Fans were delighted to see Keith Richards teaching Mick Jagger’s one-year-old grandson how to smoke cigarettes in his renowned Bad Boy style.

Parking his own cigarette in an ashtray, the ageing rocker offers the one-year-old a ready-lit cigarette to try.

“It’s great to see Keef living the life of the rebel to the very end,” said one Stones fan. “I’d hate to see him surrendering to all this health bollocks, and start trying not to be the bad influence God always intended him to be.”

Legend has it that every cigarette takes 5 minutes off your life, and it’s given to Keith Richards.

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8 Responses to Legend

  1. Harleyrider1978 says:

    The nazis raised hell over that pic.

  2. Roobeedoo2 says:

    The Sun article cites the same two online ‘fans’ with the exact same comments as reported in the Daily Mail at the weekend when they broke this story. Oh, and the same finger-wagging quote from the same leech at the ironically named ‘Fresh’. Backlash, my arse!

    Lovely photo, though.

  3. prog says:

    A total non story, badly headlined by the Sun.The way I see it is that the complaints were from her fans, not Keith’s.

    Anyway, Keith or Rutter?

    Found this btw..

    ‘There are few things in life that make you feel more pathetic than smoking an e-cigarette in front of Keith Richards………..and then he looks at my vaping device, and his face clouds with bemusement. “Yeah … Ronnie Wood uses one of those,” he says slowly, in a tone of perplexed horror: you would think he was telling me that Wood wipes his bum with his bare hands. “I’ve tried it,” he adds, pulling a face. It didn’t work for him? “Well, I learned that I clearly don’t smoke cigarettes just because of some kind of … oral fixation,” he laughs.


    It’s only rock ‘n roll but I like him, like him, yes I do…

    • Joe L. says:

      I like your take on “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll.” It inspired my slightly different anthemic spin:

      “I know it’s only to-bac-co and I like it, like it, yes I do!”

  4. beobrigitte says:

    I do wonder what is scaring the anti-smokers at the moment. Perhaps they have to justify their (in my view repulsive) existence in order to wring more cash out of governments, thus the people? Or is it that other, REAL problems, cause some headaches in governmental quarters and the anti-smokers feel neglected? Perhaps even they were told to just f*** off?

    This one is most amusing:

    Stars with a filthy secret: They make money promoting healthy living. But just look at the pictures they DON’T put on social media!
    Oh, deary me…… Note the much abused word “filthy” when it comes to smoking….. *Yawn*.

    Nevertheless, the anti-smokers must admit that these women most certainly look envyably toned and watching the videos these ladies produce there seems absolutely no detrimental effect of smoking on the results of exercising.
    Anti-smoker hurry backfires.

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