways round this.

    One being to keep the interview very long, possibly involving a relaxed lunch. In many cases the applicant will find a way to sneak a fag – and that results in the same thing as this:

    Another is if the punter had a quick fag prior to the interview and still carries some of the smell on his/her clothing.

    (Been there, done ’em, so if you really fancy the job then stock up on patches and gum and an e-fag).

    Another is the reference system. Whilst you may not ask the job seeker, you most certainly can ask their present employer

  9. DICK R says:

    If they put the same effort into fighting filthy stinking nigger weed the world might be a happier place

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