Never Heard Of Him

Moschino cigarette-themed fashion show featured burnt dresses and cigarette pack handbags with “Fashion Kills” warnings.



And from Simon Clark, on the Irish election:

…James Reilly, the former health minister who turned the war on tobacco into a personal crusade, could be about to lose his seat.

Grandad covers the same story:

One massive piece of good news is that James Fatso Reilly may lose his seat. There will be great rejoicing here if he does. The sooner the fat cunt goes the better… him and his plain fucking packages and his precious cheeeldren.

And he actually did lose his seat:

Fine Gael’s James Reilly loses seat by wide margin

Since Fine Gael doesn’t seem to have suffered badly, it rather sounds like James Reilly got singled out. I wonder why?

I’ve never heard of him, but all the same I’m glad to see the back of him. And with luck I’ll never ever hear of him again.

I never knew that WD-40 meant Water Displacement 40th, or that it has so many uses.

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23 Responses to Never Heard Of Him

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    wooo hooo hooray

  2. John Watson says:

    sic semper tyrannis, may other politicians of his ilk follow him.

  3. waltc says:

    OT. i just watched the Oscars and if I’d downed a stiff shot at every unfunny, PC, uber-liberal diatribe, I’d now be in Bellevue with a case of DT’s.

    Constant jabs at how racist the Academy and the rest of us are because blacks weren’t nominated for awards this year and why, if they weren’t singled out for awards it’s because they couldn’t get the star jobs to begin with which is also racist. This is such BS. And as though there were never any good white actors who didn’t break through to get jobs or recognition. You want equality? Then you’ll also get an equal share of bad luck, bad timing, bad karma. How it goes. But if we start to impose quotas on awards for excellence, then nothing will be excellent; we’ll just call it excellent in another gigantic perversion of the language. And nonetheless, the head of the Academy itself –a black woman!–gets tough with her own auditorium audience for its wicked lack of “inclusiveness” and vows reformation.

    Nor did it stop there. We got lectures on global warming throughout the event and a visit from The Vice President Himself who asked us to take a pledge (an actual pledge) to stop sexual abuse on college campuses on the premise that women have no responsibility in guarding their gateways and all men are lice.

    Our mainstream culture speaks only to itself and the self it speaks to is increasingly marginal and meanwhile it pisses the rest of us off. [End of OT rant.]

  4. nisakiman says:

    The WD-40 site lists 2000 uses! Amazing stuff – I always have a can to hand.

    Click to access wd40-2000.pdf

    Reilly was a bilious fat fuck who had a visceral hatred of smokers and smoking, and spent most of his time as health minister devising ways to humiliate and punish smokers. He was a thoroughly vile individual, and deserves any misfortune which might come his way.

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    Another junk study on alcohol using the same format as TC did.

    Study ties fetal alcohol syndrome to dad’s alcohol use before conception

    • beobrigitte says:

      Isn’t it amazing how confidently arrogant “researchers” have become?

      Haven’t they wondered about that so many healthy kids were born in e.g. the 1950s and 1960s? The only one I knew to be not as everyone else were the “Contergan” (Thalidomide) children.
      Worse even, since the government parked that generation’s pension in the sand, it is announced that we all live longer (funnily enough, THAT generation in the forefront) and therefore we are deemed to “want to work” beyond the age of 60…..

      Another junk study on alcohol using the same format as TC did.
      Funnily enough, I thought that the other day when coming across some German bloke laying on youtube into people who believe conspiracy theories.
      He started off with insulting these people, then he proceeded to interview experts to further draw the pattern -low education -low financial security … as well as interviewing a rather inarticulate, unconvincing female who believes in chemtrails before whimpering about being attacked in the comment section.
      I thought that the guy did not deliver anything convincing, either. Other than using the tobacco control blue print.

      OT: this morning some whining and whingeing about SALT was in order for the BBC. There was this female (for &%$*@’s sake!!) whining that we need “a law” since people can’t be trusted to understand that a red label for salt content means a lot of salt….
      Surely I am not the only female feeling insulted?

  6. Phil Day says:

    American repair kit

    If it doesn’t move but should – wd40

    If it does move and shouldn’t – duck tape

    British repair kit

    As above plus :-

    Chewing gum

    Chicken wire

    Generous sized hammer

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  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    Australia plain pack review questioned by JTI

    The Australian government claims ‘plain’ tobacco packaging is responsible for an estimated 25% of the drop in smoking rates.

    The Australian government has released a comprehensive report which states that the plain packaging of tobacco was responsible for one quarter of the decline in smoking in Australia over the last three years from 19.4% to 17.2%.

    The Post-Implementation Review (PIR) says: “The analysis estimated that the 2012 packaging changes resulted in a statistically significant decline in smoking prevalence [among Australians aged 14 years and over] of 0.55 percentage points over the post-implementation period, relative to what the prevalence would have been without the packaging changes.

    “This decline accounts for approximately one quarter of the total decline in average prevalence rates observed between the 34 months prior to implementation of the measure and the 34 months following the implementation of the measure (with average prevalence falling from 19.4% to 17.2%).”

    The analysis concludes: “Given the ways in which the TPP [Tobacco Plain Packaging] Act was intended to work, the policy’s effects on overall smoking prevalence and tobacco consumption are likely to grow over time.”

    However, global tobacco company Japan Tobacco International (JTI) responded, perhaps unsurprisingly, by questioning most of the report’s findings. “The report fails to properly take into account that smoking rates had been steadily declining for years, long before the introduction of this branding ban, and that the measure hasn’t accelerated this decline”, said Michiel Reerink, JTI’s regulatory strategy vice president. “Instead, smokers just switched to cheaper cigarettes.”

    “The PIR admits, however, that plain packaging on its own did not drive down smoking rates, as a number of measures – including massive tax increases – came into force in the same period”, added Mr. Reerink.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      so the sales of high price smokes went down and bootleg and cheap brans went trhu the roof. Ok we gotcha now.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Also point out they likely used increased population rates to come up with the so called decline. Its the real numbers we are all looking for. Lets say australias smoking rate was 19.4% in 2012 and in 2015 the population had grown 3% that didn’t smoke at least yet. That would be used by the Nazis to show a reduction in rates when nothing actually changed at all. They love using the percentile of population for their claims but never actual numbers. If we look at America in 1965 they claimed 50% smoked or about 60 million americans,today that’s about how many still smoke! 65 million.

    • Some French bloke says:

      JTI’s “regulatory strategy vice president” would have us convinced that his nitpicking about some ramification of the Tobacco Control Leviathan is the best that his Company can do without overstepping the bounds of reason and distorting the facts. As Swiss essayist Jérôme Deshusses wrote: “to fight merely against a part of Leviathan is in fact to fight for Leviathan as a whole”.
      This “strategist” could have at least objected against e.g. the obscene mandatory pictorials on tobacco packaging being based on claims that in turn are the result of nothing less, or more, than statistical legerdemain.
      Likewise, Philip Morris Limited, commenting on some “new Tobacco Products Directive”, could have come up with stronger statements than this: “It is a matter of principle for our Company to seek and support comprehensive, science-based regulation for all tobacco products”, before embarking upon pages of detailed discussions that make them sound at best like the voice of some “moderate” wing of TC. And of course, the nitpicking nature of many of the directive’s dispositions themselves (“Should the EU prescribe for everybody that cigarette packs must have a “cuboid” shape?”) provides them with ample opportunity to never widen their critical perspective.

      Click to access DE795779_Attachment_1_UK_-_TPD_Submission_to_DH_-_4_March_2013.pdf

      Namby-pamby critics like Reerink are part and parcel of the TC Leviathan and faithful servants of its deception. We need them like holes in the heads.

  9. beobrigitte says:
    I like the handbag. I take it it won’t be on sale.

    And from Simon Clark, on the Irish election:

    …James Reilly, the former health minister who turned the war on tobacco into a personal crusade, could be about to lose his seat.
    Glad he did lose his seat!!! Perhaps it was time for cigars?
    I agree, this guy did real damage. Pity he will never have to pay for it.

    I never knew that WD-40 meant Water Displacement 40th, or that it has so many uses.
    Not sure about the joint problem cure but I know it works for most of the rest in the video.

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