“Vlogging” is a new word I’ve been encountering recently, and so today I went and found out a bit more about it. Vlogging is video blogging, where people post up videos. Here’s one.

I don’t think it’s something I could do.

But then I didn’t think I could ever write a blog. I’d been reading blogs for years when I quite accidentally started my own. Here’s my first ever blog post, back in June 2009.

I thought it would be difficult to write a blog, but it hasn’t been, and for one simple reason: I’ve been writing a blog all my life. Well, not quite. What I’ve been doing all my life is to write about things that bother me. Somehow or other I find that writing about it is a good way to think about something. And I think that writing is helpful because you have to think slowly. You have to think at the same rate that you can write. And thinking slowly makes you notice things you don’t notice when you’re thinking fast – just like strolling slowly along a street you notice lots more things than when you’re hurrying along it. Anyway, I can fill sheets and sheets of paper with stuff I’m thinking about. Under my bedside table there is heap about a foot thick, all written in my now-indecipherable handwriting.

And the one thing that I think about a lot these days are smoking bans. In fact, I wake up most mornings thinking about them. Because for me the UK smoking ban has been like someone standing on my foot – or maybe my throat – for the past 8 years. It’s a constant dull pain. I can remember waking up like that thinking about lost girlfriends, but it never lasted long – not as long as 8 years, leastways.

Anyway, what I write now in my blog is a sort of public personal journal, centred on smoking bans, but wandering off into science, medicine, politics, the EU, global warming, asteroids, and my 40-year engagement in Idle Theory. But smoking bans are what I wake up thinking about pretty much every morning.

And it’s become a sort of place – an online pub, as some describe it – in which smokers are welcome, and smoking is permitted.

Which reminds me that regular commenter Harley mentioned today that if you type “smoking” into Google, blogs like mine don’t show up. So I tried it. And he was dead right. It was wall-to-wall antismoking stuff, for page after page. It was only on the 7th page that I found a single mention of Forest: Voice and friend of the smoker. And then no more for the next 20 or so pages. The antis really have Google sewn up. And I wonder how. Because I doubt that many of these antismoking websites get even 10 views a day.

Perhaps I should look into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) .

It also reminded me that I have no idea how any of my readers came across my blog. I’d guess that it’s probably mostly because smoker-friendly blogs and websites tend to link to each other. My early blog quickly got links from Legiron and Dick Puddlecote. My blogroll is full of such links. But if smoker-friendly blogs and websites form a sort of online community, how does anyone ever find any of them when a mention of “smoking” on Google will offer you about 2 million antismoking websites?

Incidentally, in my wanderings today I came across a poll asking whether the UK smoking ban has been a good thing. 75% said it was. The poll, in the Shropshire Star, was only started yesterday.

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37 Responses to Vlogging

  1. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank it appears all the anti smoking groups bought up all the top billing for search results for the simple term smoking. That’s why it took 7 pages to find anything against. Type in smoking comments or about any other search term and you start to see our people.

    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      Smoking junk science lord look out googles return is all our stuff and sites.

    • Joe L. says:

      Exactly, Harley. Search engines have changed quite a bit in the past decade. High rankings no longer correlate to number of hits or number of hyperlinks that point to sites — it’s a different game now. Money as well as “sophisticated” algorithms (which we have no clue how they really function) now drive sites higher in search rankings. Search rankings are no longer a barometer of the popularity of websites.

  2. The Blocked Dwarf says:

    “smoking” into Google, blogs like mine don’t show up. So I tried it. And he was dead right. This boils my piss daily. I am trying to learn all I can about tobacco, it’s usage, it’s history, it’s processing and how it impacted on the 18 century economy of Franconia (for example) etc etc.

    No matter what term, in English, German or French I punch into Google Images I get reams of the worst kinds of anti-smoker Med Porn that would carry an 18 Cert if it were shown on TV. Even things like ‘tobacco leaf shredder’ .

    If at least it were ‘normal’ porn….

  3. Harleyrider1978 says:

    I’d call buying AdWords the same as using grant money for lobbying the public.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Keyword Advertising – Buying Keywords on Google …


      Keyword Advertising is a method of advertising on search engines by utilizing … the more cost effective your online marketing campaign will be when you buy keywords. … Our keyword advertising software is suggestion based, providing you control and customization. … Find out if you’re making mistakes with AdWords.

  4. Smoking Lamp says:

    Deception and propaganda are fundamental to tobacco control. They had to shape the perception that a majority despised smoking. The majority is a false majority and would evaporate if the public wasn’t fed relentless propaganda and if mass censorship wasn’t applied to comments at the few news sites that allow comments.

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    Aldermen Reject Mayor Emanuel’s Tobacco Tax CHICAGO

    Paris Schutz | February 8, 2016 4:18 pm


  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    Meet the ‘rented white coats’ who defend toxic chemicals

    Litigation and regulation in the U.S. increasingly are being influenced by corporate-funded research


  7. dear frank i first ran into your webblog back in 2009and have also freinded you on facebook. i am proud to be freinds with you, i smoke and though here in Birmingham alabama it is a little different than in your neck of the woods. here n in us of america we tend to ignore the fake coughers and hand wavers.,or at least i do i have a belief that i smoke and y,all do whatever. it is all good. lay your hands on me or mine and it is on. i walk away from trouble whenever i can.you have always inspired me.and harley as well.oh and i might as well admit iti am an alcaholic. who treats his problem with a.a. at least that works for me have to smoke outside before and after said meetings,gggrrr, my point is we all have been fighting the antis for a long while now.the lies are becoming obivious now. the antis are beginning to reap what they have sown.i for one have no compassion or pity for them. i look at the smokers graveyard and my blood boils. no mercy for these varmints i say. by the way varmint is southern slang for vermin. yours sincrely, raymond b.

  8. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Yes and we fund all this propaganda with the huge cigarette taxes we pay ! Who are the mugs eh ?

    • Roobeedoo2 says:

      Well, quite. Although some grow there own tobacco and others may procure it from other outlets other than retailers.

      If there were a general smokers strike, I wonder how long it would take for governments to pay attention to our grievances. They’d still be having to fund the Antis but from other revenue streams.

      • prog says:

        Hm, a no smoking day SOLELY to protest against extortion.

        • Roobeedoo2 says:

          Maybe. They Antis need smokers to justify their own existence. One way government knows there are still smokers is through the lucrative revenue it brings in. If that suddenly dried up…?

      • prog says:

        It’d wouldn’t work though, the antis struggle with their no smoking day.

        Tobacco companies should put a breakdown of retail price on or in packs to remind customers who, precisely, profits the most (8o% to the persectors, 600% x pre duty price). Indeed, oil and booze companies could do the same. Might wake up consumers to how they’re being ripped off by government.

        • Roobeedoo2 says:

          That might be an interesting vlog: demonstrating how much tax is on packet of fags, a bottle of booze and a litre of petrol.

        • prog says:

          Well, they’re so fecking keen on health warnings it’s about time we had government warnings. If folk only knew how much of their earnings found its way into gov coffers (directly + indirectly), I think they might just sit up and take more notice.

      • Cecily Collingridge says:

        Can I suggest initiating an annual ‘Smokers’ Day Off’ as a means to protest against the smoking bans? I model this on the event of 24 October 1975 – when 90% of Icelandic women decided to demonstrate their importance by going on strike.

        Politicians and the public need reminding that Smokers have value too and should not be treated in this way.

        I give a link to an article below, but quote two paragraphs from it:

        “Styrmir Gunnarsson was at the time the co-chief editor of a conservative newspaper, Morgunbladid, but he had no objection to the idea. “I do not think that I have ever supported a strike but I did not see this action as a strike,” he says. “It was a demand for equal rights… it was a positive event.”…

        Imagine if this para were changed to say:
        “Things went back to normal the next day, but with the knowledge that [women] smokers are as well as [men] non-smokers the pillars of society,” she says. “So many companies and institutions came to a halt and it showed the force and necessity of [women] smokers – it completely changed the way of thinking.”

        We are far more geographically dispersed than in Iceland and smokers make up a smaller proportion of the population, but a ‘day out’ may start to turn the tide.


    • beobrigitte says:

      Yes and we fund all this propaganda with the huge cigarette taxes we pay !

      I don’t to a part. I buy (and if I have visitors, receive) tobacco from countries with a lot less tax on tobacco. Why would I want to pay £18 or more for 50 gr. tobacco when I can tell my visitors to get me 50 gr. for around 6 Euros?

  9. Rose says:

    type “smoking” into Google, blogs like mine don’t show up

    Oh yes they do, but you have to be creative and say what you want to find, not just type in smoking.

    I just typed in “the joys of smoking”

    Page 2 Simon Clarke – Taking Liberties

    The joy of smoking (a cigar) 2009

    Top blogs
    Devil’s Kitchen
    Dick Puddlecote
    Frank Davis
    Velvet Glove Iron Fist

    When I discovered that nicotinic acid was the old name for niacin from oxidized nicotine, the internet just opened right up to me.

    I use Frank’s blog as an archive , so whatever I am looking for from memory, if I add “Frank Davis” as a search term it’s usually easy to find. If it’s something obscure and I don’t get the result I’m looking for I type in “Frank Davis smoking” to narrow the search.

    Try things like “health benefits of smoking” and see what the blighters already know, but won’t tell you.

    Health ‘benefits’ of smoking?

    ” Important note: smoking may offer a limited degree of protection in some individuals against the development of a small number of diseases, outlined below. However this information is of little relevance to public health, given that the amount of disease that tobacco may be said to prevent is insignificant in comparison with the far greater incidence of disease caused by smoking. Smoking kills one in two of its users.”

    “While tobacco use cannot in any way be recommended as a prophylactic for these diseases and conditions, research on the mechanisms by which smoking appears to confer a protective effect against development of certain disease processes may lead to therapeutic benefits.”

    See what the latest thing they are trying to scare you with does –

    “health benefits of carbon monoxide”

    Researchers exploring health benefits of — carbon monoxide?


    – and go on from there.

    It’s kept me wonderfully occupied for the last eight years.

  10. smokingscot says:

    Okay, you’re on page one when I put in “bloggers pissed off at smoking ban”


    And this search terms get far better results:

    criticism of smoking bans

    and funnily enough Tobacco Tactics does you guys a big favour, because it comes in at top of the pile when I put in:

    pro smoking blogs

    In fairness I have to point out that many bloggers are pretty lax about their tags; Leg’s is awful at using them. His latest uses a term “random babbles”, when it’s actually about making models and selling on e bay and Mr. Puddlecote uses gibberish terms that absolutely no one will use in a search.

    If you rely on the search engines to interpret your post then they’ll try their best, however that’ll include all the comments as well. That’s something the trolls know only too well; enable them and they will, via the comments, skew a post, something Dioclese discovered.

    So you personally can help yourself quite a lot by using those “posted under” and your tags and using headings people might use as search terms and so on.

    However it was incredibly satisfying to see Handyman Phil as well as my post come up on page 2 of Google search, using the term “fake charity cancer research uk”. And yes I also note that Gooogle has at the foot of each page the exact opposite as alternative search terms.

    Go on to Bing and it’s a whole different scenario. Thankfully!!!


    It does work, it jolly well does work. P1, #1. Result.

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

    Marlboro smokers should get cancer screening, jury is told | Reading Eagle – AP

    (c) 2016, Bloomberg.Philip Morris USA should pay for annual chest scans for thousands of longtime…


  12. Roobeedoo2 says:

    The Shropshire Star poll is now down to 61% saying the smoking ban has been a good thing.

    • Rose says:

      Roobee, I’ve been worried about Dame Sally ever since she admitted to thinking about cancer every time she reached for a glass of wine, sacking could make her an even more troubled individual.
      I thought counselling might help her get things back in perspective.

      Perhaps it’s a consequence of the job, being bombarded by the spectres of death and illness conjured from ordinary things by lobby groups every day.
      The last CMO, Liam Donaldson always seemed to be sweating profusely.

      Though she has annoyed me intensely in the past, now I think it’s time for compassion.

  13. harleyrider1978 says:

    Quarter of businesses in Turkey violated smoking ban in 2015

    In 2015, one out of every four businesses in Turkey did not comply with the ban on »»


  14. harleyrider1978 says:

    The miracle that is Second Hand Smoke

    Posted on February 10, 2016 by Grandad

    Since it was invented last century, scientists have discovered that SHS has some really amazing properties.

    First and foremost there is its amazing toxicity. Even compared to barbecues and bonfires, second hand smoke is unique in it’s ability to cause a heart attack within minutes of exposure.

    It is in fact so toxic that it is considered by some to be more toxic than the smoke inhaled by the smoker.

    It is immune to wind. Even on an open beach or a public park, wind has no effect on SHS which will spread its toxic cloud evenly across the whole area. It neither disperses nor dilutes.

    It can travel through walls and along telephone wires. This surely must be one of its strangest properties? A fire wall between apartments can stop a fire and ordinary smoke but not second hand smoke.

    It can detect non-smokers. Yes, you heard that right. Smoke wafting out your window will drift along until it finds an open window whereupon it will head inside again to attack the non-smokers who live there. It even has the ability to travel downwards from a first or second floor balcony to seek out non-smokers at ground level.

    In some cases it affects just certain muscles in bystanders. The merest sight of the stuff will cause some people’s lip muscles to contract and their hands to wave aimlessly in front of their face.

    It has a half life greater than many radioactive isotopes, allowing it to lurk in walls and ceilings for generations, before seeping out and attacking the nearest baby.

    It defies the laws of aerodynamics in that the Venturi Effect in a moving car is reversed, and opening a window will actually increase the level of concentration of SHS rather than sucking it out.

    It is aware of its surroundings. It will induce cancers in dogs in the home, but not in the laboratory.

    Perhaps its strangest and most mystifying property of all though is that it defies itself. It paradoxically has the ability to be both a killer and at the same time to be harmless. It kills tens of thousands of people a year yet has proved to be completely harmless when studied.

    It is truly miraculous stuff?

  15. Oi you says:

    I think you have Leggy to blame for me reading your blog, or perhaps it was Holby, or perhaps the estimable Ms Racoon…? Well, anyway, someone, somewhere, commented about you and I nosied over, saw to my utter delight, you were another being on this fair earth who has their eyes open to what they are doing and I’ve been coming here ever since. Though I very rarely comment myself, I’m always up for reading other commentators and I’m always up for being educated as to what is truly going on! Keep it up, dear boy, keep it up!

    Oh and for the record, I don’t smoke.


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